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LGBT & Non-Traditional Family Practice Group

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LGBT & Non-Traditional Family Practice Group For members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Non-Traditional Family (LGBT) communities, it has never been more important than right now to hire experts and specialists to help them navigate the complex, hyper-local and shifting taxation landscape in America. This is an up-to-the-minute world of new laws and regulations, for better and worse, it demands vigilance and technical excellence. When it comes to our family, how could we accept less? Marcum LLp is the thought leader in the specialty area of tax compliance and consulting services within the LGBT communities. Our professionals have more than 20 years of experience in dealing with the complex tax and financial rules faced by LGBT couples and families, state-by-state and around the country. Our forward thinking professionals grasp the subtlies and differences in these rules and, today, have the tool box to help economically mitigate the differences for clients in need. We provide services to LGBT couples and individuals in the following circumstances: n n n n n

To put it bluntly, sometimes the current law and regulations treat you just like everyone else and sometimes they plainly do not. The difference between success and failure in this type of environment is getting good advice and teamwork. Without those two things, you cannot plan, and in the LGBT tax business community, planning is everything. We provide services in the following practice areas: Tax – Planning and ComPlianCe n n n n n n n

Family oFFiCe n

Single Married Registered Domestic partners Cohabitation Divorced

Knowing the variables, state-to-state, is the name of the game. Whether you are in a community property state or not, we can help you plan. Whether you have complex deductibility issues because of medical expenses, adoption expenses, legal expense, we’re prepared. Or perhaps, there are income issues of retirement pay, capital loss allocation, etc. whatever the scenario, the LGBT national practice group at Marcum has the experience and skills to work through any issues you may have and find the most advantageous solution possible.

Individuals Trusts Estates Family partnerships Small Business Corporations IRS and State Audit Representation Limited Liability Corporations Family office services in an a la carte environment n Bill paying n Investment Monitoring n Real property Financial Management n Investment Monitoring/Financial Reporting n Medical Reimbursement and Advocacy n Risk Management and Insurance Review

Business serviCes – assuranCe and ConsulTing n

n n n n n

Audit/Review/Compilation public or private Companies Organizational Structure Review Income Allocation planning Succession planning Back Office Operational Assitance Forensic Services and Valuation

Marcum LLP's LGBT & Non-Traditional Family Practice Group  

Marcum LLP is the thought leader in the specialty area of tax compliance and consulting services within the LGBT communities. Our profession...

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