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Learning Portfolio Fall 2011 Peter Middleton

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ARCH 101: Architectural Design Studio I Section 002: CRN 2: 73879 / Fall 2011 Instructor Jerry W. Lum

The collages and tectonic language studies we did directly before our transition back to models left me with a new understanding and set of ideas to reach out with. I moved into more open framed explorations experimenting with volumes before receiving the prompt for the final installation.

Underlay study

Volume exploration #1

Volume Exploration #1

Volume Exploration #2

Volume Exploration #2

Tectonic Exploration #1

Tectonic Exploration #2

Prompt; Create something that relates to a specific site and uses kinetic mechanisms to show something that had previously been unseen

The area that defines the architecture department is the court yard on the north side of Batmale Hall. It remains in shade the majority of the day and is continually battered by heavy winds funneled down its hall way. By use of a “windveil” installed between the buttress and walkway I strived to capture this wind creating movement on a reflective surface. This movement and light being things unseen before in this area also mark the architecture department with a clear focal point.

Concept realized at site with inspiration from Ned Kahn and Reuben Margolin. “Complexity through repetition of simple parts”

Final construction at site; Kinetic sculpture made of, 1x2’s, and 5x14 sculpted metal tiles connected by ball bearing swivels with brass wire rigging.

101 learning portfolio  

school fall semester 2011

101 learning portfolio  

school fall semester 2011