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Anniversary Issue






Letter from Sebago


From Paris to New York: The trend setters Our fans have one in every color, but can they get their hands on a Colette collaboration?


Preptastic 1970-2010 What goes around, comes around.


Happy 40th Anniversary Docksides® 1970 saw the global launch of the ever-popular leather boat shoe.


18 Navigating the future

1946 Collection: Ltd. Edition Our shoes may have been around since 1946 but in 2010 we are the hottest thing in town. Don’t miss the boat... We teamed up with Garmin® to Navigate our way in POD-ology™ comfort. Premium New England innovation... Sebago® style.

28 Quantum Leap From rookie to world champions overnight, and why we are blown away to be on board with Quantum Racing.



American graffiti Mix a pair of Docksides®, a can of paint and a bunch of creative Parisians – ‘fantastique Paristic’.


Classics in technicolor Since 1946 the Sebago® Classic Penny Loafer has fashioned the unmistakeable craftsmanship that defines a truly timeless design... a penny for them.

42 Sierra…Echo…Bravo… Alpha…Golf…Oscar Fly the flag for nautical fashion.


Team Varsity From sailboat to shore... the ultimate aprés sail shoe; lightweight with attitude!

Life begins at 40 It’s not only Docksides® that are celebrating, 1970 was quite a year!

52 Natural habitat

Docksides®, from deck to downtown. It’s about what you wear and how you wear it.


Driving in style Discover Sebago® Lakes with a 1950s vintage racing passion.


Fall & Winter Preview Travel from New England to Old England Sebago®’s new Sussex Collection for Fall… modern, classic loafers for work and weekends.


Drysides® reborn We discover that next Winter ‘Drysides®’ mean we can play outside whatever the weather.


Winterize your Docksides® It may be cold outside but Sebago® have made Docksides® a year round adventure – check out what’s in store for Winter.


Lighthouse and Fairhaven: Modern twists on the classic.


10 things we love about New England Home is where the heart is.

Where to buy Sebago®’s finest… our stores worldwide.



Directory Who, what and where we recommend.


Lazy days competition Win a Sebago® bathrobe… nautical poolside glamour!


Friends reunited We catch up with Dan Wellehan, the original Sebago® man, with more stories than Captain Jack Sparrow.

Principal photographer: Philip North-Coombes. Creative and production



Docksides personalized by

Giovanni Soldini... did you get a pair?


we set the trends others follow

Bi rt h t y 40 Ha p p 4

h da y

side k c o D

s x

From Sebago Ed i to r ’ s l e tt e r


The best of New England living… lazy days by the water!

ocksides® are fab at 40… welcome to the first Sebago® Magazine – its only taken 63 years to produce but we felt we had something to shout about with our most celebrated shoe… the iconic Docksides®. In this issue, we get all nostalgic and look back at the heritage of Sebago® from its handsewn history of shoe making, to the contemporary leading edge brand it is today. We talk to the legendary Dan Wellehan, whose father started it all, and discover how Docksides® were created. Celebrating 40 years of life for a single shoe style is a milestone in itself. We discover what makes a great brand great. Certainly, our authenticity and age are the ingredients for wise decisions but it’s also about renewal – when you are not ready for old age but old enough to know what one may want and how to achieve the perfect formula. The Sebago® story is totally authentic, not a conjured-up marketing message, but a true journey that continues to take place. Whether that journey is work or play, our Docksides® have a place in Sebago®’s continued renewal in the circle of life. Looking good is not just about what you wear but how you wear it. Our nautical roots are flying the fashion flag in 2010 so we share our secret formula to all that is New England life and how to dress Sebago® style. Docksides® gives you access to all areas – from the preppy trend-leaders in Paris and New York to the totally focused performance sailors that compete on the Quantum Racing Team. The aspirations are yours to follow so you can find your own place… in, on or around the water. We are inspired by the past but look to the future for a quality of life that will never go out of style. So let the sun shine, the wind blow and life begin… at 40!

Two great reasons to celebrate: Not only is it our Docksides® 40th birthday but also the birth of our exciting collaboration with Quantum.




Global Trendsetters From Paris to New York

On Trend

Honoring Sebago®’s unwavering commitment to craftsmanship, iconic designs and quintessential American style, 2010 continues to deliver some exciting design collaborations worldwide. From Colette, the premier concept boutique in Paris, to Vane, New York’s emerging fashion and design collective, the classic Docksides® are loving all the attention!

Sunday Times Magazine

8 Questions... with Colette Q. What is the original concept behind Colette and are you still true to your vision?

Telegraph Magazine In case you hadn’t noticed... boat shoes are most definitely in style! But don’t just take our word for it.

A. The original concept is to offer in the same space art, style, design, beauty, food, music, etc. And yes, we’re still true to our vision to select the best in these various fields. Q. How did you get started with creating the icon that is Colette? A. We never worked with the idea of creating an icon, we just try to give pleasure and surprise! Q. How do you source the next design direction and stay one step ahead of the competition? A. We’re still greedy of everything, with a 360° curiosity and perpetual research.


Q. Is there one observation or collaboration that has

produced the most powerful reaction from people? A. So many, year after year, but the most exciting is always the next one! Q. Where and when did you discover Sebago® shoes? A. When I was a teenager at school. Q. How will the relationship with Sebago® develop in future creations? A. Surprise, surprise! Q. What do you love most about Colette? A. Always the same, never the same! Q. What inspires you outside of work? A. Movies, travel, Ladurée Macaroons. :) SEBAGO MAGAZINE



They may have swapped library books for laptops and pocket watches for smartphones, but the spirit of the preppy lives on as 2010’s hottest style. We look at how the style has changed over the past 40 years but how DocksidesŽ continue to rank high.





we l l k e p t h a i r


hair Collar half Up

H a r va r d










boo k


B oo k s

i Phone

Kh a k i P a nts




Illustrator: Niall Henn

S p i nn a k e r s

D o c k s i des

THE MONOGRAM: All good preppies try to have their initials on as much as possible. Acceptable things to monogram include jackets, shirts, business cards, hankies and boats. But try and keep it down to just your initials.




Sebago-Moc® is created by Dan Wellehan Sr. The first shoes are produced using the patented welt construction. 1952



Happy th


Sebago® launch their machine sewn casual boots; The Jesse James.




Sebago® become the first US company to sponsor a boat in the O Star race.

To keep up with demand Sebago® start construction of a new factory in Westbrook, Maine.


Dan Wellehan Jr. joins the company.


First international sale to popular retailer Stein in Switzerland.


Sebago® sponsor the America’s Cup contender, Defender.

1996 1997

Sebago®’s 1965 catalog with the original Sebago-moc name.

1965 Sebago® Roamers collection debuts. 10


Global launch of Docksides® by Sebago®. Made for sailors, loved by everyone.

Sponsor Young America, (Pact 95) the New York Yacht Club syndicate challenger in the Louis Vuitton Cup.

2003 Sebago® find a new home as part of Wolverine World Wide, Inc.

Black and white Photographs: Pete webb


Sebago® produce their one millionth pair of shoes.

Shoes: Sebago® Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Spinnaker Docksides® in Red, White and Blue. All clothes by Sebago®.

To celebrate, Sebago® has released 40th Anniversary Docksides® in Red, White and Blue with our original Docksides® label. Available March 2010 at participating retailers.




Limited Edition 40th Anniversary Collection wallet in Red, White and Blue. All clothes by Sebago速.



With ‘nautical’ on trend for 2010 you can never have too much red, white and blue. Our special 40th Anniversary Collection includes Limited Edition Docksides®, messenger bag and wallet.

Commencing countdown‌




On the heels of the extraordinary response to our iconic design partnerships with Colette in Paris and Vane in New York, Sebago速 is proud to unveil our 1946 Collection of Limited Edition footwear. These collaboration inspired products will only be available through elite channels and premier Sebago速 retailers. The inaugural product launch is a collection of Docksides速, inspired by the designs from the first Colette & Sebago shoe. They will be available in 3 colorways and are on sale at invited participating retailers on May 1st 2010. With only 8 pairs of each style available to each store, the race is on!

Sebago速 has been inundated with requests from our customers to make one-off collections for their stores based on the success of the Colette and Vane collaborations, it would be impossible for us to service all of these requests, so we have developed a series of collections that provide our customers with the individual product they require. Their consumers have a chance to get their hands on a limited edition product not available in the mass market. They will fly off the shelves! Chris Heffernan, VP Product Development and Marketing, Sebago




Your chance to win a Handheld GPS: The Sebago® Garmin® promotion runs in selected global Sebago® retailers in Spring 2010. Try on a pair of Sebago® shoes in the Navigate collection for the chance to win a Garmin® Dakota™ handheld GPS. Opposite page: Shoes: Sebago® Cowes with POD-ology™ non-slip sole. Garmin® Dakota™ 20 handheld GPS available from All clothes by Sebago®. 18



We teamed up with Garmin ® to navigate our way in POD-ology ™ comfort. Premium New England innovation… Sebago ® style.



The Cowes shoe features our Sebago® Navigate sole; individual pods of slip-resistant rubber with port and starboard highlighted. POD-ology™, long-lasting comfort and exceptional traction.

POD-ology ™ Specializes in the study of soles… their static and dynamic examination, treatment and movement. 20



Discover the Sebago速 Lakes collection with 1950s vintage racing passion: Chris-Crafts, Corvettes and Classic style.


Driving in style with your little red Corvette. Shoes: Sebago速 Limerock in Luggage Tan. All clothes by Sebago速.




Shoes: Sebago速 Bala in Brown/White. All clothes by Sebago速.




For the perfect New England weekend away, travel to Castle Hill Inn, Newport, RI (details on page 72). Shoes: Sebago速 Limerock in Espresso. All clothes by Sebago速.





From rookie to world champions overnight… Sebago® are blown away to be on board with Quantum Racing. By Andy Rice.

Photograher: Ian Roman


t the end of 2009 Sebago® formed a new partnership with Quantum Racing, a grand prix race team that in two short years has established itself as one of the hottest properties on the international sailing scene. For the 2010 racing season, Sebago® are set to deck out this very successful American team with a full range of technical apparel and footwear for next year’s assault on the Audi MedCup Circuit, the most competitive yacht racing circuit in the world. The racing takes place at five events around the Mediterranean during the summer, with teams from around the world competing in hi-tech, carbon-fiber 52-foot boats called TP52s. Two years ago, the up-and-coming sailmaker from Team Quantum with Michigan launched an ambitious project to see if its skipper Terry Hutchinson. sails were able not only to compete at the highest level, All crew wear the Sebago® but possibly to win. The Quantum Racing TP52 was performance Plunge shoe. launched in time for the 2008 season, which it went on to dominate, winning both the Audi MedCup Circuit and the World Championships at its first attempt. The Quantum deal puts Sebago® A star was born, and Ed Reynolds, President of Quantum Sails, had been vindicated right at the forefront of grand prix sailing, which is really taking in his belief that his sails were among the best – if not the best – for competing at the highthe company back to its roots. est level. After a stellar debut in 2008, Quantum Racing had a tougher follow-up year in 2009, finishing 2nd in the Audi MedCup and the World Championships, but Reynolds is not giving up yet, not by a long shot. I’ve been doing this game a very long time, he says. And yet every race I watch I am absolutely shocked and amazed at the differences between finishing first or, say, sixth place in a race are so subtle. It’s so intense, I’ve never seen any level of sailing that’s even remotely close to the level of what happens on the Audi MedCup Circuit. Not only have Quantum Racing made a big splash on the race course, but their bold ‘look at me’ approach



to branding and YouTube TV footage from the racing has shown the way forward for commercial sailing. Other sponsored sailing teams are following in Quantum’s wake not just on the race course, but in marketing terms too. Following their successes over the past two years, potential sponsors have approached Reynolds to see if they can get a little of the Quantum magic to rub off on them, including a number of global sports footwear manufacturers. However, having rejected other suitors, Quantum signed a deal to work with Sebago®.


passion, which is why he got into designing marine footwear, including what were to become the legendary Docksides® shoe. The company used to be one of the sponsors of the America’s Cup and it really built its reputation on the strength of its ability to produce footwear that sailors wanted to wear. In the last 10 or 15 years, however, the company lost touch with its performance marine roots and it was something we wanted to get back into, to breathe new life

lifestyle sailing gear because the team will be wearing it on and off the boat, and that range will then be available to the public as part of the Sebago® Team Quantum collection.


side from the branding opportunities, working with the Quantum Racing team also offers the chance to test Sebago®’s products in the harshest and most demanding of environments – the salt, the sun and the unremitting wear and tear of working on a race boat. Reynolds sees this as a natural extension of what he’s already been doing with his company’s sails. As well as going out there to win races, we’re also the Quantum test team, he says. The reason we did this was to go out, validate, test, and continue to develop our product. We put together a great team of professionals to do that, skippered by Terry Hutchinson, one of the best

Photograher: Ian Roman

ven if Reynolds was in the enviable position of being able to turn down other sponsors, he admits he was still flattered that a company as long established as Sebago® (founded in 1946) had taken an interest in

We expect to get nothing but the best available equipment from Sebago®, and we will work with them to make it even better.

Team Quantum in action at the Med Cup 2009, Cagliari, Sardinia. All crew wear the Sebago® performance Plunge shoe.

Quantum (founded in 1996). It’s an interesting collaboration because I think we’re kind of looked at as a young, aggressive – maybe irreverent – company that is now working in partnership with a company that comes from the opposite end of the spectrum, in terms of stability and tradition. But whatever obvious differences there are between the two companies, it’s clear that Sebago® is as focused on technical excellence and strong branding as we are at Quantum. And like Sebago®, Quantum Sails is now based in Michigan, having both originated in New England we share a strong geographical connection. Our roots are seeded in New England but our ambitions are Global. The Quantum deal puts Sebago® right at the forefront of grand prix sailing, which is really taking the company back to its roots, as Sebago® VP of Marketing, Chris Heffernan explains: Dan Wellehan Jr, the inspiration for Sebago®, was a big sailor, it was his 30

into that strong nautical heritage. This partnership with Quantum has got us right back in at the top of the sport again.


or shoes that looks virtually the same as they did 30 or 40 years ago, Docksides® are selling better than ever. The classic look is back on trend. But you won’t see any Docksides® being worn by Ed Reynolds or any of his team mates while they’re competing on board Quantum Racing in 2010. The sailing team will be wearing a shoe called Plunge from the Sebago® Performance line, which we have produced in a special Quantum color combination of gray/green, explains Heffernan. Today’s technical shoe for sailing looks nothing like a Dockside, more like a running shoe or a trainer that an athlete might use. The Quantum shoe will be just the start of a whole Quantum-branded range of Sebago® apparel, says Heffernan. We will be producing a full line of performance sailing gear and

but also one of the most demanding sailors in the world. We already have the systems in place to be able to offer the same test process for Sebago®. Everything matters on a race boat, because the smallest things can make the difference between winning and losing. So we will be Sebago®’s harshest critics. We expect to get nothing but the best available equipment from Sebago®, and we will work with them to make it even better. The high-level technical equipment that Terry Hutchinson and his team will be wearing will help inform Sebago®’s R&D team across the entire range of footwear and apparel. It’s important for Sebago® to continue to prove that it can design and manufacture products to the most demanding standards, Heffernan comments. And you can’t ask for more honest feedback than from a group of sports professionals such as you’ll find on board Quantum Racing.



Look What We Found

Hilton McConnico: This multi-disciplined artist needs no introduction; painter, photographer, designer, scenographer, interior designer, this celebrated artist is currently exhibiting in museums worldwide. Rezine: Calligrapher, painter, performer and graphic artist from Lyon, Rezine is one of the pioneers of ‘light graffiti’, a concept and graphic performance confronting nature and technology that he exports as an exhibition around the world.

Date: September 2009. Location: The Mess Around trade show. Sebago® was exhibiting our 2010 collection when along the aisle we fell upon these works of art for your feet. Paristic are known for their popular wall sticker art but at Mess Around they had an artist in residence creating an imaginary world on Sebago® Docksides®. Here is their story… 32


pril 2007, and two Parisian friends, one a business graduate and the other an Arts graduate, are inspired by an unusual idea: to introduce wall art by creating collections of original mural stickers. The first collection launches to resounding applause. Themed around Paris, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful cities in the world, it draws on the incredible wealth of buildings and diversity of style, and gives this creative duo the name for their agency; Paristic. Skillfully adapting classic symbols of Paris (The Eiffel Tower, The St. Denis Basilica…) as well as modern urban buildings (The Morris Column, the Guimard Metro Arch, Parisian roofs…), these different stickers give everyone the chance to add a little bit of Paris ‘chez moi’, an imaginative way to hold onto the city for longer, bring it into your own space. Chic, unique and timeless, this collection is so popular that the agency is spurred on to increase its collections. And so the varied themes appear: children, grandchildren, animals, nature, celebrities… always with the kooky spirit, attention to detail, and professional finish – creating more than a little of the ‘trompe l’oeil’ – of the original collection; signature characteristics of the Paristic collections. Seduced by the high quality of creativity at Paristic, Emmanuel Desormeaux, who heads up the agency today, has been joined over time by an ensemble of artists, illustrators and graphic artists from the best Grandes Ecoles. Together, they devise motifs and symbols that conjure up a contemporary vision of urban life.

Jaye Niklo: The matchless duo of painter and graphic designer Jaye and Niklo are the work of a single encounter between two styles and two talents. Both urban artists, by their collaboration they have created a new platform for contemporary expression. Bishop Parrigo: There is no medium or material that Nicolas Poirier, alias Bishop, cannot use, and his curiosity will never be satisfied by a single technique. Little imaginary monsters, paint, colors, arabesques and tiny dots inform his imaginary. His energy and creativity know no bounds! Ndeur: Under his real name, Mathieu Missiaen, this self-taught French artist began to exhibit his paintings, sculptures, installations and building design work for different clients at the age of 22. Ndeur is an artist truly in touch with his time, and this he maintains by constantly adapting his artistic choices and materials. Working with Paristic was an obvious fit. He has created an exceptional collection for all interiors.

Photograhs: Courtesy of paristic

American Graffiti: Mix a pair of Docksides速, a can of paint and a bunch of creative Parisians and the results are fantastique.

Paristic creations are available at BHV, Galeries Lafayette, Fleux and independent interior design outlets.



A penny for them

Shoes: Sebago速 Classics in White. All clothes by Sebago速.


Classic Sebago速 Penny Loafers. For Spring we mixed it up a bit...



Shoes: Sebago速 Classics in Light Brown and Red. All clothes by Sebago速. 36




Shoes: Sebago速 Classics in Niagara Blue, Gray and Light Brown All clothes by Sebago速.



Since 1946 Sebago® have been handsewing our original Penny loafer... this Classic has fashioned the unmistakable craftsmanship that defines a truly timeless design… accessories designed by Benjamin Franklin, since 1787! 40

Photographs: Lifestyle, Pete webb; still life, simon moss

In for a penny…

Shoes: Sebago速 Classic in Black.








O Sierra… Echo… Bravo… Alpha… Golf… Oscar…!


Fly the flag for nautical fashion and brighten up your world with some primary basics. Wayfarer Raincoat in White, Yellow or Red with reflective Sebago® logo. All shorts by Sebago®. Shoes: Sebago® Victor. All shoes with Sebago® Signals™ sole.



Shoes: Sebago® Daring in Light Brown. All clothes and accessories by Sebago®.

From sailboat to shore… the ultimate aprés sail shoe; lightweight with attitude!



varsity maeT




Shoes: Sebago速 Finn in Light Brown. All clothes and glasses by Sebago速.





varsity maeT y

Shoes: Sebago速 Daring in Light Brown. All clothing and glasses by Sebago速.


Paris 87 Rue de CourcelleS, 75017 Paris, France +33 (0) 1 47 66 07 12

40 years old... Living

Happy Birthday… Andre Agassi Bad boy gone good, gone bad! Simon Pegg Shaun Of The Dead and Godfather to Chris and Gwyneth’s little Apple!


Vince Vaughan Can crash our wedding any day...

Floppy Disks Where are they now? Concorde New York for lunch, London for dinner, plus time for shoe shopping in between. Matt Damon Wrote and starred in the quintessentially Boston Ivy League film: Good Will Hunting.

Pong video game Blip blip… blip blip…

Apollo 13 lands safely after an oxygen tank exploded en-route to the moon. The event is later made into a film with Tom Hanks. The Beatles officially break up after releasing ‘Let It Be’. John Lennon and Paul McCartney release solo albums of their own.

Photographs courtesy of Getty Images and Corbis

Boeing 747 Our favorite flying Jumbo.

6 Historic Events in 1970

Brazil wins the 9th FIFA World Cup in Mexico. The Brazilian team, featuring Pelé (who was in his fourth and final World

Our favorite New Englandborn actress, Uma Thurman at the Oscars.

ARPANET Internet phase 1.

Cup), is regarded as one of the finest soccer players to have ever lived. Jimi Hendrix plays the Isle of Wight Festival, only to die later that year of unknown causes in London. The first NYC Marathon. After years of cold, wet canvas-clad feet, Sebago® release the ubiquitous boat shoe; the Docksides®.

The Beatles Let It Be. James Brown Get On Up (Sex Machine). Simon and Garfunkel Bridge Over Troubled Water.

1970s Chart toppers

Derek and the Dominos Layla. Jackson 5 ABC.



Natural habitat

For 40 years Docksides® have been a chameleon in any environment. It’s about what you wear and how you wear it.

Shoes: Sebago® Docksides® in Sapphire Blue, Violet and White All clothes except jeans by Sebago®. 52



Shoes: Sebago® Patent Docksides® in Midnight Gray and in Midnight Blue. Sebago® Docksides® in Buttercup Yellow and White with Yellow sole. All clothes by Sebago®. 54



Shoes: Sebago速 Docksides速 in Tomato Red, Buttercup Yellow, Blue Nite and White with Yellow sole. Spinnaker Docksides速 in Violet and White. All clothes by Sebago速. 56




but different Sebago®’s new Boatyard Series brings modern functionality to classic style, all in unmistakably Docksides® fashion.

Shoes: Sebago® Fairhaven in Navy. All clothes by Sebago®.




Shoes: Sebago速 Lighthouse boot in Tinsel Black. Opposite page: Shoes: Sebago速 Fairhaven in Navy. All clothes by Sebago速.



Shoes: Sebago速 Lighthouse boot in Sand/Canvas. Opposite page: Shoes: Sebago速 Stormsail in Dark Brown. All clothes by Sebago速. 62



T h e n e x t g e n e r at i o n of d r e s s mocca s i n com i n g s oo n . . .


Fa l l p r e v i e w S e bago 速 Sussex 2010

Opposite page: Shoe: Sebago速 Sussex Moc in Chocolate Suede. Available Fall 2010. All clothes by Sebago速.



They’re back… Sebago® helps you brave the Fall months with dry feet, whatever the weather.


Fa l l p r e v i e w S e bago ® Sussex 2010

Sebago® Drysides are back for Fall 2010. Waterproof leathers and Vibram® soles. Shoes: He wears Sebago® Cortes shoe in Chocolate Suede. She wears Sebago® Saranac high boot in Light Brown. Opposite page: Sebago® Drake boot in Chocolate Suede.



Winterize your Docksides

And your engine... add gas stabilizer. Check plugs, wires, rotor, cap. Check belts, adjust tension. Check hoses. Clean fuel screens, replace fuel filter. Check shift/throttle cables and settings. Lube shift/throttle cables and linkages. Flush cooling system. Drain block, manifold, circulating pump and coolers. Fill block, manifold and circulating pump with antifreeze. Change gear lube. Change oil and oil filter. Check gimbal bearing. Grease U-joints and gimbals. Lube engine coupler splines. Check/replace sacrificial anodes. Fog engine. Check steering and power trim fluids. Touch up nicks and scratches. Check propeller/hub. Check/lube splines. Replace water pump impeller. Spray electrical connections with moisture repellent. Spray entire engine with anticorrosion treatment. Check fuel line and bulb. Remove battery and recharge if necessary! 68

Winter preview S e bago ® boat ya r d s e r i e s

Photographer: Simon Moss


Shoes: For the girls; Sebago® Groundswell Docksides® boot in Denim Blue, Violet Ice and Chocolate Suede, and Sebago® Cove shearling-lined Docksides® shoe in Violet Ice, Sand Suede and Denim Blue. Opposite page: Shoes: Sebago® Beacon Docksides® in Midnight Blue Suede for men.



Docksides life Living

10 Things We Love About New England

How to Make the Perfect Bloody Mary

The Sea On it, in it or around it… The instant feel-good factor. The Lobster ‘Lobstah’ in New England dialect. Yachts and Yachting Lazy days on a lake in a vintage Chris-Craft boat. New England Style Who doesn’t aspire to be Jackie Kennedy?

Taking in some Boston street life… Caffe Vittoria.

The Black Dog General Store Our favorite dog on a T-shirt, what more can you ask for? Maple Syrup On pancakes, waffles, French toast, bacon… just everywhere! Portland Head Lighthouse The shining light for Sebago. Caffe Vittoria in Boston On Hanover Street, the ultimate in retro Italian coffee.

2 ice cubes Vodka, double shot ½ lemon, juice only 6 dashes Worcestershire sauce 3 dashes Tabasco sauce 150ml/5fl oz tomato juice Pinch of salt and freshly ground black pepper 1 stick of celery Method 1. Place the ice into a tall glass and add the vodka. 2. Add the lemon juice, Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce and tomato juice. Stir well.

Knob Creek Whiskey Perfect for cheering up friends on a rainy day.

3. Adjust the seasoning to taste with salt and pepper and serve straightaway.

Sebago®! The reason we fell in love with New England in the first place.

Don’t forget the celery!



(Please, only do this after cooking it, of course!)

First, pick off the legs and claws. Grasp the lobster in one hand, and twist the claw with the other.

Pull off the smaller pincers, suck out delicious morsels in every part.

Using the Crackers (and donning a bib), crack the tip of the larger claws, and grab your lobster pick.

The Cracker Important to get a good, strong one!

Pick out the succulent meat using the fork. The hard work is all worth it!

Twist the tail off, discarding the green fleshy part, it’s the ‘tomalleys’ where all the bad stuff is stored.

Pull off the tail flippers, and push the flesh out through the tail with your thumb...

Dip every morsel in lashings of drawn butter, et voilà! 70

Drawn Butter A guilty pleasure, but an unavoidable part of lobster eating.

Illustrator: Niall Henn

The Lobster Pick The essential lobster cutlery. Invaluable for grabbing hidden morsels.

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Sebago® stores worldwide... Above: Sebago® Athens, a premium classic! Top: Sebago® Manilla, marine heaven.

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Ian Roman Simon Moss Pete Webb With thanks to Production and Creative Elements Mgt

Local production Viewfinder Productions On location… Lobster Pot Castle Hill Resort Chris-Craft boat – Jim Rigney +1 860 887 8858 Chevrolet Corvette – Bob Koditek +1 617 548 4480

1958 Chevrolet Impala – Peter Asacker

+1 508 823 5824

Old Town Trolley Tours, Boston boston

Journalists Andy Rice

Vespa – Herb Chambers Vespa of Boston

Jay Bulger

Quantum sails

PhotographerS Philip North-Coombes and

Shot on location in our ‘home’, New England.

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Handsewn since 1946

Roger Dufault

Handsewing since 1948!


Friends reunited I n t e rv i e w

We talk to Dan Wellehan Jr. son of Sebago’s founder


is dark aviators reflect Canadian geese flying South, over the towering fir trees that were once used for masts of the British fleet. Rivers flow through old water mills, exposed stone quarries and frosty fields of pussy willows. With the disposition of a commander returning to the fields of past victory, he stealthily commands the Mercedes E320 through this rustic town. His eyes needn’t focus on the bend in the sinuous stream. For 76-years, he has traveled these same gravel roads; he knows them as well as the dark freckles on the back of his hands. When he approaches the red stone building, he slows the car, gazing into the distance, into the past. “This is where it all began. This is where my father first started making shoes”, former Sebago® President, Daniel Wellehan Jr. says. “Was I sad to say goodbye? Of course. But knowing that Sebago® will live on forever... makes it okay.” In 2003, Dan Wellehan sold the company that his father started in 1946 to become a fulltime grandfather – with six daughters, he is quite the busy man. Yet, it is impossible for him to forget about the empire he left behind. From the shoe stores that his younger brother still Wellehan Sr. 1946 and the men operates, to the old who started it all... They named it factory where his Sebago® – long stretch of water! father produced the first Sebago®; around every corner in this small town of Westbrook, Maine, there are remnants of his family’s nearly century-long ried the boat across the horizon. I was 12love affair with footwear. With combat bootstrapped GI’s returning years-old the first time I sailed and I’ve been from World War II in search of shoelace-less hooked ever since”, Wellehan says while comfort, a shoe store owner named Daniel staring out of his kitchen window into the Wellehan Sr. and his two business partners rocky coastline of the Atlantic Ocean. Years set out to produce a handsewn welt shoe that after sailing the ice caps of Cape Horn and in would ensure a precise fit, truly accommo- competitions around the globe, at 76-yearsdating for the flex of the foot. They named old, Wellehan’s knee replacements have lead the company Sebago® after the Indian tribe Wellehan to sell his sailboat. While his body that once inhabited the area. Translated, Se- is not what it used to be, Wellehan’s sense of bago® means ‘long stretch of water’. Ironical- humor is sharper than ever. “No matter how ly, it would be the water that would inspire bad a lady’s feet are, you tell her, ‘don’t you have the loveliest arches!’ Shoes are the key to the next generation of shoes. “It was magical the way the wind car- a woman’s heart”, Wellehan says, referring to

the summers of his childhood working as a salesman in his father’s shoe store. After graduating from college and a brief tour with the Navy, Wellehan returned to Maine and the shoe factory, wholeheartedly embracing his future in the family business. Realizing that one day his son would inherit the Sebago® brand, his father encouraged him to learn each and every skill that went into producing a shoe; from cutting the shoes to marketing, he spent years perfecting all angles of the family craft. “There was something so inspirational about taking a raw product and creating something else with it. There are places in Africa where people don’t even wear their shoes – they just hold them around their neck as a status symbol. I totally get it!” Wellehan says with a deep, John Wayne-esque giggle. In 1970, Daniel Wellehan Jr. and Sebago® began distributing a little known product – Docksides®. Designed to grip the deck of a boat, yet retain its style in the street, the scuff-resistant rubber soles were revolutionary and the culmination of everything Daniel Wellehan Jr. dreamed of. “It was amazing to see how the world received the Docksides®”, Wellehan says about his days traveling around the world, distributing the shoe. “In Belgium, people like them brown, but in the Philippines and tropical countries you can bet they want them colorful – yellows and oranges.” Wellehan partnered with European fashion houses such as Facconable to create a rainbow of Docksides® colors, accommodating for the different cultural palates of the world. With Wellehan’s ingenious distribution model, the Docksides® took off, and Sebago® has never looked back. Princes, Presidents, and paupers, everyone loves the Docksides®. “My baby will forever be a part of our culture”, Wellehan smiles. Today, the Docksides® is sold in 85 countries, and with the approaching 40th Anniversary of the Sebago® Docksides®, Wellehan looks across the room at the young man’s lavender pair – a new shade. “Now, those are making a statement! A good statement!”

They just hold them around their neck as a status symbol. I totally get it!

Jay Bulger: writer, model, raconteur.



Pennies from heaven


Sebag promotional magazine  

Atmospheric approach to soft-sell the brand's philosophy and commitment to quality and their heritage.

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