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October 2016


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Editor’s page Welcome to Casino Life...

And welcome to Las Vegas – at least for some of you. We’re particularly please to have two Guest Comments to start our issue – from Per Jaldung, chairman of the European Casino Association & CEO, chairman Cosmopol Casinos Sweden and Rick Meitzler, president of Novomatic Americas Sales LLC. We thanks them both for endorsing Casino Life as a vehicle for both operator and manufacturer standpoints. Last month the whole edition focused on the forthcoming show – so for the show edition itself we’ve predominantly looked elsewhere. It would be easy to focus on the latest bill validator to be launched to an eager showfloor but instead we kick of with Bill Healey chatting to the executive chairman of the Grand Ho Tram in Vietnam - where kite festivals sit neatly alongside baccarat as part of their truly integrated resort offering. Meanwhile in Malta, until recently there was only one game in town. With Olympic starting their new venture the incumbent casino had to increase their game – and a recent refurbishment has had a dramatic effect. I took time out to talk to operations director Svetlana Buckova and found out more about gaming on the island and how the Dragonara keeps its market share. Also keeping customers happy for many years has been Tom Cantone – the man who changed casino entertainment, interviewed by Steve Karoul. Tom featured heavily in the magazine last year but we’ve revisited his career to look at how he used the likes of Eddie Murphy to change the way casino resorts worked forever. Peter White discovered a new game called ‘Match ‘Em HI LO’ back in 2013, so what better time for him to talk to Jim Lemanski, President and Daryl Jendras, Vice President of 3JGaming, about what has happened in the intervening years. Geoff Freeman kindly welcomes you to G2E whilst Marcus Prater reiterates the success that AGEM has had over the past 12 months. Meanwhile Reed extoll just how good the show will be this year – which to be fair they say each year and then promptly the sales staff leave and are replaced in the run up to the next show by a brand new team. I’ve been to G2E for almost two decades and have lost count of the staff we’ve had to negotiate our stand with over that time. If you’re looking for us by the way we’re in the shallow end next to Rubber-TEX “authentic rubber plants for your hotel lobby” and the Acme Shoe Shine team. Please drop by… Finally we close with a focus on some of the highlights you’ll see at the show but just before you get there take time to read about the exploits of Vegas Vic…aka Victor H. Royer…who finally gives us (literally) the low-down on his first day in Vegas… from many moons ago. “Remember today” he was told, and remember it he Glyn Thomas has – just for you. Editor in Chief See you at the show


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5 Guest Comment Per Jaldung Chairman ECA & CEO Chairman Cosmopol Casinos Sweden. 6 Guest Comment Rick Meitzler President, Novomatic Americas Sales, LLC 8 Experience, Explore & Enjoy Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman, The Grand Ho Tram Resort Casino Vietnam, chats to Bill Healey 17 Malta’s Premier Gaming Destination Glyn Thomas chats to Svetlana Buckova Director of Operations, Dragonara Casino, Malta 23 Revolutionizing Casino Entertainment Interview with Tom Cantone: The Man Who Changed Casino Entertainment By Steve Karoul 29 Match’em HI LO Peter White chats with Jim Lemanski, President and Daryl Jendras, Vice President 3JGaming, LLC 33 Sin City The Life and Times of Vegas Vic – Part One – by: Victor H. Royer 36 Stop Thinking From the Isolation of the “Silo” Dare to Challenge How You Think about “Change” and What it Means to Your Property 38 Welcome to G2E 2016 By Geoff Freeman CEO of the American Gaming Association 41 Prater Promotes AGEM’s Success Over the Past 12 Months Jack Bulavsky speaks with AGEM Executive Director, Marcus Prater 45 Together Everyone Achieves More Rebecca Green catches up with a very busy Ed Several, Snr VP of Reed Exhibitions 47 Spotlight G2E Las Vegas Preview 2016 By Rebecca Green Editorial Policy: The views and opinions expressed in Casino Life remain principally the views of contributors and do not necessarily reflect those of the editor or publishers. The publishers wish to avoid inaccuracies and, whilst every precaution has been taken to ensure that information contained in this publication is accurate, no liability is accepted by the editor or publishers for errors or omissions, however caused. Unless otherwise stated, articles appearing in this publication remain the copyright of the publishers and may not be reproduced in any form without the publisher’s written consent. Printed in the UK by MPC Ltd.


Guest Comment: Per Jaldung


he European Casino Association (ECA) has represented the interests of approximately 900 casinos in 26 countries across Europe for more than ten years. ECA is the voice of the licensed European casino industry and is looking to improve and elevate its services to a new level during this fall. The ECA is in many ways an active organization on the gaming scene in Europe. The annual International Casino Conference is one of the highlights of the year. It will be taking place again on February 6, 2017, on the day before the ICE Totally Gaming Exhibition in London. It is a great opportunity for top executives, casino managers, regulators, politicians, etc. to meet and share ideas. Furthermore, the European Dealer Championship will be held at the Hippodrome Casino in London in May next year. In this public ECA happening, dealers from across Europe are showing their skills and it really is a wonderful event where people working in the European casino industry can compete and demonstrate their professionalism and great spirit. The ECA promotes a secure and regulated gaming environment with the highest responsible gaming standards, as well as a sustainable and fair business environment for the industry. We aim to serve as a network for our members and also a hub for all casino related information - especially useful for the EU institutions and national policy makers. One of ECA’s priorities is to advocate for stronger national and international enforcement against illegal gambling. Any operator who provides gambling services within a jurisdiction without having obtained a license or concession in that jurisdiction is simply acting illegally. There are a variety of methods and technical tools available to combat illegal gambling and it is of great importance for the regulated industry that governments and

Per Jaldung Chairman ECA & CEO Chairman Cosmopol Casinos Sweden

regulators enforce the law. Online gambling is becoming an increasingly important channel for the distribution of games. Many ECA members take advantage of new dynamic technology to provide their services. The ECA welcomes online gaming and is a firm supporter of a level playing field in well-regulated national markets with mutual respect between different jurisdictions. Finally, global cooperation is crucial in combating illegal gambling - not only through international organizations such as Interpol, but also within the regulated casino community. ECA and the American Gaming Association (AGA) have agreed to develop a closer cooperation in sharing information and best practice to promote a strong, responsible, secure and well-regulated business. The ECA’s engagement as a member of the UN Global Compact is another effort in trying to move the industry’s positions forward. Together, we can further develop a sustainable casino industry.


Guest Comment: Rick Meitlzer


2E in Las Vegas is a landmark event on the calendar of every gaming executive around the world. It is a place to meet customers, create new business and for NOVOMATIC Americas, is a key opportunity to show the progress that’s been made for the company over the last year. Bringing Europe’s leading gaming technology supplier to the US is by no means an easy feat and has taken some time and precision to make sure we get it right – and at G2E 2016, we’re ready to present some key innovations that we have lined up for the North American markets. During the last year, we’ve built up a strong team at our new headquarters in Illinois and opened a design studio specifically catering to North America. Working closely with the team in Austria and Groupowned game studios throughout the world, we’ve fine-tuned some leading NOVOMATIC titles to make relevant for the market, as well as developed new games. At G2E, we’re presenting 40 titles for the US and Canadian markets, 20 of which are brand new. One to watch at the show is the breath-taking Tales of Darkness™ series. We will also unveil brand new US content on the global hit DOMINATOR® Curve, as well as the V.I.P. Lounge™, the space-optimized cabinet from the exquisite V.I.P. range. The V.I.P. cabinets feature giant monitors with a unique and inviting design, and we have great anticipation these will create maximum impact when rolled out to some of the bigger casinos in North America later this year. Another exciting new concept we are presenting is the World Championship of Slots™ (WCOS) that will be demonstrated at G2E on ten industry-leading cabinets. This innovative tournament concept adds new excitement to traditional slot tournaments and broadcasts them across the nation on prime-


Rick Meitzler President, Novomatic Americas Sales, LLC

time TV. WCOS has been developed with the Emmy Award-winning producer and director Gary Hunt, and presenters from the TV show will be at our Booth #1259 hosting live competitions and awarding prizes each day. Rick Meitzler President, Novomatic Americas Sales, LLC


Experience, Explore & Enjoy Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman, The Grand Ho Tram Resort Casino Vietnam, chats to Bill Healey



e are fortunate to speak with an esteemed industry veteran Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman of Asian Coast Development Limited and Ho Tram Project Company Ltd. At The Ho Tram Strip development he oversees the operation of the existing integrated resort (The Grand) and golf course (The Bluffs) as well as future developments at the 2.2 kilometre beachfront site that will include a second integrated resort, three additional five star resorts, an extensive residential offering and further entertainment activities. You have recently joined The Grand Ho Tram.  Could


you give us an overview of your previous experiences in the industry, and what brought you here? I have over three decades of experience in the gaming industry all around North America, and relocated to Vietnam almost one year ago to take the helm at the Ho Tram Strip. I have extensive experience managing both private and public resort/gaming companies, as well as a deep knowledge of operations, finance and marketing, and am well versed in development, start up and re-branding of integrated casino resorts. This has seen me raise in excess of US$1.5 billion USD for various companies and I have held various positions including Chief Executive Officer, President, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer, General

Manager and Member of the Board. What impact are you expecting to have at The Grand? Almost from day one, I set about making some wholesale changes to the positioning of the resort, and then making amenity changes to reflect that positioning. In the past we were very geared toward being a casino with a resort attached. I have taken the opposite view – we are a resort destination with a casino attached. We had a huge following among local Vietnamese – who are presently not allowed to access those prized gaming areas, but in practical terms, very little for them to do. Sure we had great pools, but they tend to avoid the sun all day. So we

set about adding a variety of leisure amenities that range from a 2D/3D cinema to family karaoke rooms, miniature golf, video game arcades, to really capture that market. Our events have taken a twist in that direction as well – we do Wonderland themes and Kite Festivals here – things with a real appeal to local market. Our casino remains very important of course – it always will be – but the impact that I wanted to have on The Grand – and which is being presently reflected in our visitor numbers – is towards this positioning as Vietnam’s top leisure destination.  The Grand Ho Tram Strip is positioned as an allround tourist destination on Vietnam’s southern coast. What are some of the iconic features within


Michael Kelly, Executive Chairman

the property helping advance it as Vietnam’s leading entertainment destination? We have so much happening at Ho Tram. Let me start with the biggest non-gaming draw – our golf course. The Bluffs recently became the first course in the history of Vietnam to make Golf Digest’s global Top 100 courses list. This is the gold-standard in golf course recognition. For people who find that a little too challenging, we also launched our mini-golf course, as well as Central Park, which is loaded with fun family activities. We have opened karaoke, a cinema, new shopping outlets, game arcades, a waterslide is coming soon as well. Let’s not forget our eleven restaurants and bars, pools, year round sunshine, or our 2.2 kilometre beach either! Our events have taken a twist toward family entertainment, and this is all paying dividends in terms of guest numbers. Our casino remains extremely important to us, and we are currently operating sales outposts in both Macao and Korea to draw in guests from those markets, as well as extensive efforts to draw upon Ho Chi Minh City’s sizeable expatriate community. Looking forward, we are also the only casino ready, willing and able, right now, to host a pilot programme for local Vietnamese gaming, as the national authorities debate reforms to the laws that would provide for this.  With guests being offered experiences away from the casino, could you highlight the value the nongaming options add to the Club’s overall operations? The essence of an integrated resort is the integration of facilities, amenities and leisure options, and that is precisely what we are working toward right now. Certainly there will always be a core of players who simply want table-time – no doubt – and to that end, we have one of the region’s finest casinos with both mass and VIP gaming options available. The additional amenities support this – there are simply more things to do than there used to be – whether that is playing one of the world’s top golf courses, luxuriating in one of the region’s top spas, or belting out a few tunes in our karaoke lounges, we have built a product that ensures there is something for everyone, day in, day out.  What are the target markets of The Grand? Generally speaking they fall into a few categories. Firstly, local Vietnamese have flocked to our site


LIVE SLOT VIEW Manage Your Entire Floor at a Glance Live Slot View is a powerful analytical application developed to provide our customers with graphical and detailed information on current activity happening on the slot floor. It tracks player transactions and slot machines activity across the entire casino floor and runs on an iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Live Slot View enables the operator to control and view transactions in real time. Displays slot performance and identifies carded and non-carded hot players, plus so much more. To learn more on how Live Slot View can impact your casino floor, contact your Account Executive today! Unless otherwise indicated, trademarks are owned by, or under license to or from, Scientific Games Corporation, or one or more of its wholly owned companies, in the United States or elsewhere. Š2016 Scientific Games Corporation. All rights reserved.

since the day we opened, enjoying a broad variety of our leisure facilities. Moving forward, we look forward to legislative amendments that will see us able to welcome them into the casino as well.  Resident expatriates in Ho Chi Minh City are a focus as well – there is a sizeable community on our doorstep that is free to enter our gaming areas, and which has long enjoyed our resort’s offerings in everything from golf to gourmet. The casino target is heavily intra-Asia, and we operate sales offices in Korea and Macao to target various guests. What type of restrictions are there on Vietnamese nationals in getting into the casino?  Are there plans to ease these restrictions in the future? The government presently prohibits Vietnamese nationals from entering gaming areas. A decree is currently under review that may seek to amend this – a move that we would welcome. As it stands, the government may choose to undertake a pilot programme with local gaming, and we are the only property in the nation able to partner with the


authorities on that program immediately. What future developments can we expect from The Grand in Vietnam and internationally? There is a lot happening on our site as always. Firstly, the crew is hard at work on the second tower of The Grand, which will add 559 more rooms to our inventory, bringing the total to 1100. We have made two major residential announcements in the past nine months, including The Gallery Villas on our golf course, and a condotel on the site adjacent to The Grand. Our masterplan sees a second integrated resort and various other hotels and resorts all to be developed along our 2.2 kilometre coastal strip. Which types of slot machine and multi player slots does the casino offer? The popular slot games at The Grand Ho Tram are Asian themed, multi-denominational with 1 cent, 2 cent, 5 cent and 10 cent denominations that offer up to 20 lines per play, and offering multiple progressive jackpots

What types of table games does The Grand currently offer? Which type of slot machine and multi-player slots does the casino offer? The most popular gaming table here in Vietnam is Baccarat, followed by Roulette and the Poker type table games including Sic Bo. We also offer Blackjack at The Grand Ho Tram. Does The Grand host gaming tournaments? If so, what are the more popular among these? The Grand in the past has periodically conducted Baccarat tournaments and plans to do so in the future as well. How does social media play into The Grand’s marketing mix? It is central to our marketing mix, especially when targeting local travellers, who tend to appreciate the immediacy of social media, knowing that they are a mere two hours away from our site. We would like to thank Michael Kelly for speaking with Casino Life.


Malta’s Premier Gaming Destination Glyn Thomas chats to Svetlana Buckova, Director of Operations, Dragonara Casino, Malta


This has been a very busy year so far for everyone involved at the Dragonara Casino. How much of this substantial refurbishment has been dictated by the arrival of a new Casino? The investment programme for the complete refurbishment of the Dragonara Casino was due to a number of factors, including the changes in the competitive landscape of the land-based casino market in Malta. The first major refurbishment that we undertook at the Dragonara Casino was done in June 2010 when we took over the casino operation. We have now re-invested substantially into the Dragonara Property as a sign of our outlook for the industry and a measure to further consolidate our leadership status in the land-based casino market in Malta. The Dragonara Casino has been a landmark in the local land-based casino market and it is our duty to retain this position despite the ever changing competitive landscape. The industry and customer reviews we’ve received since the refurbishment have been excellent and we will continue to strive to retain this level of excellence. Does Malta have a growing market to accommodate the increased capacity provided by the new Casino? The land-based casino market in Malta has experienced limited growth over the last five years. Our investment programme also addresses some new market niches that need to be tapped to improve the growth rates within the market. The land-based casino market did experience certain spurts of growth over time but these have normalised over time to a growth rate of no more than 3% per annum. I must say that the challenge for the industry is to grow the market in such a way that all operators can run a sustainable business. The inherent risk of increased competition in an already mature and saturated market is pretty obvious and we must all think of different ways to retain a competitive edge. There are certain areas that we will be focusing on to generate growth but it is no secret that attaining sustained growth will be the most challenging aspect of our business. Our new investment came at a time when we put such challenges to the test. Can you provide details on what work has been carried out to the Gaming, Restaurant Bars and


Entertainment Areas? The investment in the Dragonara Casino has impacted all the operational aspects of the Casino. We have re-designed the entire casino floor with a new layout for Live Table Games and the inclusion of Table Progressives to enhance the Live Tables’ product. We have invested in a new state-of-theart and first-to-market Slots product to retain our competitive edge in one of the most important market verticals for the Casino. We have set up a central bar at the heart of the

Casino Floor to serve as a Piano Bar for patrons and have dedicated a specific area for the most comprehensive Sports bar that you are likely to find on the island. We have also enhanced the dining experience for our patrons and other clients through the establishment of a new restaurant on one of the terraces overlooking St. Julian’s bay. The upgrade and refurbishment programme has raised the level of our product offering and the Dragonara Casino positioning our Casino as one of the most prestigious Casino properties in Southern Europe.

The provisions for Poker have seen some of the biggest investment in the refurbishment project. Is that as a result of the Casino targeting that market? We have converted one of our weaknesses, namely lack of space within the Dragonara Palace property, into an asset. As a matter of fact we have converted the terrace overlooking St. George’s Bay into a unique Poker room with a set-up that is used daily for Cash Games and Poker Tournaments. The set-up enables us to offer Poker players an environment like no other, not only in Malta where competing set-


ups are predominantly in indoor hotel conference facilities, but also in Europe. Poker has now taken its due prominence within our operation and we are very pleased that the operation is growing from strength to strength less than a month from the commencement of such an operation. VIP is also an area you have invested heavily in. Can you give us some details of how the refurbishment at the Dragonara positions the Casino as the new destination Casino in Malta for VIPs? We strongly believe that one of the high-growth areas for our casino is the VIP segment. We have undertaken considerable research in international markets to enable us to design a VIP environment that can cater for the requirements of VIP Casino players. We now have a VIP room that compares with the top casino establishments in the World. Players that have already paid a visit to our VIP room had only very positive comments about it and this augurs extremely well for this important segment for our casino. Our VIP programme caters for different types of players who prefer a unique and private environment when visiting casinos.


How important is the quality and variety of hospitality and entertainment provided by the Dragonara? Quality of service is the key driver of success for all casinos, and it’s no exception at the Dragonara Casino. We strive to provide the foremost quality of service at the Dragonara Casino, based on years of experience hosting patrons from all corners of the world. Our relentless drive to excellence is based on our desire to listen to our customers on a daily basis and to provide them with the best service possible. Our customer reviews, both in-house and online are testament to the very high level of quality in delivering a sterling service to thousands of patrons every year. What would you say are some of the unique aspects of Dragonara Casino? The Dragonara is unique in many ways. It leverages more than 50 years of casino history creating a gaming tradition that has no rivals in the local market. The gaming activity undertaken within a 19th century Palace built on one of the most pristine properties in Malta adds to the uniqueness of the

Casino. Moreover, the natural characteristics of the Dragonara Palace are complemented by our persistent drive to offer the best gaming product available and a service at the highest level. Bringing together the natural ambience created by the Dragonara Palace with the service mentality created over years of operation makes the Dragonara Casino truly unique. What are the most popular Table Games with your regular patrons? Dragonara Casino offers a great mix of table games including Roulette, Black Jack, Punto Banco and variations of Poker games. Our customer profile places American Roulette as the top preference in our casino with Black Jack a close second in terms of popularity. The growth in popularity of the game of Poker in Europe is also evident in our market and we are witnessing very encouraging trends in Poker. The recent addition of a Live Tables progressive system and side bets have increased the attractiveness of those games that previously were less sought after. Could you provide an insight into the organisation’s

approach to its Privilege and rewards program? Rewarding Loyalty is a key aspect of our service orientation at the Dragonara Casino. Our rewards programme entitled ‘MY REWARDS’ provides returning loyal patrons with a selection of benefits that compare favourably with top casino properties in Europe. The programme is highly accessible in that many patrons fall within reward categories availing of a number of benefits. Amongst the most important benefits for our loyal customers are a loyalty point redemption scheme that is very popular with patrons, the distribution of monthly playable vouchers against gaming thresholds, complementary meals and discounts from our F&B establishments and the ability of converting loyalty points against 3rd party products available from a long list of local merchants. We continue to keep a vigilant eye on feedback we receive from loyal patrons in an attempt to improve our loyalty programme to ensure it meets the expectations of our patrons. What customer trends are you seeing across your gaming areas? The aim of the refurbishment was to create a


complete product for all kinds of player profile. Ultimately, regardless of whether our patrons are casual players, Time on device players or seasoned gamblers they will all feel equally comfortable with the level of service offered by our Casino. Catering for a widespread audience is a challenge that many European casinos are facing and we are proud to say that we managed to find that balance and already seeing a significant improvement in hosting different types of clientele. How do you ensure that the highest level of service at the gaming tables and the Casino floor are being maintained? Providing the highest quality of service starts with our recruitment and training processes and procedures within the Dragonara Casino. Employees undergo thorough on-the-job training and retraining programmes all the time, thereby ensuring the Casino has a pool of employees that are sharp, enthusiastic and friendly. We have very stringent KPIs for all our employees that allow us to measure performance on an ongoing basis. We also boast of a very strong team of managerial staff that take


pride in what they do and support the underlying objectives of the establishment. What in your opinion are amongst the most impressive aspects of the Dragonara Casino? The Dragonara Casino is shrouded in tradition but remains focused on the current trends in the industry. The historical aspect of the casino complements the forward looking mentality of a team of professionals that works relentlessly to position the casino as one of the most sought after casino properties in Europe. What innovations at the Dragonara in recent years have most impressed you and why? Looking beyond 2016, what do you see as amongst the main aims and ambitions for this prestigious destination Casino? We have a very simple goal. Our objective is for the Dragonara Casino to rank amongst the most prestigious Casino properties in Europe. This is a very challenging aspect of our business but one that pushes all of us to work relentlessly to continue to drive our business to higher standards.

Revolutionizing Casino Entertainment Interview with Tom Cantone: The Man Who Changed Casino Entertainment By Steve Karoul Tom, thank you for was at the height of taking the time to be Atlantic City’s booming interviewed by Casino years during the 1980s Life Magazine. We as the country’s only U.S. understand that you gaming market outside are the Senior Vice of Las Vegas. The next President of Sports emerging gaming market & Entertainment at became Connecticut the famous Mohegan and I received an offer Sun Casino located in to join the Foxwoods Uncasville, Connecticut. Resort Casino which The Mohegan Sun Casino is the largest casino is the second largest in North America as casino in North America VP of Marketing. I am and is a true destination now employed at the resort with a wide Mohegan Sun Casino variety of amenities. We Resort, as Sr. Vice also know that Casino President of Sports & Life Magazine wrote a Entertainment. Working feature article about you for two of the largest last year titled “The Man casino operations Who Changed Casino in the country is a Entertainment”. Please responsibility second briefly tell our readers to none. Destination about your interesting casino resorts are huge, background and complex properties with experience. numerous operational Right after graduating challenges. One’s from Penn State management skills are University I went to tested every day and Tom Cantone Snr VP Sports & Entertainment Mohegan Sun work for the Hershey every hour of the day Entertainment & Resort since destination casino Company, the non- chocolate side of the Hershey resorts are 24/7. business, which owns the resort’s theme park, arena, stadium, hotels, and many tourist attractions. What exactly does your title mean and what do As the Director of Corporate Marketing, I had a you do? great opportunity to get involved in many different At the Senior VP Executive level one gets the unique ventures that drew both domestic and transient opportunity to shape policy and be in the heart of business that was booming for theme park industry operationally running a very complex billion dollar at the time. From there the casino business came enterprise. But more importantly, I get to interact calling and I joined The Sands Casino followed by with my staff on a day to day basis to help people the Hollywood Casino, and then Trump Marina, succeed and to make a reasonable profit for the Trump Taj Mahal and Trump Plaza casinos, all on company. The core of my or any leadership at a the Executive VP level. This was a 15 year run that destination casino resort involves putting “People


First� whether they are staff or guests. From there, all good things happen. We are not magicians but sometimes I feel like I perform magic doing things that have never been done before at a casino resort anywhere in the world. There are many interesting destination casino resorts around the world. What differentiates the Mohegan Sun Casino Resort from other such facilities? Our location is one key advantage by being the centre hub of major key markets like Boston and New York: all the metropolitan areas in between provides us with access to millions of people who either know our brand or who have heard about the Mohegan Sun Casino. We have access to approximately 60 million people that live within a 300 mile driving distance radius of the property. Unlike Las Vegas, we are a repeat visit destination so we have to be on top of our game 24-7 with both the best product and absolutely Great Guest Service. We also specialize in the best programming of really unique events and entertainment that separates us from all of the sameness in our industry today. Entertainment and Sports are a big mystery to


most people but they also represent excitement and intrigue. Please tell our readers your views on entertainment in a casino resort and the relationship that entertainment has with casino revenues. I’ve always felt from day one that we are all alike with the same slots, same table games, same hotel rooms, same restaurants, same night clubs but just at different locations. What really makes you different is the energy and personality of the property. One of the best ways to do that is by programming the best signature events and biggest names on the planet to perform or visit your casino resort. Timing is the key, if you can get those names at the right time, the social media marketing machine takes over for you and you literally have to do very little but brand your name to the entertainer or celebrity event. We’ve made a career of doing just that. While I was the head marketing officer at many casino resorts, I always used entertainment to win the day. (Pardon the pun). Who were some of the most memorable entertainers or sports celebrities that you booked over the years and why? The most memorable were the ones who were first time performers at a casino to make their debut.

David Spade, Tom Cantone, Adam Sandler

Most memorable was getting all of the Sopranos together during their historic television run on HBO – a sensational coup. Our property had the highest casino drop ever for that event. I also took advantage of the NFL strike by creating The Strike Bowl with the Super Bowl Giants playing The NY Jets on the rooftop of the Trump Marina Casino Resort. Another memorable event was convincing Jennifer Lopez to do her only live performance of the year at the height of her popularity at the Mohegan Sun Casino’s 15th Anniversary. All of these events drew huge crowds, national press and worldwide social media buzz. Moments like those stand out because they dominated all facets of different pop cultures creating a huge demand to be there. If you had to select only one entertainer representing the highlight of your career who would that be and why? Without question it was Eddie Murphy back in 1985 who literally started the Entertainment Revolution in changing how modern day casinos used entertainment and how they continue to market themselves today. Eddie Murphy was simply the biggest, hottest and most in-demand star in the world, coming off of Saturday Night Live, the movie Beverly Hills Cop and the cover of Time Magazine – Murphy was crazy hot. He represented all that was hip and a new generation entered the once older skewed gaming environment. The Las Vegas Sun wrote that now famous editorial calling it the coup of the year and renamed Atlantic City as

“The New Entertainment Capitol”. It was a major blow to Las Vegas and their long time use of older entertainers ending their careers. Eddie Murphy opened the door for other contemporary hip artists to play a once forbidden casino stereotype of blue haired bus people replaced with younger fans entering the casino for the very first time and has not stopped since then. The Hip Factor replaced the same old stuff factor. Today, up and coming artists and major tours now start their careers in a casino venue like ours instead of ending their careers here. This represented a complete reversal for casino entertainment. Eddie Murphy and others of his generation that followed soon became known by the press as those who Revolutionized Casino Entertainment. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity and support to help open that new door which now affects so many different destination casino resorts around the world today. Tom, can you share some of your thoughts with regards to the proper use of entertainment in a casino resort today especially in light of the high fees that some entertainers now charge? Is entertainment scalable, and if so, how, since many casino resorts are not as large as the Mohegan Sun Casino and do not have the luxury of having a 10,000 seat arena? The Arena is a key marketing tool to say the least. We surpassed 10 million people this year, so from a marketing perspective, anyone who can drive volume wins. We set our casino marketing calendar


around our concerts and entertainment schedule, as do all the area hotels and retail outlets as it relates to setting rates, pricing and budgets. It is the economic driver for the region as well, so as we go so goes the commerce for retail, food and beverage, restaurants, hotel occupancy, night life and so many other non-gaming revenue centres. The economic impact is huge. Players fly in from all over the country to see the biggest names in pop culture who may be only appearing here on a limited run. Today, the Mohegan Sun Arena is ranked among the top three venues in the world, with many national tours starting here to take advantage of our talented crew who help launch these tours. We have been fortunate to have won over eleven national awards as Casino of the Year and Arena of the Year. I am very proud to work with the best team and the best venue in the country. We are blessed to be an integral part of producing a product that provides millions of people Happiness and Memories for Life. In the end, isn’t that the best product that you can make? In summary, destination casino resorts are not all the same nor does one size fit all. From a customer perspective, what do you think are some of the key amenities besides great entertainment that help make a destination casino resort a memorable experience? What has Mohegan Sun Casino done to differentiate itself as a great destination casino resort? Without question the experience starts at the door.


When the entertainment experience combines with a strong casino player development team, the ‘experience’ becomes the show at a true destination casino resort. The personalized guest service that players receive when they arrive here at the Mohegan Sun Casino is without question our biggest asset. It always has been and always will be. Casino players want and expect a real person with a real personality who knows how to create a bond with them that will be meaningful and lasting. Relationships matter both in bringing in the right artists to perform at the right time as well as bringing in the right players to play at the right time. When that combination comes together other memorable experiences are developed that will live and grow with you for a long time. In the end, our casino “product” as a destination casino resort is really making memories that will last forever. That’s the new casino loyalty factor. Steve Karoul is a highly recognized casino consultant with over 37 years of hands-on experience with the best casinos both within the United States and internationally. He is also an authority on all aspects of casino marketing. Steve has lived in numerous countries and has conducted casino marketing activities in well over 100 countries around the world. He is an author, a lecturer and an educator who often injects his own hands-on experiences and openly shares his ideas and thoughts with fellow industry executives. Telephone + (1-860) 536-1828 or skaroul@comcast. net or see


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Match’em HI LO


Peter White chats with Jim Lemanski, President and Daryl Jendras, Vice President 3JGaming, LLC

t’s getting on for three years since our last interview which took place during the Table Gaming Showcase hosted at the UK operator Grosvenor Casino’s G Casino Coventry – a biannual event that trials the very latest in table gaming technology the industry has to offer. One of the primary requirements when promoting a new table game to a Casino is that players, dealers, and casino managers have to be able to grasp the game very quickly. So can you explain it to us? The main bet is a simple HI-LO game based on the point total of the Player’s three card hand versus the Dealer’s three card hand. To start the game, the Player is dealt three cards face down and the Dealer is dealt five cards face down from a six or eight deck shoe. The Player then adds the point total of all three cards combined and decides if their point total is “HI” or “LO”. The Player then places the cards in the corresponding “HI” box or “LO” box on the Player’s side of the table. The points for each card are determined as follows: 2 thru 10 are simply equal to their rank, 2 thru 10. Face cards (J-Q-K) are worth zero points. Aces can be either 1 point (for LO hands) or 11 points (for HI hands). Once all the Player hands are set, the Dealer will flop over their five cards arranging them on the table in a way that determines a three card Dealer LO point total hand using the three lowest point value cards AND a three card dealer HI point total hand using the three highest point value cards.

All Players with LO point total hands win their bet if their hand is equal to or lower than the Dealer’s LO point total hand. All Players with HI point total hands win their bet if their hand is equal to or greater than the Dealer’s HI point total hand. It’s that simple. There is also a unique optional side bet that can be made which is based on matching the Dealer’s cards


(hence the name “Match’em HI-LO”). Additionally, there are more traditional poker related optional side bets available on either the Player’s three card hand or the Dealer’s five card hand. The Dealer’s five card side bet offers a million dollar payout to all players who made the bet or features a shared progressive jackpot, paying 100% of the jackpot meter for a suited five of a kind split between all players who made the bet.

when deciding on trailing a new game is its response to ‘What’s the House Edge’? The house advantage for the main bet is 2.60%. The optional side bets have a house advantage ranging between 4.60% and 7.34%. The win rate for the Main Bet is 41.64%, Player Poker Bonus is 29.34%, and Match’em Bonus is 28.10%. The house advantage can change slightly using eight decks and/or changing the side bet pay tables. The hold falls in line with other proprietary games.

The other major factor in a Casino’s consideration Do you have computer analysis of the game results? GLI has performed the statistical analysis of the game. Has Match’em HI LO been cleared in Nevada by the Gaming Control Board and, if not, is it on your target list? Of course Nevada is on our target list. However, we first want to continue growing the game in the Midwest where it started and where it is developing


a huge following. How do you explain Match’em HI LO’s substantial success at the Isle of Capri Hotel and Casino Waterloo, Iowa? Match’em HI LO is a wildly successful new game concept that is not based on poker or blackjack. Players have told us the best part of the game is the “Match’em Bonus”. Two of the three parts of the game are known when the player receives their three cards. They know if they have won the poker bonus and know their main bet point total. However, the Match’em bonus is unknown until the dealer flops their five cards. It is this unknown that can instantly turn a losing hand into a winning hand. Players love that drama. Match’em HI LO has a fanatical following, as players will drive an hour or more away from their local casino to go instead to Waterloo just to play Match’em HI LO. What in your opinion are amongst the most impressive aspects of Match’em HI LO? There are multiple nuances of this game that players learn to appreciate the more they play. The most impressive and unique aspects include: • New game concept that is not based on poker or blackjack. • Players WIN ties. Ties in most casino games are a push. • Players can “double down” on the main bet after seeing ALL their cards (unlike blackjack where you get another card after doubling down which could ruin your hand). Think about those last two points: Players WIN ties AND you can “Double Down” after seeing all your

cards. If a player is dealt three face cards (a point total of zero) and player win ties, the player CANNOT lose if they go LO, AND they can “double down” on a guaranteed winning hand. Players love it! For those of our readers attending G2E Las Vegas were can they locate your booth? Match’em HI LO is currently distributed in the US by Aces Up Gaming and can be found in their booth located at 3510. And finally, why should Casinos take on a trial of your popular table game? Match’em HI LO is a new game concept that is not based on poker or blackjack and fills a niche that players want. New players quickly learn how easy and fun it is to play Match’em HI LO. It is also easy for dealers to learn and deal, providing them a change to something new and exciting. The basic strategy is simple. The hold falls in line with other proprietary games. Match’em HI LO has been on the casino floor for three years at the Isle of Capri Waterloo, with a second table added in December 2015. Match’em HI LO has proven itself to be a great game! For further questions about Match’em HI LO, contact Jim Lemanski at or Daryl Jendras Match’em HI LO can be played at www. or downloaded for free Match’em HI LO from Apple’s App Store.



Cash-Center-Compact Casino

GeWeTe GmbH 53894 Mechernich, Germany, Zum Lindenbusch 5 Tel: +49(0)2256 3000-0/Fax: +49(0)2256 3000-19 Email: /


Sin City L

By Victor H. Royer

as Vegas – August and you’re an instant 16, 2016 – Early loser when socked with this morning, the markups of $29 to $32 last of the Riviera per night. The fees cover Casino and Hotel entry to the gym, Wi-Fi, came tumbling down in local phone calls, maybe a controlled implosion. a bottle of water in your Yet another victim room — whether you to the short-sighted care to use the amenities thinking by those who or not. The Delano’s now control Las Vegas fee even includes free … those Bankers, Taxnotary service. Just one funded government problem: Who the hell organization, real estate goes to Las Vegas on and money speculators, vacation and needs a and all those who are notary? now jointly killing Las These fees might be Vegas. A sad end to tolerable if I didn’t feel what was once a great like I was getting hosed place. on the casino floor But the word is as well. Increasingly, spreading about the the rules of blackjack destruction of Las Vegas games — a gambit Victor H. Royer President of Gaming Services & Research – in a recent article where skill can actually in the New York Post trump the house (until newspaper, columnist Michael Kaplan wrote this: they boot you out for being smart enough to win) “ … on a recent trip to Las Vegas, I couldn’t help — have become a drag on player bankrolls. Let’s get but get the impression that Vegas is tightening its technical for a second: We’re seeing blackjacks that belt to a suffocating degree. The town expects you pay 6-to-5 instead of 3-to-2, there’s no resplitting to risk cash against insurmountable odds, all while aces, and you can’t double down on anything other it is becoming sadly chintzy in how much it puts out than a 10 or 11. They all crush the dreams of players for its suckerish losers. who don’t want to get brutally fleeced.” But are casinos so desperate that they have to For the complete story as written by Mr. Kaplan, charge for parking? I thought that being a good please visit this link: mousetrap involved luring in the mice. Vegas dens owned by MGM Resorts International cheat-you-out-of-even-more-money/ (including high-end spots such as the Bellagio and Aria) now tariff as much as $10 a day to park your The point here is well-made, and one that I car. It doesn’t sound like a lot — but until recently, it have been preaching for a long time, and about was free. which I have written several times, including in this The other giant rip-off for most everyone publication, as well as in my LinkedIn posts. overnighting in Vegas casinos is the repellent resort Little by little, piece by piece, what was once fees that Strip properties charge. Check in to a great and unique about Las Vegas is being eroded, place designed to take your money at the tables sometimes slowly – like with these nickel-and-dime


moves by the billionaires who own the corporations that now own the casinos – and sometimes more quickly, like with the destruction of the Riviera. What is left is a sour taste in the mouth of visitors from everywhere – like Mr. Kaplan. And most people who still remember how wonderful and unique Las Vegas used to be. So, perhaps to reminisce a little, or perhaps just to tell a good story, I wanted to write about my first time in Las Vegas … a very long time ago now. It’s a short story, which is in itself a part of a bigger story, but I think you might enjoy it. Eventually it will be part of my book of the same title as this article. But that story is not yet finished, and some of it is still being lived. So, for today, just a quick look into the world of yesteryear – a time when I was young, and Las Vegas was still great.

The Life and Times of Vegas Vic – Part One.

My first night in Las Vegas – I left Hollywood that evening, and arrived at the Stardust on the Strip at around midnight. Wide-eyed and fascinated, but as green as a broccoli. Bright lights and sounds were all around me, and I was enthralled! It was great. Just like the man said, back in Hollywood. In the best of Jersey-speak, he said to me: “Come to Vegas, kid. We’ll look after ya. You’ll have a great time!” Then he patted me on the cheek, and said to come to the Stardust on the Strip, and the Fremont downtown. So here I was. At the Stardust. I walked up to a Blackjack game and put $500 on the table. Before I could even sit down, the dealer dealt a hand. I wanted to shout “Stop!” but it was too late. The cards were dealt, and my money was riding. I got two black jacks. A total of 20. The dealer had a red King showing. He smiled and, without looking, turned over the Ace of Spades for a natural 21, Blackjack, the nuts, the winner. My $500 went quickly down the shoot, and I was left standing there, staring. What happened? My mouth was open, and I was drooling. I had walked up to a $100 minimum bet table, thinking it was a $10 table. When I put my $500 down, I put it in the betting circle, and not on the felt outside, and I didn’t ask for “Change”. The dealer dealt quickly, as he was instructed to do. My cash was gone faster than the mechanic could deal the cards. I arrived in town a half-hour before, put the bags in my room, and this was my first trip to the casino. I was in the casino about 5 minutes, and I was broke. Done. Time to stop drooling. I pulled myself together, and thought “What now?” Across the street was the old Silver City casino and a shopping mall of sorts. There was a Pawn Shop. I hocked my watch and got $160 for it. I then took a cab Downtown, to the Fremont, looking for my


supposed benefactor. He was nowhere to be seen. I sat at the bar and got a free drink. Then I played the video poker game on the bar-top, and got some more free drinks. Lots of free drinks. So many, pretty soon I didn’t know where I was, or what I was doing. That night became a blur of flashing lights, drinks, some woman who I didn’t know who hung on to me from the bar and to the pit and to the slots. How I lasted with my measly bankroll I didn’t know. There was money. Did I win it? How did I get it? And who was this woman? My eyes opened into a pool of deep dark nothing. I wanted to fight. Fight! Get out! But the darkness was warm and comfortable, and I dove right in. I was floating in a sea of blackness, like some primitive slime cradled in a dark crack of history waiting to become life. I felt nothing. All I could do was think about diving deeper into that dark quiet. Then I heard bells. I put my hands to my ears but I couldn’t feel anything. And then there was this noise – like scratching on a blackboard. For a while I thought Jack Benny was playing a violin and Madonna was kissing my ear. We were in a Roman hot tub, but the water was cold. Then I opened my eyes. I was in a sewer. Jack Benny was a cat and Madonna was a rat. I shut my eyes again hoping this crazy dream would go away. When I was younger I used to find myself naked in strange places, but usually there were one or more other people around to explain how I got there. My head hurt like hell and I was dizzy. A sewer was no place for a naked man with a busted nose and a bleeding head. My brain was clouded with strange images, but all I could think of clearly was an intense desire for a deep drag on a friendly bottle of whiskey. Or whatever it was I was drinking earlier. I crawled along the sewer, and peeked out through the alley. I saw I was near Fremont street, back in an alley and to the side, in the sewer, which at that time was a ditch running into a manhole nearby. This was before Fremont Street became an “experience”, covered in that ridiculous canopy and full of street peddlers as it is now. Back then it was still Glitter Gulch, world famous for its neon paradise. I loved it. Well, later. Right now I wasn’t sure. A naked man climbing out of a sewer near the neon sign welcoming you to Fremont Street must have been some sight. In most places it would bring a crowd, but this was Vegas. It was near 3 AM, and the drunken stragglers couldn’t care less. All I got was a snicker from an old whore, and the squeal of a sewer rat on whose tail I stepped. It was January, and Vegas was cold. I kept swimming in and out of a daze. The casino lights shimmered like fireflies and I wasn’t at all sure whether this was still a dream. I wanted a cab.

I needed a cab. And I prayed I could make it to one before passing out. When I was in Hollywood, I thought I had seen it all. Weird stuff, fit for the Vice Squad. There were more needles on Hollywood Boulevard than in all the hospitals in town. And naked people? Any night around Gower Gulch and you’d see them straggling in from the joints on Sunset and Hollywood, and the dive joints on Melrose, before it all became “fashionable”. And now I was the naked odd-ball cowering in the shadows of a cold, wet alley. There’s a big difference between watching it, and being it. I started looking around, to see if I could make a dash for a cab, hoping the driver wouldn’t notice that I was naked and bleeding. Well, only a little. Just a scratch, really. But it hurt. Although, come to think of it, I think the hangover was worse. I finally spotted a cab nearby, and decided to go for it. I stepped out from the shadows and behind the corner, and just as I turned into the bright neon lights of Fremont street I collided with a fat woman. We both fell to the ground, me on top of her. At first she looked at me incredulously. I think I was more scared than she was. Then she started to yell “Rape! Rape!”, but I put my hand over her mouth as quickly as I could to shut her up. What a sight! A crazy naked man lying on top of a fat woman in the middle of the street, sparkling with gold and blue and red as the neon lights flickered all around. And no one paid the slightest attention. I got off of her as quickly as possible, apologizing profusely as I tried to keep her calm and quiet. It didn’t work out very well. As soon as I let go of her mouth she started screaming again, except this time incoherently. I didn’t wait to find out what she was about to say. I took a dive straight for the cab, grabbed the door and crawled inside, yelling: “Stardust! And step on it!” “Sure thing,” he said, as we burned rubber. After we turned onto Las Vegas Boulevard, that part of the Strip that’s Downtown, he looked at me in the rear view mirror. “Hey! You’re naked!” he said. Not all that surprised. I kinda nodded my head, sadly. “Got rolled by a hooker, huh?” he said, squinting and smirking a bit. Then he laughed. “Don’t worry, Joe. I seen it all. Got any money left?” I sat up, wiped my face with my arm, leaned on the back of the passenger seat in front of me, and said: “Oh yeah … And where do you suppose I got it hid?” He pulled off to the side of the road. “Well, if you got it hid in there, I don’t want it. So now you’re in the clear, you can get out and walk.” That wasn’t what I was hoping to hear. “Listen,” I said, “I’m staying at the Stardust, I got

a room and all, and they’ll pick up the fare. I’m positive. Just … gimme a break and take me there.” The cab started to move again. I breathed a sigh of relief. The prospect of walking butt-naked a few miles up the Strip to the Stardust didn’t strike me as particularly pleasant at the time. We pulled up at the porte-cochere, with all those bright lights blinking. It looked great. But I was in no mood to look at it right at that moment. I told the cabbie to tell the doorman to get someone from the casino, and to bring a towel. Soon the night-shift manager showed up, towel in hand, and handed it to me. All the night employees stood around grinning, trying really hard not to bust out laughing. I wrapped the towel around my waist. “Pay the cab,” I said, “and then take me to my room. I need a bath and some sleep. I’ll explain tomorrow and I’ll make good on what I owe. Honest.” He paid the cab, then put his arm around my shoulders as we walked up the garden path, through the revolving doors, and up to my room. Much to the amusement of everyone in the casino, and all those we met along the way. On my floor he opened my room. “First time in Vegas?” he said. “Yes,” I said. He nodded his head in amused appreciation. “Listen,” he continued, “whatever you do from now on, remember this day. As much as you can, anyhow. This is the kind of stuff you’ll want to remember. One day. Trust me, I know. And listen – don’t worry about anything. What you did for all of us on the graveyard shift today … well, it’s priceless! We’re gonna be laughing about this and telling this story for years!” He patted me on the back. “It’s gonna be worth more in tips than you owe!” “Thanks,” I said. “I think.” He smiled and closed the door. I walked to my bed, fell down, and fell asleep. Jack Benny was playing that violin again, and Madonna was kissing my ear. Or was it that cat and that rat again? I wish I knew for sure. And that’s how I arrived in Las Vegas. Next time, maybe I’ll tell you the story of the naked blonde. Or, maybe, something else … Best of luck to us all! Victor H Royer is President of Gaming Services & Research. He is a 33 year veteran of Las Vegas gaming, a 26 year consultant to the gaming industry, author of 48 books, and more than 4,000 articles on casino games and gaming. In addition he has researched and authored over 300 industry reports on the subject of player preferences, marketing, player development and customer relations. He can be reached at:


Stop Thinking From the Isolation of the “Silo” Dare to Challenge How You Think about “Change” and What it Means to Your Property, by Robert Ambrose. “The world as we have created alternate experiences. it is a process of our thinking. A more sophisticated It cannot be changed without brand name often defines the changing our thinking.” Albert property, as in the case of the Einstein Cosmopolitan, in Las Vegas The gaming and hospitality and the recently re-energized Tropicana in Atlantic City where industry has always been willing several experiences are offered, to think in broad terms and use including a casino. “change” as the driving force I recently visited the to bring new products and Tropicana in Atlantic City and amenities to the customer base. The Tropicana, Atlantic City in August 2016 proudly displays found their property upgrades It is about seeing beyond its new façade. It has proven that “change” is good. to be a connected experience that the “silo” view and embracing a creates energy and excitement. They “get it” in terms of collective vision built on a foundation of learning from understanding what “change” is and how to incorporate the past, understanding the present and creating the it effectively into the entire property footprint. future instead of waiting for it to happen. “We have invested over $90 million in Tropicana Collaborating together, the property stakeholders, Atlantic City in the past two years to reinvent the entire designer’s, regulators and even customers are an property and offer more to our guests,” said Tropicana effective part of the change and development process. General Manager Steve Callender. The formula for productive change is about sharing The Tropicana using “change” as the driver added knowledge, understanding the model, agreeing on new dining, nightclubs, pool deck amenities, shopping, the design (physical or virtual) and applying the final light and sound show creating distinct experiences for application to the customer base in definition and the guests while also renovating two hotel towers and a content. major upgrade to the casino floor. As an example, collaborative efforts are under-way “Our objective continues to focus on transforming today in establishing working parameters for: On-Line Tropicana into a full resort destination providing unique Gaming, Daily Fantasy Sports and eSports. All are part of experiences in one location offering gaming and nonthe current change to come in the casino gaming model gaming amenities,” said Callender. which will impact a host property’s collective footprint in Today’s effective property designs weave an some way. infrastructure of augmented reality placing the customer We have also seen the collaborative formula applied in the moment. The customers (especially millennials) to new non-gaming amenities where floor placement need to capture “a moment in time” in an effort to not and operational parameters are just as important. Now only define themselves within the property but also major profit centres, these stand-alone business units define their experience while sharing that moment with of non-gaming amenities must fit well into the property those in their inner-circle or with complete strangers design concepts as part of the brand. through social media. Customers are cautious about where they spend Change includes a path of research, discussion, their entertainment dollars, making it essential for a change and more discussion. It does not matter if your successful gaming/hospitality/model to deploy equally property has only a restaurant and one retail shop or an sophisticated and differentiated offerings. The property expanded footprint that includes a hotel, multiple retail, must be strategically laid out displaying the entire brand etc. collectively while also allowing for specific business units Think in terms of relationships within your property. of restaurants, lodging, entertainment, retail, and casino As Einstein said, “the world as we have created, it is a to also show as independent units. process of our thinking…” The customers will then experience an inclusive design where they have the option to bypass the lure of Robert Ambrose, Instructor Gaming & a chance “casino win” (if they choose) to explore other Hospitality Drexel University areas of the property and become acquainted with


Big Play. Big Win.

IF YOU’RE NOT FIRST It‘s a Slot Competition. It‘s a TV Show. It‘s all about WINNING. Don’t be last. Contact NOVOMATIC AMERICAS today. Your Players. On TV. Huge Jackpots. Bragging Rights. Maybe a Crown. 100M Potential Viewers. EPIC. G2E Booth #1259 All products represented released upon regulatory approval per licensed gaming jurisdiction. © NOVOMATIC 2016

Geoff Freeman CEO of the American Gaming Association

Welcome to G2E 2016


Geoff Freeman CEO of the American Gaming Association

’m excited to welcome you to Global Gaming Expo (G2E) 2016 – the world’s premier international gaming trade show and conference hosted by the American Gaming Association (AGA). From the impact of the 2016 election on gaming to casinos’ opportunity to invest in eSports to appealing to the next generation of customers, this year’s G2E will feature robust conversation on the industry’s hottest topics to prepare attendees for the rapidly evolving casino gaming landscape. You will find a superior gaming floor and extended, comprehensive seminar tracks, learning first-hand what the future of the casino gaming industry holds. For the first time in G2E’s 16-year history, prominent speakers will take the stage on all four days of the show. On Monday, Frances Townsend, former Homeland Security Advisor to President George W. Bush and current senior national security analyst for CBS


News, will inspire attendees to have the courage to lead. For the keynote opening session on Tuesday, AGA will partner with National Indian Gaming Association (NIGA) Chairman Ernie Stevens to discuss the further unification of the casino industry’s two key sectors – Tribal and commercial. On Wednesday, Scott Klososky, tech expert and author known for his unique perspectives on technology and business culture, will detail how casinos can best align with new developments in technology. As the national dialogue continues on sports betting, G2E will address all aspects of sports betting as an emerging and future priority for the gaming industry. I encourage you to attend Thursday’s keynote when NBA Commissioner Emeritus David J. Stern will discuss the future of sports betting and how the NBA’s expansion parallels the casino gaming industry. In addition to these dynamic experts, G2E 2016

will bring back its seminar tracks for Tuesday and Wednesday, allowing attendees to explore multiple categories in-depth, including Tribal interests, gaming policy, emerging gaming methods, career development and casino property products. With G2E taking place just three weeks before the first-ever general election presidential debate in Las Vegas and a little more than a month before Election Day, attendees will also receive a better understanding into how the election will play a crucial role in the future of the casino gaming industry. Other notable seminars will dig into topics including eSports, the latest innovations in gaming methods and products with iGaming, table games and slots. While walking the show floor, attendees will experience a new Integrated Resort Experience, which is now anchored on one end of the main show floor. Broken into four major segments – Hospitality Concepts, Technology Solutions, Food and Beverage and Entertainment – the Integrated Resort Experience features non-gaming exhibitors focused on how to attract casino guests for

longer and more engaged hotel stays. As part of the Integrated Resort Experience, a one-day spa association workshop showcases how spas can boost a company’s brand with their ability to capture and retain guests. With these features and more, AGA is focused on enhancing G2E to ensure it keeps up with the constantly evolving industry. Casino gaming is entering an exciting era with new trends, technology and opportunities that will power the $240 billion sector into the future. This week will allow you to network, provide you with more direct business opportunities and deliver a platform for your business to equip itself with the tools that will allow you and your team to thrive. Have a productive week and I look forward to seeing you at the show. Sincerely,

Geoff Freeman President and CEO American Gaming Association

Introducing Gaming Support’s Newest Gaming Tables to the US, we have invited the Winners of the European Dealer Championship 2016 to show their skills to the public and prove that craftsmanship and talent are inseparable. Do you want to find out what more we can do for you? Join us at booth 2623 September 27 -29 | Sands Expo and Convention Center | Las Vegas, NV



Players try to predict if the point total of Player’s three (3) card hand will be either Higher OR Lower than the point total of the Dealer’s three (3) card hand. The value that each card adds to the point total of a hand is as follows: Ace: 1 point (for “LO” hands) or 11 points (for “HI” Hands) 2 thru 10: face value J, Q, K: 0 points (all face cards are worth zero) Player wins all ties when point total equals the dealer’s point total. Players place optional Double Down on the “HI / LO” bet. Players place optional “Match’em Bonus” and “Poker Bonus” bets. (up to 100 to 1 odds on both bonus bets) The game is played with multiple decks of 52 playing cards.


To begin, Players make a “HI / LO” bet. Each player is dealt three (3) cards face down and the Dealer is dealt five (5) cards face down. Players look at their three cards and decide if their hands are “HI” or “LO”. • Player “HI” hands are placed face down in the “HI” box • Player “LO” hands are placed face down in the “LO” box • Optional “Double Down” bet is placed next to original bet Dealer then flops over the 5 card Dealer hand and makes both a 3 card “LO” point total hand and a 3 card “HI” point total hand • Three lowest point value cards are the Dealer’s “LO” hand • The highest point value card in the Dealer’s “LO” hand is shared with the remaining two cards to make the Dealer’s “HI” hand • Shared card is in both the Dealer’s “HI” and “LO” hand Player “HI” hand: Player wins if Player’s point total is equal to or greater than the Dealer’s “HI” point total PLAYER WINS ALL TIES Player “LO” hand: Player wins if Player’s point total is equal to or less than the Dealer’s “LO” point total PLAYER WINS ALL TIES


If the player made a “Match’Em Bonus” bet, the Dealer compares all five (5) Dealer cards to the three (3) Player cards and the “Match’em Bonus” is paid out according to the “Match’em Bonus” pay schedule below. The “Match’Em Bonus” pay schedule is as follows: Match 5 Dealer cards: 100:1 Match 4 Dealer cards: 25:1 Match 3 Dealer cards: 4:1 Match 2 Dealer cards: 1:1


If the player made a “Poker Bonus” bet, the best 3 card poker hand based on the Player’s 3 cards is determined and paid out according to the “Poker Bonus” payout schedule listed below. The “Poker Bonus” pay schedule is as follows: Suited 3 of a Kind: 100:1 Straight Flush: 25:1 3 of a Kind: 15:1 Straight: 4:1 Suited Pair: 3:1 Flush: 2:1 Pair: 1:1 Play for free online at Contact us at: Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube

Prater Promotes AGEM’s Success Over the Past 12 Months


Jack Bulavsky speaks with AGEM Executive Director, Marcus Prater

n its 16-year history, the Association of Gaming Equipment Manufacturers (AGEM) has grown from nine original founding members to a roster that now boasts 150 companies based in 22 countries. And according to Marcus Prater, AGEM Executive Director, the past 12 months have been one of the successful years for the non-profit international trade association that represents manufacturers and suppliers of electronic gaming devices, lotteries, systems, table games, online technology, key components and support products and services for the gaming industry. “AGEM is a who’s who of the supplier segment of the global gaming industry,” he said. “We’re proud that we have had industry cooperation by working with the American Gaming Association (AGA) on the G2E and G2E Asia events and with the European Casino Association (ECA) on ICE, the International Casino Conference (ICC) and the European Dealer Championship. AGEM also partnered on other issues and events with a wide variety of other industry associations including the Gaming Technologies Association (GTA), Gaming Standards Association (GSA), International Masters of Gaming Law (IMGL) and the International Association of Gaming Advisors (IAGA).” The past year saw AGEM fulfill its $250,000 commitment to the new International Center for Gaming Regulation at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and celebrated the hiring of Andre Wilsenach as the Center’s first Executive Director. This accelerated the idea of the Center becoming

Marcus Prater Executive Director AGEM

driver of effective regulatory reform to improve the gaming industry overall. At the same time, AGEM partnered with Bermuda Casino Gaming Commission (BCGC) Executive Director Richard Schuetz, formerly with the California Gambling Control Commission. He is building a new regulatory framework for up to three new casino operations in the island paradise. AGEM retained renowned gaming legal expert Dan Reaser


to help craft the regulations and technical standards that will govern equipment and technology providers who want to do business in this new market. The partnership between AGEM and the BCGC is both unique and a potential model for new jurisdictions going forward. Prater is proud that AGEM supports the growth and elevation of women in gaming. “We have become a leading supporter of Global Gaming Women, now a stand-alone organization, by contributing to its Charitable Education Fund, its “Power of Technology” conference and serving as the title sponsor of its annual “Kick Up Your Heels” reception at G2E in Las Vegas,” he said. “AGEM also provided financial support for the “Go Red for Women” movement that benefits the American Heart Association.” In other arenas, AGEM and its members worked closely with the Nevada Gaming Control Board (GCB) to finalize regulations and technical standards governing variable-payback slots allowing for skillbased gaming and other new features. The final technical standards were published in February after working closely with GCB Chairman A.G. Burnett and his staff. Commitment to education has always been a main focus for AGEM. It agreed to a 3-year extension of the AGEM Scholarship at Drexel University in Philadelphia, highlighting a busy 12 months focused on the educational component in its mission statement. In addition to supporting Drexel, AGEM funded scholarships or contributions to the UNLV Lee Business School, Nevada State College, the American Indian College Fund, the Global Gaming Women Charitable Education Fund, Atlantic Cape (N.J.) Community College, International Center for Gaming Regulation at UNLV, Las Vegas Discovery Children’s Museum, and Spread the Word Nevada. Another arena where AGEM has taken a lead role is responsible gaming. Earlier this year, the AGEM Board approved the contract renewal of AGEM Director of Responsible Gaming Connie Jones to continue to financially support a wide variety of organizations dedicated to responsible gaming initiatives. They include the National Center for Responsible Gaming (NCRG), the National Council on Problem Gambling, the Nevada Council on Problem Gambling, The Problem Gambling Center


and GamCare in the United Kingdom. And building on its relationship with Global Gambling Guidance Group (G4), the idea of responsible gaming accreditation for technology providers has been introduced to AGEM members. “AGEM has taken a more active role within the industry,” said Prater. “For the first time, we joined the American Gaming Association (AGA) and the Nevada Resort Association (NRA) in addressing the Nevada Gaming Policy Committee which was meeting for only the second time since the 1980s. The goal was to recommend policy for Governor Brian Sandoval to present to the Nevada Legislature that will solve problems and create a stronger business environment when the Legislature meets in early 2017. But it’s more than just Nevada. Our Mexico committee, along with operator-dominated trade groups APPJSAC and AIEJA, worked with regulatory agency SEGOB on a conference in Mexico City in May. More than 300 people attended the event, including regulators from 12 different countries.” AGEM will be active during G2E 2016 when it reveals the inaugural winners of the Jens Halle Memorial Award Honoring Excellence in Commercial Gaming Professionalism, and the Peter Mead Memorial Award Honoring Excellence in Gaming Media & Communications. Halle and Mead passed away in 2015 within weeks of each other. Halle was 57 and Mead was 54. AGEM meets monthly and has become popular for special guests to speak to members. Several guests have included Nevada Gaming Control Board Chairman A.G. Burnett, Las Vegas Global Economic Alliance (LVGEA) CEO Jonas Peterson, American Gaming Association (AGA) President and CEO Geoff Freeman, Reed Exhibitions Senior Vice President Ed Several, and AGA Vice President of Industry Services Andrew Ortale. Officers of AGEM are: President Tom Jingoli, Konami; First Vice President Dan Savage, Scientific Games; Second Vice President David Lucchese, Everi; Vice President Of Government Relations Steve DiMasi, GTECH / IGT; Secretary Mark Dunn, Aristocrat; Treasurer Tom Nieman, JCM Global; CoGeneral Counsel Harper Ko, Scientific Games, and Co-General Counsel Daron Dorsey, Ainsworth. For more information, visit


Together Everyone Achieves More Rebecca Green speaks to Ed Several, Snr VP of Reed Exhibitions What can we expect from this year’s show? Together with the American Gaming Association (AGA), the G2E team has worked hard to bring more exhibitions across every gaming category, offering even more selection and variety for attendees. This year’s event will also feature enhanced seminars focused on addressing the key issues that casino operators wrestle with every day. Together, more education focused on improving business outcomes, along with an expanded variety of exhibitors, will make this year’s G2E the most valuable ever. Sports betting seems to be a central theme at the show this year. Your partner, the American Gaming Association, has made it a central part of its goals. What can we expect out of G2E in this regard? We applaud the effort the American Gaming Association has put forth to progress legalized sports betting in the United States. Our education sessions will cover this topic and we will have several networking sessions for the industry to discuss this very important initiative. Education session attendees will have the opportunity to discuss what types of wagering have generated the largest consumer demand, review its current impact and explore what the future holds for this growing market. eSports is also an important element of the casinos in 2016. Will G2E address this growing segment? eSports may be the next big business opportunity for casinos. With it opens channels for new customers and revenue streams as well as challenges with compliance and responsible gaming. Education attendees will learn how to stay ahead of this new wave by understanding the structure of eSports professional leagues, the demographics of players and spectators as well as insights into regulatory challenges. This is an exciting and growing area and to provide the G2E audience with an up-close and personal experience, we will not only have education sessions covering eSports, but an actual, live competition featuring some of the best eSports players in the world right on the show floor. This means attendees will not only be able to learn in classrooms, but experience it live with the ability to ask questions and meet the players. What can conference attendees expect to experience when they arrive in September?


Education at G2E this year will be like never before! To better serve the industry, we convened a panel of experts to share the challenges that many of us face today. Some of these experts include speakers from outside of the industry who can teach casino operators new tactics and provide fresh insights. We have also secured top industry specialists to address key business issues that keep casino and iGaming operators up at night. Education attendees may participate in our very first professional development track as well as sessions that focus on addressing generational differences that are a particular struggle for the casino industry. In addition, we have redesigned each seminar room based on input from an education consultant with seating designed to improve the way you learn. Each conference attendee will be sure to leave with the skills they need to advance their business. Sessions begin September 26 and run through September 29. What’s new for G2E 2016? We have a new mobile app for G2E from the same company used by South. We’ve customized this tool especially for G2E to ensure an efficient and interactive experience at the event. This new and improved mobile app will make G2E a truly accessible event. In addition, we have developed a customized matchmaking program for pairing exhibitors with attendees based on their shared interests of products and services. This initiative will ensure that the right relationships are made and will help curate business for all.


What else? Visitors to the 2016 G2E show will experience a more-efficient show floor. Believe it or not, we went through a number of versions of floor plans before finalizing this year’s layout. Our new floor will feature a horseshoe-shaped aisle with clear cross aisles to maximize flow to all areas. As mentioned before, we’ve added the Integrated Resort Experience to the main floor and enhanced our lounge areas to include charging stations and more areas for networking. Based on feedback, we’ve added more healthy food choices and increased the variety of foods available. In addition, we’ve placed food options in the main lobby as well as more within the main show floor. Why is there a new floor layout for 2016? Our new floor plan has been designed to enable attendees to quickly and easily find exhibitors as they have been more closely grouped within the category products that they offer. With the combination of a new floor layout, mobile app with geolocation and mapping capabilities, this will be the most-efficient show floor to navigate in all of our show’s history. What is your opinion ahead of this year’s show? G2E is an annual barometer of the industry and based on the fact that the event will be larger than last year and attendance is well-ahead, along with the many new games, products and services to be introduced, the industry is healthy and we look forward to a very prosperous year ahead.


NOVOMATIC Takes enhanced gaming entertainment to G2E in Las Vegas


s NOVOMATIC continues to gain traction in North America, the company retakes its multi-level booth at G2E 2016 with a host of new cabinets and game mixes ready to excite local players. The full V.I.P. suite will be previewed in the US for the first time, with a showcase that includes the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. II and V.I.P. III, the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. Royal and V.I.P. Lounge™. In addition, the

EXECUTIVE SL™ will be returning to the show and the brand new GAMINATOR® Scorpion will make its US debut. Following last year’s introduction of the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. II in the US, the new range of V.I.P. machines delivers multiple options to create unparalleled Very Important Player experiences on the casino floor. At G2E, NOVOMATIC Americas will shine a spotlight on the ‘V.I.P. Lounge’ immersive


SPOTLIGHT - G2E entertainment experience. The NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. III, which boasts two giant 50” screens, and the NOVOSTAR® V.I.P. Royal, with a giant curved 65” screen, will be rolled out to selected US jurisdictions soon after G2E. The EXECUTIVE SL™ multiplayer terminal is built on the huge success of the NOVOSTAR® SL1 and heightens the electronic table gaming experience. This leading cabinet will be displayed with virtual ‘Flying’ versions of Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Poker 3. The dealer-operated Novo TouchBet® Live-Roulette, together with automated Novo Multi-Roulette™ and Novo Flying Roulette™, as well as Baccarat and Blackjack games, will be connected on the terminals to demonstrate Simultaneous Betting™ functionality live at the show. Highlighting the NOVOMATIC Americas G2E experience are cutting-edge games, developed specifically for the North American market which include the premiering Tales of Darkness™ series with four hypnotic themes – Full Moon™, Luna Eclipse™, Break of Dawn™ and Midnight Heat™. An expansive selection of new titles being released for the US will also feature at G2E and include Black Jaguar™, Dancing Dragon™, Orca™, Asian Fortunes™, Pure Jewels Extreme™ and JackPOP! Popular with operators and players alike, the NOVO LINE™ Interactive games are now available as JACKPOT EDITION™ titles for the US and are set to make a standout impression at the show. Players collect extra coins with every spin of the reels until a tray holding them flips over and gives way to the JACKPOT CHANCE, a Pick & Win feature where players open treasure chests to reveal extra credits or the Jackpot Coin that triggers the JACKPOT GAME. The World Championship of Slots™ (WCOS) will be presented on ten industry-leading cabinets at G2E. The television show and innovative casino slot tournament add a never before seen competitive spirit to a casino floor. The compelling ‘Gamble’ feature and ‘I’m on TV’ factor give players a unique reason to visit their preferred entertainment destination. Operators can create a highly coveted, customized brand experience, entertain thousands of players with competitive qualifying events and


SPOTLIGHT - G2E award life-changing prizes – on live TV. Since opening a North American headquarters and US Game Development Studio in Illinois and strategically adding top-tier gaming expertise, NOVOMATIC Americas is now in the lucrative position of showcasing internationally proven products combined with an impressive US-based design portfolio. G2E 2016, with the breadth of product displayed, will clearly demonstrate that by leveraging the global research and development resources of experienced teams both

internationally and domestically, the company is passionately committed to being a fully integrated, strategic gaming partner in the US. In the international section of the booth, the GAMINATOR® Scorpion will make its first appearance at G2E in Las Vegas. The sophisticated new cabinet is set to be a global sensation with its bold design in a matte black finish. The GAMINATOR® Scorpion takes the gaming experience to the next level and effectively combines NOVOMATIC’s proven concept of innovative design, modern aesthetics and advanced technology. Also attending will be representatives from the company’s Latin American subsidiaries including from Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Panama, Paraguay and Peru, as well as from Europe and Asia. The ACP casino management system will be demonstrated by Octavian and show operators how to successfully manage their casino with a range of marketing, accounting and player tracking modules. The NOVOMATIC Interactive division will be represented at G2E with a dedicated section at the front of the booth that will allow Greentube and Bluebat to showcase their latest online, mobile and social innovations for the market. NOVOMATIC Lottery Solutions (NLS) and NOVOMATIC Sports Betting Solutions (NSBS) will also be at G2E to demonstrate a complete omnichannel solutions offering available across lotteries and sports betting industries.


“G2E is the one-stop shop for the gaming industry.”

Elizabeth Tranchina VP of Legal Affairs, Isle of Capri Casino

Discover new technologies. Source new vendors. Stay current with industry trends. Energize your career with world-class education and professional development. And make valuable new connections. It all happens at the gaming industry’s premier event: Global Gaming Expo. Join Elizabeth and thousands of other gaming professionals at G2E. Register today at



G2E Las Vegas VIP Premium to be premiered at G2E by APEX gaming. Now the Pinnacle slot machine range from APEX gaming is complete


IP gaming and Premium gaming players need to look no further than the VIP Premium from APEX gaming. This topof-the-range slot machine from the Pinnacle family will receive its US debut at the G2E Las Vegas show between 27th and 29th September. True to the company motto of taking gaming to the next level, all management prowess and experience have flowed into creating the VIP Premium. The complete solution stands out – the size and position of the curved monitor have been purposely chosen so as to capture the player’s complete attention. This 43” curved screen portrays the great array of EVO games – both feature-rich

and fruit-based. The gaming terminal includes all the technology required for a perfect gaming experience, including a 24” touchscreen monitor. The exquisite chair rounds off the VIP Premium from APEX gaming. First-rate comfort with play buttons and sound speakers ensure the player is truly treated as a VIP. “Our EVO platform has enabled us to take the games we offer to the next level. The VIP Premium is the best way to enjoy these games. We invite the G2E visitors to come and get to know and feel just how special the VIP Premium is”, commented Mr. Kubilay Özer, Global Sales Director at APEX gaming. The stand number of APEX gaming at the G2E is #2050.



Scientific Games Brings the Best in Slots


he nice thing about being the world’s largest slot maker is that there always more games to come. Scientific Games will have more than 100 slot machines on hand for the industry’s premier trade show, along with dozens of other products premiering for the first time publicly. G2E will host the Scientific Games massive display of products in 2016, including dozens of slot products, new brands and licenses, hardware developments, celebrity appearances, presentations, and so, so much more. With powerhouse brands Bally, WMS, and Shuffle Master, Scientific Games is positioned to deliver an unprecedented variety of quality products that elevate player experiences to new heights with games to give you the thrills that keep you coming back for more, again and again. Here’s a taste of what’s to come.

The Simpsons From Springfield to casino floors, it’s the slot machine inspired by the


beloved show, The Simpsons. Loaded with favorites from the show, this immersive game puts players right into the world of The Simpsons. Players can prank call Moe’s Tavern, visit Apu at the Quickie Mart, or even be Homer Simpson, catching donut sprinkles in a bonus that uses motion capture technology that allows players’ movements to be mimicked on screen with Homer’s arm and hand. The Simpsons’ cabinet is on the brand new Gamescape cabinet that utilizes three vivid, high-definition displays angled toward the player, and a 40-inch curved top screen that surrounds the player. Additionally, an ergonomic 10.4-inch tablet button panel integrates gameplay to coordinate graphics across multiple displays. The result is five unique screens that virtually combine to create an expanded platform for stunning graphics and seamless motion, giving the player a taste of Springfield.

Willy Wonka – World of Wonka Raise a glass of Fizzy Lifting Drink and toast to the latest slot sensation

SPOTLIGHT - G2E born from the world of Willy Wonka. Willy Wonka’s World of Wonka is a scumdidilyuptious blend of incredible bonuses unlike any other game before in the series, housed in a splendid cabinet. The GamescapeTM cabinet features three vivid, high-definition displays that expand the games bonus features extra wide to 24 reels, along with a mechanical bonus wheel, wide area progressive and vivid sound that brings the World of Wonka to life.

Tree of Wealth Turns out money does grow on trees. The Fu Babies are back in a new set of games based on Duo Fu Duo Cai series. Tree of Wealth - Jade Eternity and Tree of Wealth - Rich Traditions offer great odds at Free Games, Jackpots and a Pick and Match feature. Tree of Wealth - Jade Eternity and Tree of Wealth - Jade Eternity offer the alluring treasures of 12 Free Games, a Jackpot Feature and a Pick ‘Em Style Bonus in a strikingly designed game from the Duo Fu Duo Cai series. Also enjoy the auspicious Tree of Wealth Feature, where you can pick from 15 scrolls until three match with a corresponding jackpot.

Shuffle Master Experience the next evolution of roulette with Lightning Launch Roulette, the first title released on the new PRIZM GameTable.

We’ll also be showcasing HIC Hold’em, an exciting new table game based on Pineapple Hold’em.

Bally Systems Bally Systems, continues to lead the industry in solution innovations that will heighten player engagement and improve operating efficiencies. At G2E 2016 we are showcasing major advancements in on-device messaging with the iVIEW™ 4 and our cloud based big data solution Praxis Analytics™ to derive pertinent player intelligence.



Gaming Support introduces flexible LED displays


n the old days LED displays were bulky, heavy containers on the wall, installation was always complicated and time-consuming, maintenance was tiresome and power usage downright outrageous. Luckily these days are long gone and Gaming Support is pleased to introduce its flexible LED displays. With an impressive 2.5 pixel pitch it is one of the highest resolution displays on the market today and perfectly suited for promoting your message across your venue. Used for standalone signage or following your property’s interior curvature (convex as well as concave) the flexible LED panels are easily installed in any matrix you require. While the astonishing brightness and clarity of the flexible LED displays will catch the eyes of your customers and brilliant content glueing them to their seats, the back-end of your operation will be pleasantly surprised with the additional benefits. Gaming Support flexible LED displays are highly energy efficient, lightweight yet robust and with its front acces remarkably easy to service. Since it is Fan-less requiring no cooling equipment, there is no noise interference and has a long lifespan. Powered by Gaming Support’s MediaPlayer, uploading vivid content is just a touch of your fingertips. Our media player enables you to communicate directly with your audience, schedule your content and emphasize jackpot values collected by our latest jackpot controller. Find out how Gaming Support flexible LED displays can provide you the best and brightest in LED solutions.



DRGT with clear systems message at G2E Las Vegas Why ‘your next system’ choice should be with DRGT


RGT – the fastest growing systems company in the gaming industry will be for the first time individually participating at the forthcoming Global Gaming Expo (G2E) Las Vegas, taking place between 27th and 29th September. Please visit us at stand #4405 to see why DRGT should be your next system. The DRGT team from around the world will be more than happy to discuss your gaming system requirements to find the right solution to fit your operational needs. Jurgen De Munck, CEO and co-founder of DRGT, comments, “We live and breath systems. We provide the full A-Z service. Our gaming systems offer a host of benefits alongside extreme security. DRGT is a completely independent company that primarily focuses on gaming systems technology. DRGT offers proven success. DRGT offers an extremely secure system. The DRGT system is relied upon by countless operators around the world. DRGT connects with all slots. That means you can keep all the slots you wish on your floor – including older slots and combine them with all the latest technology. DRGT has all the technology so that all slots can be linked to our system. DRGT makes use of serverless technology. That means – no expensive server, no expensive IT personnel and no worry that a system problem could relate to all slots going down. DRGT is flexible and modular. The DRGT system is made up of separate modules – such as drAccounting, drCashless, drTable, drPlayerTracking and drScreen. You choose the modules that best fit your needs, knowing that you can expand upon this at any time. Build your DRGT system to fit your requirements and expand your business needs and strategy. You choose what fits best for your operational needs. DRGT carries out the installation to best fit your

needs. It is done in a quick and uncomplicated way by our experienced staff. DRGT has a wealth of very satisfied customers who have already stated in the global press how happy they are with DRGT. Call your DRGT contact for the Global Customer Testimonial Review or download this from the DRGT website. DRGT provides first-rate service each and every day. Choosing a system is like entering into a marriage. It is for the long term. The DRGT team stands for long-term commitment. DRGT’s WAP technology offers a great range of wide-area and progressive jackpots. Again the customer testimonials offer great praise such as the Swiss Jackpot (that links the jackpot in seven different casinos). DRGT’s drScreen is the way to communicate directly with your customer. With three options to choose from – drScreen, drScreenMini and drScreenMicro – find the best version that best fits your needs. DRGT’s drTable connects all your live gaming. Thus, DRGT connects all your gaming devices – slots and tables. All these reasons and more make DRGT the reason to be your next system. The DRGT team is looking forward to seeing you at G2E Las Vegas.



Casino Technology and Alto Gaming - quality and dedication to gaming


ith globally recognized quality products, Casino Technology once again proved its dedication to the customers needs at G2E in Las Vegas. The company, presented by its U.S licensed company Alternative Gaming Solutions (Alto Gaming), offered effective solutions for unique gaming experience and excellent results for operators. The leading manufacturer of gaming equipment demonstrated one-of-a-kind machines and compelling multigames with new unique titles. Meeting the highest requirements of clients, Alto Gaming presented at the spotlight the favourite and revolutionary ARCH™ slot machine. A first of its kind in the gaming industry slot machine provides inspiring and memorable experience. It offers full HD multi-game series GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ that include 40 unique new titles from the popular GAMOPOLIS™ multi-game library. Amongst the new attractive games, forming the GAMOPOLIS ARCH™ multi-game collection, are Mystic Moon, Cash Robot, Alaska Wild, Duck Spell, Brilliants of Fire and many more. With its 42” curved gaming customized display, ARCH™


has already won its place on the market, including installations in the European market. The ARCH™ slot machine offers perfect viewing angle with crisp and clear image along with the anti-glare surface treatment. It was nominated in the Land Based Gaming Innovation category at this year’s Global Gaming Awards in Las Vegas. Alto Gaming keeps speeding ahead with the spectacular HOT ROD™ slot machine. It combines powerful mix of excellent gaming features with the nostalgic passion of rodding. HOT ROD™ brand is perfectly accompanied with unique game design characteristics, driven by the exclusive ARCH™ cabinet. As the passion for hot rodding brings together people of all generations, Casino Technology has provided the perfect gaming experience for Millenials and their parents. The product is lined up for multiple installations this coming year. Another blockbuster product had its special place at G2E – the sensational and globally renowned GAMOPOLIS™ multi-game series. As the latest release from the popular series, SPEEDWAY™ provides four new versions, starting from 70 to 73, each performing 40 games with new interface,

SPOTLIGHT - G2E enhanced game play wed with the proved math models and volatility ranges. Vast game options, like pick-up bonuses, super games, novelty side bets, cascading reels, the favourite fruit games, hot sevens and bars, makes GAMOPOLIS™ SPEEDWAY the preferred choice of operators seeking diversity on the gaming floor. GAMOPOLIS™ SPEEDWAY is the logical upgrade and extension of GAMOPOLIS™ HIGHWAY and MULTISKIN series. TANGRA™ slant top cabinet houses the MULTISKIN multi-game series. Reborn to multiply fortune, Asian-themed jackpot link 8 PEACOCKS™ including five unique titles, invites players to enjoy a magical gaming experience with the intriguing Chinese symbols as mighty dragon and fortune-bringing peacock. The hot 8 PEACOCKS™ and four versions of SPEEDWAY™ series are housed in the glamorous AURORA™ Upright cabinet combining sophisticated design, high technological features and best player comfort. Alto Gaming showcased a series of spectacular single Class III slot games like WILD SUNRISE™, JUNGLE FORTUNE™ and MAGIC PEARL™ tailored to themes, features and game math with a high evaluation by the players and experts. The authentic and US bespoke slot games titles are certified for a number of tribal jurisdictions. With more than 100 unique game titles and new functionalities added to the system, the revolutionary systems suite THE BIG 5™ is an important part of the product presentation at G2E. The revolutionary formula of the BIG 5TM is all in one solution and offers five systems that successfully link land-based and online gaming. The suite can be used by operators together or separately, depending on the specific needs and regulatory requirements, drive ROI and offer personalized player experiences. When working in a set, the standout systems reach the highest efficiency in the operation of gaming content by providing any casino - real or virtual – a complete range of instruments.


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