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Make every day and amazing day, Learn how to pick the results you want to have And Control the Monkey Chatter in Your Mind!

Give your Attention Some Intension

Peter Wheaton.

Meet Peter Every smile tells a story. Some a smiles show the excitement and feelings which are seen by every person who comes in contact with them. Some smiles are placed out there to hide something. A hurt, lose, a regret or a fear. These are the smiles I want to look at. To be able to offer something which can help you, take control of what you are thinking and how you are thinking is my purpose. Four years ago I found myself in this place. I went looking for total happiness to have what others were having or I thought they had. I found a great program which you will hear about on this page, which has totally changed my life and my thinking and now every day I always find the time where I am at peace with all my thinking and my actions. Discovering why you think about the things you do and what is controlling your thoughts is the key to Personal Happiness. My goal has been to become Successful Financially and I have, but the unknown goal of Personal peace and understanding, is the Journey I under take every day. It is the reward I have most wanted. “It is not my job to worry about what others say about me, is my job to control what I say about myself”

Every bit of adversity uncovers your potential, your focus and your belief- It also discovers how much you want, what you can’t have. Enjoy the stories. Peter.

Hobbled By Fears If you could round up all your fears and leave them in a bucket, would you go and create the best life imaginable. Fear means false evidence appearing real We have two minds 1. The conscious mind is all the information; it files away all the events in your life and recalls them without emotion. It is your own Mr Google in your head; based on your experience everything you have learnt will be in there. 2. The subconscious mind is the auto pilot, the throttle, the justifier, the alert this part of the mind holds all the emotion of what could or could not happen. It is the bucket I was speaking about at the start. Imagine be able to control your thinking and challenge your thoughts and break a few fear rules that the sub conscious mind has set in place. After all the subconscious mind is telling you hey we have been here before and it wasn’t pretty. One of my big challenges was speaking to people about my new home business. In my subconscious mind I was worried what others would say and it wasn’t a real business because it wasn’t traditional like my Company. • I knew I need to change my company to digital. •I know I was looking for another form of income. •I knew it was going to challenge me •I just didn’t know how much The interesting aspect about this story it has only been in the last 4 months out of 3 years that I decided to take care of the fear of calling people and reprogramming my subconscious mind.

The only way I changed was by confronting the calls and when I got comfort with a script I would change it and am bolder in my actions. No one likes to be uncomfortable, it is easier to find someone else in my case to do the work, or just don’t do it. Every time you quit on yourself, you are reaffirming that your subconscious is right and each time after that it gets harder. Don’t ignore your subconscious learn to expand and challenge yourself. You will ask yourself what was I scared for. So here is what you need to do 1. Identify the fear 2. Make a decision to take another step 3. Once you take the step do the same step 5 times in a row 4. Keep feeling a little uncomfortable 5 appreciate you for the effort Finally keep going and stepping to the next step. Leaders do what others don’t want to do! Retrain your subconscious mind to be bold. Bold actions create even bolder results!

Take Action

Forget Ever Achieving Results Be the one to create the change!

Stinkin- Thinkin This subject is more common than we all realize. Every one of us knows someone who is struggling to find that piece of mind, part of happiness or who struggles with the daily torture of Stinkin Thinkin. What is Stinkin Thinkin? It is the art of negative thinking which destroys the actions and the results that any person wants to create. They only see problems, despair, disruption and FEAR. What is worse it is compounded by: •financial despair, • debt, •lack of confidence •with drawn attitude towards people and friends •alcoholism to cover the pain •Right down to suicide to remove the pain. Beyond the Smile is my incentive to help Rural People and anyone else who is suffering or has suffered with this withdrawn attitude to productive thinking. For the last 2 years I have found a program which has helped me to discover my issues and change my life and start again a prosperous way of thinking and acting. I dedicate this page to four deceased friends who never had the chance that I have had to help myself and the comments from one young boy have haunted me for years. “ you were here for shearing, branding, pulling bores and fencing, every time we needed a hand you came, how come you didn’t help this time?” This boy’s father was my best mate. We shore together, worked on stock camps, played up at B&S and all this time he suffered from a depression he hid behind a smile. He ended his life and the answer to the question above has made me seek new ways to help anyone in the situation.

No longer can the answer be “we don’t talk about these sort things out here” be the reason to ignore a problem which is growing throughout Rural and Regional Australia and now in Businesses.

Beyond Blue was formed to help these problems and having come through this problem I chose not to call them and after talking to a few people their feelings have been the same. “We aren’t mentally unstable, I just need a better way of thinking” this was my attitude as well. If I could just a find something that could help me without having to speak to anyone or telling anyone about my “problem”. I just needed a better way to make me happy without anyone knowing. How can we help each other? It all comes down to changing thoughts and creating new beliefs. Some people will seek the different Bibles, some people will join different groups and some people want to discover for themselves. This was me. I wanted to unlock my thoughts, my way, from a distance. What I didn’t realize was that I needed to move away from the people I was surrounded by and change everything about my day, what I did and what I believed. In one way I had to reprogram my thoughts to find the solutions and the uncomfortable parts of my life. I had to learn to identify the traits and situations before I could control the outcomes. I believe most people are on a journey of some kind. Some people are affected by lack of results or lack of vision. Many people start down a path to realize that they just don’t want to be on that path again. They then feel committed and overcome by their state of affairs and trudge the path for years and accept that this is the straw they drew.

This doesn’t have to be the case. At some stage you have to be truthful to yourself and challenge for your dream. You may have debt, you may have growing families, the may be scared or you may have to educate yourself to find answers. No one can really move you forward. What you read in this book, the ideas and strategies mean nothing if you don’t apply what you are seeking to learn. On the flip side if you don’t want to change or try something new, you need to find the amazing elements of your life now. Go looking for all the things to be grateful for and be prepared to cherish what you today. Everyone can dream, everyone can want, Not Everyone receives “With every successful decision came a bold decision to try” There is always new light at the start of sunrise.

You become what you think- So make your thoughts inspiring!

Why Should I give a Damn??

Have you ever asked yourself this question? Have you been living your life and every step you take seems to have a major problem with it? Have you slumped down in the chair ask what is the point?

Anyone who says they have never felt this low, lost, bewildered, depressed or wasted, may want to have a good look at themselves, because as sure as chooks lay eggs they have felt one of these emotions. A few weeks ago I was speaking to a client. From the start of the conversation he was flat. His words were harsh, his attitude was terrible and he sounded like someone on the edge. Now to clear a few things up first, I am not •are shrink •support worker •have a degree in mental health •am the Guru of how to fix problem’ •or the next Dorothy Dicks I have been in those shoes before where everything you seem to do, touch, create or talk to comes back to bite you in the bum.

•I know what is like to lose everything (3 times).

• I know what it is like to work solidly on an idea and have every problem under the sun go wrong with it. • I also know the feeling of despair, where you just want someone to tell and hope they can give you the answer to help you. •I also know the feeling of people distancing them from you because they aren’t sure what to say or it all a bit too hard. •I also have a small understanding of being hungry for a few weeks and not having enough money to buy an apple. I would never have thought this could happen me. I live an Australia; we didn’t have these sorts of problems. “Do we?” Unfortunately these problems are everywhere and many people will never see them. These emotions and problems and challenges for me are the warning signs that you aren’t in Balance with Nature. So I started a group call Beyond the Smile to help people. I had no one to help me and it is hard to learn new ways when you don’t know what to learn to help yourself. Back to my client! I let him speak for a while and his toxic nature was consuming him. Every question I asked him was answered with a hateful answer. Every good deed I spoke about had a jealous comment attached to it. His way of thinking was so down; I could see myself in him. So I said to him. ” your past doesn’t determine your future, concentrate of one thing you like” He said, There is nothing I like about myself,

•I hate the way I look, •I hate the way I sound

•I had a good business •I had a wife and kids •I had everything and now I have nothing but guilt so why should I give a damn? •My life is nothing. The great thing about his outburst was, I had areas to work on and a had a tiny bit of knowledge of his situation. I said this to him this questions.

1. What do you do when you have a flat tyre on a car? Change it! 2. What do you do when you drop a glass on the floor? Clear away the pieces 3. What do you do when you can’t get a result? Try another idea 4. What do you do when you arrive at your destination? Create another 5. What happens when you stop watering the lawn? Some of it dies You just need to turn the water on again. Today the tap is turned on and no water is running through it. •If you hit the tap and loosen the washer the water will start to run. • If you change the washer and clean it out you, flush out an answer. He was silent. In fact I thought he may have hung up and I was talking to myself, but after a period he asked, Will it be that easy? My answer was, if you let it be! The interesting thing about challenges is we let them consume us. Our whole concentration is all about poor me. Like the tyre, we have to change it to move forward. Likewise with our thinking.

“if you change your thinking you can change your life�

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When all is lost or You Think it is! One of the great and frustrating parts of being an Entrepreneur is that most of the time, your idea and your dream has holes in it. The challenging part of this equation is to not look at the holes as a devastating event!

When I started my journey of Entrepreneurship or as some of my family have called it (not a real vocation), I had in my head that you get the idea, you plan and sell it and make money out of it. Now that is a pretty simple way to understand what an Entrepreneur does. The other fascinating thought was you place ads everywhere you can people see it and they buy it and then you make lots of money. It all sounds easy, does it! After all simple ideas, easy explained descriptions and a great looking idea or product sell don’t they? What happens when no one wants to buy your idea????? •Do you go on a campaign of convincing people? If you think it is great, maybe! •Do you ask right people why they didn’t buy your product? I would say yes! •Do you shelve the product and hide from society! So people have! •Do you accept the criticism and redesign your idea! •Or do you accept defeat? There are probably hundreds of questions like this you can ask yourself. Each one of them has merit to some degree; each one will give you doubts and have you questioning your ability. The big question for an Entrepreneur is do you believe you

•have a product •are you passionate about the product •people can benefit from this idea or product •has it help you •and what does it mean to you, to make it work. •How do you keep focus and drone out the battle of the minds? The last dot point is the hardest of all. It takes a very strong and passionate mind to fight through the emotional ride of Success. No one said being an Entrepreneur was going to be an easy road. If it was everyone would be doing it. It is the passion you have for you and the belief you have for what you want to achieve which keeping you moving when all else seems lost.

I watch the world championships for cycling last night. One of the darlings of the track Anna Mears was riding for a place in the final. She had the fastest times of the meet, the competition between her and the British rider was what the crowd came to see. She beat the British rider twice but was disqualified for moving outside the red line and she rode off for the bronze medal and won it. The commentators started the doubt talk as Anna had one more event to ride. How did Anna Mears overcome the dissatisfaction of not winning per pet event?

Through constant empowerment, passion and a never say die attitude. The belief in her mind, the work she had prepared before the event, had been done. The information her coach and trainers have been giving her was in alignment with her belief.

In one way we are all Entrepreneurs, we all need coaches, we need to understand what it is to fail, so we can appreciate success. One of my great mentors Michael Berry said “I failed my way to success”. His belief did not alter his goal. Now you can have the same information if you choose too. The only way to fail in life is to Quit and be a passenger. My entrepreneur Journey started when I shorn over 100000 sheep in the paddock. We had the first mobile shearing shed, set up on a trailer. We were in drought and sheep could travel, so we went to the sheep. I had plenty of knockers and my design changed 15 times. I believed in it, couldn’t see why it couldn’t work and it served the purpose it was meant to do. Did I get scared or did I doubt myself yes! (Some time I had a rugby match playing in my head.) It is, that complete admiration of achieving the results which drives me today. It is also the Doggy Determination to back my ability.

That is the power, passion and gratitude all Entrepreneurs live with.

If you master the mind you will master the game.

The Emotional Roller Coaster! Why is my life going nowhere? Everything I do isn’t working, Everything I try isn’t working, my passion is low and no one can give me the answer I want. I didn’t sign up for this life. Have you ever had this conversation? So what do us to change this thinking? We know life can be an emotional rollercoaster but no one told you it could get this bad. The other interesting thing is once you arrive in the deep dark depths of “my life suxs” it doesn’t want to leave you. Furthermore, you decide to put it behind and you try a few ideas and then they don’t work. Then one day out of the blue you really blow your fuse. The anger and frustration, the blame, the guilt the despair and the empathy flow out into the open and you are left with nothing else to say and no one seems to care. You are putting your hand up for saving ( you think), but after months maybe years of trying to achieve something, your friends, wife’s and partners turn their eyes down or roll them back and the little cartoon message appear above their head.

“God he has lost it again- he’ll be right in a few hours” When what you are looking for is for someone to just tell you how to fix the situation. Guess what people they don’t know how. If they could find the answer then and there and help you along they would, even if it is just to shut you up. If they knew how they would gladly help. Self-mastery is not an easy journey. In my experiences it has made me find some new lows. It has challenged everything I have believed, worked at and has humbled me, to find a faith and a belief that I can and must lift my thinking and actions to strive to be the best I can be. The rollercoaster is always there it just depends how much energy you intend to place on it.

We I started this business; I never knew what to expect. In fact in the back of my mind, I thought you write an ad put it on-line and you get paid and then do the same thing a few million times and made a lot of money. That did not happen for me. In fact it took me nearly three years to make my first sale. Towards the end of those three years I lost my cool one morning over a Skype call falling out. For the next hour I let it rip and man I found every reason, event, situation and person to jam. I was on a roll if you had have walked in the door, I could have dreamt up a reason you caused it. I then found every reason I should quit. It started like this I am broke, I am broke, I am broke, I didn’t sign up for this shit!

I was meant to be getting out and living life, travelling with my mobile flexible business, choosing my hours and my destinations, telling people about the business and have a life of purpose. Just at the moment I realized I am the person who writes the script, so write a new script because this one is just not doing it for me. Write what you want, no what you don’t.

Mother Nature/ Law of Attraction are wonderful drafter. Being a country bloke I had the privilege of seeing the wonders of her actions. I was always amazed the sheep and cattle were 1 and half days in front of a weather change. When you saw the ants build high nest it was going to rain and when you say a lot goanna’s we were in for a drought and many other events. Mother Nature /law of attraction were telling me to write down what you want. • If you want a million dollars go and get • If you want a blonde babe find her • If you want happiness be happy

Be what you want! You set the rollercoaster racing, the more you focus on the good aspect of your life the better it will be and if you turn your focus to the POOR ME you get more of the same. This something I use for myself when I find myself not in clear skies tries it. 1. What am I doing/not doing the feel the way I do? 2. How do I want to feel and what is the quickest way to get there. 3. Who am I hurting the most and why am I concentrating on this area 4. Who is the only person who can change my situation now? It is me. We look at life and people as being very complex. But in reality we make us this way. • Our fears control thoughts • We don’t really want to accept the responsibility of our actions/lack of them • We expect the results without doing a lot of work • You choose your thoughts.

Choose the thoughts that point you in the direction you want to travel.

Not Many Opportunities come around where you have the Opportunity to live learn and grow And being able to have full control of your security without unsettling your family or your Job or where you live is just one of the features we are ready to explore with you. Got our website see for you. Or call us +61 413360890

Have you stopped to smell the Roses lately? I must say, even the most motivated people, catch them standing still. Their intentions are wonderful, their dreams are amazing, but every now and then even these people get lost for that moment. Some people will tell you your goals aren’t clear enough and I think I may have written a few blogs saying exactly that. “Go and write down and draw up an action plan and make it so exciting you keep motivated.” Have you ever thought that maybe the Standing still is just checking your thoughts? There are laws in the universe and one being “What you give out you get back 10 fold” I think another one should be “Don’t be afraid to stand and have a look at what you want to achieve” Many times I have missed a great result. A result in my mind doesn’t have to be the goal at the end of the line. It may be just a smooth step which is all in the plan, but because it isn’t an amazing part of the equation, does mean it doesn’t have value. We all need to learn how to recognize the small successes, because without them you don’t have the big ones. Standing still doesn’t have to Mean you are not Achieving. It has taken me a long time to work out and understand the above phrase. It was always my belief that it you were running around like a mad Kelpie and shifting and moving and achieving, you were going nowhere.

My mind in the end just couldn’t stop.

• I wasn’t sleeping •I was always hungry •I was irritable •I felt desperate •very impatient I was so attached to the result and receiving what I was trying to achieve, the natural energy which should have been in the goal was replaced by an aggressive eagerness that took no prisoners and wouldn’t accept any failures. I turned the dream and goal against myself just by overheating the situation.

They say the only person stopping us from being Successful in our lives is us. For me I certainly had to step back and look for a while. Appreciate what you are achieving even though the results haven’t been received. Don’t be afraid to stop, listen, adjust and continue.

What is Your Strategic Move!

Everything we do in life has a plan and a particular strategy which is meant to deliver the results, make the money , win the race or make it easier. But how many times have we concentrated on making new strategies which remain hidden in the back file of the computer or under a pile of papers in the office? My business is quite complex and much of my day is planning and learning new ideas so that we can have that USP and be the number 1 in our field. I honestly quite enjoy thinking outside the box and designing new strategies and being the pioneer of new ventures. Last week I was asked this question.

What strategies are working the best for you and what strategies are working best for them? My first thought was I am not worried about them (my competitor) I have enough to worry about running my business. They won’t be looking at what I am doing and if they are they will be dropping ball.

Then I thought maybe they are watching me try these new ideas and letting me be the guinea pig of new ideas. After all my business was built from buying businesses that went broke. So why wouldn’t they be doing the same?

So many questions pasted through my head and very few educated answers flowed out of it and in the end it all came back to what works.

•How many times have we come to a part in our business and our life we stand around wondering where we go from here? •How many times have we over planned the strategies and never acted upon them? •How many times have we envisaged the result and dreamt about what it will do and change our outcome and hope for the result? How many times have we hope rather than acted.

I read the book the secret and even though I thought it was an amazing book it didn’t really touch on the words, work or action.

I believe what you believe you receive

How many times have you really hoped for an outcome and dreamt the idea and even lived the idea in your mind. You may have romanced the notion and lived it for a small time. You definitely felt the total belief of your dream and maybe acted it out.

But when the day of results came you were left sour, upset, cheated and let down. Again you fall from grace into the arms of a Victim, be it for a short while hopefully.

In DR Demartini’s book “How to make a hell of a Profit and still get to Heaven“he talks about your belief over powering your actions. You must have amazing belief following entrepreneur’s dreams, but your action must be ten times the belief.

Just like a plane, it exerts it power taking off and climbing to 40000 ft. This is the same as our life, goals and business venture. The action steps need to be consisting, progressive and strategic and have motion. Otherwise you will spend most of your life trying to take off. You will just get your plane in the air and then you heading back to the ground.

So make your strategic move consistent actions. They follow what you do- not what you say!

If I could just change the Past! If I could just change the past, it would all be different. If I would have tried that idea it would have changed my life. If I would have just spent more time, learnt more or If I IIIIIIII! We all have an if I story. Don’t let your if I control where you want to go. I think if I was worth $1000 we would all be millionaires. We would all have changed the world; we would have achieved every possible success we have ever dreamt of and seen.

The problem is if I never make it count, if I never seems to take the brave step to try and if I always finds and excuse as to why it can’t or won’t work.

Here it is your turn. Grab a pen and a bit of paper. Don’t read on.

Ok if you haven’t got the paper and pen go and get it. Now.

Ok I want you to write down all your If I’s and each if I is now worth $5000. So let’s get busy. Ok start when you were a kid and look over your life and work out what you think you should have done and add it up. Spend 10 minutes looking at your life and add up what you think you should be worth by now.

I know the first time I did this little exercise; I think I missed out on $4000000 and maybe a few more. But this is not about me. If you had done something in your life, what was it, write it down and add it up.

Ok how does your Talley add up. I bet there is some amazing tallies and you by now have a list about 20 long. Guess what you have just done the most unproductive action, thinking pattern and success pattern you could ever attempt. And yes I did it also. Here is your answer. There is always a reason you don’t do something. There is always a reason something scares you from achieving and trying, there is always a reason for every action you don’t do or do. You need to find the reasons it matters to you. Forget about anyone else, for the moment they just don’t count. Ask yourself, what it means to me, right now and when I achieve this goal what do I expect to receive and how will it benefit me. Some people live life as an effect and some people live life as a cause. Most people find reasons as the why things and circumstances don’t or can’t work. The exercise if I only looks at regrets, not successes. Successful actions, successful thinking is a learnt trait. Not everyone had the chance to learn, but today everyone has the chance to try it. Tomorrow find a reason that your life can achieve. Count your wins and make it happen. Are you open to new ideas?

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Take the time to Say Thanks! We are told that the challenging times in your life are the ones that make you stronger! A great friend of mine explains his Journey this way- I failed my way to success! Reba McIntire said she had 100′s of baby steps to achieve in every one of her goals! Donald Trump- says being broke is a short term challenge! I spent a few hours this weekend being the end of the month and looked over the month and then followed back a bit further to 10 years. I remember talking to my partner saying we were going out the back door. Everything seemed to be going wrong. Little did I know that 7 years later I was really out the back door and all the way to town? We had a heap trouble knocking on the doors. Then I knew we were in trouble. Luckily I came across this program. It didn’t actually make me any money from trying to sell it. God knows that would have been pretty handy at the time. It did shift my thinking and control the destructive thoughts going through your mind, which enabled me to find new ideas and implement them to getting myself back to balance. Which is what I really needed? My father asked me recently why you want to keep going with that Business!!! It hadn’t made me a heap of money. My answer was simple, - It made me happy again - It has totally help me get my focus back - It has help me appreciate my life journey. Most I my life I judge myself on the results I had achieved. I had to be the best, do the most and make the most money. Never once did I take the time to say thanks. I would not even accept thanks from anyone, I would rub it off. It is a lonely life living by yourself-sometimes you has to change to let others in.

Sometimes your need to have a challenge before you move forward. Sometimes you need to lose something or someone to appreciate what you had or didn’t have. Spend a few minutes today- and find the gratitude in your life. -There is more to life than money, -There is more to life than possessions

I am so glad you made it this far because we have a few great things to show you. Turn the page you will surprised.

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Everyone deserves to successful, now you can!

“Never wish it was easier wish you were smarter”

You get what you focus on!  
You get what you focus on!  

Thinking successfully doesn't always come easy. Many times we think about the what if Outcomes instead of the Expected Outcomes. These few s...