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Georgia Unemployment The biggest problem faced by Americans today is unemployment. The unemployment problem could have severe effects, beyond the actual one of being jobless. The rate of unemployment directly correlates to the increase in suicides, domestic problems and depression. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the US unemployment rate fell 0.2% in August 2012 to 8.1% compared to July. The unemployment rate peaked in October 2009 at 10% and is now 1.9% lower. This is definitely a relief but there is still a long way to go.

Now, let’s look into the statistical unemployment data for the state of Georgia. The Georgia unemployment rate was at 9.2%, a 1.3% decline since October 2009. In August, according to the Department of Numbers, the number of Georgia unemployed persons was at 439,687. This figure is a month over month increase of 1,558 but a year over year decrease of 30,052. These numbers indicate progress and are expected to improve.

With the Presidential polls around the corner, we expect to see improvement in the current unemployment situation. Let us hope for the best!

Unemployment in Georgia  

This article describes the unemployment situation in the state of Georgia. The USA national unemployment rate data is also analyzed.

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