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Delete the History in your Outlook Account Microsoft Outlook is one of the leading brilliant email service providers. It has millions of its users who access their email accounts to send and receive emails and much more. It also supports many different features which are very helpful for its users and also give fast speed. It also provides you an access to delete your email account history. When your email account is hacked by someone or your email account is logged in by any other person, so by deleting the history he/she didn’t able to do misuse of your account details. On every occasion you deal with and send an email in your email account, the utility shops the email address of contact in a history cache. In a while, when you start to address a brand new message in your account, it makes use of the cache to complete automatically, or auto complete, the heading with the previously used email address from your history. However, in case you do not need Outlook to auto complete email addresses, you could delete this history document of the system. Hotmail Customer Service Number UK provides you the easy access or measures in order to delete the history in your email account. Here are the following some instructions that you may need to follow to delete the history in your email account:  Exit to your Microsoft Outlook and make certain that it is no longer running.  Now you may open the Start menu of your pc and then click on the icon of "My pc".  Now you may visit to the C drive and then go to documents and then go to Settings > Name > Application Data > Microsoft > Outlook" listing, replacing "Name" in this example together with your windows username.  Now find out the document referred to as "Outlook.nk2" and then you may highlight it. That is the file that stores the cache history of Outlook.  Now you may transfer the document file of "Outlook.nk2" to the Recycle Bin and after which you may clear the bin to delete the document.

 Then restart your Outlook account. This process will automatically create a brand new empty history document file.

Therefore, you can successfully delete the history in your account. If you find any problem in anywhere while performing this task then you can contact to Hotmail Customer Service Number 0800 098 8424 to get the all needful information to manage your account as your desired way.

Delete the history in your outlook account