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The Valuable Art of Masonry Masonry is the art of laying bricks or concrete in such a manner that it creates structures of many sorts, but before you start masonry you need to complete the White Card training program. This can require some skills and it ultimately means that you will be key in creating buildings and working on a construction site. Skills such as masonry set you up for a future in construction where you become more valuable! So check out some of these advantages and disadvantages of practicing masonry! Advantages: Stronger in case of natural disasters Reduces building life cycle costs It increases the thermal mass of a building Can have life cycle of over 500 years Gives heat resistance Disadvantages: Damage can be common when using bricks but not concrete blocks Cold weather can degrade the quality Not usually suitable for tropical climates Masonry work can be heavy and hard If masonry seems like the kind of thing that you would be interested in, then you should jump online and complete the white card Australia course. This will allow you to step onto any construction site around Australia! addthis_url = ' luable-art-of-masonry%2F'; addthis_title = 'The+Valuable+Art+of+Masonry'; addthis_pub = '';

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The Valuable Art of Masonry