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Renting vs. Buying When it comes to construction equipment, you often face the choice of renting vs buying, but you still have to maintain safety either way as the white card course teaches. But it should be known that it is preferable to rent rather than buy in some circumstances. If you work on a construction site as a foreman and have to choose, then we suggest you look at this video on renting construction equipment.

Renting equipment often means that you are not responsible for slight damage that may effect the machine, as much as you would be if you owned it. It is harder to own your own machinery, having to store it, and having to maintain it. Renting is more than often the cheapest and most viable option. White Card Australia will give you the safety information needed on a construction site, but you have to choose whether to rent or buy! addthis_url = ' g-vs-buying%2F'; addthis_title = 'Renting+vs.+Buying'; addthis_pub = '';

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Renting vs. Buying