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Examples of type of claims made by Sellafield Executive in support of Internal Audit report findings

A - Buying ‘drinks’ at various locations such as Whitehaven Golf Club, Hunday Manor, etc. Examples (15/05/12 - £4.45; 16/05/12 - £7.30; 14/05/12 - £18.00; 29/07/12 – £3.80; 14/09/12 - £20.50 + £23.10 + £21.25. and the cost of a ‘table’ at a Business Excellence Dinner £3,075.85 B- Overnight conference in Armathwaite Hall Country House Hotel and Spa, Cumbria for SL Exec and NDA staff, at a total cost of £9500. C - Approximately £2,700 on several personal use items in July and August not repaid until October. D - B30 NMP Review at Zest £493 E- Evening Dinner at Trout £260 (no guests specified) F- Apple Computer £2,316 + Plus 2 Styluses for IPad and download from ITunes £8.50 (CR - computer receipt photocopied). G - Charter Auto’s – repatriation for

and the cat £714

H - £4,050 Chambers Flights to Phoenix cancelled. Only partial refund obtained resulting in a financial loss of £2,665.11. I - Flights £2,795 for visit to Savanah River and the US Masters in Augusta. J- Multitude of ‘Charterautos’ bookings from various airports and the Warrington office to Sellafield site >circa £250/journey K - Flights to USA for ‘Reachback’ Visit 27 Jan to 5 Feb (2 persons) £6,123 plus Emergency flight from USA to UK £3,995.40 (01/02/10) plus £719 spent on Amazon, without receipts and without any description provided. Coded to advertising. L- Relocation expenses. Sofa for Living Room at £1,657 and £2,620 for Bedroom Furniture. M – All relevant claim support detail missing from all claims by made by one person ie no type of expenditure or justification only a total amount. N - from the train travel this person ‘appears’ to have based Sellafield there are additional accommodation charges incurred ?

therefore when

travels to

O - Dinner at the Waterfront for £864.50 with US Department of Energy Representatives. Partial reimbursement for incorrect amount, stated £150 would be reimbursed, $150 reimbursed. No mention of how amount was calculated. P - Dinner in France at £82/head. Receipts do not tie in with description for meal for instance, the number of diners on the receipt was lower than the numbers detailed on the claim form. Q - £100 spent on taxi from home to Whitehaven to attend dinner with NMP staff and SL directors R - Numerous examples of expenses claimed for obtaining UK Visa’s, ‘Premium Service’ travel and accommodation, driving test books/DVD’s, driving lessons and driving test costs. S - Numerous examples of claims for non alcoholic refreshments, newspapers and other ‘incidentals’ whilst also claiming a daily PIE allowance (personal incidental expenses) of £5 for UK or £10 abroad

Redacted expenses examples  
Redacted expenses examples