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Sonya Peterson Omm Writer Poem Mr. Pye – Creative Writing Home Sweet Home Last December you were here You called at three in the morning I'm home! I'm home! I was the first you called, no family, no other friends I opened the door and saw you in your uniform Green beret, decorated jacket and all The tears wouldn't stop, they couldn't Un con t r ol ab l e I leapt into your arms, just like I had so many times before It was like you never left at all It was hard not talking to you for months Wanting to tell you things, crack jokes, go on late night drives It'd been three months Shut out. Cut off. Gone... But now, you were back Sitting on my couch like you always did Watching re-runs of Family Guy I missed you. I really did. But of course, all good things have to end, don’t they? Three days later, you left, again. "I'll be back for next Christmas. I promise" I didn't think you were telling me the truth The word "promise" was never really in your vocabulary But now It is December My phone is ringing Your name is on the screen I'm home! I'm home!

1. Who do you think is poem is about? 2. What is the significance of the poem being centered? 3. Does the title reflect the theme and mood of the poem?

Omm Writer Poem  

A poem about a dear friend

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