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Sonya Peterson Lost and Found Creative Writing – Pye Something isn’t right, the shoe is on the wrong foot It looks wrong, feels wrong, this isn’t how it’s supposed to be They say opposites attract, but she’s lost her charge She’s average, fake, nothing more than a pretty face Does she even know you? Does she know all of your secrets like me? Does she know: You get headaches from Chinese food, you watch thunderstorms outside You can’t dance, love honey, hate heights and short car rides? Does she know how you felt when your mom said those horrible things? Does she only know who you pretend to be? You’re quite the chameleon, you know. I’m your best friend, I’m better than her! You say that it’d be weird, and if it ever happened, We’d never be the same She doesn’t deserve you, she’s a queen with it all You’re the best person I’ve ever known We’ll find you someone new, someone better, more like me She’s out there, I can feel it, I can feel the sparks fly Take my hand, Trust me Maybe then, you’ll feel it too…

Lost and Found  

Crush on your best friend