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Charecter list

Angel cursed with a soul to this world is determined to wipe out the others foem this world. It originated in the series Buffy and it continues its work in the curesd city of LA

Cordelia Chase is also a character taken from buffy . She ambitioned to become an actress but insted she came out to help Angel in fighting the Vampiers.

Allen Francis Doyle commomly known as Doyle ia a half demon. Having the the powers of Be. He is more likely an anti hero how wold love to drink instead of fight evil.

Wesley-Wyndam-Pryce comes to Angel after the death of doyal. He used to be a rogue demon hunter in the first season slowely develops to a more darker charecter and to abe a better leader as the series progreses

Charles Gunn known a Gunn joins Angel in demon hunting after he helped him from them . Innitally had problems with the team slowly adapts to the team by the end of the fifth season he becomes a lawyer

Winifred Burkle commonly known as fed is a shy girl . Is introdused in the last episode of the second season as she was saved by the angel team from a bunch of deamons.

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