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What Is a Well Designed Website? In today’s competitive market place it is essential for a successful company to have a website that stands apart from the crowd. The most important aspect of a well designed website is its ability to effectively communicate a company’s mission in a unique and creative way. Often times when it comes to designing a website for your own company it is too easy to get caught up in the many bells and whistles of web design. We have outlined ten simple steps to ensure that this doesn’t happen. 1.Less is more. When a website is cluttered with images, text, various fonts, links and colours it becomes overwhelming to the viewer. By sticking to simplicity, visitors will be more attracted to your site. 2.Easy navigation. Navigational buttons should be easily located on all pages of your website (ie. top or top left of page). You don’t want your visitors to get lost. 3.Consistency is key. Each page should look unified like its part of the same website. Maintain consistency in colours, font and alignment. 4.Pay attention to details. Be sure your content is spelt correctly and without grammatical errors. Mistakes look unprofessional and are a reflection of your organization. 5.Sense of the organization. Be sure that the design of the site is consistent with the mission of the company. 6.Change is good. Frequently updating your company’s website shows that your company is dedicated to keeping current. 7.Speed. Visitors have little patience when it comes to waiting for a website to load. Ensure your website takes no longer than 10 seconds to load. 8.Contact information is clear. For the most part visitors are interested in finding contact information. Be sure they can quickly find this information. 9.Scrolling up and down. Visitors find it easier to read your content if the page scrolls up and down rather than left to right. 10. Be on the same page. If you’ve decided to hire a design firm to execute your website, be sure that you share the same vision before they begin designing the website. Don’t be afraid to get second or third opinions. As a result, a good web design will attract more and more internet visitors. And ZebraStudios, a leading Web Design Toronto company is among the best ones to build such a site. By Toronto Web Designers

What Is a Well Designed Website  

Here are ideal website design tips from that revolves around the concept that one must align brand, human, technical, a...

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