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For those who train with me, they know I am a huge fan of bringing guest instructors along to teach my own clubs on a regular basis. My aim is to share some of the amazing friends that martial arts has brought me, offer an insight to my students of other arts that I may or may not be profficient in, and show that Martial Arts is about broadening your horizons, not becoming tunnel visioned and closed to other influences. What better way to end an amazing year at CSP, than to bring my good friend Peter Skillen down to my class for the final Guest Instructor session. I've known Peter for many years now and have always been a huge fan of both his martial arts experience and skill, but more importantly, Peter as a person. Incredibly honest and genuine, truthful in his training and teaching, and extremely experienced and talented. The class was a huge success, and everyone was really keen to meet Peter and see him in action. A testament to Peter's dedication to the arts, it was clear, since the last time we trained, that he has continued to excel in his key areas of striking, and yet also move forward in massive strides in grappling arts and new styles. A perfect example of a great instructor is one who never stops learning, is always prepared to put on a white belt and grow in his own studies, and then bring that back to his class. Peter is such a man. Our class covered all ranges, with some exciting and challenging drills. Topped off with some restricted and then live sparring. It is always a pleasure to share the mat with Peter. It's always guaranteed to be hard work but a huge amount of fun. Thank you to Peter and to Aaron, who both delivered a first class seminar to the CSP group. I can't wait to get you guys back down to Milton Keynes again in the near future. Much Love and Big Respect Al Peasland - 5th Dan BCA Complete Self Protection Ltd 


A review of one of my seminars