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Peter Shum

Cube A building is not an end in itself; it frames, articulates, structures, gives significance, relates, separates and unites, facilitates and prohibits. Consequently, basic architectural experiences have a verb form rather than being nouns. -Juhani Pallasmaa, The Eyes of the Skin

Landscape “The authenticity of Architectural experience is grounded in the tectonic language of building and the comprehensibility of the act of construction to the senses. We behold, touch, listen, and measure the world with our entire bodily existence and the experiential world is organized and articulated around the center of the body. Our domicile is the refuge of our body, memory and identity. We are in constant dialogue and interaction with the environment, to the degree that it is impossible to detach the image of the self from its spatial and situational existence. “I am the space, where I am,” as the poet Noel Arnaud established. - Juhani Pallasmaa Questions of Perception

Library “Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination. They open up windows to the world and inspire us to explore and achieve, and contribute to improving our quality of life. Libraries change lives for the better.� - Sidney Sheldon

Kindergarten “Before the child goes to school, he learns with his hand, eye and ear, because they are organs of the process of doing something from which meaning results. The boy flying a kite has to keep his eye on the kite, and has to note the various pressures of the string on his hand. His senses are avenues of knowledge not because external facts are somehow ‘conveyed’ to the brain, but because they are used in doing something with a purpose.”

- John Dewey Democracy and Education

Housing We should concentrate our work not only to a separated housing problem but housing involved in our daily work and all the other functions of the city. - Alvar Aalto






By changing the time frame of the Sustaniable Floathouse project form 50 years to 100-200 years, examins a few more issues By changing the timeframe of with global warming and natural the project from 50years to 100-200 years, examineswater a few disasters which may cause more problems with global levels to rise drastically. This makes warming and natural disasters which may water levels to aquatic life more of cause a permament rise drastically which makes way of living than it seems. The aquatic life more of a permanent purpose of amphibious is to way of living thanhliving it seems. The of amphibious help with the purpose transition fromhousing living is to help with the transition from on land to water. the marna living onHence land to water. Hence marina must account for help must accountthefor flexibility and flexibility and help people adapt people adapt to change the change in to the in lifestyles, from to water. must haveIt anmust lifestyles, fromland land to Itwater. organic system of growth to have a flexible ofmovement. growht to helpsystem facilitate the help facilitate the transition.

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