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An Inexpensive Skateboard Can Be A Great Skateboard Just like everything you can buy, more expensive does not always mean it is a better product. With regards to skateboards, this fact is very clear that a cheap skateboard can perform just as well as a more expensive model if you take some things into consideration. Depending on what you need the skateboard for, and how you intend to use it, a more economical board can fit the purpose as long as it fits nicely. Types of Skateboards You have to decide which type will work perfect for you before paying for anything. For performing tricks and stunts, usually a classic skateboard that is sleek and lightweight fits nicely. Longer than the classic skateboard will be the long board variety ranging from 35 to 60 inches long. Sometimes described as surf boards for asphalt, a long board is great for riders who want to race or skateboard long distances. Because they're heavier, they're not a good option for individuals who want a skateboard to perform flips and other tricks.

Complete Boards Versus Custom Boards Once you know if you need a classic skateboard or a long board, you need to decide if you need a complete board or a custom board. A complete board is one that is already set up with all pieces in place. If you are anxious to purchase your board and use it promptly, a complete board is the way to go. With a more custom unit you can certainly still have control over each piece of the board while still achieving optimal performance. Custom Board Components If you decide to get a custom board, you'll need to make the following choices. Choose Your Board's Deck The part you stand on is typically referred to as the deck. They can be blank or come with intricate graphics on the exterior. If you are on a tight budget and need to get a cheap skateboard, you probably will want to skip the elaborate graphic designs. The performance is not impacted in any way if a board does or does not have designs on there. They do improve the cool factor and board with custom designed graphics will certainly impress. But the point is that they're an option. You can always go back and put on graphics later, when you stockpile some extra cash. Choose Your Board's Truck The board's truck is what holds the wheels in place that's attached to the underside of the deck. Two trucks would be needed for the board you have. Choose Your Board's Wheels If you are developing a long board, typically you will want to go with bigger wheels that have a SocialSkateboarding

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An Inexpensive Skateboard Can Be A Great Skateboard spongy texture. If you are building a street board, you will want to go with small sized, hard wheels. Choose Your Board's Wheel Bearings It is a bit more tricky to choosing the correct bearings. When you are planning your board, you will likely see a list of numbers associated with the bearings. Those numbers range from one to nine and are the quality-grade scores. The lowest level of quality will be those that possess the one rating. Any nine-rated bearing is the best and is pro-quality. A nine-rated bearing will be very accurate, smooth, and quiet, but it also will spin extremely fast. You might want to beginning with a mid level bearing which will not be too slow or too fast when first starting out. You won't need to pay a lot of cash whether you go for a classic or long board as well as a custom or a complete skateboard. A low priced skateboard can be an amazing skateboard! By starting with cheap skateboard decks, you can build yourself an ideal setup. For much more details on Social Skateboarding, pay a visit to them at their website,

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An Inexpensive Skateboard Can Be A Great Skateboard