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Getting The Best Bones Skateboard Bearings Skateboards function effectively because of the wheels which have a groove where two sets of ball bearings are employed to keep the wheels turning smoothly, reducing friction and impeding movement. By having a fixed axle, the friction between the moving wheels and the axle produce a buildup that over time will wear down. The wide range of movement is supplied by the bearings and it's important to protect those vital parts on the skateboard consistently for the safety of the skateboarder. The significance of these bearings means that you should choose only top quality bearings, including Bones bearings. Nevertheless, your choice of bearings includes other functions of the bearings than just their name brand. The Right Size The size of the bearing is a vital aspect. The 608 skateboard is the most typical size. This bearing includes a core that measures 8 mm plus an outer diameter that measures about 22mm. 7mm is about the width that you most usually will want. This industry standard will fit just about any type of skateboard wheel on the market aside from specialty items. However, there are those unique wheels available that need a particular size. When attempting to get a very good set of bearing for the skateboard, make sure to double check the sizing. On the inside of the diameter of the wheel the measurement should really be taken, not using the outside diameter. There is also the option of mini-bearings, but these call for a special sleeve in order to be used with the regular 608 bearing groove. The Bearing Materials Steel and ceramic are the two basic types of Bones bearings. Benefits exist for both varieties. You can select the bearings that provide the type of ride that you are looking for with enough information. To begin with, think about steel bearings. Used in groups of seven or eight, they are lubricated for smoother operation. At the same time, the ceramic bearings are typically in sets of nine. They are meant to ease the amount of stress that exists between the wheels and the axle while spreading out the weight of the rider. Steel bearings are both sturdy and cost effective. These types of bearings are chosen by a lot of skateboarders. The ceramic bearings will be the next ones to consider. These were developed and manufactured when skate companies recognized the need for bearings that were resistant against heat energy. Those rider who want a higher level of expectation typically go with a ceramic type of bearing. These are actually made out of a silicon nitride ingredient. They are smoother and stronger than steel ball bearings. The ceramic option does not lead to material expansion when the bearings get hot and requires a lesser amount of lubrication if any. This means that professional skateboarders don't mind paying a higher price in return for much better performance. Meeting Industry Ratings The American Bearing Manufacturers Association designed a rating system for the bearings. It is SocialSkateboarding

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Getting The Best Bones Skateboard Bearings used to measure the level of tolerance that precision bearings exhibit and is called the ABEC rating system. This rating system uses odd numbers 1 through 9, and the greater numbers are more desirable because they show a more precise tolerance. Higher price ranges can be seen on those bearing with the higher rating number. Many experienced skateboarders are pleased to use bearings with ABEC ratings between 5 and 7. Remember that this rating is not the end-all answer when it comes to picking out the most appropriate bearings. Lastly, talk about skateboard components with other skateboard enthusiasts. You can get valuable tips as you swap stories and information. When you ride on a skateboard with Bones Swiss bearings from Social Skateboarding, you can expect to enjoy a much faster, smoother ride. Take a peek at Social Skateboarding by looking at their web page which is

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Getting The Best Bones Skateboard Bearings  

When you ride on a skateboard with Bones Swiss bearings from Social Skateboarding, you can expect to enjoy a much faster, smoother ride. Tak...

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