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For the times of your life . . . Out loud and in living color!

Publishers’ Comments designed the magazine to be a content-rich publication with something for everyone. If you find that after trying us out for a few issues you find no value in the publication, you are welcome to unsubscribe. Will you try to sell me anything? Yes! We will tell you about our marketing, branding, consulting and video packages. It will be in the form of advertising and we hope you will consider us when the need arises in your business. In addition, our advertisers will be promoting their goods and services just as in any other publication. You will also hear about our Boomer Series Ebook opportunity, and we hope you will apply to be a Boomer Series author. Visit our websites for more information and content: Phone: 623-328-8820 Email:

What is the Boomer and the Babe Magazine? The Boomer and the Babe Magazine is an online synopsis of what our radio shows are about. In addition we will give you articles that are of general interest to anybody, regardless of age. Our contributors will discuss topics in such areas as Health, Wealth, Fitness, Business, Quality of Life, Retirement Planning, Non-Profits, Grand Parenting, Parenting, Legacy, and Relationships.

CONTENTS About the Cover . . . 3

What will you cover? In addition to the topics listed above, we will be covering national news as it relates to our generation, often with contributions from nationally known writers. Our business stories and tips will be of interest to business owners and their employees and will offer information about best practices that will improve the bottom line. In addition, we will profile individuals that are making a difference in their own lives and the lives of those they touch. How often will you publish? We will publish the Boomer and the Babe Magazine every other month (six times per year). Can I advertise in the magazine? Absolutely yes. We hope you will. The rates can be found published in the magazine and we hope you will agree they are too great a value to pass up. Advertising space will be limited and based on the amount of editorial content. We do not want this to be a magazine that has so many ads that you can't find the writing. That will be the best part. Is this another piece of spam? We sure don't think so. That is not our intention. We have

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About the Cover

All this when we are approaching what seems to be the increasingly elusive “golden years.” I think it is safe to say that is the case with a great many Boomers. Plus, when you hear all the negative stuff that is going on around us, it is easy to get sucked into the morass via the mainstream media. When it seems easier to crawl under a rock, we hope you choose not to participate in the negativity. This publication chooses not to dwell on the negative. We hope you will join us in that choice.

By Pete Peters

Who are those people on the cover? Why are they there? The answer to the first question is easy. They are Pete Peters and Deborah Brown. They are the co-producers and co-hosts of The Boomer and the Babe Show that airs Monday through Friday at 10AM on Blogtalk Radio. They are the publishers of an eBook series for the Boomer population. They are branding and marketing experts, speakers, consultants. They own a promotional products business and a video production company. They are both Baby Boomers through and through.

But that being said, the purpose of the publication is to celebrate those of us that are seeing the positive side of life. Celebrate those that are or have overcome what some think of as “the deck stacked against them.” Celebrate those that have reinvented themselves and are moving on. We at The Boomer and The Babe Journal celebrate the fact that these people (our people) may have been bent but didn't break. We want to celebrate that for everyone.

The why is a little more involved. The easy and somewhat sarcastic response is “if it's good enough for Oprah, it's good enough for us.” But the reality is quite different.

We're not as famous as Oprah, yet. But for those reasons we put our picture on the cover anyhow, (at least the first one).


As “The Boomer and The Babe” on the radio we talk about things that boomers are interested in, i.e., health, wealth, parenting, grandparenting, travel, fitness, quality of life, business, politics, self awareness and reinventing ourselves.


a magazine celebrating boomerdom

Profiles Tips Trends Non-Profit News Business Spotlights

As Boomers, we live those topics every day. Being that this online publication is about Boomers we could think of no other people that better represent the Boomer thought process, experience, hopes and dreams than ourselves. Through the hundreds of interviews we have done on any of the “boomer topics” mentioned above, we have discovered that although the Boomer cohort may be 78 million strong, and as diverse as any group of people that size can be, there is still a common thread that runs through us all. That, my friends, is a subject for a feature article in itself.

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The kids are grown and hopefully leading a successful , happy and fulfilled lifestyle with our grandchildren. Then low and behold, we are faced with our parents' declining health, increased needs and passing.


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Doing Business in 2010

Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Today


t is a bona fide fact that the entrepreneurs in this country (and even the world!) are the movers and shakers that help shape the economy. It is also a bona fide fact that having your own business is sometimes daunting--even scary!

Attendees will leave with a valuable notebook full of forms and worksheets as well as a list of forthcoming free teleseminars that will further amplify the in-person training. Pete Peters and Deborah Brown, serial (and completely unemployable!) entrepreneurs, look forward to sharing their expertise along with the talented cadre of business professionals chosen for the day.

Whether you are starting your first business, reinventing yourself after leaving “cubicle nation� or looking for a business tune-up, Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Today (NEST) offers you a road map to success.

The Daily News Sun is sponsoring NEST, and Penny Bruns will be presenting one of the modules. Other presenters include Terry Mead (or another attorney from Mead & Associates); Eileen Proctor, Top Dog Biz Boosters; Barbara Kaplan, The Bajaro Method; Jerry Joyce, Interim Controller; Dave Barnhart, Business Blogging Pros; Jerry D. Simmons, Indi Publishing; and Tom Loegering, owner of Sun City Country Club and SCORE counselor.

NEST is one-day workshop with modules presented by a CPA, an attorney, branding and marketing experts, and other experts that can help you smooth the way to a healthy bottom line. The first NEST is scheduled for September 18, 2010 at Sun City Country Club. Registration and continental breakfast is from 7:00 to 8:00 AM, followed by eight hours of training and a catered working lunch.

Cost is $139 per person. Registration forms will be available at for your convenience.

one-of-a-kind video interviews with extraordinary people!


e k Ta With TM

oday! t s r u o le y Schedu

623-328-8820 5

Guest Commentary w by Chris Greenwood

Social Darwinism and the Arizona Immigration Bill The battle over SB 1070, otherwise known as the “Arizona Immigration Bill” has been the lead story across the nation since it was signed by Gov. Jan Brewer on April 23rd. It is unquestionably the most polarizing issue we have seen in quite some time. It has even made the debate over health care reform seem mild. The voices in support of this bill have taken various positions on why. One that stands out is that they are “foreign infiltrators” who drive up crime, and they should have no civil rights. Prison statistics show that the ratio of Hispanics to Whites in prison is 1.8:1. That ratio is also the national average and the same ratio as Blacks to Whites, both in Arizona and nationally. So let's rule out the increase in crime for now. that a person's status in life is somehow predetermined. Slaves are slaves, laborers are laborers, leaders are leaders. This mindset was used to justify not supporting public education or services in communities where the status of the population did not merit it. Why try to educate a laborer, simply so they can be an educated laborer?

Classifying any illegal immigrant simply as a "foreign infiltrator" would imply the rest of us are indigenous to this land. When the Europeans landed at what would become the United States, they were greeted by the actual indigenous people to this nation, Native Americans. The Native Americans greeted the newcomers with gifts, food and shelter. What did they receive in return for this gesture of humanity? They were forcibly driven from their lands, tortured, raped and slaughtered in the name of progress and Capitalism. What is left now are the patches of land we call reservations. That sounds like the actions of “foreign infiltrators.”

The Arizona bill will not solve illegal immigration. It will not slow the flow of people coming across the border. If the letter of the law is followed, and nobody is stopped or questioned simply on the basis of their appearance, it will make virtually no impact at all on the illegal immigrant population.

Many during this period believed the Native Americans and even the Black slaves were simply inferior, and thus entitled to an inferior life, subservient to the superior lives of the wealthy, white founders. Even great historical figures like Thomas Jefferson argued that while slavery as a concept was wrong, attempting to say Blacks were somehow equal was simply inaccurate.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) have co-sponsored legislation that would actually address the immigration problem from all three fronts. It would increase resources for border security, create a biometric identification card that could not be as easily forged, and create a pathway to legal status for those already here.

This was the American version of a concept called Social Darwinism. Social Darwinism can be described as a belief

One can only hope we pass that real immigration bill before this situation gets worse.


Join us for a day-long workshop for Entrepreneurs Sponsored by The Daily News-Sun

Strategies for connecting your passion, mission and vision to “best practices” n

Business Planning and Legal Issues


Branding, Image and Marketing


Social Media Unplugged!


Systems to Keep You Viable


Secrets for Working with the Media


Staking a Claim in Your Field with a Book

NE S T Nurturing the Entrepreneurial Spirit Today MODULE PRESENTERS H. B. “Pete” Peters

Deborah Brown

Tom Loegering

Penny Bruns

Jerry Joyce

Dave Barnhart

Terry Mead

Eileen Proctor

Barbara Kaplan

Jerry D. Simmons

Saturday September 18, 2010 Sun City Country Club 9433 N. 107th Avenue Sun City, Arizona SCHEDULE: Registration and Continental Breakfast 7 AM - 8 AM Learning Modules 8 AM - 6 PM (with a break for buffet lunch) Networking Mixer 6 PM - 7 PM no host cocktails Registration Fee: $139 Includes Continental Breakfast Prime Rib and Seafood Fettuccini Buffet Resource Notebook and Downloads 3 Future Teleclasses on NEST Topics

QUESTIONS? Call 623-328-8820 Presented by Boomer and The Babe Enterprises for registration and other information:

Doing Business in 2010

Spam? No! some group or organization we are a member of.

We who write e-newsletters for the most part are doing so to disseminate what we hope is legitimate information. It is certainly the case that many of us are also trying to gain the attention of someone that is a potential customer for our service or product.

The second is a reminder and a heads up, if you will, about who is going to be a guest on The Boomer and the Babe Show. This is how we keep people informed about what's new and we hope interesting. Admittedly either of these could and oftentimes does include some type of information about what we are offering you to advertise on our show. But, by comparison to the content in the rest of the piece, that percentage is very small.

That being said, I also understand that we all get a shload of crap emails. The question is what you do with the emails you receive. Is it SPAM or is it possibly good stuff but just annoying due to its volume. You may not realize it but when you get an email about a product or service, chances are good that it was sent via a legitimate email distribution service. As such those services are required to give you an “opt out” or “unsubscribe” option. We use those services for that very reason. We want you, the recipient, to have a choice.

Remember, we all need to sell something to stay in business. Your favorite TV shows have commercials, your newspaper has ads and yes, radio shows run spots for their customers. Do you stop watching, listening or reading because you don't like the advertising? Probably not. You may feel like it, but you either change stations, ignore it, get a snack or go to the bathroom. MORE on Next Page

Many of us (ourselves included) send several types of emails. One is our newsletter. We send it to a list of people that we either know or are affiliated with via

e g th lley n i v t Va SerHome wes h t r No

Click link to watch video

Care from the Heart provides in-home non-medical care that truly lives up to their name. Care from the Heart's carefully screened employees provide services to their Northwest Valley clients as if they were lovingly caring for their own parents. Whether it's the 2-hour minimum or around the clock, Care from the Heart adds plenty of heart to activities of daily living: light housekeeping, dressing, meal preparation, medication reminders, etc. One of the most important things to remember when determining if you need assistance is this: Maximize Your Vitality! Let someone help you from time to time so you can spend your energy enjoying life. And if you are the primary caregiver, the time will undoubtedly arise when you need respite. Call 623-875-4440 for quality adult care with a personal touch. Care from the Heart, serving the Northwest Valley for over 25 years.


Doing Business in 2010 “Unsubscribe”. They do that so you can protect yourself from unwanted solicitation. They make that option VERY VISIBLE at the top and bottom of the message. When you receive a piece of information that you don't want then SIMPLY USE ONE OF THOSE OPTIONS.

We who use email as a form of communication/ advertising are sometimes pretty blatant and rude about the way we communicate that message. But for the rest of us that are trying to give good information, the advertising message is an “oh by the way if you happen to be interested” type of communication. I for one think those missives should be viewed differently.

It's like saying “No Thank You.” Labeling it “SPAM” is the equivalent of “Kiss Off.”

Those of us that communicate via a legitimate newsletter or email flyer about our “breaking news” are no different than those that use press releases in newspapers or other media. We are just getting the info out there.

When you label something as SPAM you set up a series of potential problems between the sender and the distributor, and could jeopardize an honest businessperson's success. Too many SPAM reports and questions arise about the legitimacy of the sender and can cause an unwarranted suspension from the distribution service. In most cases that is not necessary.

What does make us different is we don't camouflage it. It is what it is. Use it or not. Take it or leave it.

If the option is given to Unsubscribe then use that one. If that option is not available or doesn't work then all bets are off.

If you use it or take it, great. It's the “leave it” or “not” categories that I'm most concerned with. I am less upset that you choose not to continue receiving the information than I am with the method you go about taking that action.

So, for those that receive email solicitations or other missives you may not want, think about what you're saying before you hit the SPAM button. How you would like to be told no? Is it “NO THANK YOU” or “Kiss Off”?

As I said in the beginning, legitimate information purveyors use legitimate distribution services. These services offer you the option to “Opt Out” or

TM Health w Wealth w Fitness Grandparenting w Parenting Quality of Life w Legacy Business w Authors


Nonprofit Profile

Valley View Community Food Bank Thanks to concerned individuals and religious and non-profit organizations, Valley View Community Food Bank has continued and to survive and thrive.

When Saint Mary's Food Bank took over the West Side Food Bank in Surprise Arizona about three years ago, it didn't take long before changes were made both in staff and operational practices. Among the personnel casualties was Jesse Ramirez. Jesse had served at the West Side Food Bank for 21 years and last held the position of Manager of Volunteer Services.

“We've definitely had our moments when we weren't sure where the food was going to come from”, Ramirez said. “But then by what can only be described as divine intervention we would receive a large monetary donation or churches would take on food drives or someone would hear of our need and we would benefit from their generosity”.

When his services were terminated he still had food banking in his blood. Jesse saw a need in the west Maricopa valley for the service of providing free food to the people who needed it. No questions asked.

Because of the efforts of all the churches, non-profits and individuals that believe in what Jesse is doing and his heart felt efforts on behalf of those in need, Valley View has started another food outlet that supports other small food pantries and food banks throughout Arizona.

With only his heart felt belief that nobody should go hungry, Jesse decided to organize a food bank that would provide that service. The task at times seemed daunting especially when the former employer that let him go (Saint Mary's Food Bank) charged him with unemployment fraud and took him to court.

The new organization is also a 501c-3 non-profit as is Valley View. The new entity, Feeding Arizona is starting to receive donations from the larger food suppliers and as of this writing is looking to expand

Bad enough they took him to court, they took him to court in Tucson. We can only speculate as to why. At any rate Jesse made the court appearance and he prevailed. The accuser was ordered to pay the unemployment claim.

into larger quarters. Just like the individuals that need the food, all the food that is supplied by Feeding Arizona is free to the food pantries, food banks and agencies in need.

One would think that would be the end of it. But that was not to be the case.

This is good hearts personified. “It is great to see the generosity of all those involved as volunteers, and giving donations working together for the common good of those in need”, Jesse said

The big food bank seemed determined to cause Valley View Community Food Bank to cease to exist. They did it through use of contracts that prevented the major food retailers from giving food to the upstart food bank. The reason was that the major food bank was “filling the need in the community.” That sure didn't seem to hold much water when Valley View was feeding more and more hungry people on a daily basis. The best part of this equation is all the food that Valley View provided was absolutely, 100% free. It is Jesse's belief that no one should have to pay for food if they can't afford it and they have a need.

But thanks also go to Jesse Ramirez for staying the course when all seemed lost. He and his supporters are serving thousands of people every month that would not have a meal otherwise.


If you would like to learn more about Jesse's mission, Valley View Community Food Bank, or Feeding Arizona; or if you would like to become a donor, volunteer or supporter in some other way, give Jesse a call at 623-933-3358.


50 over FIFTY Profile

Reinventing Has Never Looked So Good! Available Now!

many cities cutting back on economic development and marketing in general (for the time being, one hopes), Discover the Phoenix Region fills a blank spot. Discover the is also Jodie’s responsibility and represents a very successful online directory and community resource. She is the first to point out the traction she has gained online in a relatively short time, the site is tracking for its second million hits! Now a little more about Jodie the person. She is married to Bret Wilson, a chiropractor in Surprise; she is a mother and grandmother (a source of her greatest joy). She loves helping people and feels strongly about assisting with the food insecurity problem in Arizona (she has spent lots of time in service to the Valley View Community Food Bank). We congratulate Jodie for her outstanding achievements! You can too by calling her at 623-2494220 or go to

Jodie Wilson is the publisher of Discover The Phoenix Region, a 64-page coffee table magazine that hit the marketplace in June 2010. The launch party was a blast at the Saddle Ranch Chop House, and Phoenix has properly celebrated Jodie’s new baby. What makes a person decide to put their energies and reputation into such a public enterprise in a funky economy? It takes Guts. . .Fortitude. . .and an “I can do it!” Attitude. Jodie has all three!

The finished product is more than a beautiful magazine. It is also a great addition to the Phoenix economic development and social scene reporting. With


The magazine is a labor of love--of the people, places and things in Arizona

Author’s Corner ~ Boomer Series

“The Women’s Millionaire Club”

MAUREEN G. MULVANEY, MGM Throughout her entire life, MGM has have tried to live up to her initials, MGM, a Big Production. Her mother intended MGM’s life to be just that.

recognition of hard work! MGM has been a private practice therapist, psychology college instructor, public relations executive, and special and elementary educator.

As a professional speaker and author, MGM has spoken from Finland to Malaysia and in every corner of the USA. Her audiences encompass a broad spectrum of all walks of life. She has authored several books, including “The Stress Strategist,” “Any Kid Can Be a Superstar,” “Stinky David,” and is a co-author of “Chicken Soup for the Teacher's Soul” and “Mission Possible.” We are pleased that “The Women's Millionaire Club,” an Amazon best seller, is included in the Boomer Series.

She wasn't always a smashing success, in spite of her MGM billing. “I arrived in Phoenix flat broke, with no friends, no home and no job,” she said. “Instead of returning to teaching special education, I took the biggest risk of my life and launched my speaking career. I take my recipes for success on the road, and I share them through my writing.” Teaching others how to have their own “bail out” plan, better known as SUCCESS, is MGM’s passion. With practice, you can model and achieve similar results to the 21 women millionaires featured in her book.

MGM has earned the highly coveted National Speaker's Association CSP Certified Speaking Professional designation (only the top 10 percent of all speakers around the world have earned the CSP designation). It takes both longevity and skill in the profession, and it’s an awesome

The eBook version of Women’s Millionaire’s Club is coming soon. Go to to read more about it.

You deserve the recipe for success!

Staying Relevant, Technologically Speaking


oin the Revolution (if you haven’t already!) Because you can adjust the type size quite significantly, the visually challenged can comfortably read their favorite books on their eReader. We’re reviewing the Kobo reader and will have more to say on the subject after we learn how to turn it on . . . Just kidding! So far, so good. It’s light weight, simple to use and adjusts type size to almost “no glasses needed” range.


On July 7, 2010 the McClathchy-Tribune News in Philadelphia published a lengthy treatise on eReaders and electronic books. Shakespeare would have loved the headline: To “E” or Not to “E” ? That is the question.

Boomer and The Babe Enterprises is now proudly publishing a series of eBooks, aptly named the Boomer Series. With two exceptions, our authors are going from brain to eBook, which is very exciting! (The two exceptions are taking their already performing print works and submitting them as Boomer Series resources.)

We would like to hear from you if you have an eReader or intend to buy one anytime soon. We’re curious about who among our crowd is adopting the technology. Drop us a note about what you like about your eReader. Write to and give us your thoughts.

One absolute advantage to the Boomer Series is being able to notice a need in “Boomerdom” and write a valuable eBook to address it, and in pretty short order!

Lots of interest has been generated in the iPad, of course, which went from 0 to three million sold in 80 days. Interestingly enough, 70 percent of Kindles (before the price drop to $139) were bought by people over 40. According to the McClatchy-Tribune News article, electronic texts have existed since at least 1971, when Michael Hart began the Gutenberg Project _ and you could read them, too, if you could work a multistory, several-ton machine called a computer. For decades, people have been talking about the portable eReader, and its time may finally be here The e-Top 10 looks pretty much like the non-e. Last week, the top five at Sony Reader Store featured books by James Patterson, Janet Evanovich, and Stieg Larsson. Larsson's "Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" trilogy was 1-3 on the Kindle Top 100, and Evanovich and Patterson were in the top 10.

We invite our readers of this publication and listeners who enjoy our radio shows to join our journey. We know that print books evoke great memories and associations about where we were when we read them and who recommended them, and so on. But we can shape our hopes and dreams for the future with great content delivered in a new way--right when we need it.




And just like for print and audiobooks, whatever is on the best-sellers list is going like hotcakes for eReaders. Romances, for example, are going like mad.


Doing Business in 2010

RADIO - THINGS TO REMEMBER Radio time, although among the most cost-effective ways to get your name out to many thousands of people, still comes with a price tag. Any time you are investing your budget for any form of marketing or advertising you need to determine your most effective use in the media you have chosen.

drips.” That means that there is a proper use for radio. Radio stirs the imagination. Radio can get you to think. Radio draws you in. Radio is mind stimulus. Radio tells a story. That is what radio does best, whether it is with the programming or with your spot.

REMEMBER In a 30 second commercial you have approximately 70-75 words and in a 60 second spot you have about 140-150 words. The phrase; “located at 1234 North Maple Street, just west of the southbound #192 exit off the I-10 Exit in El Mirage, Arizona, call us at 555-333-9876” uses 42 of your word count, regardless of the length our your commercial. Forget the “www” in the web address, that uses 3 words you can use for something else.

Your objective as a radio advertiser is to put your message in the listener's mind so creatively and so uniquely that when they are ready for your offering, they automatically think of you and they don't realize where they heard it. But they did. Because radio advertising is among the most cost effective methods available, it allows you to be bold, have fun and get creative. Whatever you do . . . Don't forget radio. The Boomer and The Babe Show is expanding to an actual NETWORK on Blogtalk Radio. We’ll be on five days a week at 10:00 AM (AZ/Pacific) ourselves, and we’re producing over a dozen other shows featuring our Boomer Series authors.

REMEMBER Your task is to paint the picture, create the desire, and put together the words that cause people to remember you and your goods or services. Stay away from the old school and the wording that dates your message. REMEMBER Radio is an “awareness medium.” “Radio


We’re producing



radio shows



featuring Boomer Series Authors

“At 50, you’re just getting started!”

“Take 5” Video Interview


In a 5-minute video interview, we capture information and inspiration, education and humor.

s r e m o o B eBooks for








with new eBooks




a dozen new









When you’re ready for your close up, Deborah will conduct a video interview with you (2-3 minutes is ideal, really!). We shoot high definition footage with a top-ofthe-line mic. It’s pretty much one take, so it’s engaging, authentic and uniquely yours.







Download eBooks to your favorite eReader, or get the app for your PC, Mac, and Smartphones!


Here’s how simple this is. We ask the questions, and you wax confident, enthusiastic and wise. We do a light edit and include some text boxes at the end for your contact information along with ours. We post the video to YouTube and You grab the link or embed code from YouTube and publish yourself at will; this is perfect for your own website and email campaigns.


Doing Business in 2010

nline Video ~ Communications Tool

Online video has transformed the communications landscape for business marketers. It is the most compelling communication medium ever created. It works for the entire customer life cycle -- from market awareness to customer advocacy. According to eMarketer, more than 80 percent of Internet users watch online video regularly. Furthermore, nearly 135 million U.S. Internet users watched an average of 82 videos per viewer in April 2008.

and awareness, interest and consideration, evaluation, purchase, loyalty. Other Notable Findings (eMarketer, April 2008) ·

71 percent of the total U.S. Internet audience viewed online video.


The average online video viewer watched 228 minutes of video.


82.1 million viewers watched 4.1 billion videos on (49.8 videos per viewer). The average online video duration was 2.8 minutes.

When today’s business customer visits a website, they expect to find video. If it is not there, they notice that something is missing.

The numbers are even greater today!

According to MarketingSherpa, online video is second only to word-of-mouth for its ability to influence decision makers in every stage of the purchase lifecycle: branding

Call 623-328-8820 for information about online video services that fit your budget and goals. See for our videos.

Flowchart for Telling Your Story to the World Plan your shots and script.


Your episodes may go viral. Tag carefully for increased searchability. Do it in one take! The end result is natural, authentic and engaging. Your videos are available for viewing on YouTube and your own website, or send links to your target market.

Edit, add music and graphics, then upload the finished product to YouTube.



Multi-Media Branding Strategies


Doing Business in 2010

PAnd e s i m o r P r You ERSONAL BRANDING

According to the dictionary definition, branding is the sum total of a company's value, including products, services, people, advertising, positioning and culture ( It is also the promise of the value you'll receive for the time you spend engaging with a person or in reading their sales message. Personal branding has to do with what makes YOU different, and how the promise of value is expressed and delivered is entirely in your hands. In order to successfully live up to your personal brand, you have to identify it first. Begin by asking the obvious question: what makes me different? Devise an answer that is nine words (not a 30second elevator speech). Nine words. Write down your nine words and then say them out loud. Are your nine words enough to move YOU to buy from you?

Your commitment and timeliness, follow-through and consideration, even the way you carry on in a business meeting will communicate the character of your personal brand. Interesting to note is that your personal brand and your personal style are deeply enmeshed. What you wear and how you act, even down to physically how you give and accept business cards, are little things that can make a huge impact on your brand. Your personal brand is in your hands; you have the power to create it or change it and make it better. Own your brand and live into it. People will be able to tell, and they'll tell others! Isn't that one of the best outcomes we could hope for? I'll tell two friends, and they'll tell two friends . . . that's what we live for!

It could be that you just need to take an assessment of your strengths and personal traits, maybe even ask some current clients or customers what is most noteworthy about the interaction they have experienced with you. Did what they report to you show up in your nine words? If your clients find your best benefit (not feature!) is that you are timely and creative and a preemptive problem solver, you could strengthen your nine words to incorporate those traits. They are your VALUE words. And in personal branding, believe it . . . you are supposed to toot your own horn! An important thing to remember is that your personal brand is visible and on stage at all times. Everything you do, say and communicate enforces your VALUE words.

Deborah Brown is a speaker, author and coach. She is also a boomer marketing specialist and the co-host of a five-day-a-week radio show called The Boomer and The Babe Show, which celebrates the second half of life. She can be reached at

Overheard in a coffee shop: “I can’t seem to get any traction with my marketing . . . I’m just sick!” “I don’t really know what to do in the new normal. Do you?” “I’m sure there’s a magic formula for connecting and converting. I just can’t seem to figure it out!”

We know what to do! “We help small businesses and entrepreneurs create a branding strategy that will get them noticed and remembered, AND increase their revenues, even if they are so far under the radar, they might as well be non-existent.”


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