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Summer 2018

ART "Hands on, Hands Off"

Proud of Pride

A Photographers Journey By Peter Salcido

AfroPunk! A New Movement

The Exclusive Experience of 2018 SF Pride

Artist Spotlight:

Salihah Saadiq

AfroPunk Photos by Peter Salcido - Styled by Tyler Lynch


Summer 2018 2

Summer 2018 3

Celebrating Diversity! “ I think Afropunk has affected many lives because it gave people of color a chance to come together and feel nothing but love. Love is what is going to change the world one day.” -Tyler Lynch


o Trumpism! No

Racism! No Homophobia! “People of color can truly express their soul, instead of being someone everyone wants them to be or how we are presented in the media,” says Tyler Lynch a fashion styling student here at the Academy of Art University. AfroPunk is a social movement celebrating black culture as a diverse and positive group of ideals that emphasizes on self identity and how being yourself is powerful. 4

Expressing yourself through music, poetry, art, and fashion. Fashion has a lot to do with the aesthetic of the AfroPunk movement as to expressing oneself through the means of dress. Looking different and sounding different and being different is part of it and it is in that that is celebrated and acknowledged and welcomed. AfroPunk represents the diversity within black people and culture and also all over the world. Expressing yourself through art is important because its visual and spiritual so people understand on a different level.

Summer 2018

The AfroPunk festival in Brooklyn, New York started it all. As a place to gather and hear music to celebrate black culture. By celebrating individuality and differences a comfortable and positive environment was created. These images celebrate diversity through fashion. We look at each person and what they are wearing and we get a taste of who they are. Expressing not only their being but their culture, ethnicity and artistic awareness. As you look at each photo take into consideration the feelings and vibes you receive from each individual. Think about how this experience of Afro-Punk in these images affect you and the people around you. “I think real black men and women of all religion, codes, &

creeds standing unashamed of their Black!” says an Academy of Art University graduate Nayib Jean Baptiste, "AfroPunk allows all of us... from New York, Paris, Rio, Cape Town, Port Au Prince, London and all Africans spread out across the globe to celebrate who we are. That we have made a contribution to a puzzle piece that is the human race.” This movement has spread to different parts of the world and has shown people the beautiful and diverse culture and spreading the word about acceptance and celebrating your own style and voice. Giving people the courage and motivation to live their true, extravagant and unique selves.


"AfroPunk lets me explore my Haitian culture and African roots. With Afro punk I don’t see the lands of my ancestors as failed states, but vibrant corners of the Earth trying to stand in the sun.� -Nayib Jean Baptiste 6

Summer 2018


Hands On, Hands Off A classroom is a great place to learn about a topic, in this case photography. Learning about lighting techniques, equipment, etc. But when taken out of the classroom and put into an environment when you put all these skills to the test is when the things you learned come alive.


John Vano teaches Advanced Location Lighting here at the Academy. He takes a bus full of students of all ages to a California desert to put these skills he teaches to the test. I got the opportunity to go and experience this adventure and I can genuinely say I mastered so many useful

techniques not only about cameras but about networking, collaborating, proper etiquette, experimenting as a photographer and problem solving. For example, getting a new idea and wanting to execute this new idea. There Summer 2018

Algodones Dunes, CA is no sitting down and planning it out you have to go for it and experiment with the idea while still being successful. Another example would be collaboration. Learning how to work with other people’s ideas and digesting it to understand Summer 2018

how I can build upon their visual structure while still maintaining my own artistic vision. Working with a model you have never met and maintaining a comfortable environment for everyone involved. I achieved real life scenarios that I will use in the real world. Some of the

places we went to were the Algodones Sand Dunes and Salton Sea. Here we developed concepts and techniques to achieve a successful shoot. This trip is the preeminent of a hands on experience. These images are some of the images I took while on this trip. 9

Salton Sea, CA 10

Algodones Dunes, CA Summer 2018

Styled by Christina Marapao 11

Borrego Springs, CA Styled by Edwin Vargas 12

Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Borrego Springs, CA Styled by Edwin Vargas 13

Pride is a celebratory march that exemplifies the LGBTQ+ people. We are strong driven individuals that carry the wounds and victories of our people before us. We continue to move forward and will always fight 14

back with honor and glitter. The San Francisco Pride Parade has been officially running since 1970 and has grown into one of the largest LGBTQ+ marches in the world reaching 1.8 million people in 2015.

Summer 2018

While at pride 2018 I gained inspiration and insight as to

I gathered a sense of community and appreciation for

what it is like to be part of the LGBTQ++ community. I

everyone who is out and free just like me to keep

felt welcomed and respected as an individual and

moving the world forward towards a brighter more

greeted with smiles, hugs and many penises.

diverse future.

Summer 2018


Photos by Peter Salcido - Styled by Tyler Lynch Summer 2018 16

Summer 2018 17

Summer 2018 18

Summer 2018 19

1st Place for single images 2018 Spring Show

Salihah Saadiq is an

Academy of Art University Graduate. She is a young charismatic photographer specializing in portraiture. In her work she strives to capture the essence of human experiences through their energy. She likes to shine a light on all walks of life by recording their ambiance. In her work you can feel the emotion in every subject. The creases of their body and textures of their skin emulates the life in her subjects. 20

She focuses on showing these personal characteristics to embody the beauty each person carries.

The first two images are a self expressive portrait series Salihah has been working on that documents people and their favorite pairs of shoes. Originating from Texas she now lives in Oakland California to continue her career in the Bay Area. She has work in Vogue and won 1st place at the Academy of Art Spring Show. Next she plans to shoot at New York Fashion Week in the Fall.

Summer 2018

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ART Magazine  

The lifestyle of Academy of Art University fashion and photography students.

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