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Grand Canyon Tours South Rim Airplane Flights Over the National Park By Peter Rucker

The Grand Canyon is a beautiful geological masterpiece which is 277 miles long and above a mile deep. Visitors generally get to see only a little portion of the “crack” during their South Rim trip. If you want to have a proper view then you need to go for the South Rim airplane tours. The flight leaves daily from the Grand Canyon National Park Airport. It takes about an hour to complete the journey. Whereas a bus ride to the South Rim from the Las Vegas would take about five hours. In five hours you anyway will not be able to see what you will in just an hour’s journey by the airplane. There of course are more reasons than one for you opt for the South Rim airplane tours. Opting for this gives you a better view of the canyon. The flight leaves from the Grand Canyon Airport, Arizona and goes east alongside the South Rim. Here you get to see the Zuni Corridor, Zuni Point, the Painted Dessert and more. While returning you are parallel to the North Rim and then you go left and enter the Dragoon Corridor. It happens to be the deepest and widest part of the corridor. During your trip you will also get to see the Kaibab National Forest and the Kaibab Plateau. The Vistaliner airplane you will fly in is a twin-engine aircraft that accommodates 19 people. It is climate controlled and has comfortable seats and huge windows. You will surely enjoy a very comfortable journey. During your tour you will also get to see Lake Mead and the Hoover Dam. Narration in the flight is available in 16 languages, including French, Japanese and German. In these languages you will be narrated the history of Grand Canyon, its landmarks and science. There are two pilots in the flight certified by the FAA. The plane also has a Ground Proximity Warning system and a Traffic Collision Avoidance System. This makes your trip very safe. Since the bus journey takes too long and you do not get to see much of the canyon, this particular tour is opted by most. For this very reason it will be wise if you have your seats reserves at least a week in advance. This is very important if you do not want to disappoint yourself. You can have your seats booked through the internet and complete your transaction online itself. The airplane tour covers the canyon more than any other modes of transportation. You get to see three rims

and also the Painted Desert and Canyon Dam. In no other tours you will get to see even half of this. Moreover the aircraft itself is safe, and the certified pilots make it even surer that you will have a safe journey. South Rim airplane tours are sure to be a trip no less wonderful than being in a dreamland. The picturesque views you will witness will remain with you throughout life. #30#

Grand Canyon Tours South Rim Airplane Flights Over the National Park  

Interested in taking a South Rim airplane tour over Grand Canyon National Park? This article explains how.

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