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Security Camera System Catches Kitty Trasher on Tape

Nowadays, many storeowners, homeowners, employers, and the likes are opting for the installation of a CCTV camera. After all, a pair of eyes is not going to do much when you are not within the premises you want surveillance. Why not purchase a CCTV surveillance system as added set of eyes? Video surveillance systems have proven to help these people get to the bottom of burglary, inventory theft, robbery, and other crimes. As bizarre as it may sound, a British woman was caught on tape throwing a pet kitty into a trashcan, calling her actions a “split second of misjudgment”. Luckily, the pet owners installed a video camera outside their home and were able to trace it back to Mary Bale, the infamous woman behind this act of cruelty. So, the next time you ponder about the reasons why people would install a video surveillance system, you can definitely add protecting your household pet from future “Kitty Trashers” to your list. A security camera system can add security for anyone interested in purchasing one. Homeowners, storeowners, and pet owners—you name it. Although animals are very expressive and intelligent in their own right, they cannot communicate to their owners how they have been thrown inside a trash can like last night’s empty pizza box. The woman who threw the poor kitty in the dumps would have gotten away with it had it not been for the video surveillance system. The same goes for potential intruders breaking in and entering your home. Without surveillance, it would be difficult getting to the bottom of who the suspects were and the specifics of the crime. Not only do surveillance systems provide security, it is also a powerful tool. Referring back to the poor kitty, without surveillance as solid proof, it would be extremely hard to pinpoint and name a suspect. Many times, especially in the Court of law, a lot of “he said she said” can occur along with misinformation. So, yes while some people see surveillance systems as a breach of privacy, others firmly believe that these nifty camera systems have never failed to provide solid hard evidence when needed. As loving pet owners, careful homeowners, or responsible employers, the installation of video surveillance systems have indeed become a must especially when trying to

maximize safety and security of a premise. Fortunately, the kitty was unharmed but the same thing (or worse) can happen to anyone else. Protect your pets from being tossed away like trash by installing a security camera system to keep an eye on them while you are away from home. Note: The referenced video can be found on YouTube titled “The ‘Cat Tosser’ Confesses”. For More Details Please Visit:

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A security camera system can add security for anyone interested in purchasing one. Homeowners, storeowners, and pet owners—you name it.