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Which is the Best Steam Iron 2012? Which is the best steam iron? At we know because we’ve surveyed more than 1346 UK clothes iron owners. They told us what they liked about their steam iron (and what they hated, too). These are British people who’ve owned and used their iron for 6 weeks or more. Using this information we made this video and compiled a top 10 steam irons table for Britain. So you can see – at a glance – which are the best steam irons and know which meets your clothes pressing needs most easily. These useful gadgets help make light work of that ironing chore. How do they do that? The answer is responsive controls and the power of STEAM. CONTACT: Want to know more? Leave a comment or visit us at Video Transcript It’s steam that relaxes fabric and lets you smooth away wrinkles. Steam too will make creases disappear in one pass of the iron (or put a neat crease in where you want). BUT, you need the right iron with a generous water tank to keep steaming through your ironing pile. The best irons offer you a range of ironing options: • Steam boost for stubborn creases • Water spray to help relax bone-dry fabric • Plenty of steam vents in the sole plate to smooth wrinkles • Steam in tip to help iron round buttons and fiddly bits Most good irons are provided with a flex that’s not too long to snag, but isn’t too short to make plugging in a kerfuffle. You’ll also appreciate a dry iron setting, without any drips and perhaps the option of vertical …

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Which is the Best Steam Iron 2012?  
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