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Steam Buddy- As seen On TV We do not own As seen on TV or its products nor are we the creators of this video. Steam Buddy Handheld Portable Steamer Put the power of your dry cleaner in your hands with Steam Buddy. No more heavy irons or ironing boards! The Steam Buddy is the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove wrinkles from all fabrics including delicate laces, heavy denims, linen, cotton, silk or synthetics – even sequins, rhinestones and beads. Using a safe, controlled burst of super-heated steam, this portable steamer smoothes away wrinkles, eliminates odors, and refreshes and deodorizes clothes, draperies, bedding and upholstery. You’ll save a bundle on dry cleaning! Lightweight, effortless to use and heats in seconds. Steam Buddy is the fastest, easiest and safest way to remove wrinkles from all your clothes. Steam Buddy is light weight, heats up in seconds and removes not only wrinkles but odors too. The secret is the on demand steaming element that puts power steam in the palm of your hand. Steam Buddy generates a controlled burst of steam right where you want it giving you professional results. Compact size makes it great for travel. Great for clothing, curtains, sheer, upholstered furniture, tablecloths, sheets and beddingAs Seen On TV items, check out Here at you will be able to find some of the latest and most popular items, such as the AS SEEN ON TV products, ELECTRONICS, designer CLOTHING, HEALTH AND BEAUTY and much more …

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Steam Buddy- As seen On TV  
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