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Steam Buddy Hand-held clothes steamer that is easy to use, portable and lightweight. Wrinkle-free and clean clothes anytime, anywhere in no time at all! The Steam Buddy is the ideal helper in everyday life and will help reduce your dry cleaning bills. Be it for ironing your clothes, curtains or car seats – the Steam Buddy becomes an irreplaceable item. Due to its size and weight it can be operated easily. It can even be packed for travelling without any problems. Wrinkles and bad odour in your clothes now belong to the past. * Eliminate bad odours from your clothes and textiles. * Light-weight, handy and safe * Powerful steam. * Ideal for your home and for travelling. * Heats up fast and is therefore ready to use quickly * Applicable for all textile materials! * Great on embellished material that you cant iron beading, sequins, studs, stones and appliquÊ.

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Steam Buddy