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La Paris Phillips x Style Rat Street Style I’m so amazed with LaParis’ thrift shopping abilities. I can’t believe her pieces are so inexpensive! I used to have a bit of these powers as well… till I became lazy, and also developed my fear of getting bedbugs. Never fear New York vintage shoppers, buy a clothes steamer. Steam everything before you let it touch anything in your apartment. Sorry, I’m a touch neurotic- but you will not regret! Love those gold jellies, don’t they look just like the Vivienne Westwood ones? Also love the little shells she wears in her hair. LaParis shows off her feminine silhouette in the 1950?s fashion- accentuating the smallest part of the waist, while still being demure and covered up. LaParis’ favorite thrift store is Unique, in Downtown Brooklyn. (shhh don’t tell anyone else!) Style Rat

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La Paris Phillips x Style Rat Street Style  
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