Professional Yachtmaster Development Programme

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He knows not where he´s going for the Ocean will decide it´s not the DESTINATION... ... it´s the glory of THE RIDE

Edward Monkton TM

What’s Included?

1. What types of yachts do you use? Our primary teaching yachts are Bavaria and Jeanneau from 36 to 40 foot. These are small enough to handle easily but large enough to comfortably live on. Every yacht we use conforms to Maritime and Coastguard Agency coding requirements for commercial use. This means that they are inspected annually, as is all the safety equipment.

2. Will I have to share a cabin? We will never ask you to share a cabin. From time to time you may have a comfortable berth in the saloon with your gear being stowed away whilst sailing.

3. What’s included? Food and beverages during sailing and shorebased courses. Mooring fees. Fuel. Safety equipment. RYA log book. Theory workbooks. Reading materials. RYA Examination fee. VHF License fee.

4. What’s not included? Personal travel insurance (recommended). Travel costs to the course. Personal expenses such as personal toiletries and alcoholic beverages.

5. What facilities are nearby your base? In the marina we have a newsagent, laundry, sandwich shop, many bars and restaurants with free wireless internet access. Our home base and the majority of overnight stops have full shower facilities. The town centre is a short walk away with High Street shopping and a large supermarket.

6. Are there any age or fitness restrictions? You have to be aged 18 by the day of the Yachtmaster examination in order to take it, but there are no upper age limits. Anyone with a general level of fitness and mobility should be able to take part. There are no restrictions for medical conditions but we do ask that you inform us of any.

7. What free time do I have? You should have at least one day each week free for personal study or socialising . Shorebased courses, with the exception of theory, are normally run on a Saturday or Sunday. Evenings are normally free, although you will be doing night sailing hours, particularly during milebuilders but, there are plenty of overnight stops during long passages.

8. Can I have mail sent to me? You can have items of post sent to our mailbox.