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Why do weight loss camps work? Why do we very often these days keep hearing about weight camps?It is a recent media phenomenon or is it just hype? Actually, the real reason why you keep hearing about weight camps is becausethey actually work. People are actually going to weight camps losing weight and coming back. If you are feeling out of shape and need to take some time off work and do something interesting that will help you get back in shape then weight camp is the best way to go about doing so. But if it works and is so interesting then you would wonder why people even waste time in gym and not go ahead joining weight loss camps. The reason behind this is there are many misconceptions about a weight loss camp that deters people from joining it. Most people think weight loss camps would be about strict regimes and continuous workout. When you generally tell people about weight loss camps, they would envision a semi jail like environment where people are kept in seclusion and not given food. However, people with such a vision could not be more wrong. Fitness camps today consist to luxurious retreats with emphasis on physiotherapy and other activities that will rejuvenate the mind body and soul. You are self motivated in a fitness camp to perform the best you can and encourage at every step to bring the best out of you. Going to a fitness camp is a life changing experience, as you break the monotony of daily life and catch up with your fitness, you take back with you habits that you pick up from your fitness camp and integrate it into you daily life. This will lead to a healthier lifestyle and help to improve the quality of your life. A fitness camp will bring about a lot of physical activity, but on the other hand you are put on a strict nutritional diet that will give you all the energy that you require to perform all these activities. Also there is great emphasis paid on passive forms of strengthening your mind and body. Yoga Tai chi and meditation are some of the exercisesthat will strengthen you from the inside and make sure that you are self motivated for the more physical exercisesof the weight camp. In a weight camp , no one will force you to do anything. Nor is there any form or comparison or a bar to reach when you are working out. You need to focus on your game and on your fitness alone. You will be encouraged and set towards yourself set goals so that you can achieve and cross the bars that you have set for yourself.

Why do weight loss camps work?