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Portsmouth Youth Parliament Minutes from 18/06/2013 Attending:

Anna (Chair) Crystal (DMYP) Stephen Ashleigh Gloria Troy

Hayden (Vice Chair) Mel Nassar Nick Sam

Kay (MYP) Tom Peter Niki Zach

Visitor: Ben Dowling Portsmouth Student Voice Week Introduction to Student Voice Week 2013 and activities Pupil Oscars - PYP are part of the judging panel Tuesday 25 th (4:30 in room A) - Event is on the 16th July and helpers are needed 5pm onwards - ACTION: QMUK to email all members re. volunteering - SVW Celebration – All members are invited Updates EMOTIONAL WELLBEING Had a meeting – building a foundation Meeting with Tamara Langley (Acting co-chair, Lib Dem Women) re. campaign against domestic violence, NO MORE DRAMA Mel will help her, and invites others to help as well Big issue, domestic abuse ‘is a bad thing’ Thoughts on name: Good, Sounds like complaining, doesn’t sound positive, isn’t clear what it’s about, ambiguous, making out that it’s a drama can cause harm, many campaigns show men as perpetrators Is everyone happy with supporting the campaign? YES TRANSPORT Portsmouth High School visit – feedback supports what we are currently working with Got a quote from Citizen Card of £4 per card Upcoming meeting with Cllr. Fazackarley SAFER CITY Street crime is a big issue Meeting with police – crime numbers RANT feedback – Gangs Bike theft EDUROAM (TOM BIRD) A free access internet service around the city Ben Dowling is on the University of Southampton steering group who are spearheading the campaign QUESTION ME QMUK is now Question Me UK Ltd.

Southern Scribe will be launched on July 1st – overseen by Sam Poole Bike Ride Lots of fundraising planned EAST HAMPSHIRE YOUTH COUNCIL (VISITORS) Implementing new schemes New group ACTION: KAT TO EMAIL INFORMATION ABOUT THE PORTSMOUTH OPPORTUNITIES FAIR ACTION: KAY TO EMAIL UKYP PLEDGE AND PETITION TO ALL MEMBERS BREAK Residential Anna went through kit list including suitable underwear Take trainers you don’t mind getting dirty and wet Outreach Updates Went over minutes #pompeyproblems ACTION: ALL MEMBERS TO TALK TO REPRESENTATIVE GROUPS ABOUT HAVING A BOARD Debate about the use of PYP wards VOTE: Y 12, N 0, A 2 Fusion Festival No venue Could Fusion be held at the Guildhall (Harlequin or Basement)? – There is a benefit (indoor festival) Funding will be decided on 26th - £1500 Website Troy doesn’t want to do it but would like to oversee it QMUK and Theme World will do it for £60 Should we ask QMUK and TW to do it? VOTE: Y 11, N 0, A 3

PYP - June 2013  

Portsmouth Youth Parliament Minutes from June 2013

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