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PGI and imeet marketing: Brainstorm / Concepts

V 1 — April 2012

Messaging goals Promote iMeet as an enterprise afflilation with CX • Display ads • Landing page • Facebook / Twitter • Internal Ad space • Email

Specific Targets (email) • Pro/Guru account owners • High Group Usage • Groups with 4+* users


iMeet current marketing

iMeet digital presence • Display ads • Google Sponsored Search • Internal Ad space • Email • Youtube • Facebook • Twitter


social media presence

2,471 Tweets 1,241 Following 1,672 Followers

316 Subscribers 1,012,697 total views Joined May 11th, 2006

1,647 Likes 21 Talking about


improve your face value Idea: The value of our interactions increase dramatically when it’s face-to-face.

Key Concepts:

• Faster collaboration • Direct communication

Comparable campaigns: Apple FaceTime

• Better understanding • Remove barriers to working remotely • Promoting more human interaction

Sample headlines:

• iMeet video chat makes working together a human experience. • You’ll never have to read between the lines again.


Work at the speed of Now Idea: Anything less than real-time isn’t efficient enough for modern day collaboration.

Key Concepts:

• Email is antiquated technology • Get what you need when you need it

Comparable campaigns: AT&T 4G LTE

• A delay can have a domino effect • Efficiency is dependant on timeliness

Sample headlines:

• iMeet keeps you in the now with real-time conference chat. • Don’t let slow email get in the way of getting things done. • Be there when things happen.


Put the humanity back into collaboration Idea: We work better together when we can feel like can comunicate naturally.

Key Concepts:

• Lost in digital translation • Coworkers are people, not just

Comparable campaigns: Geico Robot Daycare

email addresses

• We work better when communcation is as natural as possible

Sample headlines:

• Put the “Team” back in Teamwork. • Reclaim our communcation from the machines.


the closest you can be to there Idea: With real-time video chat, no distance can limit collaboration — conference calls just don’t cut it anymore.

Key Concepts:

• Be present anywhere/anytime • Distance is no limit for working together

Comparable campaigns: iMeet “Time to Start Over”

• Working remotely shouldn’t have to be a painful experience

Sample headlines:

• Work with people instead of against a conference call. • Be “There” from anywhere. =PL3FE4F0E1F7314661&index=3&feature=plpp_video


CX & iMeet Collaboration Campaign  

Creative Concepts for potential iMeet partnership