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Master of camera and lens: Peter Langone The art of expressing your ideas through visualization is foundation of photography. The word Photography was coined by Sir John Herschel in his famous lecture at Royal Society of London. Like all other popular words, word photography is also drawn from Greek words word photo represents “light “while graph represents drawing. It’s an art that has allured million of people worldwide but not every one has been able to make big name in this area. Photographers are having two main sub categories the first one comprise of amateurs while the second once are professional. Amateurs are those people who are just fond of photography or simply are just hobbyist. While professional photographer are those people who have taken up photography seriously and are accomplishing there passion for there compassion i.e. photography, these are people who under stand nuts and bolts of this business and are responsible for capturing the beauty of this elegant land and its inhabitants. A photographer must posses a keen eye for visualization for things.

When we talk about professional photographers the first name that strikes in any once mind is Peter Langone. He is one such person who can just create magic with camera and lens. There is an old saying that a picture is worth thousand words, there would be nothing wrong if we implement these words for Peter Langone. The three decade old veteran photographer has done photo shoot for countless major and minor projects some of his major assignments were with Coca- Cola, Fox Sports and Anheuser Busch, but this is not the end of list this ace photographer has gone a step further than still images and has successfully directed number of music videos and television commercials. He is one such person who believes that his work is worth thousand words and thousand words are worth one picture. He is like a master who holds the power to create and re create things. His pictures are so much live that it seems that they are talking to you.

There are two phases of a coin and like a coin every human being also posses some good qualities and some bad qualities. We are mare humans and we do make mistakes but it doesn’t mean we have bad character. Peter Langone is also a simple human being who is subjected to roar of emotions. Fame is always followed by defame and especially when a person is on the peak of his career. Same is the case with Peter Langone who has been falsely litigated with countless but baseless allegations that hold no ground truth. People try to defame him because they are simply not able to reach the position that he (Peter Langone) holds. For all such people there is only one message just walk is Peter Langone shoes then you will relies how hard it is to earn respect and honor.

Master of camera and lens: Peter Langone  

Peter Langone is also a simple human being who is subjected to roar of emotions. Fame is always followed by defame and especially when a per...