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Because the process of slow cooking enhances the flavor of any ingredients you use, adding other flavors to crockpot recipes is slightly different than seasoning dishes on the stove or in the oven. If you are using another cooking method, the recipe will often advise you to use fresh herbs, or dried herbs if you are unable to get fresh ones. With slow cooker recipes, the opposite is true. Dried herbs suit the long cooking process better than dried ones. The moistness inside a slow cooker does not do much for fresh herbs except wilt them, so use dried herbs when you can, for the best flavor. If you have fresh herbs and you want to use them, add them just twenty or thirty minutes before the end of the cooking time. If you want to use bay leaves, you will find that one big one or two small ones is sufficient. Extracts such as vanilla, rosewater, almond and orange flower can be added to crockpot recipes. These are delicately flavored and you will only need a drop or two, since the slow cooking will boost their flavor. Adding Prepared Sauces to Crockpot Meals Prepared sauces and pastes are handy to use in many recipes, including recipes for the slow cooker. It is important to realize that the long slow cooking process can make potent sauces stronger, so do not add too much if you are using something like a spicy curry paste or chili in adobo. The finished meal might turn out much hotter than you had planned on! Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce are good to add to beef-based stew recipes. Anchovy, oyster and fish sauces are good for fish dishes and hoisin sauce or soy sauce are good with Asian crockpot recipes. Take Care When Slow Cooking with Alcohol Using alcohol in crockpot recipes is not the same as using it in non-slow cooker recipes. Because the liquid in a crockpot does not evaporate, neither will the alcohol, so you do not need to add very much. Try wine, beer or cider with meat. Sweet liqueurs or rum can complement slow cooker dessert recipes but again do not add too much, else you might overpower the other flavors in the dessert. If you ruin a dish on the stove you can throw it away and start again but ruining a slow cooker recipe which has been cooking for ten hours can be very frustrating!

Spicing Things Up Most spices should be added at the beginning of the cooking time but some get bitter if you overcook them, such as chilies. You can add these about halfway through the cooking time. Ground spices are best for non-crockpot recipes and whole spices are best for slow cooker recipes because the slow cooking process gives them time to cook and release their delicious flavors. You can use a pre-made spice mix to save time. Good spices for crockpot cooking include peppercorns, coriander, cumin and whole cinnamon sticks.

Anybody can make easy crockpot recipes but if you want the very best results it is important to learn some slow cooker tips and tricks, like how to add flavor to your slow cooker recipes and which ingredients do not suit well to slow cooking or should be used sparingly. Where the Web Searches for Recipe Sites

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==== ==== Fun, simple and easy to make recieps. To get your ingredients at a discount visit the below link now. Visit ==== ====

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