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Roasting is a method of dry cooking which does not require direct heating. Though it is a slow process, it is preferred for cooking vegetables such as asparagus, onion, potato, cauliflower, carrots, turnip, eggplant, squash and parsnip. Even some poultry items and various meats like beef, pork and lamb are roasted to enhance the taste. If you are interested in learning about how to roast vegetables, then read on. The fall vegetables are ideal for roasting as it increases the flavor and give away mild a sweet taste. The sweet taste comes because upon roasting the sugar present in the vegetable gets caramelized. Those who are looking for ways to reduce fats and calories in their diet should opt for roasted food. Roasting of vegetables also keeps the essential nutrients in tact as compared to other popular methods like steaming or frying. First of all, choose the kind of vegetables that you wish to cook. Wash them thoroughly and cut them in similar fashion. You may wish to peel or leave them as they are. The cooking time is usually not the same for all vegetables. Therefore, the cutting sizes will have to be altered accordingly. Now, put these cut vegetables in a large bowl, add olive or any other type of vegetable oil and some salt into it. To impart flavors, you may also add different kinds of herbs and spices as per your choice. Mix all the ingredients well. Place the vegetables on a baking tray or in a shallow pan. Do not over crowd the vegetables and keep just a single layer. Your vegetables are now ready to be roasted. Preheat the oven to 400º F. Place the baking tray or the pan inside. Keep flipping the vegetables after an interval of fifteen minutes to make sure that vegetables are roasted evenly. Temperature settings vary with the kind of vegetables. For root vegetables, 300º F is ideal and for other vegetables 500º F would be okay. Average time for roasting is around twenty to thirty minutes. However, it varies according to the type of vegetable and the thickness of cutting.

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==== ==== Fun, simple and easy to make recieps. To get your ingredients at a discount visit the below link now. Visit ==== ====

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