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News flash: vegetables are good for you! That is easy enough to assume, however the real nutrition depends on how you treat or prepare them. If you like cooked vegetables as opposed to raw veggies, that is better than nothing. However, if you over cook certain kinds it might deplete the nutrients therefore making the attempt to eat healthier useless. This article will provide more information on how to eat your power foods. It is ideal to lightly steam vegetables instead of boiling, sautéing, or roasting. The one exception to the rule would be the red tomato. Cooking actually increases its level of lycopene, an antioxidant thought to help prevent certain types of cancer, heart disease, and vision loss. One of my favorite recipes is white flounder fish lightly sautéed or grilled with olive oil, garlic and cherry tomatoes cut in half. This is such a simple meal to make and it's always a crowd pleaser. Your best bet is to go with a fresh salad lightly dressed with oil and vinegar paired with a bit of healthy fat such as an avocado. Leave skins on whenever possible but be sure to wash them first. Many fruits and vegetables hold most of their antioxidants in their skins. You don't have to get all your antioxidants from fruits and veggies. Dark chocolate, red wine, and nuts also contain antioxidant-like substances. They just aren't as low-cal or as good for you as produce, but it's still fine to have them once in awhile to treat yourself. Tea and spices are other sources of antioxidants that you can load up on to your heart's content. You are already on the right track by adding fruits and vegetables to your meals, but by adding some of these helpful tips to your palate you are in a better place than where you started from.

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==== ==== Fun, simple and easy to make recieps. To get your ingredients at a discount visit the below link now. Visit ==== ====

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