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Candidate for International Students Officer 2014-2015

VIVIAN OGECHUKWU AWAM Hello Everyone I am Vivian Awam, an International student in my first year of BA (Hons) degree at Leeds Metropolitan University and I’m running for the International Students’ officer post for the Students Union. I know International students represent 25% of the population here at the Leeds Metropolitan University. I am International student who has experienced the problems and concerns that students like myself face every day. I want to engage myself with the actual International students in the University and listen to their concerns then act on these in a strategic, transparent and systematic way. I am a strong believer in the rights for International students and understand their issues with all the difficulties they face when they first come into the country including housing, opening bank accounts, ridiculous fee charges, oral communication, worries about exams and assessment, discrimination among many others which will be reflected in my manifesto. I believe in the word of “Equal opportunity to all”. As such, in the context of the diverse ethno-cultural environment in Leeds Metropolitan University, the position of “International Student Officer” means to me a true representation which will bring a voice to all such as you and me. What I’ll do: - Break the barrier between international students, EU students and home country students. -Review and compile the rights of international students across all different areas of student life. -Represent international students and bring to the table the issues that are relevant to them and their particular circumstances and organize campaigns relevant to those same issues such as Cultural/ faith issues, financial chances, issues to do with their courses. - I will ensure the university provides the facilities for lectures to be recorded to help international who English is not there first language who find it difficult to understand the lecturers who they are teaching. - To help international students get involved at SU activities. - Representing international students all over at university and in the campuses. - Break the language barrier. - Arrange meeting every four weeks where international students will get the chance express their university experience and then appropriate steps will be taken based on priority. - I will ensure the university provide more jobs that international students can start working to help support themselves throughout their studies. -Working together with "Leeds Metropolitan University Student Union to create more societies and event for International students to get involved in. -Inspire the University to ensure a comprehensive FINANCIAL AID to OVERSEAS and EU students’ -Integration and segregation – Improve the integration between international students in Fresher’s Week by blending the International Welcome week and Fresher’s Week. I will give both cohorts the opportunity to attend all social events. Give me a chance to work for you because I believe “Together we can make a difference”


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