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UCU Policy

This union notes: 1. That the lecturers and teachers union (UCU) are taking strike action over job security and pensions on the 24th March. 2. 75% of lecturers at Leeds Met will be joining the strike with their colleagues up and down the country. 3. This action is not against Leeds Met but the government who are imposing cuts to HE funding.

This union believes: 1. Students may not have experienced strikes before, and may not be fully aware of the issues that have sparked industrial action. 2. Students may feel inconvenienced by strike action when it means they miss a day of lectures 3. Strike action is necessary in this scenario to draw attention to the plight of lecturers in HE and FE, and to the wider decimation of the education sector

This union resolves: 1. 2. 3. 4.

To support strike action on the 24th March and any further strike action regarding this matter. To build and support for the Demo on the 26th March. To educate and change students behaviour towards strike action. To ask its members to boycott lectures.

Proposer: Liam Challenger

Seconder: Jo Johnson