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MINUTES Present: Amy Cook (Chair of Council) Rozma Qayyum (Interfaith Rep) Sarah Oliver (Fac.AET) Jessica Balme (Fac.BL) Abby Green (Fac.HSS) Charlie Exley (Carnegie Fac.) Chris Neenan (Outdoor Non-BUCS) Pete King (Indoor Non-BUCS) Duncan Harris (AU Marketing) Tashi Thornley (AP Education) Jawanza Ipyana (AP Diversity) In Attendance: John Gilfillan (Chair’s Aide & Secretary) Part A: Preliminary Items Apologies for Absence A1 Apologies were received from:  Panagiotis Savvides  Melyssa Dawson  Kishor Shinde  Channing Brankin  Jeremy Gladman  Emma Smethurst  Lewis Wildridge Declaration of Interest A2 No declarations of interest were made.

Part B: Items Policy for Approval to be sent to referendum B1

AU Migration Passed

Paula Smith (Women’s Rep) Verity Marsh (Societies Chair) Stephanie Bottomley (Fac.AET) Sam McGuirk (Fac.BL) Martin Rowntree (Fac.HSS) Sam Boon (Anti-cuts Rep) Leigh Anne Murray (Indoor BUCS) Rachel Tottle (AU Secretary) Yasser Ranjha (SU President) Jon Clough (AP Development) Jo Johnson (AP Community Wellbeing)


Hidden Course Fees Passed


Union Sabbatical Officer Roles Review Withdrawn

Part C: Further Agenda Items Any Urgent Business E1

Election for 2 members of Academic Board Jess and Paula were elected to serve on Academic Board for the remainder of the year.


YR complemented TT on the work she has achieved in delivering the first Course Rep Conference


Meeting closed at 7.50pm

Date, Time and Place of the Next Meeting E4 The next meeting of the SRC will be held on Tuesday 13th December at 6pm. Location to be confirmed. Secretary John Gilfillan


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