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MINUTES Present: Amy Cook (Chair of Council) Rozma Qayyum (Interfaith Students Forum) Verity Marsh (Societies Chair) Stephanie Bottomley (Fac.AET) Jessica Balme (Fac.BL) Abby Green (Fac.HSS) Pete King (Indoor Non-BUCS) Yasser Ranjha (President) Jawanza Ipyana (AP Diversity) Lewis Wildridge (AU President)

Paula Smith (Womens Forum) Channing Brankin (MetAir) Craig Bromyard (MetOnline) Sarah Oliver (Fac.AET) Sam McGuirk (Fac.BL) Graeme Brittles (Student Housing Rep) Rachel Tottle (AU Secretary) Tashi Thornley (AP Education) Jo Johnson (AP Community Wellbeing)

In Attendance: Michael Austin (Chair’s Aide)

John Gilfillan (Secretary)

Part A: Preliminary Items The chair opened the meeting and suggested revising the agenda to Reports in the hope that another councillor would arrive and make the meeting quorate. Apologies for Absence A1 Apologies were received from:  Kishor Shinde  Melyssa Dawson  Aneeka Javvaid  Martin Rowntree  Jeremy Gladman  Sam Boon  Alex Williams  Chris Neenan  Leigh Anne Murray  Emma Smethurst  Duncan Harris Declaration of Interest A2 No declarations of interest were made. Membership and terms of reference A3 Noted

Minutes of the Previous Meeting A4 The minutes of the previous meeting were APPROVED as a true and accurate record. Matters Arising A5

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting.

Part B: Reports Executive & Forum Reports B1

YR – spoke to his report. Q) Pete King asked about NUS Conference YR referred PK to the delegation report as an item that would appear later on the agenda.


TT – spoke to her report. No Questions


JJ – Gave a Verbal Report Attended a number of Conferences NUS National, NUS Women’s & NUS LGBT conferences Supported students delivering “Stamp out the Stigma” – mental health awareness campaigns – the students involved gained accreditation for their work Huge amount of meetings within the University and UNIPOL. Jo had also taken some Leave Preparation of handover for the VP Welfare (elect) and help them do a great job Spoke to a UNISON conference at the weekend on behalf of NUS.


The Chair admonished the AP Development (in his absence) for not submitting a report.


JI – spoke to his report No questions


LW – spoke to his report Commended by applause for the success achieved in delivering a superb AU Ball.


Forum Reports & Questions - No questions

During the reports, council achieved quoracy.

Part C: Items C1

Big Equality Debate Policy (referred from E&D Forum) Interfaith Day RQ – Proposed the motion No Speech against VOTE – Passed - unanimously in favour Keep Unilad out of Leeds Met PS – Proposed the motion Q – what does the website do? JJ – explained the questionable content and that it has already been taken down once already this year. It contains misogynistic, violent articles. Rachel (AU) outlined that some content was acceptable and that a partial ban might be a better option. PK argued to allow students to make their own choice and to avoid censorship. PS – made the point that the proposal was not censorship and that it was in keeping with the University’s computer policy VOTE – Passed (no opposition, 4 abstentions) Free the Tax on Sanitary products PS – Proposed the motion CB asked if £5 per year was effective. LW asked where the money was to be found JI stated that the number of products purchased within the University. PS responded to the other points. JJ summated VOTE – Passed (no opposition, 6 abstentions) Always Autism Aware GB – Proposed the motion No Speech against Sarah (Fac Star) asked if Autism was specifically referenced at induction GB replied that it wasn’t VOTE – Passed (unanimously)

We Support Equal Marriage JI– Proposed the motion No Speech against VOTE – Passed (Unanimously) Better Disability Resource Rooms JI – Proposed the motion No Speech against TT asked for clarity on resolves 3. Verity asked if the temp control is more prevalent in Library controlled rooms. VOTE – Passed (unanimously) Cigarettes on Campus JI– Proposed the motion No Speech against JJ – amended the title to remove the word “Ban” from the title Agreed by the meeting Vote – Passed (with 1 vote against & 4 abstentions) The Government shouldn’t be spying on Muslim Students JI – Proposed the motion No speech against Vote – Passed Unanimously More Women’s Sport Coverage PS – proposed the Motion LW asked for clarification if it was an internal debate for the bars or whether this was about the provision by broadcasters Discussion ensued regards Varsity & perception JI clarified what the policy was requesting VOTE – Falls Unisex Toilets on campus JI – proposed the motion PK asked a specific question about a technicality about his urinary habits JJ amended the policy to read VOTE – Passed

Channel 4 We are not Undateable JI – Proposed the motion No Speech against LW asked what relationship the policy had with the programme Sarah (Fac St) suggested that there was a contradiction within the policy JI – responded TT suggested an audit of those involved in SU media outlets before expressing concerns ChB & CrB expressed the view that specific groups aren’t discouraged from participation LW endorsed that view JI – summated VOTE - Passed DEMOnstrate for the Disabled JI– Proposed the motion No Speech against VOTE – Passed (unanimously) Go Stop and Search Yourself: No to racial Profiling by the Police YR – Proposed the motion No Speech against VOTE - Passed (unanimously) UEFA is Institutionally Racist JI – Proposed the motion Discussion ensued about the validity Moved – refer back to E&D – Passed – (and advised to collaborate with AU) Stop PIP and Welfare Reforms JI – Proposed the motion No Speech against VOTE – Passed (Unanimously) C2

NUS Delegation report YR introduced the report. Council NOTED the report.

Part D: Further Agenda Items Any Urgent Business D1

AC thanked leaving councillors


JJ expressed thanks to AC for her service as chair over the last 2 years

Date, Time and Place of the Next Meeting D3

The next meeting of the SRC will be held in October. Time and location to be confirmed. Secretary John Gilfillan