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MINUTES Present: Amy Cook (Chair of Council) Aneeka Javvaid (Black Students Forum) Joe Schneider (MetTV) Verity Marsh (Societies Chair) Jessica Balme (Fac.BL) Abby Green (Fac.HSS) Oliver Westerman (International Affairs) Chris Neenan (Outdoor Non-BUCS) Pete King (Indoor Non-BUCS) Rachel Tottle (AU Secretary) Jon Clough (AP Development) Jo Johnson (AP Community Wellbeing)

Paula Smith (Womens Forum) Rozma Qayyum (Interfaith Students Forum) Channing Brankin (MetAir) Stephanie Bottomley (Fac.AET) Sam McGuirk (Fac.BL) Jeremy Gladman (Carnegie Faculty) Sam Boon (Anti-Cuts) Leigh-Anne Murray (Indoor BUCS) Emma Smethurst (Campus Sport) Tashi Thornley (AP Education) Jawanza Ipyana (AP Diversity) Lewis Wildridge (AU President)

In Attendance: John Gilfillan (Chair’s Aide & Secretary) Part A: Preliminary Items Apologies for Absence A1 Apologies were received from:  Kishor Shinde  Tina Rosales  Sarah Oliver  Charlie Exley  Yasser Ranjha Declaration of Interest A2 No declarations of interest were made. Membership and terms of reference A3 Noted Minutes of the Previous Meeting A4 The minutes of the previous meeting were APPROVED as a true and accurate record. Matters Arising A5

There were no matters arising from the previous meeting. Notice was given for NUS Conference Delegate election to be held at the end of the meeting.

Part B: Items B1

Results of the Autumn Term Referendum Hidden Fees Referendum (for approval). -

TT outlined the policy. No one opposed. The policy was APPROVED by SRC unanimously.

AU Migration Referendum (for approval). B2

Results of the Sabbatical Officer Elections (to note). -


LW outlined the reasons for the policy. No one opposed. The policy was APPROVED by SRC unanimously.

President: David Alcorn Vice President Education: Tashi Thornley Vice President Welfare: Mia Tamarin Vice President Activities: Channing Brankin

Mission, Vision & Values (for discussion). Council Members were asked for their views on the current discussions reviewing the key elements to the Union’s purpose and practices. -

“Love it!”. “Less wordy”. “Brilliant – didn’t know the original”. “Generic – Could do better”. “At the time when the University is reviewing their core messages, is there value in adapting some of their language?”.

Part C: Reports Executive & Forum Reports C1

TT gave a verbal report Main topics were:  2nd hand book sales  Changes to the academic calendar  Personal tutor working group  Liberating the Curriculum (with JI)  X-stream log-in issues will be resolved for the new academic year.  Plan to convene a working group on feedback. Je G informed the meeting of outcomes from a meeting he had attended regards the potential for 2 weeks work placement. TT – replied that the proposal is intended to be flexible and not shackled to the intended 2 weeks in January.

JC – gave further information, the Union has raised similar concerns at the highest levels of the University. TT added there were perceived benefits for international students. PS – gave international hospitality mgt as a case of good practice SB – added that faculties were being encouraged to schedule their own events during those 2 weeks. JC – informed council of ‘the met online’ JI – explained his action plans submitted as part of his report. -

Forum Reports & Questions - No questions Action Plans - Noted.

Part D: Further Agenda Items Any Urgent Business D1

23rd april –Union awards night! At the carriageworks


12th May AU Awards night – Elland Road


JI – invited councillors to the cinema after the meeting.


TT – congratulated the referendum campaign team


JJ – Met tv are ‘wicked’


22nd & 29th March “the next level’ events for FBL students @ Gandhi Hall – looking at employability issues.


PS – International Women’s day 8th March.


Election of 4 delegates to NUS Conference Hustings were held and votes were cast The following were elected to NUS conference Delegate:    

Channing Brankin Andrew Robinson Aneeka Javaid Paula Smith

Date, Time and Place of the Next Meeting D9 The next meeting of the SRC will be held on Tuesday 15th May. Time and location to be confirmed. Secretary John Gilfillan