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MINUTES Present: James Smith (Chair of SRC) Tashi Thornley (VP Education) Channing Brankin (VP Student Activities) Mille Grantham (Faculty Officer FBL) Andrew Dimelow (Faculty Officer HSS) Kristine Rogne (International Students’ Officer) Hiba Khurshid (Carnegie. School Rep) Charlotte Hemingway (FBL. School Rep) James Earnshaw (AET. School Rep) Liam Jones (AET. School Rep) Jibran Khalil (Societies Council) Erik Selby (Met TV Proxy)

David Alcorn (President) Mia Tamarin (VP Welfare) Paula Smith (Women’s Officer) Graeme Brittles (Students’ with Disabilities Officer) Ollie Richardson (Faculty Officer Carnegie) Beccy Smith (LGBTQ Officer) Rhea Wood (FBL. School Rep) Ruoxi Li (FBL. School Rep) Melyssa Dawson (AET. School Rep) Chloe Coles (CALM Volunteering) James Terry (Met TV)

In Attendance: John Gilfillan (Secretary)

Michael Austin (Chair’s Aide)

Part A: Preliminary Items Apologies for Absence A1 Apologies were received from:  Craig Clements  Aurelie Disasi  Ben Woolf  Liam Jordan  Millie Cooper  Ashley Attwater  Becky Adamson

Declaration of Interest A2 No declarations of interest were made.

Minutes of the Previous Meeting A3 The minutes of the previous meeting were APPROVED as a true and accurate record.

Part B: Items B1

Gender Neutral Toilets on Campus (prior to debate, the chair informed council that there had been an amendment to Union resolves 2 this was: (need text) and had been accepted by the proposers of the motion) Proposed

- Beccy Smith (LGBTQ Officer)


- None

General discussion ensued A question from the chair regarding sharing knowledge of the proposed facilities precipitated a discussion. Summation

- Paula Smith (women’s officer)

Motion carried unanimously


Media Leadership CB introduced a discussion on altering the manner the leaders of media outlets are appointed. Questions & discussion ensued A consensus was in approval of the proposal.


Fit to Sit TT informed the meeting of a current discussion within the University considering amending students’ rights to submit mitigation claims after examinations. TT asked for council to share this issue and to raise views with her to inform how she responds to the University’s consultation exercise. JE – Built env. Stated a concern that this could impact significantly on distance learners, mature learners & Part time students. MD – AET.

Stated that it failed to account for those with conditions which were sporadic in nature.

HK – What would happen in the case that a person stated on the day that they were not fit? TT replied that the question was valid and an answer would be useful. TT pledged to share the detailed information on the proposals widely. JT – Met media His course has introduced on-line submission of coursework in a poorly considered fashion – lacks confidence that this change has been well considered.

Part C: Reports & Questions C1

DA added to his report and informed the meeting that the discussion around lighting on becketts park look like there will be lighting installed in the future. TT showed the meeting the initial frames for the new online rep system. Also requested more nominations for the Golden robes event. HK – asked how the shortlisting process worked. TT – outlined that it was quality of nominations that counted, not quantity. AD – in addition:

Sourced an intro for BSL @ EEF

OR – was congratulated for speaking at NUS conference GB – In addition: meeting with University Head of disability support has been postponed. Presentation at the new SWD network (24th April) A request to BS for a media piece was agreed. KR – Informed the meeting of a Eurovision party supported by the University International office. Furthermore international students are concerned at the pre-conceptions of ‘Leeds’ . Working with the international office.

Part D: Further Agenda Items Any Urgent Business E1

PS – has received complaints about chilli white flyers on campus. Asked that they are all removed.


THE CHAIR thanked council and congratulated the officers, wished well to all those who were leaving. DA – Thanked the chair

Date, Time and Place of the Next Meeting E7 The next meeting of the SRC will be held in the new academic year.

Secretary John Gilfillan


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