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POL-2013/14-005 No More Page Three : Boycott the Sun and The Daily Star Newspaper on Campus Proposer: Megan Kearney Seconder: Embla Magnusdottir

Union Notes:      

The Sun newspaper has printed topless images of women on Page Three ever since November 1970. The Daily Star prints a similar image on page three of their publication also The largest printed image of a woman in both publications is topless Less than 5 copies are sold on campus each day Page Three no longer exists in the Irish edition of the Sun Newspaper as of August 2013 The national No More Page 3 Campaign has received support from organisations such as; The British Youth Council, UNISON & Respect UK

Union Believes:    

As a generation of educated men and women we have moved on from the notion that women should be valued for their aesthetics in the media and in society This publication breeds further paranoia about body image and a distorted view of how men view women in society The Sun Newspaper and The Daily Star Newspaper objectify women as a cause of their Page Three feature As an educated generation we should take a stand against outdated views of women and be the makers of a shift in perceptions for generations to come

Union Resolves:  

To back the ‘No More Page Three’ campaign for more info see: To lobby the university to stop selling the Sun newspaper, the Daily Star and any other publication that prints images of a similar nature.