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POL-2011/12-002 Living Wage – Let’s Set Our Own House In Order Proposed: Andrew Robinson Seconded: Jo Johnson This Union Notes – 1. The UK national development rate minimum wage for a worker aged 18 to 20 inclusive is £4.98 per hour. 1 2. The UK national minimum wage for a worker aged 21 or over is £6.08 per hour. 2 3. The current base rate of pay for a student working in a Leeds Met Students’ Union bar is £6.08 per hour. 4. A living wage is advocated by Unison, Citizens UK, Church Action Against Poverty, the Communication Workers’ Union and the Public and Commercial Services Union. 3 5. The Students’ Union employs over 50 student staff. 6. The cost to the Students’ Union of employing its entire staff was £1,042,783 in 20102011. This Union Believes – 1. That a living wage for its staff should be at least £7.20 per hour. 2. All workers Leeds Met Students’ Union should receive at least a living wage. 3. This must include full-time, part-time, temporary, contracted and sub-contracted workers. 4. This must include - but not be limited to - bar staff, door staff, kitchen staff, sabbatical officers, interns, reception staff and office workers. 5. The hard work done by Union staff should be rewarded. 6. Substandard wages are unacceptable in an organisation intended to support the welfare of its members. This Union Resolves – 1. To mandate the President to work towards raising the base wage for all workers in the Leeds Met Students’ Union to at least £7.20 per hour (including holiday pay). 2. To ensure, in the future, this wage is provided for all staff working in or for the Union regardless of how staff are contracted, what their hours are, and whatever non-voluntary positions they hold. 3. To make sure pensions are accounted for in the implementation of this policy. 4. once our own house is in order to pursue the living wage campaign with the university and all sub-contractors that the institution uses.

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