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POL-2013/14-001 Leeds Metropolitan University should pay all staff the living wage Proposer: Glen Jankowski – C7133631 Seconder: Lucy Thompson C3006346

This Union Notes: 1) The Living Wage is the minimum hourly rate that affords a decent standard of living. The 2012/13 rate, outside of London, stands at £7.451. 2) There is evidence to show that the Living Wage improves staff morale, efficiency and retention rates2. 3) According to our University 2012 financial statement3 81% of University money comes from tuition fees or governmental funding meaning this money is public money. 4) Our Student Union has publically agreed (in 2011) that it will “pursue the living wage campaign with the university and all sub-contractors that the institution uses”4. 5) Leeds Metropolitan University recently committed itself to paying all its staff a living wage describing it as “good for business, good for the individual and good for society” 5. However this does not include sub-contracted staff many of whom are on the minimum wage of £6.19 an hour.

This Union Believes: 1) Paying a Living Wage is an essential part of being an ethical employer. 2) Student’s decision that the Living Wage should be paid (as set out in the 2011 SU motion) to all staff, including sub contracted staff, should be upheld. Particularly as the motion was passed two years ago. 3) Leeds Metropolitan University should pay all staff members the living wage.

This Union Resolves: 1) The Student Union should lobby the University to pay it’s sub-contracted staff the living wage. 2) This campaign should be implemented as a matter of urgency given the length of time that has passed since student’s passed the 2011 motion. 1BBC News (2013). Q&A: The living wage. Accessed 25th September 2013 from: 2Wilkinson, R. & Pickett, K. (2009). The Spirit Level. 3Leeds Metropolitan Univesity (2012). Financial Statements for the year ended 31st July 2012. Accessed 25th September 2013 from: 4 Leeds Metropolitan Student Union (2011). Living Wage – Let’s Set Our Own House in Order. Accessed 25th September 2013 from:

5 Leeds Metropolitan University (2013). HR Matters. Accessed 25th September 2013 from