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POL-2011/12-003 Interfaith Day Proposed: Rozma Qayyum Seconded: Jawanza Ipyana SRC Notes 1. Leeds Met is known widely as a multicultural and multi faith university. 2. There are four very successful Faith societies; ISOC, JSOC, CU & Sikh Society. SRC Believes 1. All students and staff should be allowed to practice their faiths without any restrictions. 2. Faith (whatever it is) acts as a guideline to the way we live life. Those who wish to hold no Faith; Atheists, have equal rights to show why they have no faith. 3. The Annual Interfaith Day must not be used to attack a faith or belief that some do not agree with. It is simply for teaching about your own faith. SRC Resolves 1. To hold an annual Interfaith day; a. A day to celebrate and teach members of Leeds Met about Beliefs and Faiths. b. A day to emphasise that one person has an equal right to believe and practice what they believe just as much as another person. c. The Annual Interfaith day should be a day to promote peace and unity amongst the community of Leeds Met.