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Guilaine Brutus Running as Minority and Ethnic officer. Second year IR and global development student To Do: -Make University experience colourful and adventurous

-Showcase the beauty of the multitude of cultures and Ethnic groups

Elect, Born in a French speaking

-3 exciting campaigns that will bring Leeds

Caribbean nation, grew up in a

met students closer on platforms that will

British OT and the USA, I am well

allow us the opportunity to share our

aware and accustomes to culture

individual stories.

shock and fitting in. I believe that the only way to overcome these is to embrace our differences and enjoy each other.

One Planet! One human race!

Student Union gives ÂŁ1 printing top up for every student that votes. Vote on the 25th-27th of Feb, online at

Guilaine Brutus As your Minority and Ethnic Officer. For too long this office remained a mystery hidden among the forgotten and misunderstood, this year give me the chance to take it to new heights. We need to be heard and seen, felt and embraced.