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Official Match Day Programme | Season 2022/23 | ISSUE #02

DUMBARTON | 16.07.22




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Scottish League Div 2 Champions 2013/14, 2018/19

Scottish League Div 3 Runners Up 2003/04, 2012/13 Scottish Challenge Cup Runners Up 2015/16 Chairman Directors

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Jim McInally Davie Nicholls Jim Butter Stuart Hogg Mick Murphy Gregg Smith Marco Alexander Chas Green Stan Stephen Jason Gordon Craig Keir Nat Porter Neil Cameron Dr. Iain Small Mary Buchan Graeme McLean Sharon Brown Mandy Davidson Ken Morton

I was pleased with the performance against Aberdeen last week as we had spent a bit of time to see how they play. The plan was to sit in and contain them for a little bit and I thought we did that very well. In the first half, apart from the shot that hit the bar and Jack had a great save, I don’t think that they really had any openings and we kept things were nice and tidy. I felt that we had a great chance just before we conceded a penalty but I could see, by then, that we were getting tired but there are quite a lot of positives to take from the game. I was pleased with the performance of Jack Newman. He made his debut and played a really important role in the match. He came highly recommended from everyone at Dundee United so everyone that did recommend him has done a great turn for us. They said that it would be great for him and for his confidence and to play at a higher level. They appreciated the fact that we have some big teams in this league this season and it will be great for him to have that experience. The injury to Hamish doesn’t look good and we will have to wait and see the outcome of his scan but I think it looks quite bad and we just need to hope and pray that it’s not as bad as we think it is as that’s the thing that worries us. On Wednesday night, I think we have to be happy with conceding six as it could have been a lot more. It was men against boys. I was dreading this game as it was the first game under a new manager for them and when you see the quality they have on the pitch it was difficult to contain them.

Some of the boys are still trying to reach full match fitness and it was a harsh lesson for the younger ones in the dressing room. The main thing was to get through the game without any more injuries, and we did that. If we had any more injuries then we would not have been able to field a team today and that would have been pretty embarrassing. We just need to see this little period out. Today we face Dumbarton and I value your support through this testing period.

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AGE: 49 BORN: KILWINNING TEAMS MANAGED: Cumnock Juniors (2009-2012), Stranraer (2012-2015), Dumbarton (2015-2017), Stranraer (2017-2021), Dumbarton (2021PLAYING CAREER: Stoke City (1990-1992), St Mirren (1992-1994), Stranraer (1994-1995), Glenafton Athletic (19951997), Stenhousemuir (1997-1998), Kilwinning Rangers (1998-2005), Cumnock Juniors (2005-2008), Irvine Meadow (2008)

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THE BADGE From 1977 the club crest was worn on the teams’ shirts. This features an elephant (representing Dumbarton Rock, a volcanic plug thought to resemble that animal) with a castle on it’s back (which represents Dumbarton Castle, which sits on top of the famous landmark). In 1999 the club’s crest was updated although the design remained fundamentally unchanged.

THE NICKNAME THE SONS The nickname THE SONS is derived from the phrase ‘Sons of the Rock’, a term used for those born in the town of Dumbarton.

Pic courtesy of The Daily Record

THE BACK PASS RULE For over 100 years, the rules of Association Football have changed so much from when the first set of rules were written down, that people today would not recognise them. From the size of the goalposts, the lines on the pitch, to the ball itself there have been many tweaks. But there was no rule change that caused so much confusion in its inception than that of the introduction of the back-pass 30 years ago. For a generation of players and supporters, allowing the goalkeepers to pick the ball up whenever they liked is something so unthinkable to them, having grown up with this rule. For many, the players at the time, this new notion took some getting used to. Prior to the rule change, passing the ball back to your goalkeeper was seen as a time-wasting tactic. How many times did we see defenders take short freekicks to their keeper just to kill time? There were even players that would pass the ball all the way back to his stopper from the halfway line. Before 1992, a goalkeeper was able to pick up the ball in any circumstances. Most teams would use this to build from the back or even time waste. Plenty of sides took up that opportunity and it did not make for an entertaining watch. The reason for the rule change was simple; if the game is a spectator sport, it should be entertaining. For a period, games were dull and fewer people were attending matches. The 1990 World Cup in Italy, which many feel was the main reason for FIFA introducing the

rule, averaged just 2.2 goals per game, still the lowest of any World Cup. Denmark used the time-wasting tactic to their advantage when they won Euro ’92. That year’s tournament averaged less that the World Cup 2-years earlier, with an average of just 2.1 goals per game.

Law 12 has changed the way what a goalkeeper can now do with the ball. A keeper can still collect the ball with their hands from an opposition player or if there is an accidental connection from one of his teammates. They can also still pick the ball up if the ball is sent to them from a teammate via their head, chest, or knee. In 1997, the rule was further changed to stop goalkeepers collecting a throw-in from a teammate. The back-pass rule came into effect in time for the Olympics in the summer of 1992. The first game played was between Italy and the USA on the 24th of July that year. As a result, the last time that a ball was passed back to the goalkeeper legally in a high-profile game occurred during a match between El Salvador and Nicaragua the day before, when the two teams went head-to-head in a CONCACAF World Cup qualifying game. If you are looking for the final high profile legal backpass in Scottish Football, it was provided by Rangers captain Richard Gough, when he rolled the ball back to his keeper Andy Goram in the 2-1 Scottish Cup final win over Airdrieonians in May that year. Goram’s punt would be the last kick of the game.

The first signs of the confusing nature of the new law came very early on in Scotland. During the League Cup final in October, between Rangers and Aberdeen, the Dons Dutch goalkeeper Theo Snelders’ misunderstanding of the rule lead to Stuart McCall opening the scoring. Snelders chested the ball directly to the Scotland international after Aberdeen defender David Winnie deflected the ball to Snelders path. The stopper was adamant he could not collect the ball even after the obvious accidental connection from Winnie and was left red faced when his teammates berated him for not picking it up. Rangers would go on to win the game 2-1. For goalkeepers who had been playing for so many years and able to pick the ball up whenever they liked inside their own penalty area, this was a huge change. For many, they struggled and suddenly they found themselves having to kick the ball with their weaker foot when faced with strikers thundering down on them. They now had to react just as quickly with their feet as well as their hands. But like so many things, goalkeeper’s have now adapted and changed to this new way. The back-pass rule has bred the “sweeper-keeper”, a goalie who is as comfortable with the ball at their feet as a midfielder would be. In fact, some of these sweeper-keepers are so comfortable that they will frequently be seen near the halfway line than their own 18-yard box. Could you imagine Alan Rough or Jim Leighton prowling the centre circle?

Now 30 years on, goalkeepers, especially those at the top of the game, have come so accustomed to playing the ball with their feet, many can play the ball easily with either foot. Defenders, too, who once would be so panic stricken to play the ball back to their keeper, would much rather give up possession through a throw in than pass it to their keeper, see them as an additional outfield player, someone they can use to keep the ball and build attacks. The back-pass rule is widely regarded as the most popular and successful rule change in the modern game. While the nuances of the offside rule have wavered over the years, and debate still rages on as to what is deliberate handball and what isn't, a back pass has remained a back pass. While there have been a few incidences of defenders being penalised for passing the ball back accidentally, on the whole, the intentions of a back pass are ostensibly clear. There has been no budging on the change. FIFA rules state that "no trickery may be used to get around the terms of the amendment to Law 12". No shenanigans can skirt around the law change, like heading the ball on the deck or flicking the ball in the air and heading it back. The more time the ball is in play, the more we can be entertained, and the impact of the back-pass rule in such an occurrence cannot be overlooked. Football has improved - sometimes the authorities do get it right after all.

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BALMOOR STADIUM • GROUND REGULATIONS 1 All matches are played in accordance with the Rules and Regulations of the Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League, The Scottish Football League, and where applicable, the Regulations of FIFA/UEFA Competitions. 2 Play cannot be guaranteed to take place on any particular day or at any particular time and the Club reserves the right to change its advertised fixtures without prior notice and without liability. 3 Tickets allotted by this Club/Event Organiser are issued on the express conditions that no holder thereof shall sell or transfer same for a larger price than appears on the face thereof. In the event of any breach of this condition, the Club reserves the right to cancel this ticket and to retain the money paid therefore on allotment. 4 In the event of the match being abandoned after having kicked off you may be entitled to a refund of the cash admission charge paid at the turnstile in the determination of the Club/Event Organiser acting reasonably. Where a match is abandoned before the expiry of the first half admission arrangements for the rearranged fixture will be issued to those who attend the abandoned match. These arrangements in cases where the match is abandoned after the expiry of the first half shall be a matter for the reasonable discretion of the Club. 5 In the event of an all ticket match being postponed for any reason, the ticket will be valid on the postponed date. In the event of postponement/abandonment/cancellation of a match you may be entitled to a refund (in full or in part depending on the circumstances) of the purchase price of the ticket. Please contact the Club/Event Organiser for details. 6 All children entering the Ground, must pay for admission or hold a valid ticket. 7 Unauthorised persons are not permitted to enter upon the trackside, field of play or any other place specified by the Club or Police. 8 With the exception of authorised Media representatives holding accreditation issued by the club/event organiser, the taking of photographs or filming by any means inside the Ground is prohibited. In addition, no transmission or reproduction, in whole or in part, in any form, or by any means, electronic, mechanical, recording or otherwise is permitted save with a special authorisation in writing by the club/event organiser and, where appropriate, the prior consent of The Scottish Football Association, the Scottish Premier League, the Scottish Football League or appropriate body. 9 Only persons specifically authorised in writing by the Club are permitted to offer Newspapers, Periodicals or any other Articles for sale in the Ground and any charitable collection will only be permitted within the ground with prior written consent of the Club. 10 Unnecessary noise such as from the use of radio sets and behaviour likely to cause confusion, annoyance or nuisance of any kind, is not permitted in any part of the Ground. 11 The use of threatening behaviour, foul or abusive language is strictly FORBIDDEN. Racial, sectarian, homophobic or discriminatory abuse or chanting is also forbidden and is considered as unacceptable conduct and may result in arrest and a lifetime ban from regulated football matches. 12 Please note that it is an offence punishable by law for any person to enter or attempt to enter the Ground: • Whilst in possession of a prohibited container which is or was capable of holding liquid and which if thrown would be capable of causing injury to another person. •Whilst in possession of alcohol. •Whilst drunk. •Whilst in possession of any article or substance whose main purpose is the emission of a flare for purposes of illuminating or signaling or the emission of smoke or a visible gas. •Any article which is a firework. and all persons entering the ground may be searched by the police. 13 Standing is FORBIDDEN in seated viewing areas. 14 Banners, or other articles which could, or might be used as a weapon, or to cause annoyance or unnecessary obstruction or offence, are not permitted within the ground. 15 All persons entering this Ground are admitted subject to the condition that they may be required to submit to search to prevent prohibited articles being brought into the Ground which might be used to cause injury or damage to other persons or property.

Due to delays in construction of the Stadium, it was not ready to host Highland League football so the first eight matches were played all away from home. First up was a double header against Rothes The 2nd of August saw the Highland League kick off with a visit to the picturesque MacKessack Park in the heart of Speyside. Peterhead were the firm favourites to win this game but a visit to Rothes was no easy task with the doughty Speysiders known to thwart many a fine side on their ‘ain midden’. Sure enough on a stiflingly hot afternoon the Blue Toon found themselves in a dour struggle as both teams found it difficult to play football in the heat.

The frustration for the Blue Toon though ended with thirteen minutes remaining when substitute Derek Smith netted from close range. 1-0 is always a dodgy lead but with two minutes remaining any concerns were put to bed when Scott Brown doubled the lead with another close range goal and that was that – a winning start! The team was – Riches, Watson, Cheyne, King, Simpson, Yule, McKenzie (Smith), Paterson, Milne, Brown and Livingstone

July 1997 – The Balmoor Terrace home end being constructed

A week later the League Cup campaign began and the set up this time was in groups of four with one game only against the other three teams, with the group winners only qualifying for the semi-finals. Rothes at Mackessack Park was the venue again and just five minutes in Peterhead took the lead when a cross from Colin Milne was headed home by Jim Cheyne. If anything this inspired the Speysiders and it was they who came closest to scoring the second goal of the game when firstly Craig Watson nearly found his own net with a header, the ball passing inches wide of the goal and then, close to half-time a fine free-kick from Colin Smith was palmed over the bar by Riches. Peterhead needed to strike quickly in the second half to kill off the home enthusiasm and they did with a stroke of luck when, in the 53rd minute, the unfortunate Ryan Pressley, in attempting to clear his line, only succeeded in sending the ball into his own net. A deserved third duly arrived with fifteen minutes left with a fine strike from Scott Paterson from 18 yards. Off and running in the cup and now victory in the next match would surely clinch a place in the semi-finals, it just happened to be away to the clubs biggest adversaries – Fraserburgh. The team at Rothes was – Riches, Watson, Cheyne, King, Simpson, G Clark, S Clark (McKenzie), Paterson, Milne (Buchan), Brown and Livingstone (Cormack)

August 1997 – Cranes are brought in to lift the Main Stand roof into place.

ANDREW McDONALD Peterhead started their Premier Sports Cup campaign with a 2-0 loss to Aberdeen at Balmoor last week — a Chris Ramirez double sealed the win for Jim Goodwin’s new-look Reds in what was a spirited Blue Toon display. However, Wednesday night wasn’t as positive. Blue Toon old boy Scott Brown’s new side managed to get one over on Jim McInally’s men and the fans in attendance and every Peterhead fan, player, or staff member will not want a quick reminder of the scoreline. Unfortunately, Raith ran out 6-0 winners in a game that was never in doubt from

early on and that could prove a real test of character for the squad as they will look to overcome that result and strive to make sure they learn from the defeat against the Championship side and hope they are never in the position to get beaten as heavily again during this campaign. Andrew McDonald played in both matches. However, he was keen to discuss the Aberdeen performance rather than focus on the Raith match; that’s one he wanted to move on from quickly and put it behind him.

He said: “It was obviously a really tough game. They’re a right good side with lots of quality players so it was a big test for us. We’re still a very new team so we just need to try pick some positives from the game and take it from there, but on the whole I think we performed well.” Still on the Aberdeen match, McDonald played at left-back in a back four. And he came up against an on-form Matty Kennedy and right-back in Jayden Richardson who loves to get forward and both of those players, working in tandem gave Andrew a challenging afternoon. It’s fair to say the 24-year-old was impressed by the visitors’ performance and at times you could tell they were a Premiership side as their class came through at certain key points in the match.

“I had a really tough afternoon, he explained. They all have really good movement and are really sharp and direct. Left-back isn’t my usual position so it was tough but a good test for myself, especially given how the two Aberdeen boys on the right linked up.” Pre-seasons get shorter and shorter each year. Not only for the guys at the very top of the game, but also for the part-time players and they, like the elite players, have to come back from their time off, raring and fit enough to play and train immediately. The 24-year-old gave us an insight to what his summer looked like. “I took a couple weeks off from training and went on holidays to Greece and Tenerife with my girlfriend which was definitely needed.” He expanded: “And then when I got back, I started back my own training so I was ready to go when the team got back together. It’s something you have to do these days or you quickly get left behind and when you are doing something you love you have to be in the best condition possible.” The players and staff were frustrated at where they finished in the league last season and McDonald is hoping, like everyone else, that they can finish much higher. When asked, what they have to improve on to finish higher up the League 1 table when the end of the season rolls around, he said: “I think we have to improve in every area and try and get better results than last season. “However, I think we just need to take it one game at a time — we have a good core group of players in that Balmoor dressing room at the moment but I think we’re still a bit short on numbers so once we are able to bring in a few more faces and get people back from injury we will hopefully have a strong settled squad within our ranks, then we are hoping that we can look to really make our mark, and see how we get on as the season progresses.”

Hamish Ritchie said last week that he hopes the team can challenge at the top end of the table and perhaps finish in the playoff places at the end of the current campaign. While McDonald echoed Ritchie’s ambitions to finish higher up the table he was a little more cautious on the way they have to approach things to achieve the target.

the defeats to Aberdeen and Raith Rovers as they look to register their first win of this seasons Premier Sports Cup. Dumbarton travel up to Balmoor and Andrew is looking forward to the match, and he’s hoping the boys can bounce back from the two defeats and put on a good showing for the home support today.

“I think there’s no doubt that everybody in the group wants to finish at the top end of the table. I’m sure every team will be the same, but we feel that’s what the club and the players should be aiming for. Like I said, I think we just need to focus on one game at a time and try to build some momentum in the squad. Because if you are able to build that momentum and get a good run of results going, the confidence grows and it can take you anywhere.”

“I think the Dumbarton game will be a good test for us against a similar opposition to ourselves. And hopefully we can use the disappointment of the last two results, especially midweek to drive us on and hopefully get a good result for the fans. It’ll be a tough game, of that there is no doubt, so it’s up to us to show what we can do and for the boys to show the manager that they should be starting come the first league game. And that’s something we are all looking to do.”

The team are looking to bounce back from

Robbie McGale was a constant threat against Aberdeen


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Wednesday 13th July 2022 • Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy

A bright and competitive start to Peterhead’s second game in the Premier Sports Cup came unstuck at Raith Rovers with the Fife side racking up a 6-0 win against the undermanned Blue Toon side. With on-loan Dundee United goalkeeper, and star of the show against Aberdeen on Sunday, Jack Newman unavailable, Sandy Wood made his debut in goal with recent signing Cody McLeod coming in to start in place of Hamish Ritchie who suffered a knee injury against the Dons. Robbie McGale was the only substitute for the visitors who started at the same bright pace as the hosts who were playing their first game under new manager Ian Murray. Wood was tested and equal to a shot from Sam Stanton on 10 minutes with former Airdrie midfielder Dylan Easton firing wide of the shot-stopper’s goal shortly afterwards. There was nothing Wood could do on 16 minutes when he was beaten by Easton’s spectacular overhead kick from 8 yards following a cross from the right by Kieran Mitchell. Peterhead continued to battle resolutely however there was a feeling that it would not be their night when Easton added a second goal on 32 minutes. The Raith debutant took possession from McLeod 30 yards from goal and started dancing his way forward before cracking a shot goalward that Wood appeared to have covered until it struck Balmoor skipper Paul Dixon and crept into the corner.

The second goal gave Raith extra impetus whilst also taking some of the wind out of Peterhead sails following their exertions at the weekend and Wood was glad to see an Ethan Ross free-kick slip wide just before the halftime whistle. Six minutes into the restart the score-line became 3-0 when Easton cut in from the right wing and sent a low shot just inside the post from 18 yards. Wood saved from Jamie Gullan shortly afterwards however a fourth goal arrived on 62 minutes when Aidan Connolly and Ross combined at a corner with Liam Dick nipping ahead of Wood to head home the cross from the left. Gullan got in on the act three minutes later when he turned in a low Connolly cross with Connolly rubbing salt into Peterhead wounds two minutes from time when curled a 30-yard free kick over the defensive wall and into the net. Peterhead – Wood, Strachan, Wilson, Dixon, McDonald, Jack Brown, Jordon Brown, McLeod, Dow, O’Keefe, Adeyemo. No Subs Used.



SATURDAY 16th JULY Jack Newman Sandy Wood Andrew McDonald David Wilson Paul Dixon Conor O’Keefe Hamish Ritchie Jordon Brown Ryan Dow Danny Strachan Jack Brown Ola Adeyemo Robbie McGale Cody McLeod Andrew McCarthy Russell McLean

Peterhead v Dumbarton Raith Rovers v Stirling Albion Montrose v Kilmarnock Stenhousemuir v Fraserburgh Buckie Thistle v Alloa Athletic Ross County v Dunfermline Clyde v Morton Cowdenbeath v St Mirren Edinburgh City v Arbroath Annan Athletic v Elgin City Queen of South v St Johnstone Cove Rangers v Livingston Kelty Hearts v Livingston Forfar Athletic v Hamilton Stranraer v Dundee

Brett Long Aron Lynas Jack McKenzie Gregor Buchanan Martin McNiff Jonny Hayes Ross McCrorie Greg Wylde Ryan Blair Stuart Carswell David Wilson Ryan Wallace Ross McLean Kalvin Orsi Edin Lynch Ally Love

SUNDAY 17th JULY Bonnyrigg Rose v Hibernian

TUESDAY 19th JULY Dumbarton v Raith Rovers Stirling Albion v Aberdeen Montrose v Stenhousemuir Partick Thistle v Fraserburgh Alloa Athletic v Ross County East Fife v Buckie Thistle Airdrieonians v St Mirren Annan Athletic v Ayr United Elgin City v St Johnstone Cove Rangers v Kelty Hearts Inverness CT v Albion Rovers Forfar Athletic v Stranraer Queen’s Park v Dundee

OFFICIALS CHECK Referee: Asst Ref 1 Asst Ref 2

Barry Cook Colin McAlpine Kieran O’Reilly
















Raith Rovers








Stirling Albion
























Bonnyrigg Rose v Falkirk Hibernian v Morton FC Edinburgh v Cowdenbeath

APPEARANCES & GOALS 2022-23 Apps Goals Adeyemo, Ola Brown, Jack Brown, Jason Brown, Jordon Dixon, Paul Dow, Ryan McCarthy, Andrew McDonald, Andrew McGale, Robbie McLean, Russell McLeod, Cody Newman, Jack O’Keefe, Conor Ritchie, Hamish Strachan, Danny Strachan, Ryan Wilson, David Wood, Sandy

2 2 0 2 2 2 0 2 1 0 2 1 2 1 2 0 2 1

0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0

PFC Career Apps

PFC Career Goals

2 15 180 233 2 2 62 46 1 103 2 1 2 51 25 279 17 1

0 3 16 33 0 0 2 0 0 38 0 0 0 10 1 13 0 0

Paul Dixon challenges Aberdeens’ Liam Harvey

FOR THE RECORD 02/07/22 Friendly Balmoor Stadium, Peterhead Peterhead 0 Dundee 4 Trialist, R.McGale, A.McDonald, D.Wilson, P.Dixon, A.McCarthy, H.Ritchie, Trialist, Trialist, R.Dow, Jac Brown Used Subs: Trialist, Jas Brown, Jor Brown, D.Strachan, Trialist, Trialist

09/07/22 Premier Sports Cup Balmoor Stadium, Peterhead Peterhead 0 Aberdeen 2 J.Newman, D.Strachan, D.Wilson, P.Dixon, A.McDonald, Jac Brown, Jor Brown, H.Ritchie, R.Dow, C.O’Keefe, O.Adeyemo Used Subs: R.McGale, C.McLeod

13/07/22 Premier Sports Cup Stark’s Park, Kirkcaldy Raith Rovers 6 Peterhead 0 S.Wood, D.Strachan, D.Wilson, P.Dixon, A.McDonald, Jac Brown, Jor Brown, C.Mcleod, R.Dow, C.O’Keefe, O.Adeyemo Used Subs: none



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Peterhead Robbie McGale (Stirling University) Conor O’Keefe (Elgin City) Paul Dixon (Falkirk) Ryan Dow (Dunfermline Athletic) Ryan Strachan (Cove Rangers) Danny Strachan (Dundee) Ola Adeyemo (Cove Rangers) Jack Newman (Dundee United, loan) Cody McLeod (Motherwell) Sandy Wood (Banchory St Ternan)

Queen of the South David McKay (Raith Rovers) Gavin Reilly (Livingston) Max Currie (Airdrieonians) Rico Quitongo (Peterhead) Stuart Morrison (Queen's Park) Iain Wilson (Morton) Connor Murray (Partick Thistle) Michael Ruth (Aberdeen) Ciaran McKenna (Partick Thistle)

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Peterhead FC recently launched their 3rd choice kit which sports the logo of the sports mental health charity “Back Onside.” Back Onside provides support for sportsmen, women as well as ANYONE who may be feeling vulnerable, anxious or struggling with daily life. They provide a wide range of services including a 24/7 crisis support line, professional counselling services, educational courses and support workshops. Two years ago the Peterhead FC players raised over £10k for Back Onside after the charity gave their support to Blue Toon player Gary Fraser who had found it difficult to come to terms with the transition from full-time to part-time football whilst also having to cope with a long term injury. The club are therefore delighted to continue their support for the charity

and help raise awareness by sporting the Back Onside logo on the 3rd choice kit. Speaking on behalf of Peterhead FC, Chairman Rodger Morrison said, “Given the support that Back Onside have given some of our players including Gary Fraser, it was a very easy decision to team up with the charity to afford them the front of shirt to display their logo. It is no coincidence that we opted for a yellow kit in order to maximise the potential exposure. However, none of this would have been possible without the generosity of A & M Smith Recycling. Scott and Kerry Smith have been very supportive of the club over the last few seasons and they had no hesitation whatsoever in giving over the front of shirt space in favour of Back Onside. Their sponsorship has ensured that we can run with this kit for the next two seasons and we are extremely grateful for their support.”

The kit has also proven to be really popular with fans and the club have had difficulty in meeting the demand for replica shirts. Back Onside founder and CEO, Libby McIntosh commented, “Everyone here at Back Onside are extremely grateful to be official partners of Peterhead Football Club and A & M Smith. Peterhead FC are key ambassadors for spreading awareness of mental health throughout the Scottish Football sphere and we hope that many other football clubs will follow their paths in encouraging better wellbeing for players.” “I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to everyone at Peterhead Football Club and especially Scott and Kerry at A

& M Smith for their ongoing support for everything that we do here at Back Onside. We simply, wouldn’t be able to do what we do without organisations like theirs.”

Scott Smith, Managing Director of A & M Smith also commented, “We are very proud to continue our sponsorship with Peterhead FC and to extend our shirt sponsorship for a further two seasons. We are especially pleased to lend our support in helping promote Back Onside, a very worthwhile charity which provides an invaluable service to sportsmen and women alike throughout Scotland.” For more information about Back Onside’s services, please visit www.backonside.co.uk or email info@backonside.com

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Saturday 9th July 2022 • Balmoor Stadium, Peterhead

Plucky Peterhead went down 2-0 to Premiership Aberdeen courtesy of a Christian Ramirez double at a packed Balmoor in their opening Premier Sports Cup Group game however the knee injury suffered by Blue Toon player Hamish Ritchie was more disappointing than the result. Ritchie was stretchered off early in the second half after a collision with Ross McCrorie and everyone at the club is hoping that the extent of the injury is not as bad as it first looked.

Manager Jim McInally gave debuts to goalkeeper Jack Newman as well as strikers Ola Adeyemo and Conor O’Keefe with Danny Strachan and Ryan Dow handed starts in their third and second spells with the club respectively. New boys Sandy Wood, Robbie McGale and Cody McLeod were on a small substitutes’ bench alongside a far from match ready Ryan Strachan. Peterhead made a bright start and Danny Strachan started a promising attack on two minutes however the Aberdeen defence ensured that it fizzled out. Two minutes later Dons debutant Mason Hancock was robbed 20 yards from his own goal by Ritchie and the ball was eventually fed out to O’Keefe on the left, however his shot did not trouble Kelle Roos. That early chance for the hosts did not panic Aberdeen and 60 seconds later McCrorie cracked a left foot shot past Newman from 25 yards only for it to come crashing back off the bar and hit the goalkeeper on the back before going wide for a corner. Twelve minutes later Newman shone again as he got down low to his right to touch a low McCrorie shot past for a corner after a lightning-fast raid by the Pittodrie men. On 34 minutes another fast-paced attack by the Dons, following a long pass from Dante Polvara, saw the ball cut-back to Ramirez and the American’s first time shot looked to have broken the deadlock until Newman produced another fine stop.

Another chance for the visitors came 60 seconds later when a Kennedy corner reached Jayden Richardson at the back post and he stabbed it across goal however recently introduced substitute Marley Watkins failed to turn it over the line. On 42 minutes it looked like McCrorie had finally scored when he whipped in a Richardson pass from the by-line however referee David Dickinson ended the red and white cheers when he chalked off the goal for a push on Jack Brown. Peterhead’s joy at starting the second half goalless quickly turned to despair when Ritchie collided with McCrorie in midfield and after a lengthy delay for treatment the Balmoor man was stretchered off. McGale came on and as the home side regrouped McCrorie picked out Ramirez however his header dropped into Newman’s hands and the same fate was met when the Pittodrie striker tried a backheel shortly afterwards. Jim McInally’s side then had their best spell of the game where they had visiting fans fearing the loss of a goal. Dow showed his class on 58 minutes when he picked the ball up 30 yards from the Aberdeen goal and sent in a swerving, dipping shot that looked goal bound all the way until Roos produced a spectacular stop. From the resultant corner the ball eventually dropped to Peterhead skipper Paul Dixon and he was able to flick it past Roos however Scales popped up on the line to clear. From that corner Jordon Brown had a glimpse of goal but his shot was charged down and when Aberdeen regained their composure Newman was again equal to a header from Ramirez. The deadlock was broken just after the hour mark when Newman was finally beaten from the penalty spot. Kennedy cut in from the right wing and as he made his way across the 18-yard line he became tangled with Jack Brown, and fell to the turf, with Ramirez sending the spot-kick in one direction with Newman going in the other. Ryan Duncan, who starred on loan for Peterhead last season, came on for Kennedy on 72 minutes and two minutes later it was 2-0 when trickery from Watkins allowed him to progress in the penalty box and cross for Ramirez who headed into the net despite a brave attempt to save by Newman. In the closing stages Besuijen fired wide with Newman producing another fine save as he dealt with a Polvara drive from 25 yards.

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Lossiemouth man Stewart Imlach, right, in action for Nottingham Forest as Doncaster's Charlie Williams looks on in 1956


Eversley “Bo” Lewis was a trailblazer at Pittodrie 60 years ago. He was probably the first black player to turn out for Aberdeen and paved the way for the significant number who have followed in his footsteps. He came from Bermuda to the north-east on the recommendation of cricketer Alma Hunt, who knew people at Pittodrie after he had a spell with Aberdeenshire Cricket Club. Bo, who was 16 at the time, stayed initially with Aberdeen manager Tommy Pearson and trained with the squad every day. In a recent interview with the Sunday Post, Bo said he was chosen to play for the first team in a friendly against an Army XI in September 1961. He said they won 5-2 and “it was great to be able to play in front of a crowd alongside guys like Charlie Cooke, George Kinnell and George Mulhall”. Bo reckoned his greatest asset was his pace: “I was quick off the mark. When there was a race, I could beat them all. I was away from my opponent over the first 10 yards.”

Eversley Lewis while training at Pittodrie

He completed his trial when he turned 17 and signed for the club as a professional. Eversley played for the reserves and said he was fortunate that he was looked after by the players with whom he shared digs, including Doug Fraser, Willie Allan and Charlie Cooke. They made sure he was involved in everything and threw a party for his 17th birthday. Bo was, in fact, an understudy for Cooke for the inside-left berth but was never called up to play in a competitive match for the first team. Bo revealed he had been known as “Bull” in Bermuda but Aberdeen team-mate Des Herron simplified it to Bo, and he has been stuck with that moniker throughout his life. He quit the Dons in May 1963 because he was homesick, but he said that was only partly the reason. The club had promised to reimburse him for his fare to Scotland, but the money didn’t materialise. Eversley said: “I did want to go home for a visit, and would have paid to come back again.” Despite this issue over money, Bo has happy memories of his time in Aberdeen and attended a match at Pittodrie several years ago. He now lives in Canada where he played football as a professional. His spell with the Dons inspired fellow-Bermudan, Clyde Best, to pursue a football career and starred with West Ham United whom he joined in March 1969. South of the border, Doncaster Rovers turned to Charlie Williams to succeed Bill Paterson at the heart of the team’s defence after the Scot moved to Newcastle United in 1955. Paterson, who was born at Kinlochleven, had begun his football career with Inverness Thistle before moving to Stirling Albion. He joined the Rovers from Ransome and Marle in 1950 and made 120 appearances for the first team before moving to Tyneside. He later enjoyed greater success with Glasgow Rangers. Charlie was of mixed race and was to become a cult hero with the Doncaster Rovers’ faithful. His father, Charles, had come to Britain from Barbados and served in the Royal Engineers during World War I. He settled in England and married Doris Cook, a Yorkshire girl. Charlie was born at Royston, near Barnsley, in 1927.

Charlie Williams 56

He worked as a miner and played in the Upton Colliery team, being determined to become a professional footballer. Charlie played trials for several clubs and accepted an offer to join Doncaster Rovers in October 1948. He broke through to the first team in season 1950-51 when he displaced the long-serving Syd Bycroft.

Doncaster Rovers in mid-1950s

Charlie was a tough, uncompromising defender who would never flinch from a tackle, saying: “The ball might have gone past me, and sometimes the player, but never both at the same time.” He had frequent jousts with Middlesbrough goal ace Brian Clough, who Charlie always kept close tabs on. In one match, an exasperated Clough said at half-time: “You’ll not be able to follow me into the dressing-room as well.” Charlie retorted: “No, but I’ll be out ‘ere waiting for thee when tha comes out!” Tony Bluff, a historian of Doncaster Rovers, saw Charlie in action and rated him as one of his favourite players. He told Stephen D. Smith, author of “Charlie”, the Charlie Williams story (1998): “Whilst he was not the most skilful he was a ‘muck or nettles’ player. He thrilled the crowds by stopping forwards. He was a hard player and probably if he was playing now he would spend most of his time suspended, but it just didn’t happen then. He was not an intentional fouler, but he was truly a very hard man who gave no quarter. I have seen him play through injuries and crunching tackles which would leave some of today’s players writhing in agony. It was a man’s game then and it suited Charlie.” Charlie was a cult hero to the Rovers’ fans, but he became a target for racist abuse from opposing fans and some opponents. Despite this, as Tony Bluff observed: “He never bit once when the opposing supporters had a go at him. He seemed to take it in his stride. If anything, it made him more determined. I have never before seen a more determined player.” One of his team-mates said that today there would be stewards, police and the Football Association clamping down on the abuse directed at Charlie, adding: “He used to say it didn’t bother him, but it did. It had to. He got up the opposition’s noses by doing his job well.” After hanging his boots up, Charlie reinvented himself and became a popular comedian and TV game show host. Entertainer Sir Lenny Henry summed up Charlie: “Charlie Williams was perfect for the time he appeared. It was a brilliant thing, this black Yorkshireman who played football with Doncaster Rovers, who’d had the wartime experience of white Yorkshire people, who talked like them, who thought like them, but who just happened to be black, and Charlie exploited this to the full.”



Football writer and opinionist, David Reid updates us on the latest summer football news

We may be on the cusp of the new season but one result has sent fans of Man United and Liverpool into hysterics with the Old Trafford outfit claiming the bragging rights with a 4-0 win in Bangkok. It has been an difficult few months for United and they are not clear of trouble by any means just yet. However, they need some positives to cling to during Ten Hag's bedding-in period and this result is priceless in that regard. The former Ajax boss said there were "a lot of mistakes". He will also acknowledge Liverpool struck the post on three occasions and goalkeeper David de Gea kept them out at least three more times. But, as Klopp said: "The result is there". For Liverpool, they will look at the result as a pre-season workout, an opportunity to get minutes into the players' legs. Klopp felt his side could have found the back of the net at the Rajamangala Stadium and said the game had come too early in pre-season for a more competitive affair. “The result is fair, we have to accept that, but it's clear we could have scored our goals as well, and then it would have been a more spectacular game," he said. The goals we gave away, we could have got assists for it, they used the chances, they caused us problems, but I saw a lot of good stuff from my team. The game came a bit too early for us, individual mistakes happen in football. It was pretty clear where we made mistakes but we could have scored three or four in the last five minutes and we didn’t, that’s our fault." Regarding what we learned from the game, too early to judge and proof will be in the pudding next May. Wayne Rooney has been appointed head coach of Major League Soccer side DC United. It is Rooney's second job in management after he left Derby County last month and he rejected criticism at his return to the American club. "I've seen a few articles, certainly back in England, on this being a possible backward step in my managerial career," said the 36-year-old. I really find that a bit disrespectful to this league." Rooney said he had spoken to his wife first after DC United came in for him and events leading to him taking up the role progressed quickly. "Any major decisions I make like this are discussed with my wife," he said. "My family will, for the time being, stay in England and come over and visit."

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