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To the Class of 2020, With the blink of an eye, our time at Carmel High School has come to an end. Throughout the past four years, we have all created memories that we will cherish for a lifetime. This year was definitely full of events that we could not see coming. Although it was a big setback to our school year, it showed how strong we could be in the face of adversity. No matter how difficult this year got, we were able to persevere and make it out the other side. Besides this, we have worked hard to create a future for ourselves. Throughout our upcoming journeys, it is important to create a vision for what you want in your life and what that vision entails. A vision is the kind of dream that can become reality because you plan and work for it. When you have a vision, you are deciding what destination you want to arrive at. Knowing your destination will keep you travelling on the right road, even if you go off track or get lost, you will be able to reset and get back on track. Focus on what's important to you and do what you think is right. By doing this, your life and work will be a reflection of what you truly desire and your version of success. As we all go our separate ways at the end of this year, I wish you all the absolute best. This year was not what we expected, but it cannot take away who you were created to be and what you were created to do. This will shape us for years to come, but we'll come out the other side with a new outlook on life. Keep working to be the person you want to be. We've worked our whole lives for this. Lastly, as you continue into your next journey, remember this: "Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world." - Joel A. Barker Congratulations Class of 2020, and Good Luck. Sincerely, Kaitlyn Doherty Editor in Chief





Yearbook Dedication 2020

Louis T. Riolo “Whatever you are, be a good one.” The words of Abraham Lincoln are forever poignant and true. For a forever student like Louis T. Riolo, it was not just a quote but a mantra to guide his life. In his early life, Lou worked to be a good son, a good student and a good friend. His post-collegiate life saw him return to his alma mater. He knew the impact of a good teacher and a good coach. He knew that by sharing his passions he could have an impact on so many lives on an annual basis. History has to come alive in order to be enjoyed. Lou made students be good. He taught them to be curious, to question and criticize what they believed to be absolute truths. He made history, law and psychology come alive with debates, discussions, and simulations. For that random student who decided they were too good for class, he would lead a triumphant parade to find them and bring them back – and make sure they knew that their current actions could shape their future both negatively and positively. The learning was continuous. Not all lessons were found in a textbook. Historical and life lessons were interwoven and permanently etched into the hearts of so many students. Either way, he pushed all his students to be good. Lou’s leadership and guidance not only motivated his students, but his colleagues as well. He eventually led teachers as the social studies department chair and then when the opportunity arose, he became principal of Carmel High School. The loud voice that once echoed the cafeteria looking for lost students, now echoed the whole school during morning announcements. Just like Lincoln’s words motivated him when he was a child, Lou wanted his staff and students to be good. Instead of encouraging his students in Government and Psychology, he now encouraged and supported them in all of their passions; from education, music and art, to business, sports and robotics, Lou knew everyone could succeed. Everyone could stand firm. Everyone could be good. While this letter started with a quote from an amazing individual, it is only fitting that it end with the words of another good man. So Lou Riolo, as you go on and influence even more people’s lives, we have to close the way you closed most of your announcements, for you said it best: Love you. Dave Zupan

Social Studies Department Chair






"I say more dumb things before 9 A M than most people say all day" -Chandler Bing Nickname: Ang Inspirations: To succeed Future Plans: Go to college and follow my dreams Activities: Mentor

Angie Velasquez Aguilar

Zachary Aiello

Jean Pierre Aldave

Joshua Aldave

The only person holding you back from unleashing your greatest potential is yourself.

In the words of Harry Edward Styles, Treat People W ith Kindness. Nickname: Lil, Minnie, wmw Inspirations: My Mama, Harry Styles, AOC, Ms. Marino Future Plans: Civil Liberties Lawyer & Activist Activities: NHS, SAS, Mentoring, Working at the iconic Michaels

Lily Ali


Inspirations: My mom, dad, and brother Future Plans: Be successful in my career and then have a family Activities: Spanish Club, SAS, Mentoring

Yadira Alonzo-Martinez

School was a blast.

"Y ou just go with the flow because life is just all about how you feel." Post Malone

Nickname: Manny, Kaboom Inspirations: Parents, Grandparents, Magic 8 Ball Future Plans: Pursue a career in diplomacy Activities: Soccer, Football, CCC

Nickname: Em Inspirations: My mom, dad, and grandma Future Plans: Run fast Activities: Varsity Cross Country & Track and Field

Mansour Altwal

Emily Alps

Time has no mercy, so don't waste it and go after what you want. Inspirations: My family, Katherine Johnson Future Plans: Orthopedic Doctor Activities: Volunteer at Putnam Hospital, Science Club, Spanish Club, NHS, Tennis

Daniel Andrade

Nicole Alvarado Mogrovejo

"Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations."

Siarah Arroyo

Antonio Artigas


"Talent is overrated" - Coach Cayea

"Chase your dreams but always know the road that'll lead you home again."-Tim McGraw

Nickname: Babs Inspirations: Mom, Dad, Sisters Future Plans: College Activities: DAHL, CVF, CVL

Nickname: G, Gwine, ACL Inspirations: My family, my friends and my coaches Future Plans: Go to college, become a vet and adopt 5 dogs Activities: NHS, S.O., Italian Honor Society, Mentoring, Soccer, Basketball, Lacrosse

Aidan Babnik

Gwynne Aull

"It's kind of fun to do the impossible" -W alt Disney

"It's not always what you say that matters, sometimes it's what you don't say." -Mr. Krabs

Nickname: Charlie, Brit Inspirations: My Family and Walt Disney Future Plans: College and have a great time Activities: SSA

Nickname: TY, T-badge Inspirations: Derek Jeter and Josh Gates Future Plans: College and to travel Activities: Lacrosse, Soccer, Jazz band, NHS, Mentor Program and Tri-M

Charles Baxter

Tyler Badger

"If you want to be a shark be a shark. Don't apologize for it." - Meredith Grey

Family Over Everything Nickname: Baby Boosh Inspirations: Randy Moss and Sgt Sins Future Plans: Business Man Activities: Football, Basketball, and FBLA

Alexander Beauchesne


Nickname: Jenn, Jenn Bell, Jbell Inspirations: mom, my friends Future Plans: Doctor/RN /Psychologist Activities: SAS

Jennifer Bell

Ravioli, Ravioli, give me the diplomioli!

"I'd rather have 7 good players than 1 superstar" -Coach Bob A ull

Nickname: Pancake Inspirations: Ken Block Future Plans: CEO Activities: DAHL

Nickname: Dan,Danny,Dbello,Bello Inspirations: Mom, Dad, Nicole, Alyssa, Mike, Christina Future Plans: To become a nurse and be successful. Activities: FBLA, NHS, Mentoring, Varsity Basketball, SO, IHS, Italian American Club

Danielle Bello

Max Bellesheim

No, I wasn't born in A pril.

"Y oung dumb broke high school kids"- Khalid

Inspirations: Mom and Dad Future Plans: Be successful and happy Activities: Captain of Varsity Dance Team, SAS, Mentor Program, Best Buddies

Nickname: K Inspirations: My family, Post Malone, DiDi Gregorius Future Plans: Become a pediatric nurse Activities: Varsity Softball, Mentors, Cancer Awareness

April Belmonte

Kaitlyn Belmont

"Carter! W ill's dead bro, he got abducted"- Joey Nickname: Will Inspirations: Matthew McConaughey, Mr. Frink, Matt Caione Future Plans: Live Long and Prosper Activities: Football, Lacrosse, Joey's Basement, B-Olympics

William Boalt

Amelia Bohmer


"There's always a bigger fish.� -Qui-Gon Jinn Nickname: Tappin Tim, botemeng, J Inspirations: Guy Ritchie, Wes Anderson, Christopher Nolan Future Plans: Become a film director/producer Activities: Carmel Film Club, independent filmmaking, Student Organization, NHS, dance

Lauren Brady

Timothy Bohrman

Y ou have to be weak to be strong, you have to be careless to learn, you have to be afraid to be fearless. Do not ever give up, believing in yourself.

Time spent with cats is never wasted. -Sigmund Freud Nickname: Peachy Inspirations: Meelz, STM, friends, & Mango Habanero wing eaters Future Plans: Own a herd of mini goats and cure brain disorders Activities: KBF, CVFH, SAS, Mentors, PHC Volunteer, being a cat connoisseur

Nickname: Candy Inspirations: Parents and Grandma Future Plans: Be happy with my life Activities: Explorer program at Fire Dept., Spanish Club

Kendi Briggs

Daria Brennock

"A ll our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." -W alt Disney

Bruh how am I out of gas already Nickname: Ricky Inspirations: Coach Cayea Future Plans: Military Activities: Football , DAHL, B-Olympics

Eric Brosinski


Future Plans: Graduate college without failing any classes. Activities: Varsity Ice Hockey, National Honor Society, Mentor Program

Alyssa Brucato

Spent 4 years here & all I learned was to say here when the sub hesistated when taking attendance.

Nickname: Bummy Inspirations: Jordan Belfort Future Plans: Be happy Activities: DAHL/CVF

Nickname: J-nice #iykyk Inspirations: Mr. Frink Future Plans: To become rich & live far away from Carmel Activities: CVV, Mentor, & telling subs how to correctly pronounce my name

Andrew Bumgarner

Janiece Brunson

Hey Mr. Buccheri, is now a bad time to tell you my last name's pronounced Ca-ban and not Ca-bon? Nickname: Cat Inspirations: My Parents, Coach Mel, Mrs. Cucinelli, Mr. Bucch Future Plans: Clinical Psychologist Activities: Carmel Varsity Dance Team, VP of French Club, Dance Club, Film Club

Donald Burke

Catherine Caban

Y our past doesn't need you anymore; your future does.

Money-Power-Sandwiches Nickname: Acamp, Soup Inspirations: Family, Friends, and Dwight K Shrute Future Plans: Be a Nurse, Have a family, Paper Supplier Activities: Soccer, Tennis, NHS, Mentoring

Nickname: Chess, Fancy, Midget Inspirations: Mr. Raney, Robert Downey Jr., Shane Madej, & spite Future Plans: Documentarian & Pulitzer/Nobel Peace Prize winner Activities: Rampage(RIP)/Lorenzo's(RIP)/ Drama/Musical/Rock Club Club/HamletHub/Mentors

Franchesca Cabrera

Andrew Campbell


“Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.”

"W ell, maybe I don't need your money. W ait, wait, I said maybe!" Friends

Nickname: Janeth Inspirations: My family’s advice Future Plans: Travel the world, go to college, live in NY City Activities: music club outside of school

Nickname: Jos Inspirations: Great Grandmother Future Plans: Psychologist Activities: Wrestling, sleep, Spanish club

Joselyn Campoverde

Esmirna Caniz-Sandoval

Nicholas Capetola

Justin Carrasquillo

hey welcome back to my channel! don't forget to like and subscribe to 'by jen' vlogs Nickname: Jennychan Inspirations: the chan fam Future Plans: build the PearPhone GX Activities: SAS, NHS, Tri-M, Musical, Yearbook, Varsity Tennis, Varsity Bowling

Anthony Cartaino


Jennifer Chan

"Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music."George Eliot

"Y ou are what you settle for, you know?" -Janis Joplin Nickname: Kenzie, Kenneth, Benzie Inspirations: My family, friends, teachers, & favorite musicians Future Plans: Get my degree, a VW Bus, dogs, & live the dream :) Activities: Rock Club, Musical, GSA

Nickname: Bella Inspirations: Mom, Dad, my brother Joe, Lynch Future Plans: To be successful and have a family Activities: S.O., Musical, Bella Voce, Singers, NHS, Mentors, Tri-M

Isabella Ciatto

Mackenzie Christman

"See ya later ma" -Jersey Shore

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great." - John D. Rockefeller

Nickname: Kyle Future Plans: USMC

Inspirations: My family Future Plans: College Activities: Varsity Hockey, Soccer, and Mentor.

Christopher Cieciura

Kyla Cipriano

Joseph Clement

Hunter Coapman


I spent 35,063.28 hours waiting for graduation... what do i do now? Nickname: Danish Inspirations: My family & friends Future Plans: maintain happiness and live without limitations

Mia Comiskey

Dayna Colantuono

Bad decisions make good stories. Nickname: KT Inspirations: Toniann Tedesco, Mr.Frink, Mr.Lynch, MY PARENTS! Future Plans: I'll be a hot mom driving a Range Rover Activities: Posting too many dance videos, SAS, Bella Voce, Singers

Future Plans: Major in finance

Katie Corrao

Fabely Cordero

"It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to hace tried to succeed" Theodore Roosevelt Inspirations: Greta Tintin Eleonora Ernman Thunberg Future Plans: Graduate College and get a swag bag Activities: CVF, DAHL

James Cox


Bryan Crecco

The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person's determination. Nickname: Shananagins, Shannino, Shan Inspirations: Anyone who's ever been in my life :) Future Plans: Volunteer, help people, and play soccer Activities: Soccer, SAS, NHS, Best Buddies, Yearbook

Shannon Curtis

Jocelynn Curtis

Y ou probably copied my homework at some point.

"Great moments are born from great opportunities" -Herb Brooks

Nickname: "Damn Bro" Inspirations: My family, Friends, and Teachers that supported me Future Plans: Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Activities: Volleyball, FBLA, Italian-American Club, Bowling, and Mentor Program.

Nickname: Bekah, Bek Inspirations: Michael Chiacchia and Rachel Balkovec Future Plans: First female head coach in the NHL Activities: Field Hockey, Safe School Ambassadors, Varsity Ice Hockey Manager

Rebekah Dandreano

Amanda Dambrosio

"It's not time to worry yet." - Harper Lee Nickname: dan dan, Jamie Inspirations: My parents, siblings, friends, and my teachers Future Plans: Live happy Activities: Musicals, Bella Voce, Mentor Program, FBLA

James Danvin

Fabiana Davila


One day you'll leave this world behind, so live a life you'll remember. -A vicii

Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around, you could miss it. -Ferris Bueller

Nickname: DjayFlames Inspirations: Illenium, Martin Garrix, and my parents. Future Plans: Becoming a CSI while still going to raves. Activities: Varsity Dance Team, Just for Kicks Martial Arts, Film Club

Inspirations: My parents, my sister, my coaches, and my teachers Future Plans: Elementary School teacher Activities: Varsity Softball, Cancer Awareness, Mentors

Kaitlyn Dean

Gilberto Davila

Everyone thought i would put "Hakuna Matata" but "I'm surrounded by idiots" (-Scar) felt better. Nickname: Jules, Julesy, Buules Inspirations: Dwight Schrute from The Office, obviously Future Plans: buying a duck Activities: Lacrosse, Volleyball, Gymnastics, Mentor Program

Nicolas Debenedictis

Julianna Debello

"I didn't become a volunteer deputy to make friends. A nd by the way, I haven't" -Dwight Schrute Nickname: Deputy, Sarge, Sergeant Inspirations: Edward R. Decker Of The Greatest Generation Future Plans: College And Entering A Career In Law Enforcement Activities: Wrestling, Tennis, Football, Cadets, DAHL, Nation

John Decker


Alex Dedaj

"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius Nickname: J, JD, Dehn Inspirations: Gary Vaynerchuk, Neil Tyson, Mom and Dad Future Plans: Work hard and enjoy life. Activities: Football, Lacrosse, Camarda, Scouts, DAHL, NHS

Ryan Dehn

Daniel Dedaj

"Y ou don't have to feel the need to put somebody down to make yourself feel better" -Nicki Minaj

Life is like a sandwich; no matter which way you flip it, the bread comes first.

Nickname: Bri Inspirations: My parents, my older brother, Becky G Future Plans: Communication Sciences and Disorders Activities: Best Buddies, Spanish, Mentor

Nickname: Pat Inspirations: Mom and Dad Future Plans: To be successful Activities: Spanish and Yearbook Club

Patricia Destefano

Sabrina Desintonio

Be as fearless as the women whose stories you have applauded. Nickname: Ally Inspirations: Ruth Bader Ginsburg, my Mother, and Mr.Frink Future Plans: I plan to become a civil rights lawyer. Activities: Drama Club, Musical, Tri-M, Bella Voce, NHS, and SAS

Allison Devane

Cherrilyn Diaz


"I cannot do all the good that the world needs, but the world needs all the good that I can do" - J.S Nickname: Genna, Meg Inspirations: My Mom, Dad, and Grandparents Future Plans: To pioneer life-changing biological research. Activities: Science Research, FBLA, Wind Ensemble, Varsity Bowling,

Meghan Dillon

Ethan Didomenico

I just wanna say thank you so much not only to God but to Jesus - Justin Bieber

"Even if we don't choose where we come from, we can still choose where we go from there."

Nickname: Kay Doh, belieber831 Inspirations: My amazing friends and family <3 Future Plans: Buy a Range Rover before my brother does Activities: Tearing my ACL (twice), Soccer, Musical, and Yearbook(:


Kaitlyn Doherty

Rachael Donofrio

William Dos Santos

Antony Duarte

"Y eah Donald Trump!"

"If you don't stand for something. Y ou'll fall for anything"-Malcolm X

Nickname: Duff, Duffy Inspirations: Jesus, My Parents, Rafael Lebron, David Johnson Future Plans: Serve in the United States Army Activities: Varsity Wrestling

Nickname: Maal Inspirations: A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Michael B. Jordan Future Plans: Become a commercial airline pilot

Ryan Duffelmeyer

Jamaal Duarte

"Defeat does not exist in this dojo"

The most difficult thing in life is to know yourself. - Thales

Nickname: Marianne, Mary Inspirations: My mom, my sister, and my grandpa Future Plans: Go to college, get a job, etc. Activities: I slept too much.

Nickname: Ash Inspirations: My Family, My Friends, Myself Future Plans: To make the world a better place. Activities: Carmel Film Club, NHS, SO, Spotlight Arts, Arts On the Lake, TBS Teens

Marianne Dulak

Asher Duke

"It is not titles that honor men, but men that honor titles." - Niccolo Machiavelli

Nickname: Genna, Meg Inspirations: My Mom, Dad, and Grandparents Future Plans: To pioneer life-changing biological research. Activities: Science Research, FBLA, Wind Ensemble, V

Michael Dumas

Inspirations: My friends, my teachers and myself Future Plans: To direct a feature film. Activities: Film Club, Student Organization.

Porter Durkee


everyone likes my mom more than me Nickname: Meghan Inspirations: My mom Future Plans: Becoming a nurse and joining the peace corps Activities: Cheerleading, Best Buddies, Italian American Club, Mentoring

Bryan Epp

Genna Dyer

"The only time I set the bar low is for Limbo" Nickname: Mel, Melman, Me Hoy Minoy Inspirations: My family, Gma and Deanna Mazzamuto Future Plans: To create a successful family of my own Activities: NHS, Mentors, Cheerleading

Rubi Esquivel

Melanie Eriksen

Thanks to CHS i learned to right good. Nickname: Coleslaw Inspirations: Money money money Future Plans: ??????? Activities: Hockey

Cole Evans


Anthony Falco


But I don't care! I'm still here! - Still Here by Langston Hughes

Nickname: Greek

Nickname: Bb, Benaynay, Banana Inspirations: Kookie, Cordelia, carmex, my grandma and udon Future Plans: Travel the world and become a Doctor Activities: FBLA VP, Science Club President, Mentors President, NHS, Interact, Track??

Pasquale Fata

Bene Farrell

There may be people who have more talent than you, but there's no excuse for anyone to work harder.

"I have learned over the years that when one's mind is made up, this diminishes fear." -Rosa Parks

Nickname: Ju Inspirations: My family and friends Future Plans: Go to college Activities: Lacrosse, Soccer

Nickname: G, Gia Inspirations: Mrs. Yedowitz Future Plans: Go to college and major in choreography

Gia Fenty

Julianna Febbraio

I am not Indian I swear. Nickname: Baljeet, Mr. DA Inspirations: Gandhi Future Plans: Salt March Activities: Varsity Soccer

Nicholas Fernandes

Joshua Fernandez


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams -Eleanor Roosevelt

Inspirations: Parents

Nickname: Jenners, Jenn, Bean Inspirations: Family, Friends, Sophie, Finn Future Plans: Graduate nursing school and start a family Activities: CVFH, Mentors, S.O., KBF, annoying my mom

Michael Fiore

Jenna Ferrara

"These are some good times, so take a good look around"- Trace A dkins

A sk not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. -John F. Kennedy

Nickname: Marg, Margo, Margie Inspirations: My cousins Future Plans: To be happy and surround myself with loved ones Activities: Lax

Nickname: Fish, Fishy, Fishstick Inspirations: Parents, coaches, and leaders in 4-H Future Plans: Go to college, and become a HS History teacher Activities: Track/XC, skiing, 4-H, and anything with being outdoors

Margaret Flocco

Ryan Fischer

"Y ou'll Never W alk A lone" Nickname: Tommo Inspirations: My Father Future Plans: To become successful in physical fitness fields. Activities: Soccer, officer of mentor program.

Thomas Ford


Kaylee Gallego

They say good things come to those who wait so imma be at least an hour late.

"That's what I do: I drink and I know things." Tyrion Lannister Nickname: Jgams, Bogues, TH, Jugs Inspirations: My Lord and Savior, Christie Marsich Future Plans: To acquire a PhD in Sandwich Making Activities: Carmel Varsity Hockey Benchwarmer, NHS, Mentors, SAS

Nickname: Ash Inspirations: My mindset, life choices and experiences Future Plans: Become a Cop, then a Homocide Detective, then Judge Activities: Safe School Ambassador, Yearbook Club, Spanish Club, Work

Ashley Garcia

Jessica Gamby

Every dog has his day.

Some of y'all haven't been eating chicken and it shows.

Nickname: E.T Inspirations: James Loughran, LGD Future Plans: Play basketball Activities: Basketball

Inspirations: My parents inspired me. Future Plans: I plan to study Mechanical Engineering. Activities: JV Track and Field

Esdras Garcia

Jarid Garcia

Josephine Garrity

Lillie Giacomelli


Greg is breg. Nickname: Chaseo Inspirations: Ms. Rosario Future Plans: Marines Activities: Lacrosse

Alexis Glatz

Chase Giuffre

Call awkwardness my girlfriend, because I Gottor. Nickname: J, Jah, Jaigot Inspirations: Dad and Ma Future Plans: Wait, I'm supposed to have a plan? Activities: Soccer, Basketball, NHS

Jaiah Gottor

Gavin Golisano

"Don't be afraid to give up the good to go for the great"-John D. Rockefeller Nickname: Tim, TGraz, Timmy, TimmyG

Inspirations: Dave Portnoy, Donald Trump, My brother, Larry Carr Future Plans: Wealthy, successful engineer, serving my country Activities: Jazz Band,NHS,Mentors, Tri-M,Tutoring,Robotics,Saxophone

Timothy Grazier


Erianna Guadagnoli

Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try. -John F. Kennedy

Inspirations: My Mother Future Plans: Cosmetologist!

Nickname: Inspirations: Drake Future Plans: Go to college and adopt a lot of dogs Activities: SAS, NHS, Mentor Program, Best Buddies, Cancer Awareness Club

Erin Hanahoe

Beverli Michele Guevara Grijalva

"I put my heart and my soul into my work, and I have lost my mind in the process." -Vincent Van Gogh Nickname: Abby, Ab(s), Sir Abbles Inspirations: Books, Flowers, Warm Weather, My Parents, Cats Future Plans: Do art, Make music, Speak French, Save the Planet Activities: Piano, Cello, (crying), art, Art & Book Club, Musical, WCYO

Abigail Harrison

Nicholas Harrington

"Change is always a little bit strange"- Brendon Urie

Thees ees a deesaster - Esteban Julio Ricardo Montoya De La Rosa Ramirez

Nickname: Debbie, Bruh Inspirations: Panic! At The Disco, My parents, Mrs.Mackin Future Plans: To become a Veterinarian Activities: Varsity Tennis, SAS, NHS, Science Club

Future Plans: To find personal success and happiness Activities: Dance Club, Film Club, French Club, Mentors, NHS

Greer Hazzard

Deborah Heaslip


"The world is in our hands...W e gotta do something with it." -Steve Rogers Nickname: Chris Inspirations: My parents Future Plans: Impact the world as much as I can. Activities: Jazz Band, FBLA, Italian Honor Society, NHS

Christopher Heller

Mack Hedman

running late but still stopped at dunkin'

"Y ou miss 100% of the shots you don't take. -W ayne Gretzky" -Michael Scott

Nickname: Sky,Skylar,Coffee Addict Inspirations: Parents, Sommer Ray, Mrs.Cadden & Mr. Silvestro Future Plans: Go to college, Travel the world Activities: SAS, Best Buddies, Cancer Awareness, French Club, Spanish Club, Italian Club

Inspirations: My family, friends, and teachers Future Plans: Go to college and live life to the fullest Activities: NHS, FBLA, Italian Honor Society

Skyler Hernandez

Jack Hembury

If you ain't first, you're last. Nickname: Joey, Tex Inspirations: Dad, Mom Future Plans: live comfortably, enlist in the Military Activities: Football, Fishing, Hunting

Joseph Herrera


Marcus Herrera

"Keep moving forward, and if its time to go, it's time. Nothing lasts forever." -Stan Lee

"If I ever said I'm never scared, just know, I'm lying." Nickname: Bryan Inspirations: My family Future Plans: To live a happy and fulfilling life Activities: Football, Student Government, Musical

Nickname: Holly Inspirations: My family and friends Future Plans: To be a history teacher and to be a better person Activities: French Club, Dance Team, Dance Club, Musical

Holland Hill

Bryan Higgins

It is better to be the one who smiled than the one who did not smile back.

W hat is drama but life with the dull bits cut out. - A lfred Hitchcock (Not related)

Inspirations: Friends, family, and my faith Future Plans: Have a happy life and a loving family Activities: NHS, Best Buddies, Mentors, Volleyball, Tri-M, FBLA, Science Club

Nickname: Ben Inspirations: David Bowie, Kanye, the Wiggles Future Plans: Perform, make music Activities: Musical, Bella Voce, Singers, Drama Club, All State

Madison Hughes

Benjamin Hitchcock

Timothy Hunt

"There are 86,400 seconds in a day. It's up to you to decide what to do with them."- Jim V alvano

"Failure is inevitable-and it's the people that keep trying who become successful" -Mirai Nagasu

Nickname: Thunt, J Inspirations: Stuart Scott, Jeff Probst, My Dad Future Plans: Follow a career path that I am passionate about. Activities: Varsity Football, Varsity Basketball, NHS, DAHL

Nickname: Sojie Inspirations: Parents, Patrick Insinger, Friends, My Coaches Future Plans: Successful lawyer and figure skater Activities: Competitive Figure Skating, NHS, NFLHS, & Mentors

Susan Insinger


W e Never Choose The Twin Life...

Life is too short to spend it with people who annoy you.

Nickname: RAJ, Ginger, Jonesy Future Plans: Work for a Professional Sports Team

Nickname: The Morgan with glasses Inspirations: My family and Mrs. Thomas Future Plans: Child Protective Specialist after college Activities: Film Club, French Club, French Honors Society, NHS, Mentors Club

Robert Jones

Morgan Jones

....The Twin Life Chose Us. Nickname: Jonesy Inspirations: Friends and family Activities: NHS, SSA, Cancer Awareness Club, FBLA, Go Green Club

Joseph Arun

Ryan Jones

"She believed she could, so she did." -TE

Nickname: Bigdaddykane Inspirations: Jordan Belfort, Dave Portnoy Future Plans: Big money moves Activities: DAHL, CVF, lacrosse

Nickname: JKam, Poohbear12308, Gerty Inspirations: My mom, Coach TE, and Grandma Future Plans: Become an Athletic Trainer and have a happy life Activities: XCA, CVC, NHS, Mentor Program, Yearbook, & Professional Ice Cream Scooper

Jessica Kamalsky


George Kane

"Y ou might be able to fool the FBI, but you can't fool the FB-Me." -Jim Lahey

If you're reading this that means I managed to graduate even though I CDA 'd every first period class.

Nickname: Cousin Itt, Donna Inspirations: Michael Stevens, my teachers Future Plans: Go to good colleges and do something important Activities: Science Club, dance, GSA,on Italian HS, watching GSA occasion, Italian HS, SpaceballsSpaceballs watching

Nickname: DD, Nik, CDA Master Inspirations: Stevewilldoit, NELK, Roy Raymond Future Plans: I don't even know what I'm doing tomorrow. Activities: Gaming, Vibing, Nation, DAHL

Nikolas Karaqi

Julia Kaplan

Inspirations: Jessy Bogues, Jordan Inspirations: Jessy Bogues, Jordan Belfort Belfort Activities: CVF, Baseball, Lacrosse, Activities: CVF, Baseball, Lacrosse, DAHL DAHL

Joseph Kelleher

Aedan Keating

Money is is HappinessHappiness- Dan Dan Bilzerian Bilzerian Money Nickname: Belly Belly Nickname: Inspirations: Dan Dan Bilzerian, Bilzerian, Chris Chris Inspirations: Kyle Kyle Future Plans: Activities: DAHL, Lax, Nation Activities: DAHL, Lax, Nation

John Kelly

Amber Kenna


"Mothertrucker dude, that hurt like a buttcheek on a stick"

Succs, but happens. Nickname: Catie, Cah-tie, Noise Inspirations: Dineen Kennedy, Miriam Yekutiel Future Plans: To continue doing the things I enjoy Activities: National Honors Society, Italian-American Club, Spanish Club, Concert Choir

Nickname: Sam, SamuraiSam, Samweenie Inspirations: Khadijah Khan, Ingrid, RBG, Cherry Push Pops Future Plans: Who knows, not me! Activities: NHS, Interact, Mentors, SAS, FBLA, Spanish Honors Society, Tri-M

Samreen Khan

Catherine Kennedy

"Do... or do not. There is no try"-Y oda Nickname: J, Kiko, Kovacs Inspirations: My parents Future Plans: To make some money Activities: Basketball, Cross Country, Spring Track

Ethan Kovalec

Kevin Kovacs

In the midst of chaos, there is also opportunity.

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." - Dr. Seuss

Nickname: Chrispy Toast Inspirations: Parents Future Plans: Aerospace Engineer and USAF Pilot Activities: Fencing, Youth Court, Science Club, NHS, Peer Leaders

Nickname: Jess Future Plans: Travel the world and become an Engineer Activities: XC, Track, Track and Field, NHS, Tri-M, Mentor, Spanish Club, Best Buddies

Jessica Kozma


Christos Kreatsoulas

Owen Lalak

Jack Lagan

W e only have one future, and it will be made of our dreams if we have the courage to challenge life.

"In order to be the best, you have to go through the worst" Future Plans: To become a Pediatric Nurse Activities: Captain of Carmel Dance Team

Dillon Lennon

Amy Lauro

Gregory Leonard

Nickname: Dill Inspirations: my mom, my grandparents, my uncle, Mr. Z, Mrs. Cadden Future Plans: Becoming an Auto Mechanic Activities: Bowling, SSA, Golf

Life's hard. Sometimes you just have to send it.

The greatest thing you ever can do now, Is trade a smile with someone who's blue now - Led Zeppelin

Inspirations: John Deere, Luke Bryan Future Plans: Work at John Deere, live in Iowa, collect tractors Activities: NHS, Varsity golf, Mentor Program, AP Gov Mock Elections

Nickname: J, Diabetes Inspirations: Elon Musk, Robert Plant Future Plans: Something that will dissapoint my kids Activities: Rock Club, Film Club

Spencer Longo


Andrew Macelhinney

Riley Lowndes

Everything happens for a reason.

"A nd I knew exactly what to do. But in a much more real sense, I had no idea what to do."

Nickname: Lex Inspirations: Lebron James Future Plans: Go to college, find love, and be rich Activities: Soccer and Basketball

Nickname: Ash Inspirations: Mom and Dad Future Plans: To become a Veterinarian Activities: Mentor Program, Varsity Softball, Horseback Riding

Alexa Malheiro

Ashley Mackin

"I saw an ad for a bank offering a cash bonus when signing, I saw it as a sign that change'll come"

"It was a nice play." - A . Lincoln Inspirations: Abraham Lincoln. Family. Future Plans: College, work in the Cybersecurity field. Activities: Drama Club. Film Club.

Ayden Mallegol


Nickname: Tim, Mail, Tree, J Inspirations: Mom, Dad, Michael from Vsauce Future Plans: Have fun and change the world Activities: Film Club, DAHL, Nation

Timothy Malone

Life will only change when you become more committed to your dreams rather than your comfort zone. Nickname: Mistie, cricket, meth Inspirations: Sdogg, _annzer23_,

W hy get involved in drama when you can sit back and watch the show? Nickname: Cutie Inspirations: My parents, my coaches, and Mr. Hildenbrand Future Plans: Become a physicist and hopefully change the world Activities: Dance Team, Film Club, Musical

jessie bogues, Gf mel, Tara-m Future Plans: Living on an island called Jojo's auto body Activities: Hangin out with Oreo and trying to find a pinky at TR

Christie Marsich

Edan Marcial

Connect Roids Good Morning V ietnam RA D 140

"W ould I rather be feared or loved? Easy. Both. I want people to be afraid of how much they love me."Michael Scott

Nickname: G Lewis, Roids Inspirations: Brian Bosworth, Family, Brett Favre Future Plans: Bench Press a Car Activities: CVF

Nickname: Matty B Inspirations: Woodrow Wilson, FDR Future Plans: Hopefully something cool Activities: Honestly not much

Matthew Massi

Matthew Martino

Find Joy in the Journey

Don't waste your youth growing up... forrealsies.

Nickname: Dee, Deena, Deanna my joy Inspirations: My parents Future Plans: Have a big, happy family Activities: CVC, S.O., NHS, Tri-M, Italian Honors Society, Mentors, FBLA

Nickname: pol, wmw Inspirations: my mom, tata, tio, shawn mendes & danielle marino Future Plans: Ella Mai's #2 hit on spotify, & to be happy Activities: Tennis, 5o, SAS, Mentors, Yearbook, Tik Tok (no longer a secret #seeya)

Paula Matos

Deanna Mazzamuto


" 'Cause Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be A lright " -Bob Marley

41.355510 -73.748160 Nickname: Jerry Inspirations: Travis Scott, Dirk Nowitzki, Luka Doncic Future Plans: Become a Navy Diver Activities: Hockey, chillin with the boys

Nickname: Schnoz, Mac, Heat Miser Inspirations: My Father, Jordan Belfort, Donald Trump Future Plans: FDNY, Sports Management Activities: CVF, DAHL, B-Olympics , Baseball, The Sophs

Justin McCullough

Ryan McCarthy

"Short people are better"- My grandma's fridge Nickname: Jimmy Future Plans: Stockbroker Activities: Lacrosse

Madeleine McDermott

James McGough

"I'm not great at the advice. Can I interest you in a sarcastic comment?" - Chandler Bing Nickname: Ca, Care, Mac Inspirations: Mom, Dad, Allie, Bren, Gram Future Plans: To be happy and successful in all that I do. Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Mentoring, SO, NHS, BHS, SHS

Caroline McIntyre


Brandon McMann

It be like that sometimes.

"i'm not even gon lie to you. i love me so much right now" -kanye west Nickname: shelly, seashell, mickey Inspirations: mom, jlo, magic 8 ball, bows, mrs. mackin Future Plans: find a dad, be rich, have fun Activities: go green, s.o, mentors, spanish club, ccc

Jasmine McPartland

Michelle McNamara

"W ith great power...comes great need to take a nap. W ake me up later." -Rick Riordan

Nickname: Soph, Pumpkin, Murderer Inspirations: walks, teachers (hi dad),

books, earl grey tea Future Plans: To be content, with hobbies, friends, & plants. Activities: Violin, book club, art, musical, tennis, bella voce, chilling in cemeteries

Sophia Mederer

Jason Medina

"There are no regrets in life. Just lessons.â&#x20AC;? -Jennifer A niston Nickname: Vtor, Toe, T, Victor Inspirations: My Parents & Siblings, Mr. Frink Future Plans: Become a hematologist, Create a beautiful family Activities: KBF, Varsity Softball, Varsity Basketball, SSA, Mentors

Teresa Meehan

Victoria Melito


"Living my best life." - Mike the Situation

"If it can't be fun, what's the point?" -Donald Trump

Nickname: Sam Inspirations: My mom, dad, and brother Future Plans: To be successful /known in NYPD and have a happy, healthy family (with money) Activities: CVC

Nickname: Load, Merc Inspirations: Joey Chestnut Future Plans: Get yolked Activities: Straight grubbin

Christian Mercurio

Samantha Menton

"V ictory cannot be achieved without sacrifice." - V iktor Reznov Nickname: PJ, J, Shadows Inspirations: Mom, Dad Future Plans: Photographer, Graphic Designer Activities: Scouts

Phelim Miller

Seth Michel

"This is it! Don't get scared now!"-Kevin McCallister

High school was easy. It was like riding a bike, except the bike was on fire and the ground was on fire.

Nickname: Steve Inspirations: My Parents, Steve Jobs, Graham Stephan Future Plans: Become successful and live around the world. Activities: FBLA, Italian American Club

Nickname: Zoey 101 Future Plans: Human Resource Manager Activities: Lacrosse, BOCES

Zoee Miller


Stephen Mills

"A wise man once said nothing at all." -Unknown

W hen in doubt, pinky out. Nickname: Barack Obama Inspirations: McDonald's Szechuan Chicken McNugget Sauce Future Plans: To take over the entire tri-state area Activities: DAHL, Baseball, Nation

Nickname: Cmallz Inspirations: Mr. Frink, Kaiser Future Plans: UVA Men's Soccer Waterboy Activities: Soccer

Christopher Mirque

Cristian Miralles

"I wish you music to help with the burdens of life, & to help you release your happiness to others."

It's just Jazz baby Nickname: J Inspirations: Joe Rogan, Jimi Hendrix, Jordan Peterson Future Plans: Something funky I hope Activities: Rock Club, Film Club, Michelle Obama's arms

Inspirations: Family and Music Future Plans: College, RN, Family, Never Stop Singing Activities: Vocal Training

Julia Monteiro

Justin Montafia

Sorry I can't, I have to fix the truck.

"There is no elevator to success. Y ou have to take the stairs."

Inspirations: Dad and Brother Future Plans: Penn State- Marine Corps- DB Activities: Hockey, Lacrosse, BHA

Inspirations: My Family Future Plans: Be a Marine, a police officer and have a family.

Jeily Morocho

Steven Mount


Shayna Mulios

Tristan Mousa

"Today is a great day to have a great day." Nickname: Mrose, Mar, Maroe Inspirations: My family, friends, teachers, and coaches Future Plans: College, Travel, Dogs Activities: Field Hockey, Lacrosse, SO, NHS, Spanish HS, Mentors, Spanish Club

Maryrose Murphy

Juliana Murillo

I farted.

"Unintelligent individuals should not be allowed to breed."

Nickname: Esteban Julio Ricardo Inspirations: John Cox the man and his son Activities: DAHL; Nation; B-Olympics

Nickname: Diesel Inspirations: Jason Witten, Albert Einstein, Captain Price Future Plans: Get big or die trying Activities: CVF, CVL, CVW, DAHL

Matthew Murphy


Erick Navidad

"Y ou will face many defeats in life, but never let yourself be defeated." -Maya A ngelou Nickname: Mickay Inspirations: mom, shawn, and nicki Future Plans: First line of Khalid's 'American Teen' Activities: Soccer, Basketball, Track and Field

William Neary

Michaela Ndono-Mfoula

"Oh screw beautiful! I'm brilliant! If you want to appease me, compliment my brain." -Christina Y ang Nickname: Jess, Rosie Future Plans: Elementary School Teacher Activities: Yearbook

Jessica Newman

Kaitlyn Nerys

Matthew Nicolosi

Things will happen in your life that you can't stop...but that's no reason to shut out the world.

A nd just like that, your turn came around, and everything they said was impossible is now your reality.

Nickname: Matt Inspirations: Corey Feldman, Christina Ricci, and Demi Moore Future Plans: Learning to drive, moving, and having a job. Activities: I've never participated in any clubs or after school activities.

Nickname: Natt Inspirations: My mom, older brothers, and Mr. Silvestro Future Plans: Live the luxury lifestyle. Activities: Being with the homies

Natalie Niebuhr


"A t the end of the day you gotta feel someway, so why not feel unbeatable?"

F.O.E. -CV F Nickname: Nuny, Nunez, Nun Inspirations: To be successful and have a happy family with a big house. Future Plans: Pat Tillman and Chris Kyle Activities: CVF and DAHL

Inspirations: Conor Mcgregor and Donald Trump Future Plans: Go into business.

Nicholas Oakes

Andrew Nunez

Y ou get what you give. Inspirations: Mom & Dad Future Plans: Engineer Activities: Hockey

Ryan Oconnell

Christopher Obrien

Stephanie Ogbebor


I don't go crazy, I am crazy. I just go normal from time to time.

"Can I call you if this gets weird?" -Monk

Nickname: Steph, Steph-Steph Inspirations: Family, food, candy, and lots of chocolate. Future Plans: Survive College and Med school and become a doctor Activities: NHS, basketball, drama club, daily existential crises & mental breakdowns

Nickname: Andrew. Inspirations: Adrian Monk, Lionel Richie, and VeggieTales. Future Plans: Become a professional DVD connoisseur. Activities: Singing at inappropriate times.

Andrew Olsen

If it excites you and scares you at the same time, it might be a good thing to try.

Drunk on two glasses of wine, yet I only drank water. Nickname: Straightn't, Didi, Mom Inspirations: Andrew, Bob Ross, and Maurice Moss Future Plans: See my theory of Trump as orangutan prove true. Activities: Shop at thrift stores to cope with my existential crisis.

Nickname: WiddyMak Future Plans: Anything other than school or prison

William Ondek

Madeline Olsen

There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people. - V an Gogh Nickname: Sammysam Inspirations: Salvador Dali ­and my cousin Olivia Future Plans: Become an art teacher, preferably at CHS Activities: French Club, Rock Club, SAS, Mentor Program

Colby Opromolla

Samantha Ondreicka

Y ou'll never know what it's truly like until you step into their shoes. Nickname: Santi Inspirations: Parents, Grandmother, My inner circle Future Plans: Invest 25% of life earnings in the Stock Market

Santiago Ordonez

Cassandra Orellana


"Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman." -Chanel

Inspirations: family & friends Future Plans: be successful & have a happy family Activities: cheer, gymnastics, NHS, SO

Inspirations: My family Future Plans: To work in fashion merchandising Activities: JV/Varsity Soccer, NHS, Interact, Spanish Honor Society

Sarah Oster

Colleen Orourke

W hen life gives you lemons, make guacamole. Future Plans: To become famous Activities: Musical, Mentor, Rock Club, Volunteer

Alyson Palmer

Brandon Oviedo

Sophia Palushaj


"To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid."

If idiots could fly, this place would be an airport.

Nickname: soph, SDOGG, roriera, phia Inspirations: magic mike, mr. A, mark wahlberg, my parents Future Plans: To be successful and travel the world Activities: SDOGG&METH, hitting 102 in baby hon, cancer awareness club, weddings

Nickname: Gabby Inspirations: Lance Stewart Future Plans: Culinary School Activities: Sports

Gabriella Pardee

W hatever the mind of a man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.

"Y our growth scares people who don't want to change."- Post Malone

Nickname: Jul, Jules, J Inspirations: Mom, Dad Future Plans: Immuno oncology research scientist Activities: Varsity Golf captain, NHS, Interact Club president, Science Club VP, FBLA

Nickname: Ray, Rach, Rachy, RayRay Inspirations: Dad, Mom, Post Malone Future Plans: Physician Assistant Activities: Varsity Golf Captain, NHS, Interact VP, SHS, BHS, FBLA, Vollyball

Julia Pasquale

Rachel Pasquale

"No amount of money ever bought a second of time." -Tony Stark Nickname: r o b Inspirations: My Family Future Plans: Live Activities: National Honor Society, Bowling Team

Robert Pavone

Marilyn Patino

Ryland Perolli

"Y ou had your time, you had the power. Y ou've yet to have your finest hour."-Roger Taylor

"Patrick don't you have somewhere else to be stupid?" "Not until 4" -Sandy Cheeks to Patrick Star

Nickname: Ry, good buddy Ryland Inspirations: Queen, Pink Floyd, and my caring teachers Future Plans: Become a history teacher and change the world Activities: Music, writing, advocating, laughing, and loving

Nickname: Brick Inspirations: Theodore Roosevelt, Dan Bilzerian Future Plans: Professional Poker Player Activities: Football, DAHL

Patrick Pettit


W hat's a queen without her king? W ell, historically speaking, more powerful. @CatherineTheGreat Nickname: Bella Inspirations: Friends, Family, Teachers and Coaches Future Plans: Become a high school social studies teacher Activities: SAS, NHS, Tri-M, Musicals, Varsity Soccer and Track

Gianluca Piccolino

Isabella Piacente

I don't understand why people would want to get rid of pigeons. They don't bother no one. -Mike Tyson

I do want to apologize if you hear a knocking or a tapping sound I do not know what it is I thought

Nickname: Joe Inspirations: Mike Tyson, Bruce Lee, Ronald Reagan Future Plans: History Teacher

Nickname: it was some kind of Inspirations: woodpecker or kind of

wall pest perhaps a rat or a Future Plans: squirrel but its consistently a tapping sound like Activities: its mechanical I put tarps and pillow over the walls the source is


Brandon Pitkat

Joseph Pilipczuk

"The world meets nobody halfway. W hen you want something , you gotta take it".- Lincoln Hawk Nickname: Big Ant Inspirations: My Parents Future Plans: Get my dream job and live a successful life.

Anthony Pregno


Thomas Prisco

"Go to the M4 on the C Minor in the perfect fourth quadrant." -V arious Basses Nickname: Jimmy, Purr, Purrboy, JimJam, Parr

Inspirations: Mother, Father, sisters,

Dr. Phillips (you are missed) Future Plans: Get mad famous, then buy a wine cooler with my wealth Activities: Bella Voce, Go Green, NHS, All State x1, Area All State x4

Vanya Pynkevych

James Purr

"W hen things go bad don't go with them" -Elvis Presley Nickname: Nikki, Nik, Nicholas Inspirations: My family Future Plans: Dentist Activities: CVC, Tri-M, NHS,Cancer Awareness Club

Brianna Quezada

Nicole Quattrucci

Megan Ravert

"No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world." -Robin W illiams

"There is no shame in failing. The only shame is not giving things your best shot." - Robin W illiams

Nickname: Megnog, Meggieboo Inspirations: My family and friends Future Plans: Chase my dreams, wherever they may take me! Activities: Varsity Ice Hockey, NHS, Mentors, Best Buddies

Nickname: Shannone, Shanini Burger Inspirations: My family, My Friends,

Mrs Demme, Mrs. Schreiber Future Plans: Inspire someone the way my teachers inspired me Activities: Field Hockey, NHS, SAS, Mentors, Varsity Ice Hockey Team Manager

Shannon Ravert


The more people I meet, the more I love my dogs.

"Didn't have to grow; but as the eagle leaves the nest, it's got so far to go." -Robert Plant

Nickname: Car, Cregan, Carl Future Plans: Canine Orthopedic Surgeon Activities: CVG, Mentors, SAS, NHS

Nickname: J, YQM, Jack Reacher Inspirations: Sam O'Nella, Elon Musk, John Priestly, Diogenes Future Plans: #1: Get a job. #2: Struggle through college loans. Activities: Pit orchestra, Rock club, Jazz band, Tri-M, Film Club, NHS

Carly Regan

Jack Recher

"It is better to live for one day as a lion than for 1000 years as a sheep." -Tibetan Proberb

I wasted about 5,040 hours in school just for a paper and a handshake. Nickname: APU Inspirations: My mom, dad, and sister Future Plans: Go to college and pursue the job physical therapy. Activities: Wrestling and Rugby.

Nickname: Jimmy, Roriera Inspirations: Donald Trump Future Plans: Become a doctor and/or Stool Presidente Activities: DAHL, Nation, Safe School Ambassadors, Bella Voce, Mentors, Musical

James Rinaldi

Carlos Ribeiro

I wasn't looking at your test..... I have Tourette Syndrome ;) Nickname: Olive, Baller O, Livi Inspirations: Bryson Tiller Future Plans: To become a well known news reporter Activities: Volleyball, SSA, FBLA, Best Buddies, Skiing, Golf, Carmel Cares Thrift Shop

Olivia Roman


Alex Roosa

"I'm not superstitious, but I am a little stitious." - Michael Scott

"Ight Frankie" - Dave Portnoy Nickname: Rose Inspirations: Dan Bilzerian, Tom Brady Future Plans: Continue my studies at Harvard University Activities: DAHL, Nation, CVL

Future Plans: Work for a pro sports team or become a 5 Star Chef Activities: Golf team, FLBA, Mentor, SAS

Michael Rosaforte

Matthew Rosaforte

"If I was an eagle I'd dress like a duck, Crawl like a lizard and honk like a truck." -Grateful Dead Inspirations: Willie Nelson, Rob Gronkowski, Mom & Dad Future Plans: rock & roll Activities: Carmel Puck, Film Club

Zachary Rubin

Zachary Rozell

"Julia, stop laughing!!!" -Everyone Nickname: jj, jru & jrudin Inspirations: Mom, Dad, Steph, Jack, Sam, Jenn & friends Future Plans: Become a nurse, travel the world & have a family Activities: Varsity Bowling, Mentors, Yearbook & SSA

Julia Rudin

Vincent Ruggiero


"Everything in life (including this quote) is way more meaningless than we think." - A unt Jemima Nickname: Matt, Matty B, Mike Future Plans: Find Dad Activities: Varsity Tennis Captain, Hockey Manager, Skiing, Physical Fitness

Matthew Salazar

Alexandra Sahle

Please. A nything else. Just not another Michael Scott quote. Nickname: Alli Inspirations: Nothing specific. Anything can inspire me at 2am. Future Plans: I hope to become an actress. Activities: Tri-M, Bella Voce, Musical, Drama Club, NHS, Film Club, and Mentors

Allison Sanel

Christian Sardo

"The man who asks a question is a fool for a minute, the man who does not ask is a fool for life." Nickname: Naturemanjon, jontincan Inspirations: My family, Elon Musk, my dogs, JD Future Plans: Study physics, go out west, have a good life Activities: Football, Wrestling, Rugby, cheffin, Boy Scouts, DAHL

Robert Sarracco


Jonathan Schanil

Shoot for the moon; if you miss you will die in outer space, which is pretty cool. Nickname: Jenjo Inspirations: My family and friends Future Plans: That's a good question! Activities: Soccer, Golf, NHS, singing, photography, Mentors, Tri-M & Yearbook

Jenna Schneider

Ryan Schlottman

"The more you like yourself the less you're like everyone else which makes you unique." -W alt Disney

"I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying." -Michael Jordan

Inspirations: My friends, my family and my teachers Future Plans: Psychology

Nickname: Anything starting with J Inspirations: Danny DeVito, who else? Future Plans: To die with dignity Activities: Baseball, basketball, swimming (in the 5th floor pool), loving Big Lou

James Schultz

Daniella Schofield

Y ou miss 100% of the paws you don't shake.

"it's time for lunch" Nickname: the other morgan Inspirations: Ms. Thomas, Rachael D'Onofrio Future Plans: to become a midwife Activities: French Club, Mentors, SSA

Morgan Shannon

Nickname: Ann, Annzer23 & Mcclover Inspirations: David Dobrik Future Plans: To become a Veterinarian. Activities: Cancer Awareness & Best Buddies

Annie Sherlock


get ur money up, not ur funny up Nickname: csherps, sherp, ringring Inspirations: Family, Wavynuru, Mr.Carr, Psherps, Kourtney K Future Plans: Have a job I love and a beautiful family. Activities: S.A.S, NHS, Mentor Program, Business Honors Society, Varsity Girls Tennis

James Short

Chhiring Sherpa

This is the fight of our lives. A nd we're going to win. W hatever it takes. - Steve Rogers Nickname: J, Seth Rogen, Chunks Inspirations: Lou Future Plans: pay taxes and die Activities: Rock Club, Film Club, Working illegal hours

Seth Silvestro

Peter-Jon Shurman

Christopher Smith


The greatest education in the world is watching the masters at work.

12 CDA s later and I'm still graduating.

Nickname: Christmas, topher Future Plans: Fail at music management, then probably teach. Activities: Jazz band, Pit Orchestra, Tri-M Music Honor Society, Mentors, NHS

Nickname: Court, Courtsmitherz Inspirations: My Parents and My Sister Future Plans: Become a vet and make bank to spoil my animals Activities: Mentoring, NHS, 4-H, and Jr. FW-PHA

Courtney Smith

Camp rock>High School Musical #nocap.

W e reached for greatness and achieved mediocrity- Probably someone somewhere

Inspirations: S&K,My parents, My Favorite artists & My sister. Future Plans: To graduate and become a canine trainer.

Nickname: Hughsyourdad, Hugh Ganus Inspirations: My parents and close friends Future Plans: FDNY Activities: Lacrosse and skiing

Hugh Smith

Kacie Smith

First, think. Second, dream. Third, believe. A nd finally, dare. -W alt Disney Nickname: Beck, Becca, Beckles Inspirations: Christopher, Mom & Dad, my Family, A-School

Future Plans: Get a job I love, have a family, be happy :) Activities: Drama Club, Alternative High School, Chorus, Stage Crew

Selena Sosa

Rebecca Spears

"W assup mamis the chulo's here"Jarid Garcia Nickname: Slug Inspirations: SteveWillDoIt, Riley, Lana, Mia and Brandi Future Plans: Sell bagels or clean pools Activities: DAHL, Nation and CVB Bench

Daniel Squillante

Kevin Stenger


"In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes" -Benjamin Franklin

Nickname: Cripple Future Plans: Go to med school and become a neurologist

Inspirations: Eric Foreman, Guy Fieri, My Family Future Plans: Eat pigs in a blanket in a blanket

Dylan Stolper

Scott Stoecker

"Sometimes when I close my eyes, I can't see." -Martin Luther Ling Jr. Nickname: Mika Doren Inspirations: My parents and LeBron James Future Plans: To make money and acquire a swag bag Activities: CVF, Lacrosse, Safe School Ambassadors, Mentoring, DAHL

Hannah Storms

Michael Storen

Y ou might've seen me in the halls you might've not, but yeah I'm a senior.

"I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days, before you've actually left them" -A ndy Bernard

Nickname: Si Inspirations: Dr. Sorensen Future Plans: To become an Occupational Therapist Activities: SAS, SSA, NHS, Carmel Varsity Gymnastics, Carmel Varsity Ski Team

Nickname: Sully, Lifeguard Inspirations: George S. Patton Future Plans: Part-time career in Armed Forces, full-time in Nursing Activities: Wrestling, Tennis, Putnam County Police Cadets

James Sullivan


Sierra Taplin

"Normality is a paved road: it's comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow." -V an Gogh

Nickname: Ruthie Inspirations: My family, friends & teachers Future Plans: travel, adopt lots of dogs & be happy :) Activities: SAS, Tri-M, Art Club, NHS, Book Club, Musical & Mentors

Nickname: Lyssie, Alys, Lyss Inspirations: Dogs, Mom, Dad, Sister & Dave Salvo Future Plans: Laugh, Love, and Spread Happiness. Activities: Sleeping and Drinking Coffee

Alyssa Thomas

Ruth Terman

Love is louder than hate. Nickname: Julie, Jules, Julie for Short Inspirations: Parents, Friends, that weird guy Charlee Stone who hosts "Floor Parties" in Art Class Future Plans: Eat Goldfish the rest of my life Activities: Watching Dance Mom and Tom Holland, Eating Goldfish

Leah Tierney

Julianne Tierney

Nickname: Mega Inspirations: Elon Musk, Stephen King Future Plans: Marine Biologist Activities: Sleep, Eat

Brian Tompkins

Jared Tompkins


"Be who you are & say what you feel because those who mind don't matter & those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

"W hat I do I do because I like to do." -A nthony Burgess Nickname: Kait, ktorres, Bella Inspirations: The world around me, My Parents, My friends Future Plans: Let's see what happens Activities: NHS, French Club, Mentors, Interact, French HS, and other stuff I quit

Kaeli Tretera

Kaitlyn Torres

Andrew Troll

Inspirations: Mom, Dad and the rest of my family and friends. Future Plans: College, have alot of dogs & eat lots of gf food. Activities: Twirling, Volleyball, Lacrosse

"I am ready to face any challenge that might be foolish enough to face me." -Dwight Schrute

"Y our life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change." -Jim Rohn

Nickname: Drew Inspirations: Michael Scott Future Plans: Join the FBI

Nickname: Cait, Ctully, ctull Inspirations: My family Future Plans: To marry Pilot Pete Activities: Golf, Field Hockey, Student Government, Mentors, NHS, SHS

Caitlin Tully

I swear I'm not winking at you. Nickname: Bell, Bella, Bellita Inspirations: Stella, A Boogie, Magic 8 Ball Future Plans: Marry rich Activities: SSA, Mentors, Cancer Awareness, CCC

Brandon Tumminello


Isabella Vaccaro

"W ell done is better than well said." -Benjamin Franklin

Thumbs up Inspirations: My parents and siblings Future Plans: Pharmaceutical engineering Activities: Science Research, NHS, Internet Club, Violin

Nickname: That Boy Inspirations: My parents, Stephen Hawking, Elon Musk Future Plans: Major in Mechanical Engineering and Play Tuba Activities: NHS Vice President, Jazz Band, Tri-M, Mentoring, Area All State

Alexander Vandenberg

Grace Vaidian

Senior quote limited 100 characters isn't enough for me to say all the things i had in mind holyFuture Plans: I just know I'm making a whole lot of money.

Elijah Vargas

Alyssa Vanzo

POOJA , W HA T IS THIS BEHA V IOR?? Nickname: Amaala, Amalia, Omala Inspirations: Friends and Family Future Plans: Crossing that bridge when I get there Activities: Sleeping in class, Quitting clubs

Amala Vattappally

Julian Veliz Guerrero


i cant sorry..im at work

"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." -A lice in W onderland

Nickname: nella, nell, nutella Future Plans: go to college, live sucessfully Activities: Best Buddies, Cancer Awareness, Mentoring

Nickname: Madi Inspirations: Mr. Scuccimarra, Mrs. Demme, Brittany DeStefano Future Plans: Dancing my way through life Activities: Dance Team, French Club, Film Club, NHS, Mentors Program, Musical

Antonella Vigil

Madison Vendel

Noah Wahl

"Do the roar"

A ll you need is love and a dog.

Nickname: Boah Inspirations: My mother and father Future Plans: Engineering or Med Activities: Eagle Scout, Football, Dahl

Nickname: Tay Inspirations: Mom and Dad Future Plans: To live a happy and successful life. Activities: Best Buddies, Cancer Awareness and Mentor Program

Taylor Weiss

"This is my body, the only thing that I own entirely; and it'll carry me to greatness somehow."- TFB Nickname: Ash Inspirations: Teachers, Administrators, and Close Friends Future Plans: Go to college, work at Carmel, have a family Activities: Best Buddies, Art Club, Drama Club, Musical

Meghan Wheelock


Ashton Wise

If I constantly think about my animals, does that mean I'm addicted to them? Nickname: Meg, Meggo, MegaK Inspirations: My mom and the Alternative High School teachers Future Plans: Go to college and hopefully become an art teacher Activities: Drama Club, Musical, Gay-Straight Alliance.

Megan Young

Orlando Xavier

"Sometimes you will never know the value of a moment until it becomes a memory." -Dr. Seuss

Y ou snooze, you lose! Nickname: Sam Inspirations: Pa Future Plans: Become a High School English teacher. Activities: Varsity Bowling, Teen Leadership Council, Mentor Program

Samantha Youngman

Future Plans: Probably something in science Activities: Science Club, NHS, Interact Club, Tri-M, Art Club, Mentors

Monica Zheng


Camera Shy Seniors Joao Alejos Justin Bassit Ivan Boyadzhiev Eric Breault Marcos Crisostomo Oliveros Casandralize Cruz Liam Day Brendan Donelan Gabriella Ferreira Nicholas Garcia Brianna Gerdes Conor Gilespie Paul Goodrow Jose Antonio Guzman


Callum Halliday Alan Harrold Harry Kelly Ryleah Leeder Ethan Lisi Juan Lopez Trejo Alice Medina John Meinck Michael Mejias Gerson Melendez Shayla Mulios Tyiesha Olivo Marylynn Patino Lawrence Pucillo

Jayson Rahming Evelin Ramirez Anthony Ramirez Grijalba Brittney Rebis Roche Reid Jessica Rueda Zaraiz Santos Abilio Saraiva Rego John Solorzano Guadalupe Christopher Stisi Seâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rye Taylor Steven Vera Tyler Wheelock




Color Day 06.03.19











Senior Superlatives

Class Genius


Class Clown

Christos Kreatsoulas & Sophia Mederer

James Rinaldi & Alexa Malheiro

Best Girl Friends

Best Guys Friends

Shannon Curtis & Kaitlyn Doherty

Porter Durkee & Asher Duke

Best Hair

Best Eyes

Justin Montafia & Julia Pasquale

Eric Brosinski & Christie Marsich

Best Laugh

Best Smile

Christian Mercurio & Olivia Roman

Gilberto Davila & Jessica Kamalsky


Best Looking

Caitlin Tully & William Boalt

Best Dressed

Colleen O'Rourke & Jack Recher


Best Personality

James Purr & Meghan Dillon

Best Nickname

Andrew Bumgarner & Victoria Melito

Cutest Couple

Andrew Nunez & Samantha Menton

Most School Spirit

Kevin Kovacs & Jessica Gamby

Friends With Everyone

Amanda D'Ambrosio & James Danvin

Most Likely to Teach at Carmel

Joseph Pilupczuk & Samantha Youngman


Most Artistic Samantha Ondreicka & Gavin Golisano

Most Likely to Succeed

Bene Farrell & Timothy Grazier


Most Involved

Isabella Ciatto & Matthew Rosaforte

Most Musical

Andrew Olsen & Katie Corrao

Most Athletic

Alex Beauchesne & Maryrose Murphy

Most Outgoing

Ryan Duffelmeyer & Genna Dyer

Most Likely To Become Famous Timothy Bohrman & Alyssa Thomas

Worst Case of Senioritis

Nikolas Karaqi & Kacie Smith



Daria & Amelia Brennock

Ashley & Megan Mackin

Michael & Jeanna Fateh

Ashlyn & Caleb Cleary

Natalie Niebuhr & Erin Hanahoe

Timothy & Michael Malone

Ryan & Kaitlyn Doherty

Victoria & Christie Marsich

Holland & Hannah Hill

James & Nikki McGough

Samantha & Ethan Ondreicka

Maxx & Ricky Brosinski

Samreen & Faleha Khan

Julianna & Alyssa Febbraio

Cole & Faith Evans

Josh & Matt Massi

Ben & Fabiana Davila

Keira & Kaitlyn Musial

Kendi & Jackson Briggs

Greer & Sloane Hazzard

Kevin & Mary Kovacs

Kristina & Greg Leonard

Alyssa & Kaitlyn Dean

Michael & Nick Rosaforte


Noah & Zakary Wahl

Isabella & Sophia Piacente

Hugh & Brody Smith

Ella & Mia Crawford

Rachael & Rebecca Dandreano

Madeline & Andrew Olsen

Sophia & Olivia Scaperotti

Ashley, Sandor & Jessica Kozma

Grace & Leah Vaidian

Kayla & Catherine Kennedy

Eleanor & Abigail Harrison

Asher & Elias Duke

Timothy & Amanda Hunt

Antonella & Maria Vigil

Jack & Shannon Curtis

Maeve & Rowan McGlynn

Jerry & Yadira Alonzo

Dustin & Danielle Tharas

Tyler & Ryan Badger

Tyler, Kayleigh, Shannon, & Megan Ravert

Amanda & Matthew Murphy

Venus & Skyler Hernandez

Kelsie, Kaeli & Carlie Tretera

James & Amanda Purr

Alyssa & Renamarie Vanzo

Rachel & Julia Pasquale















Richard Abele

Rose Abraham

Molly Aguero

Timothy Albano

Lilianna Alexander

Christian Alfaro Rivas

Christopher Amore

Isabelle Andreo

Dustin Arbore

Erick Arias Castro

Amenna Aslam

August Autieri

Benjamin Autieri

Jack Autieri

Jonathan Aversa

Brian Baader-Blaser

Julia Baker

Weston Bark

Eden Barone

Nicholas Barry

Dylan Bates

Amanda Baumgardt

Christian Berardi

Ian Bielawski

Lea Bojorquez

Aaron Bonilla

Jayandre Boscia

Ariana Boswell

Luke Brady

Eric Brandt

Sara Briggs

Katherine Brown

Haylee Cafarelli

Brigid Calabrese

Ryan Calhoun

Tatiana Canada

Davius Canini

Jose Caniz Sandoval

Gabrielle Canuelas

Rodolfo Carvache

Katherine Castaneda

Caryse Causa

Class of 2021

Carly Chardavoyne

Riley Christiana

Orissa Christophers

Kai Chu

Caleb Cleary

Audree Colantonio

Mason Compton

Ian Conciatori

Meaghan Connors

Kelly Conroy

Maya Cowan

Annelle Cox

Mia Crawford

Taylor Crow

Lyona Cruz

De'Avion Dalton

Dakota Daniels

Sequoia Dashnaw

Max Davis

Mariana Daza

Anthony Debellis

Holly Defeo

Alexandra Defilippo

Olivia Defonce

Maiah Deleon

Liz Delgado

Vincent Deluca

Matthew Demme

Meghan Denning

Madison Deprino

Adrianna Diab

Spencer Dicembrino

Joseph Dipierro

Brooke Dixon

Keith Dixon

Madeline Donohue

Hailey Dorado

Simon Douglas

Lauren Downes

Rachel Downes

Anthony Duarte

Rocio Dubon Diaz




Tiffany Duch

Grace Duke

Theresa Dushaj

Kacie Eichhorn

Joseph Esposito

Faith Evans

Fiona Faccilonga

Nathan Falk

Liam Farrell

Jeanna Fateh

Isabella Faudar

Sophia Fava

Alyssa Febbraio

Anthony Febo

Jaroslav Fejko

Jessica Fermin

Marcos Fernandez

Juliana Ferreira

Owen Fleischman

Molly Foley

Olivia Fortin

Kayla Franco

Eva Marie Frazzetta

Ariana Gabrielli

Jared Gallagher

Cara Galli

Sadie Galligan

William Galligan

Mary Jo Garcia

Mayra Garzon Ochoa

Ashley Geist

Christopher George

Matthew Gianfransico

Paul Giannelli

Zack Ginesin

Daiana Giron

Sharon Giron

Tatiana Glanzman

Haley Glassman

Joshua Goldberg

Benjamin Gormley

Jake Groundwater

Class of 2021

Jasmine Guerra

Amanda Haddadin

Amy Haddadin

Brian Hanahoe

Nicholas Haramis

Donovan Harris

Sarah Hauptman

Shannon Hayes

Andrew Hiraldo

Savannah Horton

Deveney Howard

Amanda Hunt

Alyson Hyatt

Joshua Jackson

Cristian Javier

Kyla Jeanjules

Jennifer Jimenez Bautista

Caroline Johnson

James Johnson

Delaney Jones

Adrian Jurkovic

Johnathan Kafes

Jason Kelly

Nicola Kelly

William Kelly

Melanie Klammer

Cassandra Knapp

Sandor Kozma

Jacqueline Kruse

Angelo Lagana

Salvatore Lagana

Joseph Lee

Mario Leiva

Juan Lencina Baez

Joel Licona

Thomas Lofaso

Sarah Loja

Donato Lombardi

Valentino Lopardo

Nicholas Lorenzo

Hannah Loughran

Graham Ludwig




Kaleigh Lynch

Justin Mafes-Rose

Tyler Maguire

Edwin Maldonado

Michael Mandara

Camryn Marino

Ashley Marroquin

Victoria Marsich

Zachary Martin

Elias Martinez

Naomi Martinez

Katrina McCormack

Ryan McDonald

Krysty McDonnell

Rowan McGlynn

Mikayla McGrory

Jonathan McIntyre

Anna McKee

Olivia McKinlay

Jenna Meissner

Michael Mejias

William Meyers

Francesca Milanesi

Rebecca Monge

Sebastian Monge

Nicholas Montagna

Jesica Morales

Christian Morey

Stephen Mosny

Brian Muniz

Matthew Murphy

Rory Murphy

Angelina Musharbash

Kaitlyn Musial

Joseph Nemeth

Max Nikischer

Gianna Noga

Ava Nolletti

Loreta Nrecaj

Devin Nunez

Harper O'Connor

Olivia O'Connor

Class of 2021

Emma O'Leary

Lauren O'Loughlin

Tyler O'Toole

Elvis Oliveros

John Olsen

Ethan Ondreicka

Amaru Orellana

Maya Orellana

Noah Orser

Alexandra Ortiz

Amber Oster

Nicholas Pappas

Robert Paradiso

Alfredo Patino

Stephanie Pereira

Patrick Perzan

Joseph Piccolino

Aidan Pile

Athena Pinelli

Natalie Pinerio

Angelena Primiano

Daniella Prudenti

Elizabeth Quezada

Cynthia Quezada Lalvay

Martha Quezada

Adriana Ramirez

Alexa Ramirez

Edward Ramirez

Emily Ramon

Kristie Ramos

Melissa Rice

Max Richardson

Caitlyn Riordan

Kaylee Rios Castro

Joseph Risley

Jonathan Robles

Kylie Rosenquest

Kelly Roth

Taylor Roth

Isaiah Roulhac

Christopher Rourke

Ian Rourke




H Clark Rubin

Ryan Ruggiero

Aidan Ruiz

Neo Ruiz

Quinn Sabia

Victoria Salves

Jake Sanchez

Aaron Sanel

Paula Santana Mejia

Anaely Santiago Rodriguez

Anthony Savio

Olivia Scaperotti

Joseph Schiavone

Kayla Schnorr

Richard Schreiber

Julianna Schroder

Michelle Shaffer

Frank Shanny

Pasang Sherpa

Ronald Shofi

Anastasya Shpakova

Victoria Sickler

Amanda Smith

Brody Smith

Katherine Smith

Luisa Spadaro

Ashlyn Spinelli

Kevin Spinelli

Charlotte Stone

Ryan Stone

Jack Sullivan

Ashley Suppa

Troy Sweet

Abigail Taormina

Alexander Torres

Mary Trippodo

Angelina Trongone

Katie Turk

Jeffrey Vancoighnett

Elaine Vancoughnett

Cristian Vargas

John David Vargas

Class of 2021

Sarai Vargas

Paige Velez

Jeffrey Ventura

Aiken Villafuerte

Andrew Vishinski

Braeden Voyticky

Elana Walters

Caitlyn Webber

Luke Weber

Christopher Weizenecker

Matthew Wetzel

Karissa Widman

Ethan Wiener

Matthew Wilcha

Colin Wilson

Jillian Wolk

Raymond Wozniak

Samantha Wozniak

Jordan Yarusso

Sandy Zheng

Anna Zimmerman

Sierra Zory







Lucia Abad Celleri

Lara Agro

Katherine Aguirre Portillo

Jaden Albert

Emily Alcala

Mauricio Alejos

Emma Alicea

Jeremiah Allen

Jerry Alonzo

Jon Alpa

Alexandra Antonacci

Benjamin Antoniuk

Kayla Anzalone

Hunter Aponte

Emerson Appleyard

Joanna Archundia

Keerthi Atluri

Washington Avellaneda

Thomas Avellino

Leila Bahssain

Lauren Barna

John Barresi

Hailey Basso

Emma Bast

Robert Beanland

Kylie Behan

Carter Benson

Robert Benson

Jillian Blair

Lowell Boalt

Jack Boeheim

Samantha Bogart

Francesco Bojorquez

Marko Borovyk

Alexa Bouchard

Erin Brady

Olivia Brendler

Wyatt Brenneman

Maxx Brosinski

Claire Bumgarner

Richard Burke

Allison Burns


Class of 2022

Angie Calero

Ryan Callahan

Nicolas Calvelli

Christopher Campanella

Peyton Capolino

Daniel Caraceni

Johannah Caravetta

Niamh Carey

Gabriela Carneiro

Brianna Carovillano

Vincent Carovillano

Chayse Carroll

Gabriella Casanova

Riley Casey

Trevor Cayea

Amber Cerulli

Jose Chulo

Ashlyn Cleary

Michael Clifford

Matthew Collazo

Hailey Colon

Civonte Cooper

Molly Corry

Juliana Cotza

Juliette Cox

John Crecco

Siera Cretara

Amadeus Andrei Cruz

Shannon Cuccia

John Curtis

Angelina Cyrwus

Kevin Dall

Scott Danvin

Ellyse Davis

Alyssa Dean

Samantha Defilippo

Hudson Defreitas

Alexander Dejesus

Giuliana Dello-Russo

Ashley Delpozzo

Adrianna Desalvo

Nicholas Dileo



Gabriella Dimartino

Emily Diorio

Julia Diorio

Ryan Doherty

Simone Domenick

Alexander Doring

Melissa Dos Santos

Elias Duke

Kelsie Ehlberg

Jillian Esposito

Amir Farghaly

Deirdre Farrell

Dylan Fernandes

Madison Fikaris

Kyle Fink

Madison Finney

Andrew Fiore

Caitlin Fischer

Wilson Flores Perez

Joshua Flores-Rozell

Leanna Florez

Amanda Ford

Colin Forster

Francesca Frabizzio

Stefani Frank

Hailey Fregosi

Thomas Fusco

Isabella Gallagher

Mark Gallagher

Evelyn Garcia

Michelle Garcia

Jennifer Gerace

Angelina Giacomelli

Alex Gialanella

Dominick Giannone

Nicholas Giordano

Luke Golisano

Elena Gottschalk

Michael Guiney

Ashley Hall

Austin Harf

Eleanor Harrison


Class of 2022

Patrick Harrison

Sofia Harrison

Sloane Hazzard

Karlie Head

Lauren Hendrickson

Daniel Henry

Destiny Henry

Joseph Henshaw

Hannah Hill

Jacob Hitchcock

Lillian Holmes

Connor Hood

Amber Huber

Joseph Huse

Salvatore Intravaia

Jason Jackson

Jason Jain

Emily Johnson

Donoven Jorgensen

Tysir Jurado

Jack Kane

Dylan Kanganis

Nicholas Kaposznyak

Eric Kappus

Kai Karas

Sahr Kasson

Joel Keesler-Venables

Izabella Kielbasa

Patrick Kiernan

Milacent Kisling

Grace Knapp

Margaret Knapp

Anna Kobierowski

Malena Kocaj

Mary Kovacs

Albiana Krasniqi

William John Krause

Haley Kubik

Ryan Lagan

Devin Laineste

Nathan Lanzarotta

Chloe Lebeau




Kaitlyn Lennon

Kristina Leonard

Kaylee Lepore

Gabrielle Leslie

Emma Levi

Kasey Lewis

Jessica Licastrino

Gisele Licona

Amy Litt

Olivia Lockwood

Thomas Lombardi

Thomas Lotz

Ryan Lynch

Kayla MacElhinney

Megan MacKin

David Maguire

Michael Malone

Julianna Marrone

William Marsden

Alejandrina Marte

Harrison Martin

Amy Martinez

Dilan Martinez

Donnalee Mason

Joshua Massi

Adriana Mastrangelo

Emily Matera

Vincent Mazzamuto

Ryan McClymont

Will McDermott

Joseph McDonald

Nikki McGough

Bethany McIntyre

James McLaughlin

Madelyn McMath

Moira McNerney

Elianna Medina

Emily Medina

Hannah Melchner

Daniel Monahan

Jake Montana

Michael Montana

Class of 2022

Karoline Montanha Costa

Jayla Moore

Elias Mulios

Olivia Murillo

Brendan Murphy

Ronan Murphy

Wesley Myles

Victoria Narvaez

Abigail Newman

Dana Nguyen

Sofia Nievas

Maja Nikoljic

Doruntina Nrecaj

Colette Nunez

Aidan O'Connor

Lauren O'Rourke

Amanda O'Shea

Kathleen O'Sullivan

Kevin Oliveros

Carla Orellana

Katie Orellana Montoya

Mindy Osoria

Nicholas Oster

Dominick Ovalles

Dylan Pagan

Daniel Palumbo

Alexandra Paradiso

Jhoselyn Paucar

Christian Pena

Kaitlyn Pena

Fernanda Perez Gomez

Fabricio Perez Pinto

Kaitlyn Pirrelli

Robert Pisarik

Madeline Plotkin

Delilah Polanco

Derek Polanco

Nicholas Porretto

Elizabeth Poulin

Julia Przydzial

Michelle Punina Sanchez

Amanda Purr



Molly Radigan

Sasha Ramdat

Delmy Ramirez Orellana

Branden Ramon

Emily Ramos

Kayleigh Ravert

Elizabeth Repa

Jaclyn Repanti

Julie Repanti

Jackson Reyes

Breandan Richardson

Cailee Richardson

Noah Richardson

Ariana Rivera

Arianna Rivera

Gabriel Rivera

Shane Riveraruane

Arianna Rizzo

Samantha Robinson

Rebecca Rock

Kate Rodriguez

Jizelle Rodriguez Real

Isabella Roman

Jamielin Rosa

Aife Ruane

Analise Ruiz

David Ruiz

Sage Russell

Jeremy Rynn

Sofia Sanchez

Maderas Santalone

Orguidia Santana

Gabrielle Santangelo

William Sarracco

Spencer Schmidt

Grace Sciametta

Victoria Sciarra

Paul Sedlarcik

Danielle Shanny

Nima Sherpa

Dylan Shields

Teresa Shkreli


Class of 2022

Kimberly Shofi

Zoey Silsdorf

Robert Sleight

Serenity Smith

Nicholas Sodano

Grace Sonnergren

Cameron Spencer

Trevor Spinelli

Shane Stockfield

Samantha Stofko

Renaldo Stroud

Dwyant Suazo

Kimberly Supliski

Alexandra Taranto

Dominick Telesco

Evelin Tenezaca

Ryan Terwilliger

Dylan Tirrell

Gustav Tompuri

Wyatt Torlish

Brianna Torres

Celina Torres

Jeremy Torres

Matthew Toscano

Neal Toscano

Steven John Troll

Caelyn Trinity Tuffy

Jessica Turner

Sergio Vaccaro

Leah Vaidian

Renamarie Vanzo

Anthony Vara

Gabriela Vargas

Nixon Vargas Paucar

Greta Vaughn

Christian Vega

Matthew Verna

Lucas Vishinski

Zakary Wahl

Aidan Webster

Abigail Weizenecker

Nicholas Wisdom



James Wise

Dylan Zion


Tayte Wong

Mark Yorio

Michael Youngman

Julian Zahran

Alyssa Zangrilli

Alexa Zarelli






Leah Abreu

Marcos Acevedo

Lucas Aguero

Joseph Aguirre Portillo

Julia Aiello

Robert Altavilla

Michelle Andreo

Michael Andricosky

Michael Antonacci

James Ardisana

Justin Arevalo

Brandon Ayala

Jerry Ayala-Mateo

Ryan Badger

Anthony Baez

Shyanne Baez

Daniel Baggetta

Jennyfer Bassett Lopez

Felix Bateman

Charles Berardi

Alexey Bezzubikoff

Owen Boland

Alexander Boscia

George Boskovski

Adam Bradford

Eliza Brahimi

Nicole Branca

Joey Bravo

Alexander Brendler

Anthony Briante

Jackson Briggs

Elijah Brown

Thomas Brown

Sean Brozowski

Quentin Bruen

Jenna Burnside

Paige Burnside

Shannon Buser

Betzaida Cajas

Bailey Calhoun

Rosetta Calogero

Jason Capizzi

Class of 2023

Brianna Caputo

Ian Carbone

Matthew Cardillo

Hailey Cargain

Brandon Carty

Jorge Casasola

Jack Casey

Tristan Causa

Anaka Christophers

Paige Ciallela

Laura Colantonio

Peter Colantuono

John Collazo

Jayson Commons

Brynn Connolly

Andrew Cooper

Narmer Copeland

Gillian Cornell

Ciara Cosgrave

Kiera Coughlan

Dylan Craparo

Ella Crawford

Samantha Crespo

Evan Cross

James D'Onofrio

Jack Daly

Rachael Dandreano

Connor Dantuono

Tiago Dasilva

Ben Davila

Bianca Davila

Maggie Deans

Duncan Defonce

Logan Defreitas

Daniela Delgado

Leyni Delgado Menjivar

Matthew Desimone

Joseph Diab

Liam Dima

Antonio Dimas

Sabrina Downey

Rylee Duffelmeyer



Samantha Duffy

Sofia Dumas

Daniella Dushaj

Jake Ellner

Madeline Escobar

Evelyn Eufragio-Simala

Michael Fateh

Nicolas Fazzino

Ivy Feild

William Feliz

Mandy Fernandez

William Fernandez

Antonio Ferreira

Julia Ferreira

Justin Fiorillo

Lliam Fleming

Jasmine Floyd

Gage Flynn

Frank Fortuso

Sophia Franco

Christopher Frey

Christopher Frisco

Maria Fuentes

Joseph Galeano

Adrianna Galeno

Gerardy Garcia Cartagena

Erika Gard

Matthew Gay

Sean George

Aiden Gershman

Ava Gialanella

Jenna Giampaolo

Salvatore Giannone

Sophia Giuffra

Abigail Glassman

Katie Gluck

Jessica Gomez Aguilar

Katelyn Grgecic

Kyle Grgecic

Sean Guarneri

Deyli Guerra-Ramos

Jade Gutierrez


Class of 2023

Cristhoper Gutierrez Mayen

Emma Hanaburgh

Owen Hanaburgh

Jocelyn Hansen

Kristen Hansen

Walter Harding

Katherine Harrington

Maya Hartglass

MacKenzie Hayes

Else Hedman

Kevin Heffernan

Eve Henderson

Maureen Henshaw

Carlos Hernandez Mendoza

Jonathan Hernandez Ruiz

Venus Hernandez

Vincent Horan

Maesha Hossain

Alyssa Hubbs

Reid Hubert

Mohamed Hussain

Justin Hyatt

Nicholas Iarossi

Jayden Indelicato

Uriel Irineo-Carreto

Billy Jimenez

Isabel Jurado

Maya Kansky

Julia Kappauf

Cole Kasbarian

Thomas Keating

Kayla Kelly

Kayla Kennedy

Faleha Khan

John King

Kyle Klammer

Lucas Klang

Ashley Kozma

Alexandra Kreatsoulas

Soultana Kreatsoulas

Marissa Laba

Tomas Landaverry Cazanga



Owen Lane

Erin Lee

Morgan Lee-Ciano

Vanessa Leverich Dieterich

Jessica Lhotan

Jesse Litt

Chen Liu

Madison Lomedico

Jack Loughran

Gabriella Luppino

Charlotte Lurie

Christopher MacIna

David Maldonado

Morgan Mallegol

Elijah Mallory-Byler

Orion Mangan

Saoirse Mangan

Heidi Marcos De Paz

Alexander Margalitadze

Anna-Rose Marino

Justin Marrone

Ethan Martin

Kaylee Martin

Aidan Martinez

Brendan Martinez

Matthew Matera

Tyler McCormack

Italia McGlasson

Maeve McGlynn

Patrick McGrory

Thomas McKee

Meaghan McMahon

Kara Medina

Michelle Medina

Alisson Melendez Mendoza

Ava Melikian

Robert Mellon

Emily Meyers

Claire Missoum

Steven Mitchell

Angel Modesto

Rachel Morais


Class of 2023

Abigail Morelli

Mallory Muglio

Amanda Murphy

Marguerite Murphy

Keira Musial

Sophia Narvaez

Robert Nelson

Christopher Nerys

Frances Ngegba

Justin Niggl

Ryan Norcini

Luke O'Grady Rodgers

Katherine Oakes

Lyndsey Ondek

Joshua Ortiz

Sophia Paci

Abigail Pallo

Alaric Palmer

John Papademetriou

Tyler Pearson

Anastasia Pereira-German

Jeremy Perez

Viviana Persico

Lilly Peters

William Peterson

Franco Petruolo

Sophia Piacente

Michael Pinna

Nicholas Poli

Saanvi Prasad

Nicholas Pregno

Olivia Puente

Bryan Quezada

Francisco Quintana

Savannah Rabb

Marco Recchia

Angelica Reekie

Faith Reilly

Arthur Reyes

Olivia Rhymer

Hailey Ricker

Nicholas Ricozzi




Jaileigh Rivera

Jasmin Rivera

Gianna Roca Murillo

Joshua Rock

Brian Rodak

Ignacio Rojas-Hernandez

Zoey-Mae Rolon

Dante Romaniello

Lawrence Romero

Nicholas Rosaforte

Amelia Rosario

Laila Rosenquest

John Rossiter

Victoria Rotundo

Xavier Roulhac

Isabella Roy

Enisa Rramanaj

Joshua Rubin-Garcia

Lauren Rynn

Alex Sanchez

Karen Sandoval Nolasco

Evan Sanseverino

Antony Santos Zambrano

Dylan Sardo

Nevin Scaperotti

Sophia Scaperotti

Kyle Schnorr

Olivia Schwark

Angelina Schwarz

Dylan Scofield

Jeremy Scofield

Frank Shaffer

Kevin Sheridan

Ashley Silvestre

Kayla Sinistore

Jason Smail

Ashlyn Smith

Bethany Smith

Jada Spence

Terrence Spofford

Samantha Stallone

Jake Storen

Class of 2023

Kate Suazo

Michael Sugar

Alexis Summa

Joshua Tavares

Alyssa Tawil

Kaela Taylor

Trinity Taylor

Soren Teal

Danielle Tharas

Daniel Thut

James Tibbetts

Matthew Todor

Grace Tompuri

Olivia Toro

Paul Torres

Alan Traverso

Carlie Tretera

Kelsie Tretera

Olivia Trupia

Stephen Turco

Jacob Urbina

Emily Vega

Kayla Velazquez

Dylan Velez

Maria Vigil

Rubi Villa

Kyle Vitro

Riley Ward

Troy Weber

Teagan Weindel

Megan Whitford

James Wilcha

Bodhi Williams

Elizabeth Wittmann

Nathaniel Wolfe

Samuel Wong

Kira Wright

Mateo Yepes

Christian Yom

Cristel Zhanay

Edward Zhina Tenesaca

Sadie Zion




BOCES 12th Grade: Brandyn Agular, Maeve Babnik, Lauren Brady, Donald Burke, Esmirna Caniz-Sandoval, Daniella Castrovinci, Hunter Coapman, Alexis D'Agnese, Antony Duarte, Cole Evans, Lillie Giacomelli, Nicholas Goodrow, Beverli Guevara Grijalva, Callum Halliday, Alan Harrold, Richie Hicinbothem, Benjamin Hitchcock, Joseph Kelleher, Jack Lagan, Amy Lauro, Dillon Lennon, Skye Lind, Ashley Mackin, Ayden Mallegol, Brandon McMann, Alice Medina, Zoee Miller, Jeily Morocho, Shayla Mulios, Juliana Murillo, Kathryn Neary, Jessica Newman, Chris O'Brien, Tyiesha Olivo, William Ondek, Alyson Palmer, Marilyn Patino, Brandon Pitkat, Lawrence Pucillo, Alex Roosa, Andrew Santos, Ryan Schlottman, Raymond Stackhouse, Christopher Stisi, James Sullivan, Leah Tierney, Brandon Tumminello, Alyssa Vanzo, Meghan Wheelock 11th Grade: August Autieri, Benjamin Autieri, Jonathan Aversa, Genevieve Cerrone, Ian Conciatori, Anthony DeBellis, Maiah DeLeon, Vincent Deluca, Sophia Fava, Jessica Fermin, Jovian Ferris, Jared Gallagher, Paul Giannelli, Tatiana Glanzman, Nicholas Haramis, Savannah Horton, Alyson Hyatt, James Johnson, Johnathan Kafes, Rachel Krivorot, Mario Leiva, Riley Lowndes, Kaleigh Lynch, Justin Mafes-Rose, Tyler Maguire, Kaitlyn Nerys, Max Nikischer, Gianna Noga, Elvis Oliveros, Anthony Olivieri, James Oyola, Joseph Piccolino, Daniella Prudenti, Martha Quezada, Kristie Ramos, Caitlyn Riordan, Isaiah Roulhac, Aaron Sanel, Julianna Schroder, Ronald Shofi, Victoria Sickler, James Solis-Castillo, Luisa Spadaro, Kailei Squillante, Ryan Stone, Nicholas Temoche, Dylan Tharas, Jeffrey VanCoughnett, Andrew Vishinski, Colin Wilson 10th Grade: Robert Benson, Griffen Curtis, Tyler Jaescke, Donoven Jorgensen, Emma Levi, Kaitlin McCoy 9th Grade: Jamal Dontae Mallory-Skyes


A School 12th Grade: Mia Comiskey, Rubi Esquivel, Joshua Fernandez, Riley Lowndes, Tessa Price, Rebecca Spears, Hannah Storms, Se'Rye Taylor, Megan Young 11th Grade: Tiffany Duch, Francesca Milanesi, Jonathan Robles, Mary Trippodo, Julian Zahran 10th Grade: Alexander JR Cruz, Harrison Martin, Sophia D Somoza, Dustin Tharas 9th Grade: Kiera Coughlan, Frank JR Fortuso, Eva A Henderson, Mohamed Hussain, Steven Mitchell, Giovanny Salas, Jeremy Scofield, Joshua W Wallace





Erin Appelle

Franco Aureliani

Peter Ballantoni

David Baruch

Christopher Bellesheim

Laura Blaha

Jeannine Blum

Dawn Bohin

Amber Boyle

Paul Brennan

Sarah Brennan

Karin Brenner

Meghan Cabral

Michele Cadden

Matthew Caione

Chelsea Casella

Todd Cayea

Andrew Centeno

Trisha Clancy

George Coates

Sally Coates

Vincent Colucci

Joanne Connell

Nancy Cornell

Tasha Cucinelli

Carol D'Arco

Kristen Dandreano

Michelle Deagan

Kate Delvecchio

Thomas Domicoli

Kerri Elting

Katherine Fahey

Thomas Feliciotto

Jeannine Francise

Angela Giorgio

Caroline Greenfield

Nicole Griffin

Kerry Hackert

John Hildenbrand

Jason Jaconetti

Thomas Klavans

Danielle Kraus

Joanne Krivak

Robert Leonard Jr

Paul Lobbe

Tyler Lomeli

Bryan Lynch

Monica MacKin

Timothy Mahon

Kristen Mancini

Robert Mascetta

Katherine McCormack

Patrick McGinn

Terez Mekuto

Nancy Mittelstadt

Joanne Morgan

Matthew Murphy

Michael Murphy

Julie Nacerino

Richard Nordt Jr



Mary Odell

Eugene Pepe III

Mai Peters

Denise Petersen

Allyson Polotaye

Juliet Powers

John Richichi

Andrea Rinella

Robert Pallatto

Audrey Romanovsky

Patrice Rosario

Nicholas Ruotolo

Lawrence Rzeznik

Molly Sager

Donald Saldicco

David Salvo

Danielle Schulman

Eric Schwark

Kristopher Scuccimarra

Jessica Stern

Jessica Talreja

Kaleigh Thomas

Susan Tornatore

Denise Trach

Tom Tuohy

Claire Vest

Eric Woolley

Steven Zombo

David Zupan

Jennifer Zupan


Mr. Lou Riolo Principal

Brian Piazza

A ssistant Principal

Lauren Santabarbara A ssistant Principal

Mr. John Fink Interim Principal

Susan Dullea A thletic Director

District Administration

Ms. Janet Warden

A ssistant Superintendent for Instruction & Personnel

Mr. Andy Irvin

Superintendent of Schools

Mr. Eric Stark

A ssistant Superintendent for Business



Fran Adelman

Kelly Albano

Andrew Amato

Frank Benitez

Nancy Bottema

Dilia Camaj

Lisa Carleton

Brittany Carrasco

Kristen Dandreano

Gabriel Demaria

Martin Epp

Barbara Gregis

Kim Grgas

Elizabeth Harrison

Audrey Leach

Walter Marangiello

Angela Mastrangelo

Laura Matrician

Helene Merle

Edgar Miralles

Rosalia Mitchell

Geraldine Munnick

Antoinette Nacinovich

William Nicholson

Kristy Nickerson

Jill O'Rourke

Kim Panissidi

Isabel Pompa

Tyler Ravert

Joann Rella

Robert Rodriguez III

Daniela Saccomanno

Marlene Schanil

Peter Shkreli

April Spencer-Kershaw

Deirdre Stone

Diana Trinchitella

Claire Vest

Lena Vulaj

Anne Marie Young


Our Favorite Teacher Quotes Mr. Pepe

Ms. Mackin "Lyse it up, Slice it up!


Mr. Nordt

Mr. Hildenbrand "What did you just say? Yes, it is cool!" "Let's use an equation to guide our thinking."

"Go get them before they get you."

"Oh, uhhh, I have a haircut that day." "Is that vegan?"

Mr. Buccheri

Mr. Brennan

"Apathy is the death of Democracy." "*unintelligible screaming*"

"Take care brush your hair." "I love my wife." "There are mad heads in here." "Funsie in our onesies." "This is really grinding my gears."

Ms. Lutz "This isn't democracy. This is absoLUTZism."

Mr. Carr "No skin off my apple." "That's boss." "Who be out?" "You guys are going to give me a heart attack one day." "You kids don't know how to protest, now in the 60's... we knew how to protest!" "Am I the GOAT?"

Mr. Mahon "Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"




Pajama Day 09.23.19


Character Day 09.24.19


Wacky Wednesday 09.25.19


Student-Teacher Swap Day 09.26.19


Color Day & Bonfire 09.27.19



Homecoming 09.28.19



Riolo's Rally 11.26.19



A Christmas Carol 12.13.19



Kid's Day 12.08.19


Pi Day 03.14.20


Homeschool Spirit Week 03.23.20 - 03.27.20

Monday: Pajama Day


Homeschool Spirit Week 03.23.20 - 03.27.20

Tuesday: Red, White, & Blue Day


Homeschool Spirit Week 03.23.20 - 03.27.20

Wednesday: Family Day


Homeschool Spirit Week 03.23.20 - 03.27.20

Thursday: Throwback Day (Halloween Costume)

Friday: Crazy Shirt Day


COVID - 19 Quarantine




AP Art Students

Ruth Terman

Monica Zheng

Hannah Storms

Abigail Harrison

Megan Young




Varsity Cheerleading

Top: Top Middle: Bottom Middle: Bottom:

Meghan Wheelock, Madison Finney, Ariana Gabrielli, Deanna Mazzamuto, Caryse Causa Molly Corry, Tatiana Canada, Ava Gialanella, Victoria Marsich Stephanie Pereira, Isabella Faudar, Grace Duke, Teresa Shkreli, Samantha Menton Nicole Quattrucci, Lauren Barna Not Pictured: Jessica Kamalsky, Alexandra Sahle

Deanna Mazzamuto & Samantha Menton


Varsity Boys Cross Country


Ryan Fischer, Braeden Voyticky, Christopher Weizenecker, Robert Paradiso, Jake Montana, Kevin Spinelli, Jeremy Rynn, Owen Lalak, Michael Shanny Top Middle: Duncan DeFonce, Wyatt Brenneman, Ian Bielawski, Ryan Doherty, Troy Sweet, Riley Casey, Nathaniel Wolfe, Bottom Middle: Coach Cargain, Vincent Horan, Neo Ruiz, Zachary Martin, Joshua Goldberg, William Meyers, Sebastian Monge, Coach Schwark Bottom: Lucus Aguero, Mateo Yepes, John Paul Barresi, Anthony Savio, Michael Sugar, Marko Borovyk

Ryan Fischer & Owen Lalak


Varsity Girls Cross Country

Top: Sarah Hauptman, Emily Alps, Greta Vaughn, Madelyn McMath, Moira McNerney, Brooke Dixon, Erin Lee Top Middle: Olivia Schwark, Sophia Scaperotti, Riley Ward, Jessica Kozma, Haley Kubik, Jillian Blair Bottom Middle: Lauren O'Rourke, Julia Aiello, Lillian Holmes, Olivia Scaperotti, Peyton Capolino, Else Hedman, Julia Wilder Bottom: Coach Schwark, Rebecca Monge, Katie Turk, Julie Repanti, Hailey Cargain, Olivia Fortin, Coach Cargain Not Pictured: Faith Reilly, Samantha Crespo

Emily Alps, Katie Turk, & Jessica Kozma


Varsity Field Hockey

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Kasey Lewis, Kylie Rosenquest, Caitlin Tully, Daria Brennock, Maryrose Murphy, Coach Breslin Jenna Meissner, Katherine Brown, Rebekah Dandreano, Alexandra DeFilippo, Samantha Wozniak Nikki McGough, Laila Rosenquest, Shannon Ravert, Alyssa Febbraio, Jenna Ferrara Not Pictured: Deveney Howard

Caitlin Tully & Maryrose Murphy


Varsity Football

Top: Row 5: Row 4: Row 3: Row 2: Row 1:

Coach Santos, Coach Nguyen, Coach Cayea, Coach Memmel, Coach Donahue Marcus Herrera, Alexander Beauchesne, William Boalt, Thomas Fusco, Noah Wahl, Jonathan Schanil, Nathan Falk,Timothy Hunt, Dominick Telesco George Kane, Gianluca Piccolino, Aidan Babnik, Max Bellesheim, Eric Brosinski, Aidan Pile, William Kelly, Benjamin Autieri, Matthew Murphy Valentino Lopardo, Max Richardson, Jeffrey VanCoughnett, Max Nikischer, Matthew Demme, Andrew Nunez, Ryan McDonald, Michael Storen, Mansour Altwal, Jayson Rahming Patrick Pettit, Aedan Keating, Joseph Risley, Ryan McCarthy, James Cox, Jonathan Robles , Zachary Aiello, Colby Opromolla, Andrew Bumgarner Josh Massi, Matthew Murphy, Bryan Higgins, Scott Danvin, James Short, Nicholas Sodano, Matthew Massi, Edwin Maldonado, Joe Schiavone, Tyler Maguire Not Pictured: Joseph Herrera

Matthew Massi, Alexander Beauchesne, William Boalt & Gianluca Piccolino


Varsity Boys Soccer

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Andrew Campbell, John David Vargas, Cristian Miralles, Christopher Cieciura, Nicholas Fernandes, Jaiah Gottor, Brian Baader-Blaser Nicholas Temoche, Joseph Galeano, Jack Autieri, Ethan Wiener, Jack Curtis, Simon Douglas, Kyle Klammer, Alfredo Patino Coach Greco, Tayte Wong, Dylan Bates, Dwyant Suazo, Juan Lencina Baez, Nicolas Calvelli

Jaiah Gottor, Cristian Miralles & John David Vargas


Varsity Girls Soccer

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Kaitlyn Doherty, Melanie Klammer, Alexa Ramirez, Gwynne Aull, Colleen O'Rourke, Julianna Febbraio, Isabelle Andreo Holly DeFeo, Michaela Ndono, Caroline McIntyre, Shannon Curtis, Haley Glassman, Isabella Piacente, Kayla MacElhinney Coach Buccheri, Liz Delgado, Angelena Primiano, Jenna Schneider, Alexa Malheiro, Abigail Taormina, Katie Oakes, Coach Heis

Shannon Curtis, Isabella Piacente, Julianna Febbraio & Caroline McIntyre


Varsity Girls Tennis

Top: Bottom:

Kira Wright, Keerthi Atluri, Jasmine McPartland, Abigail Weizenecker, Sophia Mederer, Deborah Heaslip, Jennifer Chan Kaitlyn Pirrelli, Nicole Alvarado, Paula Matos, Chhiring Sherpa, Sandy Zheng, Pasang Sherpa

Jennifer Chan & Deborah Heaslip


Varsity Volleyball

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Taylor Crow, Janiece Brunson, Lilianna Alexander, Colette Nunez, Kayla Anzalone Julianna Debello, Alexandra Taranto, Amanda Hunt, Elaine VanCoughnett Kaeli Tretera, Olivia Roman, Shannon Hayes, Sierra Zory, Coach Caliento

Julianna Debello, Janiece Brunson & Amanda Hunt


JV and Freshman Fall Sports JV Cheerleading Top: Adriana Ramirez, Maya Kansky, Emily Diorio, Alexandra Bouchard, Tyler Pearson Middle: Coach Fortin, Dana Nguyen, Taylor Finney, Laura Colant, Maderas Santalone Bottom: Arianna Rivera, Nicole Branca, Adrianna Galeno

JV Field Hockey Top: Jessica Lhotan, Juliette Cox, Brynn Connolly, Rachael Dandreano, Grace Sonnergren, Julianna Marrone, Abigail Newman Middle: Megan Mackin, Karoline Costa, Ashley Hall, Jayla Moore, Claire Bumgarner, Kara Medina Bottom: Rebecca Rock, Samantha Defilippo, Elizabeth Poulin, Rylee Duffelmeyer, Olivia Trupia, Coach Dunning

JV Football Top: Ryan Lagan, Andrew Fiore, Owen Boland, Nicholas DiLeo, Jack Kane, Vincent Mazzamuto, Anthony Briante Top Middle: Kevin Dall, Thomas Lombardi, Orion Mangan, Patrick Kiernan, Maxx Brosinski, David Ruiz, Bottom Middle: Wilson Flores, Dylan Shields, Trevor Spinelli, Nicholas Oster, Trevor Cayea, Nicholas Kaposznyak Bottom: Rudy Carvache, Nicholas Rosaforte, Christian Vega Not Pictured: Carter Benson


JV Boys Soccer Top: Jerry Alonzo, Kyle Klammer, Keith Dixon, Christian Berardi, Patrick Schoellig, Anthony Vara, Joshua Ennis Top Middle: Joseph Henshaw, James Ardisana, Ben Davilla, Jeremy Torres, Dominick Ovalles, Elvis Oliveros, Daniel Thut Bottom Middle: Matthew Matera, Cole Kasbarian, Juan Lencina, Ronan Murphy, Lawrence Romero,Tysir Jurado, Dylan Sardo, Coach Shevelchinsky Bottom: Xavier Roulhac, Jackson Briggs, Ignacio Rojas

JV Girls Soccer Top: Kyra Bates, Ashley Kozma, Betzaida Cajas, Teagan Weindel, Aife Ruane Middle: Daniela Delgado, Angie Calero, Hailey Ricker, Amanda Ford, Kate Suazo, Coach Borassi Bottom: Ella Crawford, Katie Oakes, Jasmin Rivera, Alexa Zarelli, Isabel Jurado, Angelica Reekie

JV Volleyball Top: Leah Abreu, Alyssa Zangrilli, Erin Brady, Megan Whitford, Hailey Fregosi Middle: Ariana Rivera, Kelsie Tretera, Madison LoMedico, Mallory Muglio, Carlie Tretera, Maeve McGlynn, Coach Aull Bottom: Rachel Morais, Siera Cretara, Samantha Stallone

Freshman Football Top: Patrick McGrory, Christopher Macina, Matthew Gay, Jake Storen, Aiden Gershman, Troy Weber, Thomas Keating Top Middle: Joey Bravo, Brendan Martinez, Sean George, Nicolas Fazzino, Kevin Sheridan, Jerry Ayala-Mateo Bottom Middle: Coach Bruno, Angel Modesto, Brandon Carly, Terrence Spofford, Michael Andricocky, Daniel Baggetta, Jake Ellner Bottom: Jacob Urbina, Ryan Norcini, Maria Fuentes, Christopher Nerys


Varsity Boys Basketball

Top: Coach Loughran, Nick Dileo, Kevin Stenger, Alex Beauchesne, Kevin Kovacs, Coach Ross Bottom: Nicholas Harrington, Benjamin Autieri, Kevin Dall, Jarid Garcia, Jaiah Gottor, Andrew Fiore

Alex Beauchesne, Kevin Kovacs, & Jarid Garcia


Varsity Girls Basketball

Top: Bottom:

Coach Sullivan, Stephanie Ogbebor, Gwynne Aull, Caitlyn Webber, Kyla JeanJules, Lilly Alexander, Madelyn McMath, Ariana Rivera, Kate O'Brien Caroline McIntyre, Daniella Bello, Kristina Leonard, Alexa Maheiro, Victoria Melito, Michaela Ndono, Shannon Cuccia

Caroline McIntyre & Danielle Bello


Varsity Bowling

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Coach Colucci, Michael Youngman, Charlie Berardi, Dillon Lennon, Ryan Terwilliger, Matthew Martino, Spencer Dicembrino, Christian Berardi Meghan Dillon, Julia Rudin, Angie Calero, Lauren Rynn, Jennifer Chan, Samantha Youngman, Amanda D'Ambrosio, Robert Pavone Elaine VanCoughnett, Thomas Brown, Owen Lane, Evan Sanseverino, Michael Pinna, Anna Zimmerman Not Pictured: Sean Brozowski, Colin Forster, & Jason Kelly

Dillon Lennon, Julia Rudin, Jennifer Chan, Samantha Youngman, & Spencer Dicembrino


Varsity Ice Hockey

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Gustav Tompuri, Zachary Rubin, Jaden Albert, Cole Evans, Christopher Cieciura, Robert Paradiso, Brendan Murphy, Graham Ludwig Steven Mount, Jack Casey, Gavin Golisano, Liam Dima, Jack Lagan, Luke Golisano Noah Richardson, Christopher Frey, Alyssa Brucato, Jessica Gamby, Megan Ravert, Breandan Richardson, Salvatore Intravaia Not Pictured: Nico Positano

Steven Mount, Gavin Golisano, Zachary Rubin, & Jack Lagan


Varsity Boys Indoor Track

Coach Schwark, Jon Barresi, Anthony Savio, Zachary Martin, Joshua Goldberg, Riley Casey, Robert Beanland, Marko Borovyk, Mateo Yefes, Vincent Horan, Sebastian Monge, Coach Cargain Middle: Wyatt Brenneman, Ryan Fischer, Ethan Wiener, Ryan Doherty, Owen Lalak, Luke Weber, Kevin Spinelli, Michael Shanny, Braedan Voyticky, Ian Bielawski Bottom: Billy Jimenez, Emanuel Perez, Eamonn Faccilonga, Will Elder, Lucas Aguero Top:

Not Pictured: Neo Ruiz, Jeremy Rynn

Ryan Fischer & Owen Lalak


Varsity Girls Indoor Track

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Coach Schwark, Grace Fischer, Katie Turk, Haley Kubik, Jillian Blair, Julia Aiello, Olivia Schwark, Taylor Finney, Lauren O'Rourke, Coach Cargain Riley Ward, Erin Lee, Greta Vaughn, Moira McNerney, Emily Alps, Sarah Hauptman, Jessica Kozma Olivia Fortin, Rebecca Monge, Lauren O'Loughlin, Pia DeLuca, Julie Repanti Not Pictured: Rose Abraham, Hailey Cargain, Juliette Cox, Faith Reilly, Aife Ruane, Olivia Scaperotti, Anastaysa Shpakova, Julia Wilder

Emily Alps, Katie Turk, & Jessica Kozma


Varsity Skiing

Top: Middle: Bottom:

Coach Nordt, Austin Harf, Abigail Weizenecker, Wesley Myles, Kyle Klammer, Spencer Schmidt, Hugh Smith Isabelle Andreo, Rachel Downes, Christian Yom, Ronan Murphy, Nico Calvelli, Luke O'Grady, Melanie Klammer Sierra Taplin, Isabel Jurado, Olivia Roman, Eva Frazzetta, Emma Bast, Lillian Holmes Not Pictured: Michelle Andreo, Niamh Carey, Robert Altavilla, Ivan Dudjak, Matthew Matera, Jake Montana

Spencer Schmidt, Kyle Klammer, Isabel Jurado, Melanie Klammer, & Austin Harf


Varsity Wrestling

James Sullivan, Ryan Duffelmeyer, Lucas Werlau, Nathan Lanzarotta, Carter Benson, Matthew Toscano, August Autieri Coach Harrison, William Krause, Edwin Maldonado, Jayandre Boscia, Sahr Kasson, Neal Toscano, Robert Top Middle: Nelson, Harry Kelly, Will McDermott Bottom Middle: Christopher Frisco, Noah Orser, Joseph McDonald, Joseph Henshaw, Daniel Baggetta, Kai Chu, Joseph Clement PJ Duke, Leo Venables, Christopher Nerys, Joshua Rubin, Kevin Oliveros, Jason Medina, Joshua Flores Bottom: Not Pictured: Jerry Ayala, Alexander Boscia, John Decker, Andrew Macelhinney, Jackson Reyes, Christian Vega, Joel Venables, Edward Zhina Top:

Jayandre Boscia, Ryan Duffelmeyer, Noah Orser, PJ Duke, & Joseph Clement


JV and Freshman Winter Sports JV Boys Basketball Top: Coach Loughran, Benjamin Antoniuk, Chayse Carroll, Jake Storen, Vinny Mazzamuto, Isaiah Gaston Bottom: Trevor Spinelli, Ryan Lynch, Andrei Cruz, William Marsden, Trevor Cayea, Dylan Shields, Daniel Monahan Not Pictured: Orion Mangan

JV Girls Basketball Top: Kate O'Brien, Devin Fusco, Amanda Murphy, Albiana Krasniqi, Madison Fikaris, Megan Whitford, Adrianna DeSalvo, Coach Memmel Bottom: Amelia Rosario, Maeve McGlynn, Kaitlyn Pirrelli, Alexandra Kreatsoulas, Siera Cretara, Sadie Zion, Peyton Capolino

JV Cheerleading Top: Lindsay Sikora, Aubrey Dall, Bethany Smith, Emily Diorio, Angelina Rotundo, Madison Dorado Bottom: Samantha Rosaforte, Stephanie Telesco, Laura Colantanio, Dana Nguyen, Arianna Rivera, Emma Oster, Samantha Stisi Not Pictured: Maya Kansky

Freshman Basketball Top: Coach Dwyer, Owen Boland, James Tibbetts, Jade Gutierrez, Nicholas Pregno, Matthew Gay, Jack Daly Bottom: Jackson Briggs, Joseph Galeano, Sean Guarneri, Terrence Spofford, Brandon Carty, Thomas Mckee, Marco Recchia






Art Club

Miah Allen, Kylie Behan, Brigid Calabrese, Deidre Farrell, Brandon Fernendez, Tati Glanzman, Abigail Harrison, Hannah Hill, Maesha Hossain, Josh Jackson, Anna Kobierowski, Charlotte Lurie, Italia McGasson, Sophia Mederer, Alice Medina, Emily Medina, Michelle Medina, Andrew Olsen, Ryland Perolli, Sophia Piacente, Delilah Polanco, Julie Repanti, Analise Ruiz, Ashton Wise

Bella Voce

Julia Baker, Bobby Beanland, Ian Bielawski, Isabella Ciatto, Katie Corrao, James Danvin, Allison Devane, Eva Frazzetta, Benjamin Hitchcock, Nicola Kelly, Spencer Longo, Alex Margalates, Adriana Mastrangelo, Emily Matera, Rowan McGlynn, Sophia Mederer, William Meyers, Justin Montafia, Brandon Oviedo, Maddie Plotkin, Amanda Purr, James Purr, Matthew Rosaforte, Allison Sanel, Troy Sweet, Julia Wilder


Best Buddies

Marcos Acevedo, Jeremiah Allen, Isabelle Andreo, Lea Bojorquez, Daniella Castrovinci, Ashlyn Cleary, Caleb Cleary, Juliette Cox, Dakota Daniels, Alyssa Dean, Sabrina Desintonio, Genna Dyer, Brandon Fernandes, Juliana Ferreira, Sadie Galligan, Ava Gialanella, Tatiana Glanzman, Erin Hanahoe, Walter Harding, Deborah Heaslip, Eve Henderson, Skyler Hernandez, Hannah Hill, Madison Hughes, Amber Kenna, Catherine Kennedy, Mary Kovacs, Jessica Kozma, Charlotte Lurie, Tyler Manson, Christie Marsich, Jasmine McPartland, Franny Milanesi, Natalie Niebuhr, Olivia Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, Madeline Olsen, Andrew Olsen, Michael Padilla, John Papademetrio, Ally Paradiso, Sophia Piacente, Megan Ravert, Jamielin Rosa, Vincent Saturn, Annie Sherlock, Katherine Smith, Luisa Spadaro, Stephen Turco, Antonella Vigil, Taylor Weiss, Ashton Wise, Sandy Zheng

Book Club

Molly Aguero, Daria Brennock, Allison Burns, Shannon Buser, Olivia DeFonce, Emily Diorio, Ryan Doherty, Ivy Field, Jenna Giampaolo, Erin Hanahoe, Abigail Harrison, Eleanor Harrison, Deveney Howard, Alyssa Hubbs, Amanda Hunt, Julia Kappauf, Anna Kobierowski, Jackie Kruse, Sophia Mederer, Madeline Olsen, Delilah Polanco, Jamielin Rosa, Brody Smith, Leah Vaidian, Elena Walters


Cancer Awareness Club

Hailey Basso, Kaitlyn Belmont, Francesco Bojorquez, Alexa Bouchard, Juliette Cox, Kaitlyn Dean, Alyssa Dean, Maiah Deleon, Erin DiMartino, Maryjo Garcia, Erin Hanahoe, Jennifer Jimenez, Ryan Jones, Stephen Mills, Amanda Murphy, Amanda Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Shea, Sophia Palushaj, Jhoselyn Paucar, Stephanie Pereira, Maretha Quezada, Sasha Ramdat, Evelin Ramirez, Kate Rodriguez, Isabella Roman, Aife Ruane, James Schultz, Annie Sherlock, Samantha Stallone, Leah Tierney, Isabella Vaccaro, Antonella Vigil, Taylor Weiss, Anna Zimmerman

Dance Club

Jennifer Bassett, April Belmonte, Sam Bogart, Catherine Caban, Rosetta Calogero, Bianca Davila, Gil Davila, Ellyse Davis, Olivia DeFonce, Giuliana Dello-Russo, Lauren Downes, Leanna Florez, Ashley Geist, Jen Gerace, Greer Hazzard, Holland Hill, Jennifer Jimenez, Amy Lauro, Charlotte Lurie, Ayden Mallegol, Edan Marcial, Olivia Rhymer, Louisa Spadaro, Ashlyn Spinelli, Madison Vendel


Future Business Leaders of America

Jack Autieri, Eden Barone, Robert Beanland, Alexa Bouchard, Erin Brady, Jack Casay, Kelly Conroy, Karoline Costa, Juliana Cotza, Jack Curtis, Amanda D'Ambrosio, Alyssa Dean, Spencer Dicembrino, Meghan Dillon, Julia Diovio, Joseph DiPierro, Lauren Downes, Melanie Eriksen, Bene Farrell, Marcos Fernandez, Julia Ferreira, Colin Forster, Jessica Gamby, Joshua Goldberg, Jocelyn Hansen, Kristen Hansen, Nicholas Harrington, Greer Hazzard, Sloane Hazzard, Chris Heller, Jack Hembury, Destiny Henry, Madison Hughes, Jennifer Jimenez, Ryan Jones, Kai Karas, Faleha Khan, Madison LoMedico, Adriana Mastrangelo, Deanna Mazzamuto, Madelyn McMath, Jasmine McPartland, Chris Mercurio, William Meyers, Stephen Mills, Christian Morey, Olivia Murillo, Ronan Murphy, Colette Nunez, Julia Pasquale, Michael Pinna, Jaclyn Repanti, Kate Rodriguez, Ignacio Rojas, Zoey-Mae Rolon, Michael Rosaforte, Nicholas Rosaforte, Kylie Rosenquest, Gabby Santangelo, Frank Shaffer, Chhiring Sherpa, Kevin Stenger, Abby Taormina, Daniel Thut, James Tibbetts, Anthony Vara, Amala Vattpally, Braeden Voyticky, Riley Ward, Matthew Wetzel, Karissa Widman, Ethan Wiener, Tayte Wong, Jordan Yarusso, Mateo Yepes, Sandy Zheng, Anna Zimmerman

Film Club

Emma Alicea, Timothy Bohrman, Elias Duke, Wyatt Brenneman, Sara Briggs, Shannon Buser, Catherine Caban, Angie Calero, Emily Diorio, Zander Doring, Asher Duke, Porter Durkee, Deidre Farrell, Greer Hazzard, Mack Hedman, Morgan Jones, Ayden Mallegol, Timothy Malone, Edan Marcial, Adriana Mastrangelo, Justin Montafia, Wesley Myles, James Purr, Jack Recher, Shane Ruane, Zachary Rubin, Clark Rubin, Allison Sanel, Aaron Sanel, Spencer Schmidt, Paul Sedlarcik, PJ Shurman, Robert Sleight, Brody Smith, Shane Stockfield, Renaldo Stroud, Dylan Velez, Madison Vendel, Ashton Wise


French Club

Emma Alicea, Leila Bahssain, Samantha Bogart, Sara Briggs, Allison Burns, Catherine Caban, Juliette Cox, Ellyse Davis, Alyssa Dean, Giuliana Dello-Russo, Antonio Dimas, Julia Diorio, Rachael Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Onofrio, Sabrina Downey, Elias Duke, Brianna Gerdes, Jocelyn Hansen, Kristen Hansen, Sofia Harrison, Greer Hazzard, Sloane Hazzard, Karlie Head, Lauren Hendrickson, Holland Hill, Billy Jimenez, Jennifer Jimenez, Morgan Jones, Faleha Khan, Ayden Mallegol, Edan Marcial, Julianna Marrone, Emily Matera, Elvis Oliveros, Samantha Ondreicka, Delmy Orellana, Julia Przydzial, Jaclyn Repanti, Julia Repanti, Gabe Rivera, Enisa Rramanaj, Aife Ruane, Analise Ruiz, Morgan Shannon, Pasang Sherpa, Anastasya Shpakova, Victoria Sickler, Kaitlyn Torres, Caelyn Tuffy, Madison Vendel, Alexa Zarelli

Gay-Straight Alliance

Jenna Burnside, Paige Burnside, Tiffany Duch, Jake Groundwater, Savannah Horton, Malena Kocaj ,Elias Martinez, Ryland Perolli, Hannah Storms, Megan Young


Go Green Club

Amber Arnold, Leila Bahssain, Julia Baker, Matt Cardillo, Dakota Daniels, Julia Ferreira, Sloane Hazzard, Maesha Hossain, Ryan Jones, Donoven Jorgensen, Jackie Kruse, Owen Lalak, Michelle McNamara, Wesley Miles, Josh Ortiz, James Purr, Victoria Sciarra, Anastaysa Shpakova, Brody Smith, Katie Smith, Olivia Toro

Interact Club

Emily Alps, Nicole Alvarado, Keerthi Atluri,Weston Bark, Jillian Blair, James Danvin, Ryan Doherty, Bene Farrell, Christopher Frey, Sarah Hauptman, Else Hedman, Kyla JeanJules, Samreen Khan, Erin Lee, Moira McNerney, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Abigail Morelli, Marguerite Murphy, Olivia Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, Rachel Pasquale, Julia Pasquale, Saanvi Prasad, Michelle Shaffer, Danielle Shanny, Pasang Sherpa, Chhiring Sherpa, Kaitlyn Torres, Katie Turk, Grace Vaidian, Amala Vattappally, Riley Ward, Julia Wilder, Sandy Zheng, Monica Zheng


Italian-American Club

Isabelle Andreo, Amenna Aslam, Robbie Beanland, Danielle Bello, Alyssa Brucato, Betzaida Cajas, Vincent Carovillano, Brianna Carovillano, Audree Colantonio, Mia Crawford, Amanda Dâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Ambrosio, Alex DeFellipo, Maddie Deprino, Gabriella DiMartino, Emily Diorio, Brooke Dixon, Madeline Donohue, Genna Dyer, Faith Evans, Fiona Faccilonga, Jeanna Fateh, Juliana Ferreira, Colin Forster, Cara Galli, Josh Gittman, Shannon Hayes, Jack Hembury, Lauren Hendrickson, Kayla Kelly, Catherine Kennedy, Grace Knapp, Jessica Kozma, Kaylee Martin, Zachary Martin, Adriana Mastroangelo , Italia McGlasson, Rowan McGlynn, Madelyn McMath, Michelle Medina, Christian Mercurio, Jake Montana, Abby Morelli, Ronan Murphy, Ally Paradiso, Sasha Ramdat, Megan Ravert, Nicholas Rosaforte, Michael Rosaforte, Victoria Salves, Gabrielle Santangelo, Ashlyn Spinelli, Ally Taranto, Dom Telesco, Julianne Tierney, Sandy Zheng, Anna Zimmerman

Jazz Band

Molly Aguero, James Andisana, Washington Avellaneda, Ryan Badger, Tyler Badger, Leila Bahssain, Dylan Bates, Marko Borovyk, Luke Brady, Elijah Brown, Allison Burns, Ryan Calhoun, Peyton Capolino, Anthony Cartaino, Rachael Dandreano, Ellyse Davis, Keith Dixon, Zander Doring, Simon Douglas, Fiona Faccilonga, Deidre Farrell, Katie Gluck, Timothy Grazier, Sofia Harrison, Chris Heller, Vincent Horan, Julia Kappauf, Nicola Kelly, Kayla Kelly, Margaret Knapp, Kristina Leonard, Gabrielle Leslie, Timothy Malone, Michael Malone, Mikayla McGrory, Will Meyers, Justin Montafia, Sebastian Monge, Ryland Perolli, Amanda Purr, Jack Recher, Jasmin Rivera, Neo Ruiz, Victoria Sciarra, Michael Shanny, Danielle Shanny, Robert Sleight, Chris Smith, Michael Sugar, Leah Vaidian, Alexander Vandenberg, Kira Wright, Alexa Zarelli


Mentor Organization

Rose Abraham, Molly Aguero, Angie Aguilar, Lilliana Alexander, Lily Ali, Yadira Alonzo, Emily Alps, Nicole Alvarado, Isabelle Andreo, Siarah Arroyo, Gwynne Aull, Jack Auteri, Brian Baader-Blaser, Tyler Badger, Julia Baker, Weston Bark, Eden Barone, Dylan Bates, Amanda Baumgardt, Alexander Beauchesne, Danielle Bello, April Belmonte, Kaitlyn Belmonte, William Boalt, Jayandre Boscia, Daria Brennock, Eric Brosinski, Katherine Brown, Alyssa Brucato, Janiece Brunson, Catherine Caban, Francesca Cabrera, Ryan Calhoun, Joselyn Campoverde, Jennifer Chan, Carly Chardvoyne, Riley Christiana, Isabella Ciatto, Christopher Cieciura, Kyla Cipriano, Audree Colantonio, Dayna Colantuono, Meaghan Connors, Kelly Conroy, Katie Corrao, Shannon Curtis, Deâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Avion Dalton, Amanda D'Ambrosio, Rebekah Dandreano, James Danvin, Gilberto Davila, Kaitlyn Dean, Julianna Debello, Alexandra Defilippo, Olivia Defonce, Maiah DeLeon, Matthew Demme, Madison Deprino, Sabrina Desintonio, Allison Devane, Adriana Diab, Spencer Dicembrino, Meghan Dillon, Brooke Dixon, Kaitlyn Doherty, Hailey Dorado, Simon Douglas, Lauren Downes, Rachel Downes, Grace Duke, Porter Durkee, Theresa Dushaj, Genna Dyer, Melanie Eriksen, Faith Evans, Fiona Faccillonga, Nathan Falk, Bene Farrell, Jeanna Fateh, Isabella Fauder, Alyssa Febbraio, Julianna Febbraio, Anthony Febo, Jessica Fermin, Marcos Fernandez, Jenna Ferrara, Julianna Ferreira, Ryan Fischer, Molly Foley, Thomas Ford, Olivia Fortin, Kayla Franco, Eva Frazzetta, Ariana Gabrielli, Cara Galli, Sadie Galligan, Jessica Gamby, Jarid Garcia, Chris George, Matthew Gianfransico, Joshua Goldberg, Timothy Grazier, Molly Foley, Jasmine Guerra, Amanda Haddadin, Amy Haddadin, Loreta Nrecaj, Erin Hanahoe, Sarah Hauptman, Greer Hazzard, Deborah Heaslip, Savannah Horton, Madison Hughes, Amanda Hunt, Timothy Hunt, Susan Insinger, Kyla Jean-Jules, Caroline Johnson, Morgan Jones, Jess Kamalsky, Catherine Kennedy, Samreen Khan, Melanie Klammer, Jessica Kozma, Christos Kreatsoulas, Jacqueline Kruse, Salvatore Lagana, Gregory Leonard, Spencer Longo, Timothy Malone, Christie Marsich, Victoria Marsich, Zachary Martin, Paula Matos, Deanna Mazzamuto, Madeline McDermott, Ryan McDonald, Krysty McDonnell, Rowan McGlynn, Mikayla McGrory, Caroline McIntyre, Anna McKee, Michelle McNamara, Sophia Mederer, Jenna Meissner, Victoria Melito, Samantha Menton, Christian Mercurio, Cristian Miralles, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Steven Mount, Maryrose Murphy, Michaela Ndono, Joseph Nemeth, Ava Nolleti, Loreta Nrecaj, Andrew Nunez, Olivia O'Connor, Stephanie Ogbebor, Samantha Ondreicka, Cassandra Orellana, Alexandra Ortiz, Tyler O'Toole, Julia Pasquale, Rachel Pasquale, Aidan Pile, James Purr, Brianna Quezada, Adriana Ramirez, Megan Ravert, Shannon Ravert, Jack Recher, Carly Regan, Max Richardson, James Rinaldi, Kaylee Rios-Castro, Matthew Rosaforte, Michael Rosaforte, Kylie Rosenquest, Zachary Rubin, Julia Rudin, Allison Sanel, Anthony Savio, Olivia Scaperotti, Jenna Schneider, Julianna Schroder, Michelle Shaffer, Morgan Shannon, Annie Sherlock, Chhiring Sherpa, Pasang Sherpa, Brody Smith, Chris Smith, Ashlyn Spinelli, Scott Stoecker, Michael Storen, Troy Sweet, Abby Taormina, Sierra Taplin, Ruth Terman, Alyssa Thomas, Kaitlyn Torres, Kayleigh Tretera, Caitlyn Tully, Isabella Vaccaro, Grace Vaidian, Alex Vandenberg, Amala Vattappally, Madison Vendel, Antonella Vigil, Braeden Voyticky, Elana Walters, Taylor Weiss, Matthew Wetzel, Karissa Widman, Ethan Wiener, Julia Wilder, Raymond Wozniak, Jordan Yarusso, Samantha Youngman, Monica Zheng, Sandy Zheng, Anna Zimmerman, Sierra Zory


Music Honor Society

Molly Aguero, Emma Alicea, Isabelle Andreo, Keerthi Atluri, Leila Bahssain, Julia Baker, Weston Bark, Eden Barone, Dylan Bates, Marko Borovyk, Ariana Boswell, Allison Burns, Ryan Calhoun, Gabrielle Canuelas, Jennifer Chan, Carly Chardavoyne, Isabella Ciatto, Meaghan Connors, James Danvin, Mariana Daza, Allison Devane, Brooke Dixon, Keith Dixon, Kaitlyn Doherty, Simon Douglas, Rachel Downes, Lauren Downes, Fiona Faccilonga, Leanna Florez, Eva Frazzetta, Timothy Grazier, Abigail Harrison, Eleanor Harrison, Sofia Harrison, Sarah Hauptman, Jacob Hitchcock, Timothy Hunt, Mary Kovacs, Jessica Kozma, Gabrielle Leslie, Hannah Loughran, Zachary Martin, Adriana Mastrangelo, Emily Matera, Rowan McGlynn, Mikayla McGrory, Bethany McIntyre, Anna McKee, Mara McNerney, Sophia Mederer, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Will Myers, Michaela Ndono, Madeline Olsen, Harper O'Connor, Lauren O'Rourke, Isabella Piacente, Ryland Perolli, Jimmy Purr, Nicole Quatrucci, Elizabeth Quezada, Molly Radigan, Jack Recher, Neo Ruiz, Victoria Salves, Allison Sanel, Olivia Scaperotti, Jenna Schneider, Victoria Sciarra, Michelle Shaffer, Michael Shanny, Pasang Sherpa, Robert Sleight, Chris Smith, Ashlyn Spinelli, Kim Supliski, Troy Sweet, Ruthie Terman, Caelyn Tuffy, Leah Vaidian, Elaine Vancoughnett, Alex Vandenberg, Ethan Wiener, Julia Wilder, Alexa Zarelli, Sandy Zheng, Monica Zheng


National Honor Society

Molly Aguero, Lily Ali, Emily Alps, Nicole Alvarado, Isabelle Andreo, Gwynne Aull, Tyler Badger, Julia Baker, Eden Barone, Dylan Bates, Danielle Bello, Timothy Bohrman, Lea Bojorquez, Ariana Boswell, Amelia Brennock, Daria Brennock, Alyssa Brucato, Ryan Calhoun, Andrew Campbell, Jennifer Chan, Carly Chardavoyne, Isabella Ciatto, Kelly Conroy, Shannon Curtis, Ryan Dehn, Madison DePrino, Allison Devane, Adrianna Diab, Spencer Dicembrino, Brooke Dixon, Keith Dixon, Kaitlyn Doherty, Simon Douglas, Lauren Downes, Rachel Downes, Asher Duke, Grace Duke, Porter Durkee, Melanie Eriksen, Fiona Faccilonga, Bene Farrell, Alyssa Febbraio, Julianna Febbraio, Marcos Fernandez, Juliana Ferreira, Eva Frazzetta, Cara Galli, Sadie Galligan, Jessica Gamby, Zack Ginesin, Haley Glassman, Joshua Goldberg, Jaiah Gottor, Timothy Grazier, Erin Hanahoe, Abigail Harrison, Sarah Hauptman, Greer Hazzard, Deborah Heaslip, Mack Hedman, Christopher Heller, Jack Hembury, Madison Hughes, Amanda Hunt, Timothy Hunt, Susan Insinger, Morgan Jones, Ryan Jones, Jessica Kamalsky, Nicola Kelly, Catherine Kennedy, Samreen Khan, Melanie Klammer, Jessica Kozma, Sandor Kozma, Christos Kreatsoulas, Jacqueline Kruse, Gregory Leonard, Alexa Malheiro, Timothy Malone, Camryn Marino, Ashley Marroquin, Zachary Martin, Deanna Mazzamuto, Rowan McGlynn, Mikayla McGrory, Caroline McIntyre, Anna McKee, Michelle McNamara, Jasmine McPartland, Sophia Mederer, Jenna Meissner, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Justin Montafia, Steven Mount, Maryrose Murphy, Kaitlyn Musial, Michaela Ndono, Ava Nolletti, Olivia O'Connor, Stephanie Ogbebor, Madeline Olsen, Cassandra Orellana, Colleen O'Rourke, Alexandra Ortiz, Sarah Oster, Robert Paradiso Julia Pasquale, Rachel Pasquale, Alfredo Patino, Robert Pavone, Ryland Perolli, Isabella Piacente, Natalie Pinerio, James Purr, Nicole Quattrucci, Alexa Ramirez, Megan Ravert, Shannon Ravert, Jack Recher, Carly Regan, Joseph Risley, Kylie Rosenquest, Julia Rudin, Neo Ruiz, Victoria Salves, Allison Sanel, Olivia Scaperotti, Jenna Schneider, Michelle Shaffer, MichaelShanny, Chhiring Sherpa, Pasang La Sherpa, Anastasya Shpakova, Brody Smith, Christopher Smith, Courtney Smith, Ashlyn Spinelli, Kevin Stenger, Dylan Stolper, Michael Storen, Troy Sweet, Abigail Taormina, Sierra Taplin, Ruth Terman, Kaitlyn Torres, Caitlin Tully, Katie Turk, Grace Vaidian, Alexander Vandenberg, Amala Vattappally, Paige Vele, zMadison Vendel, Braeden Voyticky, Caitlyn Webber, Luke Weber, Ethan Wiener, Julia Wilder, Monica Zheng, Sandy Zheng, Anna Zimmerman


Robotics Club

Robert Altavalia, Erik Arias, Antonia Artigas, Ryan Calhoun, GiGi Cornell, Madeline Donohue, Josie Garrity, Zach Ginesin, Timothy Grazier, Callum Halliday, Vincent Horan, Marissa Laba, Sal Lagana, Ally Marte, Kaitlyn Musial, Kate Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Sullivan, Tyler Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Toole, Charlotte Stone, James Wilcha, Matt Wilcha

Rock 'N Roll Club

Leila Bahssain, Amelia Bohmer, George Boskovski, Luke Brady, Francesca Cabrera, Angie Calero, Anthony Cartaino, Riley Casey, Kenzie Christman, Ciara Cosgrave, Rachael Dandreano, Mariana Daza, Deirdre Farrell, Billy Galligan, Katie Grgecic, Emma Hanaburgh, Mohamed Hussain, Kayla Kelly, Gabrielle Leslie, Spencer Longo, Tim Malone, Alex Margalitadze, Anna Marino, Mikayla McGrory, Justin Montafia, Shayla Mulios, Elias Mulios, Samantha Ondreicka, Amber Oster, Saanvi Prasad, James Purr, Jack Recher, Melissa Rice, Quinn Sabia, Sofia Sanchez, PJ Shurman, Ashley Suppa, Matthew Todor, Paul Torres, Max Trippodo, Angelina Trongone, Teagan Weindel, Raymnd Wozniak, Alexa Zarelli, Sierra Zory


Safe School Ambassadors

Leila Bahssain, Charles Baxter, Samantha Bogart, Lea Bojorquez, Anthony Briante, Richard Burke, Niamh Carey, Hailey Colon, Molly Corry, Rachel Dandreano, Rebekah Dandreano, Olivia DeFonce, Allison Devane, Simone Domenick, Lauren Downes, Rachel Downes, Elias Duke, Fiona Faccilonga, Nathan Falk, Anthony Febo, Jaro Fejko, Leanna Florez, Eva Frazzetta, Maria Fuentes, Sadie Galligan, Erika Gard, Sean George, Ava Gialanella, Elena Gottschalk, Sofia Harrison, Karlie Head, Destiny Henry, Amanda Hunt, Caroline Johnson, Ryan Jones, Cassandra Knapp, Sandor Kozma, Dillon Lennon, Olivia Lockwood, Hannah Loughran, Kayla MacElhinney, Zachary Martin, Donnalee Mason, Rowan McGlynn, Maeve McGlynn, Emily Medina, Victoria Melito, Jake Montana, Steven Mount, Olivia Murillo, Amanda Murphy, Wesley Myles, Elvis Oliveros, Nicholas Pappas, Alexandra Paradiso, Alfredo Patino, Kaitlyn Pirrelli, Delilah Polanco, Elizabeth Repa, James Rinaldi, Gabriel Rivera, Jonathan Robles, Olivia Roman, Nick Rosaforte, Julia Rudin, Sophia Sanchez, Olivia Scaperotti, Joseph Schiavone, Morgan Shannon, Ronald Shofi, Anastasya Shpakova, Hugh Smith, Brody Smith, Serenity Smith, Ashlyn Spinelli, Michael Storen, Kimberly Supliski, Abby Taormina, Sierra Taplin, Isabella Vaccaro, Maria Vigil, Braeden Voyticky, Julia Wilder

Students Assisting Students

Molly Aguero, Lily Ali, Yadira Alonzo, Isabelle Andreo, Amenna Aslam, Julia Baker, Eden Barone, Jennifer Bell, April Belmonte, Lea Bojorquez, Daria Brennock, Jennifer Chan, Kelly Conroy, Katie Corrao, Taylor Crow, Shannon Curtis, Matthew Demme, Allison Devane, Adrianna Diab, Joseph DiPierro, Brooke Dixon, Kaitlyn Doherty, Fiona Faccilonga, Jeanna Fateh, Marcos Fernandez, Leanna Florez, Molly Foley, Cara Galli, Sadie Galligan, Jessica Gamby, Daiana Giron, Erin Hanahoe, Deborah Heaslip, Skyler Hernandez, Deveney Howard, Jennifer Jimenez, Samreen Khan, Melanie Klammer, Jacqueline Kruse, Hannah Loughran, Paula Matos, Madeleine McDermott, Rowan McGlynn, Jasmine McPartland, Jessica Morales, Steven Mount, Olivia O'Connor, Samantha Ondreicka, Cassandra Orellana, Alexandra Ortiz, Isabella Piacente, Shannon Ravert, Carly Regan, Michael Rosaforte, Victoria Salves, Kayla Schnorr, Michelle Shaffer, Pasang Sherpa, Chhiring Sherpa, Anastasya Shpakova, Ashlyn Spinelli, Sierra Taplin, Ruth Terman, Elaine Vancoughnett, Luke Weber, Karissa Widman, Sandy Zheng


Science Club

Richard Abele, Nicole Alvarado, Keerthi Atluri, Julia Baker, Eden Barone, Dylan Bates, Amanda Baumgardt, Ariana Boswell, Sara Briggs, Ryan Calhoun, Juliette Cox, Joseph Diab, Keith Dixon, Ryan Doherty, Lauren Downes, Rachel Downes, Elias Duke, Grace Duke, Bene Farrell, Jeanna Fateh, Josie Garrity, Sarah Hauptman, Deborah Heaslip, Madison Hughes, Jason Jain, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Devin Nunez, Olivia O'Connor, Amaru Orellana, Kate O'Sullivan, Robert Paradiso, Julia Pasquale, Rachel Pasquale, Neo Ruiz, Olivia Scaperotti, Spencer Schmidt, Victoria Sciarra, Michelle Shaffer, Danielle Shanny, Stephen Turco, Katie Turk, Greta Vaughn, Paige Velez, Ethan Wiener, Monica Zheng, Sandy Zheng

Science Research

Rose Abraham, Emily Alps, Keerthi Atluri, Washington Avellaneda, Marko Borovyk, Ariana Boswell, Daria Brennock, Allison Burns, Angie Calero, Riley Casey, Juliette Cox, Meghan Dillon, Ryan Doherty, Deirdre Farrell, Stefani Frank, Cara Galli, Deborah Heaslip, Madelyn McMath, William Meyers, Rebecca Monge, Sebastian Monge, Lauren Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke, Delilah Paonco, Alexandra Paradiso, Julia Pasquale, Julia Przydzial, Amanda Purr, Jaclyn Repanti, Olivia Scaperotti, Spencer Schmidt, Michelle Shaffer, Danielle Shanny, Grace Vaidian, Leah Vaidian, Greta Vaughn, Monica Zheng, Sandy Zheng, Sierra Zory



Bobby Beanland, Ian Bielawski, Joey Bravo, Isabella Ciatto, Katie Corrao, Mariana Daza, Fiona Faccilonga, Benjamin Hitchcock, Nicola Kelly, Hannah Loughran, Ayden Mallegol, William Myers, Amanda Purr, James Purr, Matthew Rosaforte, Jared Tompkins, Angelina Trongone, Ashley Suppa, Troy Sweet, Julia Wilder

Spanish Club

Katherine Aguire-Portillo, Yadira Alonzo, Nicole Alvarado, Eden Barone, Kendi Briggs, Joselyn Campoverde, Marcos Cristosomo, Sabrina Desintonio, Madeline Escobar, Marcos Fernandez, Catherine Kennedy, Jessica Kozma, Kaitlyn Lennon, Edwin Maldonado, Marco Martinez, Michelle McNamara, Jeily Morocho, Maryrose Murphy, Michaela Ndono, Carla Orellana, Cassandra Orellana, Brianna Quezada, Cynthia Quezada, Elizabeth Quezada


Step Club

Hailey Colon, Simone Domenick, Karlie Head, Destiney Henry, Olivia Murillo, Sofia Sanchez, Kathrine Smith, Serenity Smith

Student Organization

Gwynne Aull, Danielle Bello, Tim Borhman, Erin Brady, Isabella Ciatto, Ciara Cosgrave, Karoline Costa, Maddie Deprino, Hailey Dorado, Grace Duke, Asher Duke, Porter Durkee, Fiona Facci, Jenna Ferrara, Kyle Grgecic, Katie Grgecic, Bryan Higgins, Amanda Hunt, Haley Kubik, Kasey Lewis, Alexa Malheiro, Deanna Mazzamuto, Rowan McGlynn, Caroline McIntyre, Anna McKee, Olivia McKinlay, Michelle McNarama, Will Meyers, Sebastian Monge, Rebecca Monge, Maryrose Murphy, Colette Nunez, Sarah Oster, James Purr, Matt Rosaforte, Kylie Rosenquest, Laila Rosenquest, Olivia Scaperotti, Anastasya Shpakova, Nick Sodano, Troy Sweet, Abby Taormina, Olivia Trupia, Caitlin Tully, Matt Wetzel, Julia Wilder, Anna Zimmerman


Yearbook Club

Nicole Alvarado, Bailey Calhoun, Gaby Carneiro, Jennifer Chan, Taylor Crow, Shannon Curtis, Adrianna Diab, Kaitlyn Doherty, Madeline Escobar, Fiona Faccilonga, Ashely Hall, Deveney Howard, Amanda Hunt, Jessica Kamalsky, Millie Kisling, Soultana Kreatsoulas, Morgan LeeCiano, Kaitlyn Lennon, Gisele Licona, Madison LoMedico, Hannah Loughran, Paula Matos, Rowan McGlynn, Maeve McGlynn, Michelle Medina, Jessica Newman, Harper O'Connor, Mindy Osoria, Viviana Persico, Athena Pinelli, Enisa Rramanaj, Julia Rudin, Gabrielle Santangelo, Jenna Schneider, Kim Shofi, Zoey Silsdorf, Charlee Stone, Greta Vaughn, Aidan Webster, Ashton Wise, Anna Zimmerman


Julia Rudin Editor

Jessica Kamalsky Editor

Paula Matos Editor

Nicole Alvarado Editor

Taylor Crow Editor

Hannah Loughran Editor

Kaitlyn Doherty Editor in Chief

Jenna Schneider Editor

Shannon Curtis Editor Jennifer Chan Secretary & Editor




All State Isabella Ciatto, Abigail Harrison, Nicola Kelly, Sophia Mederer, James Purr, Jack Recher, Michael Shanny, Troy Sweet, Grace Vaidian, Julia Wilder

Area All State

Leila Bahssain, Eden Barone, Dylan Bates, Andrew Bumgarner, Claire Bumgarner, Carly Chardavoyne, Isabella Ciatto, Katie Corrao, Ashley Delpozzo, Allison Devane, Simon Douglas, Zander Doring, Eva Frazzetta, Abigail Harrison, Eleanor Harrison, Sofia Harrison, Bryan Higgins, George Kane, Nicola Kelly, Catherine Kennedy, Mary Kovacs, Haley Kubik, Hannah Loughran, Kayla MacElhinney, Ashley Marroquin, Zachary Martin, Adriana Mastrangelo, Emily Matera, Rowan McGlynn, Mikayla McGory, Bethany McIntyre, Moira McNerney, Sophia Mederer, Julia Monteiro, Michaela Ndono, Madeline Olsen, Ryland Perolli, Isabella Piacente, Amanda Purr, James Purr, Nicole Quattrucci, Jack Recher, Matthew Rosaforte, Neo Ruiz, Victoria Salves, Allison Sanel, Olivia Scaperotti, Jenna Schneider, Michael Shanny, Danielle Shanny, Robert Sleight, Christopher Smith, Troy Sweet, Alyssa Thomas, Angelina Trongone, Caelyn Tuffy, Grace Vaidian, Julia Wilder



Dylan Bates, Eleanor Harrison, Michael Shanny, Christopher Smith

Concert Choir

Lillianna Alexander, Tara Babnik, Leila Bahssain, Julia Baker, Eden Barone, Robert Beanland, Max Bellesheim, Ian Bielawski, Joey Bravo, Andrew Bumgarner, Claire Bumgarner, Chayse Carroll, Anthony Cartaino, Mackenzie Christman, Isabella Ciatto, Joseph Clement, Katie Corrao, Molly Corry, James Danvin, Gilberto Davila, Mariana Daza, Madison Deprino, Allison Devane, Spencer Dicembrino, Nicholas DiLeo, Fiona Faccilonga, Leanna Florez, Eva Frazzetta, Thomas Fusco, Jennifer Gerace, Bryan Higgins, Holland Hill, Benjamin Hitchcock, George Kane, Aedan Keating, Nicola Kelly, Catherine Kennedy, Mary Kovacs, Haley Kubik, Hannah Loughran, Kayla Macelhinney, Ayden Mallegol, Timothy Malone, Ashley Marroquin, William Marsden, Naomi Martinez, Adriana Mastrangelo, Emily Matera, Rowan McGlynn, Bethany McIntyre, James McLaughlin, Moira McNerney, Michael Mejias, William Meyers, Julia Monteiro, Matthew Murphy, Michaela Ndono, Ava Nolletti, Colette Nunez, Elvis Oliveros, Madeline Olsen, Samantha Ondreicka, Brandon Oviedo, Alexandra Paradiso, Ryland Perolli, Isabella Piacente, Madeline Plotkin, James Purr, Amanda Purr, Nicole Quattrucci, Hailey Ricker, James Rinaldi, Matthew Rosaforte, Victoria Salves, Allison Sanel, Jenna Schneider, Rebecca Spears, Ashley Suppa, Troy Sweet, Alexandra Taranto, Alyssa Thomas, Jared Tompkins, Angelina Trongone, Caelyn Tuffy, Julia Wilder, Bodhi Williams


Wind Ensemble

Molly Aguero, Keerthi Atluri, Dylan Bates, Marko Borovyk, Allison Burns, Catherine Caban, John Curtis, Meghan Dillon, Keith Dixon, Alexander Doring, Simon Douglas, Timothy Grazier, Eleanor Harrison, Sofia Harrison, Sarah Hauptman, Timothy Hunt, Amanda Hunt, Jessica Kozma, Gregory Leonard, Timothy Malone, Mikayla McGrory, Anna McKee, William Meyers, Sebastian Monge, Harper Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Connor, Lauren Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Rourke, Ryland Perolli, Jack Recher, Neo Ruiz, Olivia Scaperotti, Victoria Sciarra, Michael Shanny, Robert Sleight, Christopher Smith, Troy Sweet, Ruth Terman, Leah Vaidian, Alexander Vandenberg


Symphony Orchestra

Emily Alps, Nicole Alvarado, Isabelle Andreo, Julia Baker, George Boskovski, Ariana Boswell, Luke Brady, Katherine Brown, Jennifer Chan, Carly Chardavoyne, Kaitlyn Doherty, Abigail Harrison, Sloane Hazzard, Marcus Herrera, Madison Hughes, Nicola Kelly, Kevin Kovacs, Owen Lalak, Spencer Longo, Ashley Marroquin, Zachary Martin, Emily Matera, Sophia Mederer, Rebecca Monge, Steven Mount, Madeline Olsen, Molly Radigan, Allison Sanel, Jonathan Schanil, Michelle Shaffer, Danielle Shanny, Pasang La Sherpa, Abigail Taormina, James Tibbetts, Caitlin Tully, Grace Vaidian, Julia Wilder, Nathanial Wolfe, Samantha Wozniak, Sandy Zheng, Monica Zheng


Concert Band

Benjamin Antoniuk, Washington Avellaneda, Brian Baader-Blaser, Tyler Badger, Leila Bahssain, Weston Bark, Jillian Blair, Ryan Calhoun, Andrew Campbell, Peyton Capolino, Meaghan Connors, Ellyse Davis, Ryan Dehn, Brooke Dixon, Rachel Downes, Fiona Faccilonga, Deidre Farrell, Ryan Fischer, Eva Frazzetta, William Galligan, Donovan Harris, Jacob Hitchcock,Margaret Knapp, Sandor Kozma, Kristina Leonard, Gabrielle Leslie, Michael Malone, Julianna Marrone, Madelyn McMath, Ronan Murphy, Amber Oster, Brandon Oviedo, Isabella Piacente, Amanda Purr, Julia Repanti, Jeremy Rynn, Spencer Schmidt, Hugh Smith, Scott Stoecker, Jeremy Torres, Elaine VanCoughnett, Luke Weber, Aidan Webster, Christopher Weizenecker, Ethan Wiener, Alexa Zarelli

Concert Orchestra

Emma Alicea, Kylie Behan, Jennifer Chan, Allison Devane, Joseph DiPierro, Kaitlyn Doherty, Lauren Downes, Ryan Duffelmeyer, Brianna Gerdes, Melanie Klammer, Grace Knapp, Chloe LeBeau, Thomas Lombardi, Rowan McGlynn, Madeline Olsen, Aife Ruane, Clark Rubin, Analise Ruiz, Ashlyn Spinelli, Kimberly Supliski, Matthew Toscano, Caelyn Tuffy, Anthony Vara, Gabriela Vargas, Alexa Zarelli


Carmel Chorus

Emma Alicea, Jack Autieri, Brandon Ayala, Amanda Baumgardt, Alexa Bouchard, Gabrielle Canuelas, Brianna Carovillano, Audree Colantonio, Hailey Colon, Karoline Costa, Juliana Cotza, Annelle Cox, Rebekah Dandreano, Ellyse Davis, Alyssa Dean, Samantha DeFilippo, Duncan DeFonce, Liz Delgado, Ashley DelPozzo, Jillian Esposito, Madison Fikaris, Madison Finney, Luke Golisano, Angelina Harris, Karlie Head, Samantha Imperati, Susan Insinger, Emily Johnson, Kai Karas, Izabella Kielbasa, Anna Kobierowski, Dominick Krivorot, Gabrielle Leslie, Sarah Loja, Spencer Longo, Katrina McCormack, Nikki McGough, Justin Montafia, Brendan Murphy, Dana Nguyen, Andrew Olsen, Elizabeth Quezada, Kate Rodriguez, Isabella Roman, Sofia Sanchez, Paul Sedlarcik, Teresa Shkreli, Jessica Turner, Nicholas Wisdom

Freshman Chorus

Leah Abreu, Michelle Andreo, Bailey Calhoun, Laura Colantonio, Gillian Cornell, Ciara Cosgrave, Samantha Crespo, Rachael Dandreano, Maggie Deans, Sabrina Downey, Samantha Duffy, Sophia Franco, Erika Gard, Katelyn Grgecic, Emma Hanaburgh, Maureen Henshaw, Venus Hernandez, Kayla Kelly, Soultana Kreatsoulas, Saoirse Mangan, Anna-Rose Marino, Meaghan McMahon, Abigail Morelli, Lyndsey Ondek, Viviana Persico, Sophia Piacente, Saanvi Prasad, Ashley Ramos, Olivia Rhymer, Gianna Roca Murillo, Zoey-Mae Rolon, Enisa Rramanaj, Katherine Smith, Kelsie Tretera, Olivia Trupia, Emily Vega, Riley Ward, Teagan Weindel, Megan Whitford


Freshman Orchestra

Daniel Baggetta, Jennyfer Bassett, Felix Bateman, Alexey Bezzubikoff, Sean Brozowski, Shannon Buser, Betzaida Cajas, Hailey Cargain, Gillian Cornell, Ciara Cosgrave, Rachael Dandreano, Sabrina Downey, Rylee Duffelemeyer, Kyle Grgecic, Emma Hanaburgh, Kristen Hansen, Katherine Harrington, Maya Hartglass, Maesha Hossain, Billy Jimenez, Isabel Jurado, Maya Kansky, Faleha Khan, Morgan Mallegol, Ana Nieves, Franco Petruolo, Saanvi Prasad, Faith Reilly, Laila Rosenquest, Olivia Schwark, Jada Spence, Bodhi Williams

Freshman Band

Leah Abreu, Robert Altavilla, James Ardisana, Ryan Badger, Thomas Brown, Elijah Brown, Liam Dima, Julia Ferreira, Katie Gluck, Jocelyn Hansen, Else Hedman, Maureen Henshaw, Vincent Horan, Nicholas Iarossi, Julia Kappauf, Cole Kasbarian, Ashley Kozma, Alexandra Kreatsoulas, Brendan Martinez, Matthew Matera, Thomas McKee, Kara Medina, Ava Melikan, Claire Missoum, Marguerite Murphy, Luke Oâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;Grady, Michael Pinna, Nicholas Ricozzi, Jasmin Rivera, Zoey-Mae Rolon, Dylan Sardo, Frank Shaffer, Michael Sugar, Joshua Tavares, Daniel Thut, Kyle Vitro, Teagan Weindel, Samuel Wong, Kira Wright, Christian Yom, Cristel Zhanay


PACE Music Class

Jeremiah Allen, Tyler Mason, Hannah Hill, Brandon Fernandes, Ashlyn Cleary, Michael Padilla, Andrew Olsen, Madison Hughes, Brandon Oviedo, Nicola Kelly

Luisa Spadaro, Sophia Piacente, Dakota Daniels, Caleb Cleary, Charlotte Lurie, Madison Hughes, Nicola Kelly, Delaney Jones















































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Carmel High School 2020 Yearbook eVersion  

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Carmel High School 2020 Yearbook eVersion  

Sponsored by Lifetouch