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November 2013

Mixed Comprehensive Academy 11-19 Homewood School & Sixth Form Centre invites current Year 11 students and other prospective Sixth Form applicants and their parents to our

SIXTH FORM OPEN EVENING Thursday 14th November 2013, 5pm - 8pm Principal’s Speeches at 5.30pm and 6.30pm Applications can be made on the UCAS Progress website For further information telephone: 01580 764222 or email: Ashford Road, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6LT


Welcome Hi everyone, Welcome to the November issue, I hope you all remembered to set your clocks back for the winter season. Apparently the Anglo-Saxons called November ‘Wind-monath’ or Wind Month, as it was the time when the cold winds began to blow and certainly as I am writing this the wind is blowing a gale outside, let’s hope winter won’t be quite as long and severe as it was last year. “Remember, remember the fifth of November gun powder, treason and plot”! For 400 hundred years this poem has served to remind us of the night Guy Fawkes and his band of followers tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament. So with Bonfire night approaching and the accompanying fireworks exploding left, right and centre make sure you take special care otherwise your house may not be quite as lucky as the famous Westminster home of our government! Alternatively there will be a number of organised firework displays on locally, if you have any trouble locating them why not go online to my website and check out the magazines for the other areas. DH (dear hubby) never fails to remind me well in advance of November that his birthday is approaching, dropping not-so-subtle hints on what new gadget he might possibly like to arrive around the 14th of the month, of course backing it up with the fact that Prince Charles was born on the same day. I reckon he expects me to treat him like royalty! Maybe I could stick him in the tower of London when he gets on my nerves, h’mmm now there’s a thought! (only joking dear). Our pubs and restaurants are all gearing up for the Christmas season so do check them out and book your Christmas parties in soon to avoid any disappointment. Have a great month ~ Debbie T: 01233 720488 e: w:

December Issue Deadline 1st November

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the garden

Ground Cover Ground cover plantings are a wonderful way to create gorgeous carpets of colour in your garden, whatever its size and wherever it’s located. But what’s so special about groundcover growing, when is it most useful and when should you start? by Pippa Greenwood


The initial few months will take some effort, but once growing well, most ground cover planting needs little if any maintenance except perhaps a very occasional trim, some food and water in drier weather. It has a superbly smothering effect on the weeds, killing weedlings and deterring further weeds from appearing. The denser the groundcover planting, the better the effect. Autumn is a great time for planting. Trees, shrubs, climbers and herbaceous plants that go in to the ground at this time of year often establish extremely well as they have the luxury of enjoying the relatively warm and yet moist soil, a perfect place for new roots to grow out and establish rapidly. Make sure you invest a bit of time and effort in to the preparation. Clear the area of weeds, digging out all tough weeds completely if you can. Fork the soil over, removing debris such as large stones or buried rubbish and then fork in plenty of well-rotted manure or garden compost, and perhaps a little slow-release feed too. If you’re planting up a slope, it’s worth trying to secure the soil a little too, as all that preparation and weed clearing will have loosened the surface and made it prone to erosion. Once growing well the roots of the plants will help to secure the slope brilliantly, but in the meantime,

use landscape fabric pinned down onto the surface of the slope. Don’t be tempted to cram the plants in too closely. Given time they will form the desired effect if planted at the correct spacing. But if you fall in to the trap of planting them elbow to elbow, then they are more likely to become stressed and miserable, more prone to disease and will need thinning out. Make sure the plants are kept just moist at the roots until they’re well established and feed occasionally. By choosing varieties of plants which are recommended for use as groundcover you’ll be unlikely to have to do much if any pruning. So what should you choose to grow? Foliage that is attractive and interesting makes a wonderful groundcover planting and if you wish you can add a few more flamboyant flowering plants to the mixture too. By using plants with interestingly shaped leaves or variegated leaves your leafy planting will look even better. If you want a reasonable effect all year around, then select at least some of the plants you use from the evergreens. These may lose their leaves, but they do so gradually so you’ll never be left with totally bare soil. Great Shrubby Groundcover Ideas Heaths and Heathers, Cotoneaster horizontalis and Cotoneaster microphyllus, Stephandra incise ‘Crispa’, groundcover roses eg the

‘Flower Carpet’ roses. Great Shade-Tolerant groundcover Ideas Sarcococca hookeriana var. humilis, Mahonia repens, Gaultheria procumbens, Hypericum calycinum, many hebes including Hebe pinguifolia, Euonymus fortune cultivars such as ‘Emerald n’Gold’, ‘Emerald Gaiety’ Herbaceous Ground Cover in Shadier Spots Sweet violets, pulmonaria (lungworts) eg the white-flowered ‘Sissinghurst’, Bugle (the ajugas eg Ajuga reptans ‘Burgundy Glow’), Lysimachia nummularia (Creeping Jenny), Lily-of-the-valley, Lamium ‘White Nancy’ and Lamium ‘Silver Beacon’, Bergenia Sunnier Groundcover Snow-in-summer, thymes, oregano, many of the sedums, chamomile. Visit Pippa’s website www. for a great range of gardeningrelated Christmas gifts including stylish ‘Grow Your Own with Pippa Greenwood’ gift card, handmade pottery herb planters, recycled metal sculptures, Pippa’s favourite weeding tool, signed books and lots of seriously useful garden items.

the garden Stephen Bailey Landscaping

All Seasons Garden Services Over 20 years experience All aspects of garden care undertaken Fully insured

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F. A . B

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Tree Surgery - Landscaping - Garden Work Driveways & Patios Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 875246 30 years Experience - fully insured -


Large professional machinery provided by small local business Est. 7 years. Competitive prices.

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• All Aspects of Tree Surgery • Competitive Quotations • Stump Grinding • Planting T: 01303 872383 • Fencing M: 07789 495263 • Site Clearance • Logs & FULLY INSURED Woodchips 24 hr Emegency Call Out Available


Fast effective service for the removal of all pests. Family Run - Fully Insured. Authority Approved.



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Advertise Here £44 per month plus vat 10% Discount & A FREE Editorial for 6 month bookings Easy monthly payment options

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LOGS Tree & Woodland Management 07825 770260 Handmade Chestnut Fencing Locally Sourced Logs Bilsington

WARD SERVICES Hastingleigh, Kent

We specialise in Tree Cutting, Logging, Hedging, Grubbing Out, Clearance, Fencing, Paths, Driveways, Land Drains, Spoil Removal and many more of your outdoor needs. Just call us for your free quote

Phone: 07967 029122 or email: 6

Paul Thompson Tree Surgery & Fencing

• Felling • Pollarding • Crown Reductions • Deadwooding • Hedge Cutting

Tel: 01303 267267 Mobile: 07976 625330 e: w: www.

Professional Tree Work Fully Insured Environment Agency Registered Council Approved Contractor

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LogHeat Log Heat

the garden

Seasoned & Kiln Dried Logs

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LOGS SEASONED, HARDWOOD BARN STORED Sizes to Suit You, Various Sized Loads

Fairforest Fencing Services Agricultural and Domestic • Fencing & Gates Soft and Hard Landscaping • Groundworks

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Chimney Sweeping Services Brush and Vac Friendly, Clean, Reliable Service Every Type of Flue Swept Pots, Cowls & Bird Guards Fitted Stove Installations NAC’s Certificates Issued Fully Insured Best Possible Prices on all Fires Local Family Run Business Weddings Attended All Areas Covered

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It is not just us cats that hibernate of course. Hedgehogs and dormice should be hibernating by now. The clinic has seen more hedgehogs than ever this year and we hope that those that have been released again sleep well throughout the winter. No such luck about goats hibernating. We are stuck with them right through the winter! Goats are so stupid!

Mowgli Hello Everyone, Mowgli here. It is now the kind of weather that all cats like- time to put on the heating and light the fire! Ebony and I are so happy that we can snuggle into our radiator beds and snooze the afternoon away. Joshua, of course, makes a nuisance of himself and tries to join us but I have found that if I dangle my tail over the edge of the bed he plays with it for a while so that we get a bit of peace and quiet!


Quick Crossword Across 1. 5. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 14. 17. 19. 22. 23. 24. 25.

Nearest (7) Inexpensive (5) Type of cattle (7) A slight fever (5) Sweet, thick liquid (5) Flat area of high land (7) Form of dance (6) In good condition (6) Family member (7) Trimmed (5) Enclosed within (5) Non-professional (7) Dizzy (5) Painters (7)

Down 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

3D squares (5) To give or volunteer (5) Prototype (7) Soldiers (6) Bedtime drink (5) Obvious (7)


The Clinic has been bursting at the seams spacewise for some time now and at some point next year it is going to move a few metres across the car park to get a bit more space. Clive says that you might all see building work on your left as you drive into Evegate- that is going to be the new Clinic. Ebony and I are of course demanding to go and see it when it is finished and to go to the opening party. Jane says we will see how things go about whether we could be trusted to behave at the party...... this is at least more hopeful than the usual response! Anyway, everything else will be the same about the clinic- there will just be a bit more space to move and it will be across the car park. Clive keeps bringing plans home to decide things like where the lights are going and I make sure I help out of course! Apparently sitting on the plans is not always helpful and tapping pencils off 2
















16 17







7. 12. 13. 15.

Contaminate (7) Imploring (7) Highly intelligent (7) Graceful (7)

16. 18. 20. 21.

Type of fruit (6) Unclean (5) Conjecture (5) Risks (5)

the home the table onto the floor and under the dresser also seems unpopular. I think my humans just don’t appreciate me- they would hate it if I took no interest! Now that it is so cold it is a bad time for those poor cats who do not have a home. While Ebony and I are snuggling up in the warm it is a different story for some unfortunate cats. One such cat came into the clinic several weeks ago. She had been found by someone and was in a terrible state. One of her legs was broken in several places and it was also heavily infected with maggots. She also had a broken jaw. The clinic took her in and she has been gradually getting better. Her broken leg had to be amputated but despite this she has been going from strength to strength. Her jaw is now mended and she is eating well. One of the vet nurses, Lucy, is going to take her home when she is better so she is a very lucky little cat and I think she will soon be snuggled up in a radiator bed of her own!

~ Mowgli Montgomery Vets

AT THE EVEGATE CENTRE SMEETH, ASHFORD ‘We treat your pet as if it was our own’ Specialising in all pet animals including exotics & avian. Calm and friendly family run clinic.

Open 7 days a week Full emergency service Ample Free Parking

CALL 01303 813756


Priory Dog Grooming & Day Care


How to Play: Fill in the grid so that every row,

every column, and every 3 x 3 box contains the digits 1 through 9, with no repetition! That’s all there is to it. You solve the puzzle with reasoning and logic - there’s no maths involved and no adding up. It’s fun. It’s challenging. It’s addictive!

- Bilsington, Ashford -

Call Tamara Roberts

01233 720380 / 07754 823045


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Collection Service Handstripping Clipping Dematting Doggy Day Nursery Cat Grooming Microchipping Dog Walking Locally

£5 Off Full Groom

with this voucher in November only. ALD

01233 732505 Marsh Rd Hamstreet,TN26 2JE

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Challock Memorial Hall, Blind Lane. 1st & 3rd Friday of each month 1pm to 4pm Contact Pauline Hickson 01233 740979

THE BARN SHOP TRADITIONAL MARKET Challock - 2nd & 4th Saturday of each month 10am – 2pm Contact 01233 740237

CHARING FARMER’S MARKET Charing Church Barn 9 -11.30 every Thurs morning Contact 01233 740176

EGERTON Every Friday 2 - 4.30pm Millennium Hall

ROLVENDEN - 01580 240763 Every Thursday 10am -12 noon St Mary’s Church and the Village Hall


RYE FARMERS MARKET Every Wednesday at Strand Quay 10am - 1 pm (12pm Oct - April)

RYE MARKET Every Thursday at the Cattle Market Car Park. Early till around 3pm (depending on the weather)

RYE COUNTRY MARKET Formerly WI Market Rye Community Centre, Conduit Hill. Every Friday 10am -11.30am

TENTERDEN COUNTRY MARKET Every Friday 9.30am -11.30am St Mildred’s Church Hall, Church road.

WITTERSHAM MARKET Every Tuesday Village Hall 9am. - 11am Tel: 01797 270757

WYE - 07804 652156 First and third Saturday of every month on the Village Green in Wye. Tel: 07804 652156


Domestic Chores



Shopping Event Planning

and much More !!

Pet/House Care

07788725795 or 07771526665 (Incorporating My Ironing Lady



Pure Carpet Cleaning, Kent’s premier lady carpet cleaner, where you get more attention to detail. Professional, commercial and domestic cleaning services throughout Kent providing both the highest quality and great prices. Please call to discuss how we can help you:

01797 369222



SELECTA TWIST 40oz Tufted Carpet Made from 80% pure new British wool


CALL US NOW 01233 714 999 Find us at the top of Charing Hill Next to Fixings Warehouse

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Professional unique intensive valet process Range & AGA specialist All ovens, hobs, extractor fans & microwaves Environmentally friendly, no toxic chemicals, no fumes See for a video of the valet process Ovenu Ashford is approved by Trading Standards Contact Richard at Ovenu Ashford 01233 380023 or 0800 1409800

Twice Baked Cheese Souffles Makes 4

Ready in 1 hour 20 minutes

If the thought of baking a fragile cheese soufflé for a special dinner seems a little too ambitious, then think again. Baked once in advance then baked again just before serving, these delicious individual soufflés work every time. Ingredients: 12

• 40g butter, plus extra for greasing • 40g plain flour • 225ml milk, warmed • 4 large eggs, separated • 3 tbsp fresh chopped parsley • 75g mature Cheddar cheese, grated • 75g Stilton cheese, crumbled • Salt and freshly ground black pepper • 150ml double cream • Green salad, to serve • Cayenne pepper, to sprinkle (optional)

Melt the butter in a saucepan then stir in the flour and mix with a wooden spoon to make a smooth paste. Cook over a low heat for 1 minute. Gradually whisk the milk a little at a time. Once all the milk has been added, cook over a low heat for a further 2-3 minutes, whisking continuously, until you have a smooth and thick sauce. Remove from the heat and cool for 5 minutes. Beat in the egg yolks, parsley and two-thirds of the Cheddar and Stilton. Season lightly with salt and freshly ground black pepper. Preheat the oven to 180C/350F/Gas Mark 4. Butter four large ramekin dishes and line the bases with circles of baking parchment. Place the egg whites in a clean, grease-free bowl and whisk until stiff. Beat one spoonful of the egg whites into the cheese sauce to loosen it slightly then gently fold the sauce into the remaining egg whites. Divide the mixture evenly between the prepared dishes.


Place the dishes in a roasting tin and pour in boiling water to come halfway up the sides of the dishes. Bake for 20-25 minutes until risen and golden. Transfer the dishes to a cooling rack (the soufflés will sink a little but don’t worry). Increase the oven temperature to 200C/400F/Gas Mark 6.

To prepare ahead, leave the soufflés to cool after the initial baking, then turn them out into the baking dish and cover with cling film. Chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight and top with the cheese and bake for the second time just before serving.

Turn the soufflés out into a shallow baking dish and remove the lining papers. Sprinkle over the remaining cheese and return to the oven for 15-20 minutes until piping hot and puffy. Spoon the cream over the top and bake for a further 2-3 minutes until heated through. Serve immediately with salad, sprinkled lightly with cayenne pepper, if liked.

Our Shop Opening Hours Are: Tuesday - Friday 7am until 3pm and Saturday 7am until 12 noon

Breakfast Down on the Beach Fridays 9am until 1pm Saturdays 9am until 12 noon GRIGGS OF HYTHE LTD The Old Life Boat Station Buildings The Fishermans Landing Beach, Range Road Hythe, Kent CT21 6HG

Tel: 01303 266410 Email:

Wiltshire Farm Foods make mealtimes as easy as pie. If you’ll pardon the pun! Shepherds Pie with Vegetables £3.00

We offer a choice of 260 delicious, nutritious meals. All are delivered frozen by your driver, ready to store in your freezer and cook in minutes. Simply take a look at our FREE brochure and order over the phone or online. Mealtimes taken care of - what could be easier?




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In Season: Fruit Apples Nuts Pears

Vegetables Artichoke Beetroot Broccoli Brussel Sprouts

Butternut Squash Cabbage Carrots Cauliflower Celeriac Celery Chard Chicory Winter Greens

Kale Kohirabi Leeks Onions Parsnips Peppers Potatoes Pumpkin Salsify Shallots

Swede Sweetcorn Turnips

Salad Lettuce Spinach Tomatoes Watercress

Fish Brill Clams Haddock Hake Halibut John Dory Lemon Sole Monkfish Mussels

Oysters Plaice Scallops Sea Bass Turbot

Meat & Game All Except Lamb & Mutton


the home

Quality, Q li M Made d to M Measure Bli Blinds d at Affordable Prices FREE HOME DESIGN SERVICE ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Roller Blinds Roman Blinds Vertical Blinds Venetian Blinds Wooden Blinds Pleated Blinds Shutters Conservatory Blinds Commercial Blinds

■ 1 Year Product Guarantee ■ 3 Year Installation Guarantee

We Also Sell Curtains & Awnings For more information or to book an appointment


Call: 01233 226570

E: W:

Images courtesy of Harlequin

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Open Tues - Fri 10am - 4pm Sat 10am - 1pm

the home Canterbury Oak Just Arrived

French Pine, solid fully assembled - In Stock IN STOCK

Now available in Canterbury Mini

Bedside only £64.99 Ripon Painted Oak

Wellington Pine, fully assembled



Breton Painted Oak - Just Arrived

Colorado Chunky Oak


Full Leather 3+2 Reclining Suite £799.99 In Stock


&2%%0!2+).'s/0%.$!93!7%%+ 01634 880699 01233 633928 #(!4(!4HE"ROOK #HATHAM-%.8

!3(&/2$ "EAVER2D !SHFORD4.22

(next to Tesco on the ring road)

(next to Ashford International)

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Has Your Watch Stopped? Is It Losing Time?

Extreme Watches When a watch is just not a time piece: On March 18th 1952 explorers Raymond Lambert and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay set a new altitude record when they climbed to within touching distance of the summit of Mount Everest. They missed out by just 660 feet (200 metres). They stopped as they were suffocating due to climbing without the aid of oxygen. A year later they returned with John Hunt and Sir Edmund Hillary, this time they reached the summit at 29,035 feet on May 29th 1953. During these historic climbs, many of the climbers were known to be wearing Rolex Oyster Perpetual Chronometers.


The watches were very important to a climber because by timing their ascent they could measure their oxygen use; and quite literally bet their lives on the accuracy of these watches. There was a twist to this story as Rolex had spent a vast amount of money on advertising that theirs would be the first watch to reach the summit of Mount Everest. Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was equipped with a Prototype Rolex Explorer which performed without fail; it was believed Sir Edmund Hillary had also worn the same watch but to Rolex’s embarrassment it was soon learned that he was actually wearing a watch called a Smiths Deluxe made by an English watch company Smiths. The First watch that was taken into space was by a Swiss watch company called Heuer (Tag Heuer) this was a stopwatch and it was worn by John Glen in 1962 on the spaceship Friendship 7 which was the first U.S manned orbital mission. The first watch which landed on the moon was worn by U.S space astronaut

We specialise in watches over 20 years old All makes and models can be serviced and repaired using original parts. parts For All Your Watch and Jewellery Repairs

Call 01303 211500 w w w. f u l l y w o u n d . c o. u k Scott Carpenter and he had a Breitling Navitimer Cosmonaut, which was designed with a 24 hour analogue dial to avoid confusion between AM and PM as it was always dark in space. On the 26th March 2012 film maker James Cameron, known for his films such as Titanic and Avatar, launched his mini submarine to travel to the deepest place known on earth the Mariana Trench which is 35,756 feet (10,898 metres) deep. This dive took 2 hours 37 minutes to reach the Ocean floor. Attached to a robotic arm was a 2012 Rolex Deepsea experimental watch, which to the delight of Rolex worked perfectly. The watch was under 13.6 tonnes of load resistance, the equivalent to 13½ elephants standing on the watch, WOW! As watch makers constantly strive to take their watches to extremes what’s next? by Ryan at

FABRIC CLEAN Professional Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning Family run business for over 25 years. Drying time kept to a minimum

Call Bob for a competitive price and booking

01233 733792 07767 167731

Kennington Beautiful 1930’s detached chalet bungalow, recently refurbished retaining many original features. Extremely spacious accommodation with three receptions, new kitchen/breakfast room with wood burning stove and conservatory.




Beautiful extended three bedroom cottage in stunning location, sympathetically upgraded to include newly fitted kitchen & shower room.

Unique five bedroom Victorian property set in a rural location set within 1/3 acre. Vast accommodation with views across to Eastwell Lake.

Detached character three bedroom bungalow offering generous and versatile living space. Rear garden backing onto open fields.


£599,995 SOLD STC


Brabourne Lees



Beautifully presented four bedroom detached home offering quality German fitted kitchen, Miele appliances, granite work tops, oak & porcelain floors. Viewing highly recommended

Detached four/five bedroom chalet bungalow set in plot of approx. one third of an acre opposite wooded area and offers a variety of annexe opportunities.

A substantial equestrian property situated in an idyllic location with 9 acres of pasture land with five bed chalet bungalow, nine stables and a number of outbuildings.



£399,995 SOLD STC



SALES: 01303 812515 • LETTINGS:01303 812541

what’s on

Events November Sellindge Village Hall Table Top Fair Held On The First Saturday Of Each Month From 10. am - 2 pm. Tables Can Be Booked In Advance For £5. 00 Per Table. Phone 01303 813475 To Book. Or £10. 00 On The Day If Not Booked And If Any Are Available. Smeeth W.I. - will be joined by the Brabourne and Smeeth Branch of the Royal British Legion in a joint meeting to be held at the Brabourne and Smeeth Village Hall on Remembrance Day, 11th November, 2013, at 7.30 pm. The evening will hear a presentation by George Taylor and Peter Clayton “We’ll Meet Again” - How music influenced our lives in the Second World War, which looks at the way in which music impinged on the life of ordinary people during this most turbulent and dramatic time. This meeting is Open to All, and should any visitor require further information please contact Joy or George Taylor on 01303812165 or Margaret Garrett on 01303813932”.

Christmas Craft Activities

Friday 29th Nov 3.15pm till 5.30pm Magic Reindeer Food Christmas Gift Room Temporary Tattoos Christmas Cake Raffle & Guess the Weight of the Xmas Pudding



November - 2013 ALISON TEALE (oboe/cor anglais) ELIZABETH BURLEY (piano) Alison Teale is the principal Cor Anglais player with the BBC Symphony Orchestra. Her aim is to demonstrate the beauty and versatility of the Cor Anglais and raise its profile so that it receives the recognition it deserves. Her varied programme for Ashford will be both exciting and full of interest. Venue: The Norton Knatchbull School, Hythe Road, Ashford, TN24 0QJ Time: 7.30 p.m. Tickets: £12 (Adults) and £3 (Students) Contact: Brenda McCormack on 01233 622971 or Hilary Pittock on 01233 623700

Aldington & Bonnington Gardening Society

soprano, Juliet Schiemann, soprano, and James Oxley, tenor. Conductor is Mark Deller. Tickets: £20.00, £16.00, £10.00 (Children half price all tickets) Tickets available from: The Gulbenkian Theatre Box Office: 01227 769075, online at gulbenkian

The Friends of Brabourne Church will be holding their sixth Annual Christmas Fair in the Brabourne & Smeeth Village Hall from 11.00 am. - 3.00 pm on November 30th:. with a large variety of stalls selling all you need for Christmas! Come & enjoy shopping in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and stay for lunch/refreshments of homemade soup, mince pies, cakes etc. Entry £1 to include coffee or tea. ‘

next meeting is on Thursday the 14th November when we will be having our AGM. We meet at Aldington Village Hall 7.45pm for 8.00pm. Visitors welcome. For further information contact Colin Evans 01233720618. Christmas Fair Saturday 23rd November Pilgrims Hospice . Forthcoming Events: Now 11.00am-2.00pm at St. Mary’s Community Centre, collecting – unloved gifts .… ‘Gift it Again! Christmas Rylands Road, Kennington, Ashford TN24 9LH - 50p Fair – Sat 16th November New Venue Norton entrance - variety of stalls and refreshments. Knatchbull School. See Ashford (Kent) Art Society Autumn Exhibition for more details and Sale of Work. 20th - 30th November daily, Saturday 23rd November 7.30pm Ashford Choral Society Colyer-Fergusson Concert Hall, University of Kent, Canterbury CT2 7NB Ashford Choral Society and Orchestra presents Mozart’s Davidde Penitente KV469 and Haydn’s Missa in Angustiis (The Nelson Mass). With soloists Kathryn Jenkin,

10 - 4 (except Sunday) at St Mary’s Parish Church, Ashford. All welcome to browse and enjoy the varied works. Free admission. Saturday 21st December 7.30pm Ashford Choral Society (Doors open 6.30pm for refreshments)

what’s on

‘Half a Sixpence’ This Christmas come and discover the hidden treasures at Evegate. For a Vast Range of Unique and Unusual Gifts, Presents, Toys and Stocking Fillers at Mouth Watering Prices ~ Ample Parking Available ~

01303 814221

Evegate Business Centre, Station Road, Smeeth , Ashford TN25 6SX Ashford Parish Church, TN23 1QG Ashford Choral Society presents its annual Carol Concert. Mark Deller conducts traditional and less well-known carols with the audience encouraged to join in with some of the more familiar carols. Accompanied by organist Matthew Raisbeck. Tickets: £6.00, children free Tickets available from: Tourist Office, Ashford Gateway Plus, Church Road, Ashford (01233 330316); Right Track Music Shop, Tufton Street, Ashford (01233 662682); Wye Newsagents (opposite Wye Church); Also by phone from Hilary Swan (01233 626059)

It’s Panto time again! Bethersden WI panto group present: GOLDILOCKS AND LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD In Bethersden Village Hall on Friday 6th Dec. 7.30pm Saturday 7th Dec. 3pm and 8pm tickets £3.00 call 01233 822565

Please send your events to: The monthly deadline is always the 1st of the month for the following month’s edition but every effort will be made to include late events up until we go to print, although this cannot be guaranteed.

Printed Mugs Have your own photos on a mug or your company logo

Embroidered Clothing

• T-shirts •

Polo Shirts • Sweatshirts 38mm Pin Badges to Order

Tel: 01233 720809

Saturday 2nd November Sellindge Village Bonfire with Firework Display Sellindge Sports & Social Club, 69 Swan Lane, Sellindge, TN25 6HB. Tel: 01303 812437. Email Tickets on the night - £3.00 adults and £2.00 children. Children under 3 go free. Gates open at 5 pm, fireworks after 7 pm. There will be food, stalls, funfair rides, entertainment and a licensed bar available. For further information including other forthcoming events go to or www. Facebook/ Raising money for a new play park for Sellindge Village


Small Plates and Sharing

Large Plates


Classic Chicken Schnitzel

Parma ham, olives and artichokes with garlic bread, cherry tomatoes and pesto (vegetarian option available) For one 4.50 To share 8.50

Our special breaded chicken with a rich mushroom sauce and chips 10.95

Grilled king prawns

Retro Chicken Cordon Bleu

Tiger prawns with butter and a hint of garlic, served with crostini 6.50

Chicken breast filled with ham and cheese, crumbed and pan-fried, served with crushed potatoes & bacon topped with creamy cheese sauce 9.95

Garlic Bread

Rib Eye Steak

With olive oil and balsamic or mozzarella 3.50

Tender 8oz steak, cooked to your liking, with a creamy pepper sauce and crushed potatoes with bacon 16.95

Classic Caprese Salad Mozzarella, tomatoes and olives with pesto dressing and garlic crostini 5.00

Bruschetta Tomato, caramelised onion and pesto or mushrooms with a hint of garlic and lemon 3.85

20 Sunday Lunch Come and try our legendary traditional South African Sunday lunch! Available from 12pm to 9pm

Lamb and Coriander burger Handmade burger, grilled and served with salad and chips 7.50

Grilled Chicken burger Chicken breast and salad in a toasted bun served with chips 7.50

Warm Chicken Salad Grilled chicken breast with mixed salad, bacon and garlic crostini 8.85

Tea & Cake!

Pasta Plates

Try a slice of our homemade cake

Spaghetti Carbonara

with a tea or coffee

Pasta in a rich carbonara sauce topped with crispy bacon 9.50

Available Monday to Saturday 12pm to 5pm Only 3.50

Ravioli Filled fresh pasta pockets finished with parsley & garlic butter 9.95 Choose from tomato, basil & mozzarella (v) or spinach & ricotta (v)

Lasagne Pasta layered with bĂŠchamel sauce and topped with mozzarella cheese 8.95 Choose from Classic Bolognese sauce or Spinach & feta (v)

Food Times Food is available everyday, except Wednesdays, from 12pm until 9pm Please note the bar closes at 10pm on Wednesdays

Please advise our staff if you have any food related allergies or special dietary needs. We cannot guarantee that our products do not contain traces of nuts &/or seeds. Fish dishes may contain bones. All weights are approximate when uncooked



U M nde an r N ag ew em en t

at Brabourne Lees Sunel and Dudley offer a warm welcome to The Plough Inn, a historic pub in the village of Brabourne Lees. Built in 1750, one of The Plough’s former incarnations was as an officers’ mess in the Napoleonic wars. It has retained its historic charm with numerous oak beams, inviting inglenook fireplace and a relaxed decor. “Dudley and I are both passionate about good food, quality and service. Originally from Cape Town South Africa we decided to sell our restaurant and move to Europe. After a four year stay in Ireland we took a trip to England and fell in love with Kent and the village of Brabourne Lees.”

Tel: 01303 812169

“We decided that we wanted to share our passion for quality and service with you. We enjoy seeing people having a good time in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. So pop in, even if it is just for a chat and to meet us.” - Sunel


November’s Big Bang Fireworks Night By James Smith,


This year’s Bonfire Night will see Britain’s population stocking up on pyrotechnics and hoping for a starry night into which they will launch their rockets and colourful array of exploding projectiles. Guy Fawkes’ commemoration by no means holds a monopoly on the format. An increasing number of dates outside the 5th of November fill Britain’s calendar with spectacular displays at many events. People from all backgrounds, old and young, come together to marvel at the displays and join in the chorus of ooohs and aaahs. It’s an age-old, simple pleasure that makes no distinction between culture, politics, or language. Quite simply, fireworks are just fun to watch.

Britain’s Pyrotechnic History As an English Catholic, Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot of 1605 was born of a desire to rid Parliament of Protestant King James I and replace him with third in line, Princess Elizabeth. Gunpowder was placed in a room (an ‘undercroft’) beneath

the House of Lords as part of an audacious plan hatched by Fawkes and his fellow Catholic conspirators. News of the plan, however, was leaked to King James and Fawkes was captured and arrested. After some unsavoury interrogation and torture, Fawkes confessed to the crime and was banished to be hung, drawn and quartered. Not keen on facing the gallows, he leapt from the supporting scaffolding and met his end by way of a broken neck. Thus, the tale of conspiracy from 1605 became folklore in Britain and spawned generations who collected wood for bonfires and roamed from house-to-house seeking ‘a penny for the guy’, after which the effigy was placed on the blaze to meet its doom. Some of these traditions remain, but the modern commemoration is a more commercial operation with safety and litigation as primary concerns, alongside enjoyment of the events. Notwithstanding this gloomy state of affairs, surfing the Internet reveals some fascinating information on the subject of fireworks as well as the do’s and don’ts of safety. The website Bonfire Night Safety, for example, states that in a recent year there were 990 injuries caused by fireworks in October and November, and alarmingly, that 285 of them were eye injuries. There are also some interesting snippets on the site; prior to 1959, it was illegal not to celebrate bonfire night in the UK and apparently, some fireworks can travel up to speeds of 150 mph.

Despite the hazards of pyrotechnics, a few precautions will see you enjoying the action in safety. There is plenty of information online and from local authorities to make for a safe and enjoyable night, so be sure to seek it out before lighting the touch paper or joining an organised event.

The Business of Pyrotechnics The history of fireworks dates back to China in the 7th century where displays accompanied festivities, a trend that spread to many other cultures around the world. The popularity of these displays created a firework manufacturing industry and the much-respected profession of the pyrotechnician. It seems, however, that the mainstay of the industry is harking back to its Chinese roots as the majority of fireworks are now made in China and imported. The squeeze on materials and labour costs, plus fierce competition in the business, has caused the UK’s industry to downsize and concentrate on specialist markets and displays, rather than manufacture. Our love affair with the spectacle continues. And for Britain, Guy Fawkes Night provides enough history and national enthusiasm to step out into the cold November air to indulge just one more time. The British Pyrotechnists Association (BPA) Bonfire Night - Your Guide To A Safer Event The Firefighters Charity

BRABOURNE BAPTIST CHURCH Plain Road, Brabourne Lees, Kent TN25 6QN Pastor Tim Simpson Tel:01303 813257



ALDINGTON VILLAGE HALL CRAFT FAIR & BAZAAR DECEMBER 7th 2013 1pm - 4pm Crafts ~ Artwork ~ Cakes ~ Jams Quilts ~ Table Decorations ~ Cards Jewellery ~ Leather Goods Christmas Decorations Bags ~ Sweets ~ Ceramics ~ Candles And Lots More Plus Raffles - Teas & Coffees Please Come And Support Us Tables are ÂŁ10 each Contact

Beryl : 01233 720 213

Art and Camera Club The next meeting is on Tuesday November 12. You are asked to bring your own materials, although some are available. For more details please phone Mike on 01303 812484 CafÊ Wednesday Extra has restarted and is open every second Wednesday of the month for soup and rolls, and tea /coee, costing £1. Everyone is invited; just turn up! The CafÊ will continue to be open every Wednesday from 10am to 11.30am. Drop in for coee biscuits, company and a warm friendly atmosphere. Choice of books available. Graham Kingston, our Community Warden, will try to be there on the first Wednesday of every month, should anyone need to see him. MP’S Surgery: Our MP Damian Collins, will be holding his monthly surgery at the church from 3.45pm to 4.30pm on Friday November 15. If you have any questions, complaints or comments, please book an appointment by e-mailing your name, post code, subject and message to: or telephone 01303 253 524. Meeting Point On Thursday November 28 at 12noon for Christmas dinner. You are welcome to join us for good food and good company! Further details from Tim 01303 813257 or Cathy 01303 814132 Church Bookings If you wish to book the church hall for a meeting or function, please phone Geo Thorpe 01303 813152 Christmas Celebrations Candlelight Carol Service: Sunday December 22 at 5.30pm. Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service: Tuesday December 24 at 11.30pm. Christmas Day Celebration: Wednesday December 25 at 10.30am.


kid’s corner

Registered Charity Number 1108605

STOWTING CEP SCHOOL Announcing the opening of our new room for two to three year olds – a reassuring yet stimulating environment for our youngest children We also provide We • A separate room for 3 to 4 year olds with a wide variety of resources to create exciting learning opportunities • A Breakfast Club and an After School Club for pre-school and school children offering a range of activities in a friendly atmosphere For further information, phone 01233 721720 or email us at Kaleidoscope Childcare, Aldington Primary School, Roman Road, Aldington

OPEN DAY for September 2014 Reception Class 21st November 2013 from 9:30 am onwards Come and see our small, friendly and outstanding school We also have a few places available in our small Infant and Junior classes - please contact the Headteacher Mrs Skilton for further details 01303 862375 Or email:

Kindly sponsored by

s, preheat We need you to whip out your whisk help children your oven and raise some dough to the UK in hospitals and hospices across

baking pack for your Register today for your FREE charity nds and family! bake sale at school, work or with frie

Wallace & Gromit’s BIG Bake raises funds for Wallace and Gromit’s Children’s Charity, which supports children’s healthcare throughout the UK. Registered charity 1096483. Company number 04659630. © and ™ Aardman/Wallace & Gromit Limited 2013.

Supported by




Sellindge Sports & Social Club - Legs, Bums & Tums - New Class An hour of challenging toning & groaning. Body weight exercises to music for motivation & lots of fun. Every Tuesday 18.00-19.00 £5 per class. Please call Hayley on 07843 099912 for more information and to register your interest

Step at Sellindge Village Hall Sundays at 10.00 a.m. Fun fitness for all levels Call Michelle Sinclair ACE Personal Trainer 01233 820109

A New Quilting Group held in the Oak Room,

The Sellindge Get Together Club Meet in

Smeeth TN25 6SA. If you are interested in quilting or patchwork why not come along and learn new skills and share your expertise with like minded people. Beginners and advanced levels are welcome. Bi-monthly meetings, for further information contact Marion on 01233 750319

Smeeth W.I. We meet on the second Monday of

Stowting W.I.

We meet on the second Wednesday of the month (except August) at 7.30pm in the Peace Room. For further information please contact Jennie Cooper on 01303 862572.

Line Dancing Classes, Sellindge Village


afternoon 3rd October 12pm - 1pm Also (EASY Intermediate class) Thurs afternoon 1 - 3pm For more details on both these classes contact Raye Warrne on 01303 813098. Tues and Thursday eve. 7.30 - 9.30 (Intermediate classes) contact Maureen Lincoln on 01303 813161 or 07989 210449

the Durling Hall at Sellindge, next to the main hall, from 2pm to 4pm on the second Wednesday in the month. If you are interested just come to our meetings or phone 01303 813454 for more details. the Month at 7.30 pm in the Brabourne & Smeeth village hall for further information do contact Joy Taylor 01303 812165”

Dog Agility Classes new to Chequer Tree Equestrian Centre, Mersham on Thursday evenings.Contact: Nathan Thompson on 07795 077921 or

Hall. Tues Eve 7.30 – 9.30 (Intermediate), Thurs afternoon 1-3pm (easy intermediate) Thurs eve 7.30 9.30 (Intermediate) contact Maureen Lincoln 01303 813161 or 07989 210449.

Body Conditioning Class at Smeeth Scout

Brabourne & Smeeth Gardeners’ Society We

Hi/Low Aerobics at Sellindge Village Hall on Wednesdays 7.00 .p.m. Fun Fitness for all levels Call Michelle Sinclair ACE Personal Trainer for details 01233 820109

meet on the last Friday of the month at Brabourne & Smeeth Village Hall, 7.15 for 7.30pm. New members and visitors will be made very welcome. For further info contact Wendy Sanders on 01303 813451 or email

Aldington & Bonnington Gardening Society We meet at Aldington Village Hall on 7.45pm for 8.00pm. Visitors welcome. For further information contact Colin Evans 01233720618.

Aldington Short Mat Bowls Club We play on Monday nights at Aldington village hall from 7.30pm to 10.00pm. No special equipment required you only need a pair of shoes with flat soles and we can supply the woods. Go on give it a try it may be just the sport you are looking for. Interested, give Jim or Janet a call on 01233 632102

Lympne Short Mat Bowling Monday and Thursdays from 7.00 p.m. to 9.45p.m. in the Village Hall. Annual Subscription is £20.00 and the green fees are £2.00 per evening. For more information call Mick or Marian Hatton on 01303 814274

Line Dancing Classes, Sellindge Village Hall. BEGINNERS CLASS commencing Thursday

Hut, Mondays 7.00 p.m. Fun Fitness for all levels Call Michelle Sinclair ACE Personal Trainer for details 01233 820109

Zumba Fitness 7.15pm A latin inspired dance fitness class and Legs bums and Tums 8.15pm Every Wednesday Aldington village hall. Contact Leigh Little 01233 65075 3 M: 07756 726590 Yoga Mondays 7.30-9.00pm, Warehorne Village Hall & Thursdays 10.00-11.30am, St Mary’s Oak Room, Smeeth (off the A20). £7 per class. Please call Daniela 01233860417 or 07939870826

Calligraphy Classes at St Mary’s Oak Room, Smeeth from 10.30a.m. to 12.30p.m. All welcome including complete beginners. Cost is £7 per session. For further information, please call Sue Gray on 01233 720696.

Burlesque Classes. Lympne Village Hall. Wednesday nights 8pm til 9.30pm £7. Ladies only. Get fit, have fun, feel fabulous. Whatever your size, shape or age - release your inner vixen! Learn the sexy moves, including removing boa and gloves. Visit, click burlesque classes.








village directory When Responding to Adverts


Maximising Income Opportunities From Investments Income is important. It’s an obvious statement. The difficulty is that, in an uncertain world, investment income is hard to find right now. Investors looking for income have faced an increasing challenge ever since the financial crisis broke in 2008. Five years on and interest rates in the UK remain almost non-existent. Consequently, investors wanting to secure an income stream have realised that they must accept some risk by looking beyond traditional cash deposits.


History shows that investing in equities, or shares, has provided investors with a better chance of outpacing inflation over the long term versus other asset classes, particularly if the companies are able to increase the dividend payments year after year. After difficult conditions in 2008 and 2009, it appears that this seems to be happening. With dividend payouts on the turn, the outlook for equity income funds could also be on the up. Equity income funds have a strong track record for delivering attractive, sustainable income and steady returns over the long term, but they were inevitably impacted by the global banking crisis of recent times. These funds have had time to adjust to the post-financial crisis world but it is worth remembering that not all equity income funds are the same. Some are better for income, while others provide better prospects for total return investors through the reinvestment of dividends. So if it’s income you are after make sure you research and understand the individual fund fully. It is not just UK equity funds that might tempt income seekers. Corporate bond funds, income producers by nature, remain popular, particularly with cautious investors. But the decision on which bond fund to choose is less than clear-cut and those considering the asset class should consider the contrast between the different types. As applies with all asset types, a diversified fixed interest

strategy will ensure that investors capture the potential of the wider corporate bond market. Commercial property, another income producing asset, is also beginning to attract attention again. The real estate sector felt the full effects of the credit crunch and the fall in property values left many investors nursing significant losses. Never had the sector suffered such a sharp decline but history suggests that commercial property has a place in a portfolio for income investors. Those investing for income need to remember that no one asset class is the panacea. With interest rates likely to remain low for some time to come, a well diversified, well-managed portfolio which blends different forms of investment remains the most suitable strategy for investors taking a longer-term view of their income needs. To receive a complimentary guide covering wealth management, retirement planning or inheritance tax please contact Jamie Weller on 01233 222721 (office), 07790690141, by email or visit jamieweller


Mastermind your financial future I provide an experienced wealth management service and offer specialist advice in a wide range of areas including:


x Investment ™•Š——’— x Retirement planning x Inheritance Tax SODQQLQJ x Protection planning For further details contact Jamie Weller on:

Tel: 07790


ȱȱȱȱȱȱȱȱŖŗŘřřȱŘŘŘŝŘŗ Email:    ǯœ“™™ǯŒ˜ǯž”Ȧ“Š–’Ž Ž••Ž›ȱ


TN25-Digital Digital Solutions for SMEs 1. Software and Systems Development 2. Internet and Mobile Marketing 3. Search Engine Optimisation Strategy 4. Social Media Strategy & Account Setup 5. Website Hosting, Design & Maintenance AFFORDABLE and BESPOKE solutions for small / medium businesses

Call on 01303 814 400 or visit for more information

Pengelly & Rylands FAMILY SOLICITORS For friendly advice in times of need • Family, Children & Divorce (Fixed Fee appointments available) • Elderly Client Care • House Sales & Purchases • Equity Release • Wills & Probate • Commercial

Please call us on 01580 762248 39/41 High Street, Tenterden, Kent TN30 6BJ

The village directory Coverage 42,500 via Royal Mail

TN24 11,000

Delivered by

Call: 01233 720488 or email Please Mention The

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health & beauty

   


Tel: 07979 397207 TREATMENTS FROM MONDAY TO SATURDAY BETWEEN 9AM- 8PM. Email: 5 Caroland Close, Smeeth, Ashford, Kent TN25 6RY


oonpak k is a fully qualified Therapist, trained at the world renowned Wat Po, Thai Traditional Medical School in Bangkok Thailand. She has more than ten years of massage experience, including luxury spa’s and 5 star hotels in both Thailand and the UK.


hai Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage: This massage can be performed on a massage bed or purpose built, customised chair. This treatment uses techniques to ease muscle tension, combating stiffness and stress. £25 per hour



regnancy Massage: Performed whilst lying on your side or back, the therapy involves massage of the back, legs, head, shoulders, arms and face. Beneficial in easing muscles and relieving tension for mother and baby. £25 per hour


Come and enjoy your treatment in our relaxing Thai massage room in a private, quiet house, decorated in Thai style. The experience includes light relaxing Thai music and aromatic candles. Single car parking is available.

Treatments Available: hai Aromatic Oil Massage: Working on the meridians of the body through stretching and deep rolling of the muscle tissue, using essential oils. Releases endorphins, relieving anxiety, tension and painful/tight muscles. £25 per hour raditional Thai Massage: A deep tissue massage performed without oil, removes toxins, relaxes, stretches, relieves tension, energising and strengthening the body. £25 per hour.


hai Hot Herb Compress Massage: Performed using a Steamed Herbal Compresses. Helps ease chronic back pain, Tendonitis and shoulder strains, increasing energy flows. £30 per hour


hai Foot Massage: Performed on the lower legs and feet, opening energy lines, stimulating circulation, aiding detoxification of the whole body. Improves sleep, promotes relaxation and relieves stress. £25 per hour

Alternatively enjoy the benefits of these treatments in your own home. Host pamper evenings with friends or family, at just an additional cost of £5 per hour (minimum of 2 hours). Treatments are available Monday to Saturday between 9am- 8pm. Gift vouchers are available for all the above services and treatments. The service is also available for Corporate events, Small businesses, Offices, Schools and Fetes.

health & beauty

Free Consultations Free Patch Tests

SPECIAL OFFERS Upper lips Chin Underarm Bikini Lower Leg Back

was £80 was £80 was £90 was £115 was £220 was £220

now £40 now £45 now £55 now £80 now £135 now £155

Wells Medical Centre 9 New Street , Ashford Kent, TN24 8TN.

01233 661662 31

9 Littlestone Road (The Avenue), Littlestone, New Romney, Kent TN28 8LN BESPOKE HAIRDRESSING

01797 367777


wit & wisdom An elderly man is stopped by the police around 2am and is asked where he is going at this time of night. The man replies “I‛m on the way to a lecture about alcohol abuse and the e effects it has on the human body, as well ll as smoking and staying out late.” The officer then asks “Really? Who is giving that lecture at this time of night?” ?” The man replies “That would be my wife”. ”. MODERN TECHNOLOGY .... I was visiting my son and daughter-in-law w last night when I asked if I could borrow a newspaper. ‘This is the 21st century, old man,‛ he said. ‘We don‛t waste money on newspapers. Here, you can borrow my iPad.‛


Well I tell you, that pesky fly on the wall never knew what hit it... VERY IMPORTANT FACTS from your Financial Adviser!! Dan was a single guy living at home with his father and working in the family business. When he found out he was going to inherit a fortune when his sickly father died, he decided he needed a wife with which to share his fortune. One evening at an investment meeting he spotted the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Her natural beauty took his breath away. “I may look like just an ordinary man,” he said to her, but in just a few years, my father will die, and I‛ll inherit $200 million.” Impressed, the woman obtained his business card and three days later, she became his stepmother. Women are so much better at financial planning than men!

the home


24 Hr Emergency Call Out

Plumbing & Heating Services Quality work at competitive prices Standard Boiler Installation from £1200 Combi From £1300 5yr Parts & Labour Warranty - Natural Gas & L.P.G Oil

24 Hour emergency call out

rown nstallations Tel: 01233 720 740 Mob: 07905 387873 Jakeman & Jakeman Homecare Steve Jakeman

Leaks/Burst pipes Boiler changes/servicing Landlord certificates Bathrooms & showers Central heating installations & alterations

Painter and Decorator


Handyman Painter & Decorator Interior & Exterior Decoration and Maintenance

Quality Finish Painting -

01233 625442 07910591393

Geoff Evans

219 Canterbury Road, Kennington, Ashford, Kent TN24 9QH

Call: 07500905622 01233 627715


GemmaShay Electrical Services

Derek Hales

Established ELECSA Part P Registered Electrician All types of work undertaken including: Lighting, sockets and rewires, garden electrics Fault finding and repairs Test and Inspect certification 3 phase installations

Free estimates Contact Phil Manning

Tel: 07739018050 / 01303 813132

MASTER TILER Specialist in all Forms of Wall and Floor Tiling Clean, friendly and reliable For your free quotation call Derek

07905 700 142 Mersham Based

Crossword Solution

Email: p g@g y


• • • •

Qualified & Insured Interior and Exterior Floor & Wall Tiling Wall Papering & Murals Fine Clean at the End of Every Job Experienced at Dealing with Damp Can Help with Interior Design

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The Marsh Million – boosting rural business

Geographically, much of the Romney Marsh lies in the borough of Ashford. In fact, businesses of up to 50 employees in the following parishes are eligible to apply for the interest-free loans:

Could you be eligible to apply for an interestfree loan from what is known as the ‘Marsh Million’? Many businesses in the Romney Marsh area, including several in the borough of Ashford, definitely are and they are being urged to access this new funding opportunity.

Aldington - Appledore - Bilsington - Bonnington Kenardington - Orlestone - Ruckinge

The Marsh Million is a three-year, economic growth fund for the Romney Marsh, which aims to boost business in this rural area. It is backed by Magnox Ltd, which has put £500,000 into the fund. Magnox operates the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority-owned Dungeness A power station. Further funding that tops the fund up to the one million mark comes from Kent County Council (£400,000), Ashford Borough Council (£50,000) and Shepway District Council (also contributing £50,000). Local companies, entrepreneurs and soletraders will be able to apply for unsecured loans of up to £10,000 aimed at promoting local business growth, supporting new enterprises and boosting access to training.

Stone-cum-Ebony - Warehorne - Wittersham Cllr Clair Bell, Ashford Borough Council’s portfolio holder for tourism and the rural economy, said: “I am delighted to be part of this exciting project that will create jobs and stimulate employment in the Marsh area. Helping the area develop new job and business development opportunities following the decommissioning of Dungeness A is vital. “It is important that businesses are aware this money is available for interest-free loans and that they qualify. By working in partnership with Kent and Shepway councils this project will harness the considerable potential that exists in the Marsh, making maximum use of skilled people and demonstrating the collective will to increase economic prosperity in the rural part of the borough. Details on how to apply for the loans are available at

R EM E M B E R ! THE VILLAGE DIRECTORY IS NOT PUBLISHED IN JANUARY The December Issue will also cover January 2014, therefore if you wish to advertise a business or an event at the beginning of the year please ensure that you contact us in time for the December Issue. February Issue deliveries will begin last week of Jan. The deadline for the December Issue will be 1st of November - Don’t Miss It! Tel: 01233 720 488 or

the home

MJW Autos Ltd Affordable quality body repairs zQuality Body Repairs, collision damage, dents and scratches zCity & Guilds Craftsman zFriendly, Professional, Valued Service zQuality Workmanship zInsurance Work, Free Estimates, Local drop off and pick up zCustomers benefit from 10% on car & van hire zMOT Failure Repairs zNo VAT on Labour zTestimonials & portfolio of repairs zQuality paint for Car Spraying Unit 1 A.S.H Business Centre Cobbs Wood Ind Estate Ashford Kent TN23 1EJ

Tel: 01233 632200 Mob: 07733 442071

Peg tiles, Slates, Leadwork Felt and GRP Roofing Over 25 years experience City & Guilds qualified, Fully insured Free estimates TEL 01303 814936 . MOB 07708 471869

F. A . B

Fast Affordable Builders • • • •

A Multi-trade Company

General building - New builds - Extensions Plastering-vaulted ceilings Painting & decorating Roofing - small repairs to strip and re-tile

Tel: 07979 003 291 / 01303 875246 30 years experience / Fully Insured


for good honest advice, information and a solution to most mobility problems New ,Used & Hire Equipment from Aids for Daily Living to Wheelchairs.

come and try the largest selection of mobility equipment in ashford

• Parking by the door. • Indoor & outdoor test areas. • Repairs / Servicing. • Modifications. • Adaptations. • Easy terms available. • Free home assessments

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the home

CENTURION Plumbing & Heating • Domestic Gas & LPG installation • Boiler service & repair • Power flushing • Unvented hot water • Water softeners • Underfloor heating • Landlord gas safety inspections

01233 662726 | 07871 441373 304539

Plumbing & Heating Services All plumbing work undertaken no job too small! Burst pipes, Blockages, Taps, Pumps, Radiators & Drainage work. Bathroom & Shower Installation

Call: Michael on 01233 733779 or 07515 651 717 NO CALL OUT CHARGE. 24HR SERVICE

Dial a Plumber

Tel: 01233 642233

Plumbing & Heating Services


Plumbing P


Bathroom Suites Blockages & Burst Pipes Ball Valves Hot & Cold Tanks Taps

Installations Repairs Pumps & Radiators Specialist Power flushing and De-scaling Service



New Installations Re-wires Additional or replacement Lights, sockets etc Mobile 07761 695101 Email – Newchurch, Romney Marsh, TN29 0DH

• • • • •

Industrial • Commercial • Domestic New Installations • General Electrical Repairs Showers / Extractor Fans • Energy Saving Advice Emergency Lighting • Solar Panels Garden Electrics • Inspection & PAT Testing Full and Part Rewires • Central Vacuum System • Under Floor Heating

Call: 01233 665107

E: FREE Quotations!

Oil Heating & Oil Cookers R-OAK Services M. Oakley & O.Stanley - Oil-fired Specialists Breakdowns & Servicing • Boiler Installation • Power Flushing AGA, Rayburn, Alpha, Stanley, Worcester, Tel: 01233 770138 Grant, Boulter, Potterton, Trianco and more...

the home

Wilco Plumbing and Heating • Central heating installations & repairs • Boiler replacement 5 Year Guarantee on new Worcester Bosch Boilers • Oil, LPG Gas & Solar Installations • Emergency plumbing and heating works • All gas installation and repair work • Unvented hot water specialist • Landlords gas safety inspections Plumbing and heating engineer with over 30 years experience. Registered with the Institute of Plumbing and the Gas Safe Register for gas work. Registered with KCC Trading Standards as an approved tradesman. References for all work available on request. Free estimates and no obligation.

Tel: 01303 862173 Mobile: 07860 452640

Plumbing Masters De9Wbbekj9^Wh][š<h[[;ij_cWj[i (*^ekh;c[h][dYoI[hl_Y[ 7bbMeha=kWhWdj[[ZšDe@eXJeeIcWbb

FbkcX_d] 8Wj^heecIk_j[išJWfiš8WbbLWbl[i >ej9ebZJWdaiš8beYaW][i8khijF_f[i

>[Wj_d] ?dijWbbWj_edišH[fW_hišFkcfiHWZ_Wjehi If[Y_Wb_ijFem[hÆki^_d]WdZ :[#IYWb_d]I[hl_Y[

J[b[f^ed[0&')&).'('*. CeX_b[0&--)./&--'mmm$fbkcX_d]#cWij[hi$Ye$ka 37

STANFORD ROOFING       

New Roofs & Repairs Slates, Tiles, Kent Pegs Leadwork Repointing Guttering, Fascias Flat Roofs Public Liability Insurance

FREE ESTIMATES Over 25 years Experience

Telephone or Fax: 01303 814860 Mobile: 07725 124891

Pound Lane, Smeeth TN25 6RJ

e: w: Please Mention The

village directory When Responding to Adverts

useful information Sucklifts

Emergency 999 Police Neighbhd Team Ashford & Tenterden


Out of Hours Doctor 0845 4349655 William Harvey Hospital 01233 633331


08457 90 90 90 Electricity: Southern Electric EDF Energy Gas: Natural LPG

Cesspool Emptying Service

101 0800 555 111

0845 770 8090 0800 783 8866 0800 111 999 Details on tank

~ Est 1986 ~ Accredited Engineer British Water

High Pressure Jetting Service and Repair to Sewage Treatment Plants

01233 840624 St. John Ambulance Brigade 01233 611 414 East Kent Strokes 01233 840448

SE Kent Multiple Sclerosis Soc. Doctors Surgery Hamstreet Surgery Sellindge Surgery

07767326138 0844 4773989 01303 812180

Royal British Legion CPRE Kent

Parish Councils: 38

Brabourne & Smeeth Mersham & Sevington


01233 623902 01233 720816

01233 620 167 01233 714540

National Train Enquiries

Ashford Borough Council

01233 637311


Ashford Gateway 0845 8 247 247 Citizens Advice Bureau 01233 626185 Brabourne and Smeeth Community 07813 712805 Warden: Graham Kingston Veterinary Surgeons Montgomery Vets

01303 813756

Ashford Volunteer Centre Age Concern

01233 665 535 01233 620 635


Bus Enquiries Arriva Bus Enquiries Stage Coach East Kent (Timetable) (Customer Services)

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Village Halls Aldington Brabourne & Smeeth Bilsington Hamstreet Mersham Smeeth Stowting Sellindge Sellindge Spts & Soc. Club

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Macmillan Cancer Support W:

Parkinsonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s UK, Ashford Branch Contact Mike Wharrad

01233 623530

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Brabourne Stores & Post Office Lees Road, Brabourne Lees, Ashford, Kent. TN25 6QE - Tel: 01303 812 116

Suppliers of Award Winning Products Post Office;





A brand new approach to local shopping catering for all your essential daily needs and more.

‡ PVCu, Aluminium & Hardwood ‡ Top Quality ‡ Part L Compliant ‡'A' Rated Kommerling PVCu Windows ‡ Local Family Run Business ‡ 27 Years Experience


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