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The Adventures of a Giant Midget Phanos Kyriacou

Elegance; a first instance of curiosity. Sapience; always at play with incompletion, ongoing. Navigate and intervene, problem-solve. Exercise science in its most primitive rational sense, un-Enlightened and in-Human. Stretch time, meditate, perceive and fondle, like there is no tomorrow. Activate empirico-empyreal possibilities between self and world, profoundly stripped of any meaning. A giant midget, disciplined to make sense only of non-sense. Phanos Kyriacou presents a collection of videos exposing his methodology as an artist and thinker. An inner laboratory is externalised showcasing processes practised by him daily. Text by Peter Eramian

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'The Adventures of a Giant Midget', May 2015  

'The Adventures of a Giant Midget', May 2015