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Car Collectors

This is the book about people that love and collect the most beautiful thing in the world, cars.

Car Collectors of Sweden




Steve Ericsson




Ford Mustang Cab BMW 2002 tii BMW 2002 turbo Maserati Indy Porsche 935 K3 Porsche 993 Carrera 4 Hummer H1 McLaren MP4 - 12c BMW M5

1968 1973 1973 1975 1979 1995 1998 2012 2013

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Car Collectors of Sweden 7

"I must have been around four years. Dad always drove the Ford Cortina so the dust cloud swirled behind the car while he was saying: This is the best rally car of the world! The stones were hitting the undercarriage and wheel wells. I was proud to be in a rally car and it´s probably from there I got my interest in cars. " That was Stevens 's first car memory and on his 20th birthday he told his father from where he got his huge car interest, how proud he was, remembering the rally Cortina. The father had replied with a smile: "Sorry to say my son but the car was an ordinary Cortina Super with 60 horse powers. It was no rally version. I said it to impress you."

The fully restored BMW 2002 tii - 1973

Stevens childhood memories suffered a small thorn but the car interest continued to be the same. “In the Spring of 1996 I forgot the parking break in my Ford Sierra and placed it in a stonewall. The framework got crooked and that car was totally scrapped. I had to find a small car and all of sudden I was the owner of orange BMW 2002 tii from 1973. “ At the time Steven was 21 years old and had just started his business. "With the BMW I noticed how I really became a part of the car culture. Wherever I went with my rust orange BMW, people remembered me. On the streets people gave me the thumbs up, they waved and stared and some came up to me and told me stories about this kind of car. When all this happened, I realized the greatness with cars. Everyone has some kind of memory associated with a car, even if they are interested or not.” 1998 Steven stuffed the BMW away for five years in a garage. It was too much love between Steve and the BMW so he could not sell it. 2003 he got the opportunity to restore the whole car and today it is a jewel in the collection. he BMW was the foundation for Steven to build a great and stable business, the business that today has given him the opportunity to fulfill his garage dreams.


8 Car Collectors of Sweden


As a young kid, Steven sat with wide eyes every Sunday watching Mansell, Senna, Alboreto, Prost, Johansson and all the other super drivers, when they were bringing their fatal missiles around the black tarmac racing track.

”Everyone has some kind of memory associated to a car, even if they are interested in cars or not.”

"At the time, F1 was very dangerous, but I was too little to understand that. Everything looked so exciting, fast and furious, and the sound, it was brutal. In my eyes every driver took the curves and chicanes right and I had no idea about the under steer, over steer or tire wear. Everything looked so automobile romantic when the cars swished buy the camera to get to the next corner. " While the drivers were doing lap after lap on the TV, Steven was building a dream of racing. It took him some time to get there but in spring 2012 Steven got the chance to buy a classic, a Porsche 935 K3.

"I had a smile from ear to ear for four weeks after I purchased it. Every car I buy, I buy with gut feeling and it makes my whole body just spring. Unfortunately I have not had the time to drive as much as I want. But when I drive it, it’s tricky and it´s not a piece of cake to handle it. It´s tough and difficult, and I have to give it more time on the track.” “But still it´s a dream car come true.” Car Collectors of Sweden 9

Steves car nr.3

McLaren MP4-12c One autumn day in 2012 this McLaren MP4-12c landed on Swedish ground. With its ten spoked magnesium rims, sparkling red calipers and its titanium silver body paint it made the whole Swedish sport scars world shine. This particular 12c was the first serial produced McLaren in Sweden. A McLaren produced car has a huge backpack of history. Each time this car rolls down the street it reminds all car enthusiasts of historical racing, magic racing drivers and precision built racing cars. Every inch of this 12c is thought through. It is made for both everyday use and for whipping all the curves and straights at Silverstone. McLaren's idea and thought with this car, is that the owner should be able to go and buy groceries and leave the kid at kindergarten one day and the next day try to beat lap times on the racetrack. 20 Car Collectors of Sweden

”I JUST HAVE TO GET ONE!” Steven agrees to McLaren’s philosophy and says that his other cars have been suffering a lot of driving time, since he got the keys to this one. "Everyone held their breath a couple a years ago when McLaren said that they are making a new car. I was one of them holding my breath, because my dream car for ten years has been the McLaren F1. The automotive world probably stood still when the cover was lifted and the 12c was introduced. My first thought when I saw and read about it: I just have to get one!"

SMALL FACTS Year : 2012 625 horsepower 333 kn/h (207 mph) 1,2 m tall (3 ft 11 1/4 inch) Engine: V8 90° Open differential with break steer.

"Frank Stephenson, McLaren's chief designer once said that you don´t have to see the car, you have to feel it, and by feeling it, you know whether it is right or wrong. So, the first night I turned off the light in the garage and felt the car. I thought for my self a little moment that I have to be crazy for doing this. But after a while, I understood what he meant. Each convex face felt velvety in my hand, all gills were perfectly rounded, and I got the feeling how the wind caresses and follows the vehicle's beautiful body and pushed that shapely wing towards the ground. BANG! My wife stood in the doorway and had lit the lamp, she asked if she 'd be worried or envious." "Nowadays the discussion is all about who´s turn it is to drive it and who is taking it to work and so one, it´s a pleasant problem. This car makes us talk.” Car Collectors of Sweden 21

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